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Welcome to RakuRakuJP Leyou Japan, maybe you are also interested in knowing more about us, let us take a moment to introduce the features of this website to you.

Basic Information of RakuRakuJP

RakuRakuJP is a website for sharing Japanese travel information, which mainly provides Chinese content (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese), and also has an English version at the same time. Among them are readers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States.

What does RakuRakuJP mean?

And this website is specially named RakuRakuJP – Leyou Japan, which actually means RakurRaku + JP. That is to say, I hope that everyone who travels to Japan can enjoy the same meaning as 楽々+Japan in Japanese, and enjoy traveling in Japan.

Features of RakuRakuJP

Why was RakuRakuJP established?

Since the sharing on the Internet is mainly about sharing personal Japanese travel experiences, there are not many websites that provide in-depth travel articles in Japan, so we officially launched RakuRakuJP from 2017, and the goal is to provide for all those who plan to travel to Japan To provide a platform for in-depth Japanese travel experience and practical travel information.

What is the difference between RakuRakuJP and general travel blogs?

Compared with other travel blogs, our content is based on the reader's point of view, combined with the editor's experience in living and traveling in Japan, so as to give the most practical Japanese travel advice to every traveler who plans to go to Japan.

In addition, because we set the content and perspective of the website to provide in-depth travel experience in Japan, it does not include any travel information from other countries and regions. This will allow us to focus more on sharing more Japanese travel information, and at the same time update more resources and write practical articles that readers need.

Contents of RakuRakuJP

Compared with the short content of general travel blogs, we focus on some long-form travel information articles and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each scenic spot and itinerary from a relatively objective perspective. Allows you to get the most important scenic spot information, itinerary planning, etc. in a short period of time, saving time spent searching for information on a large number of websites.

likeQingdao, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku,Mt. Fuji Climbing Preparations,Sapporo Crab DishesRestaurant recommendations, etc., are all content in the form of practical travel suggestions, so that readers can obtain the travel information they need in a short time, so that they can quickly plan a most suitable travel itinerary.

Our partners

Currently RakuRakuJP is cooperating with major Online Travel Agencies, including Agoda, Klook, KKday, etc., to promote some Japanese travel products suitable for readers of this website.

And all these travel products that appear on this website are strictly selected, have received a large number of evaluations, and have been tested by different tourists on the spot. We will also regularly check the quality of this travel product. If the quality of the product is found to be substandard, we will remove it from the shelves as soon as possible. This is also our commitment to readers.

In addition, we will also use the internal information system to suggest the most suitable travel products for you according to the theme of the article, so that you can save more time and obtain greater discounts. That is to say, when you browse the travel information in Kyoto, you won’t find Tokyo’s ticket discounts, accommodation discounts, or even accommodation options in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Advertising and brand cooperation on RakuRakuJP

If you are a business that specializes in providing Japanese travel products, or a brand that wants to promote products for Taiwan and Hong Kong, RakuRakuJP has several advantages compared to other Japanese travel content websites and YouTube channels.

Opportunity to get highly accurate target customers

Since all articles on this website are written according to the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), each articleThe opportunity to get a lot of exposure within a specific keyword combination. As long as you choose to advertise in the content of the article, you can bring a large number of customers with specific needs to your website.

to this site'sClimbing Mount Fuji SeriesFor example, if you are a business that provides mountaineering equipment, a manager of local tour guides, or a sports-related business, if you advertise in this series of articles, you can get in front of tourists who plan to climb Mount Fuji Get a lot of exposure and thus increase your conversion rate.

Get Multiple Promotion Opportunities

If you are not familiar with the way of promoting products on the Internet, you can also consider promoting your products for you through our multiple channels. These include social media promotion, customized article content suggestions, search engine advertising suggestions, and social media advertising suggestions, so that you can get more product exposure opportunities through our assistance.

Customized Promotional Opportunities

If the above promotion methods are not enough for you, and you want to use other methods to promote products, you can also contact us directly, so that we can understand your ideas and give you some practical and feasible suggestions.

How to contact RakuRakuJP

For any itinerary, attractions, or business issues, you can contact us through the following methods.

e-mail: info.rakurakujp@gmail.com

Facebook Instant Messaging: RakuRakuJP

Friendly cooperation website: Central Lion Rock

RakuRakuJP website traffic

The current monthly average number of visitors to the website is 75,000, and the current average monthly page views of the website is 100,000. If you simply calculate it by numbers, you may not think it is a very high number compared with some travel blogs from different countries and some websites that report news.

But for a website dedicated to providing in-depth travel experience, behind these numbers, it actually represents readers who like Japan and are willing to spend money to travel to Japan. It is also a group of readers who are preparing to travel to Japan and need to book various Japanese travel products.

So if you have any travel products that need to be promoted, or you are about to leave for Japan, if you need some specific products, please contact us directly. We are all your best partners during your travel itinerary in Japan.

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RakuRakuJP, is a website dedicated to sharing articles about in-depth travel experiences in Japan.


I believe that before you travel to Japan every time, you will hope to get the most comprehensive travel information, and then be able to successfully complete the entire travel itinerary.


And our goal is to gather all practical itinerary information, discounted accommodation, and tickets, so that you can plan the entire Japan travel itinerary in the most convenient way.

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