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1-Day Trip to Gotoku-ji Temple meeting with the Lucky Cat

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Hotokuji, a place known as the most cat in all of Tokyo

When you travel to Tokyo, besides going to Asakusa Kaminarimon Temple, Tsukiji Outer Market, or shopping in Shinjuku, Ginza, and Harajuku, what places do you think of going?

In fact, there is another unknown side of Tokyo waiting for you to discover.
If you like cats, or like to eat sushi, then the "Setagaya District" located in the west of Tokyo is worth spending a morning to see the leisure side of Tokyo.

Recommended itinerary: Depart from Shinjuku Station in the morning~ Gotokuji Temple~ Umegao Meidenli lunch~ Return to Shinjuku Station in the afternoon

Hotokuji Temple, the birthplace of the super-dense cat sea beckoning cat in Tokyo

Tokyo Attractions, Gotokuji Maneki Neko Shrine
Maneki-neko Guanyin and Lucky Cat

Gotokuji Temple, located in Setagaya District, can be said to be the place with the most beckoning cats in Tokyo, and it is the birthplace of beckoning cats.
The beckoning cats in the temple are all white, and they raised their right hands as if to call me over, very cute.
However, it is a little different from ordinary beckoning cats, that is, the beckoning cat here did not take a small gold coin when it raised its right hand.

Tokyo Attractions, Gotokuji Maneki Neko Shrine
When you stare into the cat's eyes, the cat's eyes also stare into you

Transportation: Depart from Shinjuku Odakyu Station, take the Odakyu Line and get off at Gotokuji Station, walk for about 15 minutes to Gotokuji Temple
Recommended time to visit: Depart in the morning, take pictures in Howard, and it will take about 30 minutes to walk around

Meiqiu Midori Sushi Main Store

After leaving Hotokuji Temple, walk slowly to Meiqiu to eat sushi!

Umegaoka's Midori Sushi is the main store of many Midori Sushi in Tokyo!
Although it is a chain store, it should be the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo!

Tokyo Gourmet, Umegao Midori Sushi Head Office

I recommend eating this 12-piece sushi set, because it is really delicious

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