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Best Item to Bring When Staying Inside Mt.Fuji Mountain Huts

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Are there any mountain huts available for reservation on Mount Fuji?

Maybe you are coming to Japan to climb Mount Fuji for the first time, and you don’t know much about the facilities on Mount Fuji, and what items you should prepare so that you can safely climb to the top of Mount Fuji and experience a unique experience at the highest point in Japan sunrise?

Today’s article intends to tell you what mountain huts there are on Mount Fuji that can help you rest when you need them, and what items you should prepare when staying in these mountain huts can help you relieve discomfort in the alpine area.

If you don't know much about the situation on Mount Fuji, I believe this article can help you solve the troubles of accommodation and rest on the mountain.

Mountain Huts – The Importance of Mount Fuji Lodging

Mount Fuji is an environment with changeable weather. Even in summer, which is suitable for mountaineering activities, it is possible to change from a sunny environment to a strong stormy environment within a few hours.

Mount Fuji is not like the general low-altitude environment. Climbing in a high-altitude environment is a very physical activity. And most people who go to climb Mount Fuji will go to watch the sunrise, which means that the entire climbing activity will take almost 24 hours. That is to start climbing this morning, wait for the sunrise tomorrow, and then go down the mountain tomorrow morning.

Such physical exertion, coupled with the high-altitude environment, will easily lead to accidents if there is no place to rest. For this reason, the Japanese government also strongly discourages climbers from participating in "dangan mountaineering", that is, setting off at night to reach the top of Mount Fuji directly in a short period of time.
In the past, there have been some cases where people were injured and needed to be admitted to the hospital because of "dangan mountaineering".

Therefore, when climbing Mount Fuji, it is very important to be able to stay in a mountain hut halfway and get a proper rest!

Mountain huts – How to choose accommodation in Mt. Fuji

On every climbing route of Mt. Fuji, there are different mountain huts to choose from at different heights.

I believe that many people who are climbing Mount Fuji for the first time will have the same question, that is, "When booking a mountain hut on Mount Fuji, should I book a higher altitude? Or is it better to be lower? If the choice is too high, will it be possible not to climb up? , need to hold on hard to reach the reserved mountain hut? If the selected height is too low, will it be very hard when we set off to climb to the top?”

This is a question of bitterness before sweetness, or sweetness before bitterness.

Generally speaking, the mountain huts on Mount Fuji are set at an altitude of about 3,000 meters above sea level, and some will be higher, reaching 3,450 meters. In general mountaineering conditions, starting from the fifth station of Mount Fuji, it is not very difficult to reach an altitude of 3,000 meters, but starting from 3,000 meters above sea level, due to physical exertion and the influence of the high mountain environment, each climb is 1 meter longer. The difficulty will be much higher than those below 3000 meters above sea level.

Therefore, when choosing different mountain huts, you should first consider your own physical strength, whether you can successfully move into the mountain hut before it is completely exhausted. Then, after resting enough at the mountain hut, continue to the top of Mt. Fuji.

Different mountain huts can accommodate different people. Some mountain huts can only accommodate 100 people, and some mountain huts can accommodate 350 people.

Also because the number of people that different mountain huts can accommodate varies, when booking a mountain hut on Mount Fuji, it is recommended to book before departure, and book the most suitable mountain hut according to your physical performance.

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Pre-booking mountain huts is more important than anything

Book the mountain hut first, then book the air ticket, and finally stay in the hotel in the city

Climbing Mount Fuji, in addition to being a tourist hotspot for overseas tourists, is actually an activity that many local Japanese people will definitely go to every year. Therefore, many mountain huts will book the best check-in time for a large number of domestic and overseas tourists in the early stage of the official opening of reservations.
You must know that the location of mountain huts is actually very limited. Even if overseas tourists do not go to climb Mount Fuji, in fact, the local Japanese will easily book the quota of different mountain huts.

To put it bluntly, if your goal of setting off to Japan is to climb Mount Fuji, but you haven’t booked the mountain hut in the first place, your originally expected Mount Fuji mountaineering trip, you can take a few personal achievement photos for the journey home, you You can change your itinerary to other plans.

So if you decide to go to Japan to climb Mount Fuji, you must book a mountain hut immediately. The second time is to book air tickets and hotels. Because air tickets and hotels can be bought as long as you have money, no matter how full the air tickets and hotels are, there is always a way to go to Japan. However, the number of places in the mountain hut is very limited every day, and the full quota is really full, and no more places can be added.

So if you have plans to start climbing Mount Fuji in the next climbing season, be sure to book a mountain hut in Mount Fuji early!

But... how early should it be?

the answer isevery April 1st! Because most of the mountain huts in Mt.every April 1stOpen reservations, pre-arrange their own climbing itinerary for each climber, to ensure that they can get a rest and climb safely on Mount Fuji.
The reservation method can be made on the websites of different mountain huts, or by calling the mountain huts to make an appointment (requires Japanese answering).

It is very important to book a mountain hut on Mount Fuji before departure, because the managers of the mountain huts are very strict. If the room is full that day, even if there is a lot of wind and rain outside, no matter how much you beg, they will not open the door for you. Go in and rest. You can only find a small corner outside the mountain hut to shelter yourself from the wind and rain. Sometimes if there are too many people, you will be driven away by the manager of the mountain hut.

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Changes after the reopening of Mount Fuji huts

If you have been to Mount Fuji during the summer climbing period in 2019 or before, you can experience the changes of Mount Fuji most in terms of housing prices and sleeping space. Probably because of the need to avoid the risk of spreading infection due to excessive density, the sleeping space is now much wider than before, and there is no need to sleep face-to-face with strangers.

But it’s not without cost, that is, the current housing prices have increased a lot compared to the 2019 mountaineering period, so you need to pay more attention when planning your mountaineering budget.

Mountain hut selection on the Mt. Fuji Yoshida Line

Taking the Yoshida Line as an example, the mountain huts are located at the highest point, middle point, and lowest point of the climbing route.

To put it simply, it is:

  • The highest: 3450m above sea level, the Yulaiguang Pavilion (the highest one on the mountain trail)
  • Middle: 3100m above sea level, the eighth station Prince Pavilion, Fenglai Pavilion, Baiyunzhuang (middle area)
  • Lowest: 2700m above sea level, flower house at the seventh station, Tomoe-Kan at the seventh station (low altitude option)

Which one to choose among the three mountain huts with different heights depends on your physical strength and whether you usually take part in sports training.

Relationship between mountain hut location and summit time

If the mountain hut you choose is Yulaiguang Pavilion, because it is relatively close to the top of Mt. Fuji, from the mountain hut at an altitude of 3450 meters to the top of Mt. You can reach the top of Mount Fuji.
At the same time, because it is the highest altitude, it is easier to avoid other climbers when setting off in the early morning, and it will not affect the time you reach the top of the mountain due to crowding, so you have the opportunity to not be there before sunrise. Reach the top of the mountain.

If you choose to stay in the mountain hut at the seventh station, that is, the flower hut, the seventh station トモエ Pavilion, etc., the advantage is that you can check in the mountain hut earlier and start resting, but if your goal is to watch the sunrise on the top of Mount Fuji, you need Leave the mountain hut early, hoping to reach the summit of Mount Fuji before sunrise.

How early do I need to go to stay at the 7th station mountain hut? Generally speaking, you need to start at 11 pm, otherwise you will miss the opportunity to watch the sunrise on the top of Mount Fuji.

Climbing Mount Fuji to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, in fact, there is only one climbing path leading to the top of the mountain. Regardless of whether you rest earlier or later, you will eventually need to walk up to the top of the mountain with your own feet.

Facilities at Mt.Fuji Mountain Lodge

Most of the mountain huts on the Mt. Fuji climbing route provide similar equipment. Although there are no high beds, soft pillows or private baths, there is always a reasonable environment for mountaineering rest.

On the whole, in terms of sleeping arrangements, the mountain huts provide shared spaces, outdoor sleeping bags, and Japanese-style futons. In terms of food arrangement, we mainly provide some simple hot food, such as bento, ramen, etc., some food that is easy to handle and convenient to store, with the main purpose of filling every climber.

As for the arrangement of the bathroom, it is generally placed outdoors in a relatively remote place to live. That is to say, if you need to go to the bathroom at night, you may need to go through the cold wind outside to get it.

Just like some people who often climb Mount Fuji said, mountain huts are not set up for vacation, but for the health and safety of climbers. Therefore, in terms of accommodation and food arrangements, they are all simple, convenient, easy to transport from the urban area to the mountain hut, and able to replenish physical strength. It is not recommended to criticize the poor quality of accommodation and food, because behind the scenes, the staff spent a lot of time and resources preparing for the climbers.

mountain hut environment

The goal of the mountain hut is to provide the necessary services with the least resources. Therefore, the living environment is relatively simple. Whether it is the arrangement of the bed, the water source of the bathroom, etc., it is very close to this concept to operate.

Small supplement: Almost all mountain hut toilets need to be charged, about ¥100-¥300 each time. There are some mountain huts that allow free use of the house residents, and some require an additional fee. Some toilets in mountain huts need to be coined at the door gate to enter, so be sure to bring your own ¥100 coins!

Mt. Fuji Transportation Pass

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Things you need to bring when staying in the mountain hut

It is actually not easy to get a good rest in a mountain hut at a high altitude. In addition to the altitude factor affecting the body, there is also the crowded environment of the mountain hut. It is actually not easy to successfully obtain a few hours of sleep.

Therefore, before setting off to climb Mount Fuji, it is highly recommended to prepare the following different items, so that you can climb to the top of Mount Fuji in the safest and most comfortable state, and watch a different sunrise from the highest point in Japan.

Cash (required item)

Having cash on Mount Fuji is more important than having multiple credit cards!

Perhaps because electronic payment tools are very convenient now, most tourists are accustomed to using credit cards even when they travel to Japan. But on the mountain trails of Mount Fuji, most mountain huts still do not accept credit card payments. Of course, electronic payment has become popular in recent years, but there may be a situation where the store’s payment machine malfunctions, so cash is more reliable, and it is guaranteed to be able to exchange for the required services!

In addition, cash is very important on Mount Fuji, because whether it is to pay for the cost of staying in the mountain hut, to replenish supplies and food in the middle, or to temporarily stay in another mountain hut due to physical conditions, cash is required to pay, so when you start Before climbing Mount Fuji, be sure to prepare enough cash to start the journey!

Products to Help You Sleep (Must Have Items)

Although the mountain hut will become dark and quiet after turning off the lights, but because the mountain hut is too crowded, the sound of other people picking up objects, the sound of using mobile phones, and the light from the screen will easily affect sleep. Therefore, eye masks and earplugs are must-have items for staying in mountain huts.

Climbing Mt. Fuji, the right gear to help you sleep

There is no need to buy some professional products for eye masks and earplugs. As long as you go to MUJI and other places that sell daily necessities, you can find products suitable for climbing Mount Fuji and helping you sleep.

What equipment do you need to climb to the top of Mount Fuji and watch the sunrise from the highest point in Japan?
Useful Links: Necessary equipment and clothing for climbing Mt. Fuji, and items that need to be prepared before departure

Products that are convenient for activities in the mountain hut (essential items)

Because the environment of mountain huts is very narrow, and not all places are equipped with lighting systems, soHeadlights, drinking water, clothespins, power banksAnd so on are all items that can help you move around in the mountain hut.

After staying in the mountain hut, it is recommended to put the headlamp and drinking water next to the pillow, because the sleeping place is very narrow, and it is very troublesome to take it out of the backpack. And it may also be necessary to go to the bathroom. When there is a lack of lighting in the corridor, the headlight is the best lighting tool. And drinking water is also very important, because drinking water can help prevent altitude sickness and relieve throat discomfort at high altitudes.

In addition, because all climbers’ shoes must be placed in the shoe cabinet before entering the mountain hut, sometimes there will be the same climbing shoes with other climbers, and you can use the clothespin to identify the position of your shoes! What's more, because the mountain huts do not drink ordinary hotels, they will provide power for you, so bring a mobile power bank to charge your camera and mobile phone, so that you can upload photos of Mount Fuji to social media immediately!

Recommended lighting system for climbing Mount Fuji
Lighting tools should always be carried with you. If you lose them, it will be very dangerous to leave the mountain hut at night.

Personal Care Products (select available items)

Generally speaking, the field sleeping bags, sunday or cloth balls provided by mountain huts are neat and tidy, but they are not necessarily washed and ironed every day like business hotels. Although everyone's check-in time is very short, only about a few hours, but if you have higher requirements for cleanliness, you can also consider adding an inner pad to the wild sleeping bag.

In addition, because the water sources on Mount Fuji are very scarce, it is an impossible task to use a large amount of water to brush your teeth and wash your face. For bad breath, consider chewing gum or MUJI tooth cleaning wipes!

Mt. Fuji Day Trip Attractions

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Mountain hut information for different routes of Mount Fuji

List of Yoshida Line mountain huts

Mount Fuji Yoshida Route Climbing Map
Yoshida Line route information (Photo: camp-outdoor.com Click to enlarge the map)

mountain hut nameCapacitylocationelevation1 parking 2 mealsPure stayTelephone
Inoue Cabin20 peopleYoshidaguchi Fifth Station2140mto be determinedto be determined0555-22-1948
Sato Cottage100 peopleYoshidaguchi Fifth Station2230m9000 yen6500 yen090-3133-2230
Okutoso90 peopleFuji Subaru Line Okuwa2300mto be determinedto be determined0555-82-2910
Mt.Fuji Miharashi68 peopleFuji Subaru Line Fifth Station2305m9600 yen7500 yen080-2681-3776
Fuji-Q Unshangkaku (Capsule)60 peopleFuji Subaru Line Fifth Station2305m7700 yen0555-72-1355
Satomi Hirahoshi Kanso100 peopleYoshidaguchi sixth station2325m9000 yen6000 yen0555-24-6090
Flower House150 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station2700m9000 yen7000 yen090-7234-9955
日の出堂150 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station2720m9500 yen7500 yen0555-24-6522
Seventh Station Tomoe Building200 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station2740m12000 yen0555-24-6521
Kamawakan150 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station2790m13500 yen12000 yen080-1299-0223
Fuji Building 1130 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station2800m12000 yen10000 yen080-1036-6691
Toriisou250 peopleYoshidaguchimoto Seventh Station2900m13200 yen11000 yen0555-84-2050
Oriental Pavilion350 peopleYoshidaguchi Seventh Station3000mto be determined0555-22-1040
Prince's Pavilion350 peopleYoshidaguchi Eighth Station3100m14000 yen0555-24-6516
Penglai Pavilion180 peopleYoshidaguchi Eighth Station3150m13000 yen0555-24-6515
Baiyunso300 peopleYoshidaguchi Eighth Station3200m13500 yen11500 yen0555-24-6514
Yuanzu room250 peopleYoshidaguchi Eighth Station3250m13500 yen0555-24-6513
Mount Fuji hotel at the eighth station350 peopleYoshidaguchimoto eighth station3400m13600 yen11000 yen0555-24-6512
The 8th Station Tomoe Building250 peopleYoshidaguchimoto eighth station3400m13000 yen0555-24-6511
Yulaiguang Pavilion150Yoshida Kou 8-in-5 Spoon3450m13500 yen11000 yen0555-73-8815

List of mountain huts on the Fujinomiya Line

Fuji climbing route, climbing map of Fujinomiya route
Route information of the Fujinomiya Line (Photo: camp-outdoor.com Click to enlarge the map)
mountain hut nameCapacitylocationelevation1 parking 2 mealsPure stayTelephone
Table Fuji 5th Station Rest Center20 peopleFujinomiyaguchi Fifth Station2400m8000 yen6000 yen090-7618-2230
New Sixth Station Hoei Sanso80 peopleFujinomiyaguchi New Sixth Station2493m10000 yen8000 yen090-7607-2232
Sixth Station Unkaisou80 peopleFujinomiyaguchi Sixth Station2500m10000 yen8000 yen090-2618-2231
New Seventh Station Goraimiko Sanso80 peopleFujinomiyaguchi New Seventh Station2780m9500 yen7000 yen090-4083-2233
Yuanzu Seventh Station Yamaguchi Sanso180 peopleFujinomiyaguchi Seventh Station3010m12000 yen10000 yen090-7022-2234
Eighth Station Ikeda Building250 peopleFujinomiyaguchi Eighth Station3250m10000 yen8000 yen090-2772-2235
Ninth Station Wannian Snow Mountain Soo250 peopleFujinomiyaguchi Ninth Station3460m12000 yen10000 yen090-7025-2236
Nine-in-five-spoon chestnut soy sauce150 peopleFujinomiya Kou 9-in-5 Spoon3590m10000 yen8000 yen090-5855-8759
Top Fuji Pavilion150 peopleOn top of Fujinomiyaguchi3740m8000 yen6000 yen0544-26-1519

Subashiri mountain hut list

Mt. Fuji climbing routes, climbing maps of required routes
The route information that must be taken (picture: camp-outdoor.com click to enlarge the map)
mountain hut nameCapacitylocationelevation1 parking 2 mealsPure stayTelephone
Sanso Chrysanthemum House70 peopleSubashiri Exit 5th Station2000m7500 yen5000 yen090-8680-0686
Higashi Fujisanso50 peopleSubashiri Exit 5th Station2000m7000 yen5000 yen090-3254-5057
Sanda 5th Station Yoshinoya100 peopleSubashiriguchi Sanda 5th Station2230m8500 yen6500 yen090-7854-7954
Nagata Sansou (しゃくなげ Sansou)25 peopleSubashiri Exit 6th Station2450m7500 yen5500 yen090-8324-6746
Setokan80 peopleSubashiguchimoto 6th Station2700m7500 yen5500 yen090-3302-4466
Solar Pavilion150 peopleSubashiri Exit 7th Station2960m10260 yen6480 yen090-3158-6624
See Harukan90 peopleSubashiguchi 7th station3200m9500 yen8000 yen090-1622-1048
Edoya (Lower Edoya)180 peopleSubashiguchi Eighth Station3350m11000 yen090-2770-3518
Chest protrusion Edoya (Upper Edoya)200 peopleSubashiguchi 8th station3400m11000 yen090-7031-3517
Yulaiguang Pavilion140 peopleXu Zoukou 8 in 5 spoons3450m13500 yen11000 yen0555-84-1333
Yamaguchiya150 peopleon the top of the mouth3740m9000 yen*8000 yen090-5858-3776
Ogiya50 peopleon the top of the mouth3740m7000 yen6000 yen090-1563-3513

List of mountain huts on the Gotemba Line

Mt. Fuji climbing route, climbing map of the Gotemba route
Route information of the Gotemba Line (Photo: camp-outdoor.com Click to enlarge the map)
mountain hut nameCapacitylocationelevation1 parking 2 mealsPure stayTelephone
Oishi Tea House50 peopleGotemba Exit New Fifth Station1500m7500 yen6000 yen090-8955-5076
わらじkan40 peopleGotembakou seven-in-one four spoons3050m12000 yen9000 yen090-7301-5070
Sandashikan150 peopleGotemba Kou seven-in-one five spoons3100mto be determinedto be determined090-3155-5061
Chiyan Bahe Pavilion150 peopleGotemba Kou Seven-in-one Nine Spoons3300mto be determinedto be determined090-3155-5061

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