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Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Article update time: May 2023

Lake Kawaguchi-limited attractions that appear only in summer every year

What do you think of every summer? Cool soft serve ice cream? Go surfing at the beach?

I will be reminded of the lavender festival held every year in the Kawaguchiko area under Mt. Fuji! It's like going to Japan every spring to catch the cherry blossoms.

Every year from early June to mid-July, Lake Kawaguchi holds a month-long lavender festival. If you can seize this opportunity to come to Lake Kawaguchi, you can watch the endless sea of lavender flowers under the background of Mt. Fuji, and you can also take pictures with lavender non-stop!

This year's Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival is held from June 24th to July 17th at two different venues, "Yagizaki Venue" and "Oishi Venue".
There are a lot of lavender in both venues, you can decide which one to go to first depending on the itinerary~ Or both are good~
If you are interested in photography, don't miss it~

  1. Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival Location
  2. Recommended itinerary, time required for visit
  3. Kawaguchiko Lavender Festival traffic and how to get there

Kawaguchiko Lavender Festival Venue

Oishi venue

The Dashi venue is backed by Mount Fuji, with Mount Fuji as the background, it is very beautiful to take pictures with lavender

Mt. Fuji can be seen at the Mt. Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Living Center

Yagizaki venue

The endless lavender sea at the Yagizaki venue, when the weather is good, it is accompanied by blue sky and white clouds, the purple of lavender and the blue of the sky form a beautiful picture

kawaguchiko_ lavender_yagisaki

Recommended itinerary, time required for visit

Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival Recommended Itinerary

  • Depart from Kawaguchiko around 10:00 in the morning, take the green line of the tour bus to Yagizaki Park
  • Stop at Yagizaki Park for about 1 hour
  • Take the red line of the tour bus from Yagizaki Park and get off at the Kawaguchiko Natural Living Museum
  • After staying for about 1 hour, take the red line of the tour bus toKawaguchiko Herb Museum
  • Tasting the unique lavender soft ice cream at the Kawaguchiko Vanilla Museum
  • visitKawaguchiko Herb Museumor toTianshangshan ParkEnjoy panoramic views of Mt. Fuji from the cable car
Tenjoyama Park Ropeway at Lake Kawaguchi in Mount Fuji
Take the cable car to Tenjoyama Park, where you can see the huge Mt. Fuji

Access to Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival

Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival opening hours, transportation

Lavender Festival Venue: Kawaguchiko Yagizaki Park, Kawaguchiko Oishi Park

Opening date:
June 14th – July 7th (Yagizaki venue) (open every day)
June 14th – July 15th (Dashi venue) (open every day)

Entrance Fee: Free
Recommended tour time: 1 – 1.5 hours

Transportation method:
Oishi venue: Take a tour bus from Kawaguchiko Stationred lineGet off at Kawaguchiko Natural Living Museum (about 30 minutes)
Yagizaki venue: Take a tour bus from Kawaguchiko Stationgreen lineGet off at Yagizaki Koen Station (about 10 minutes)

Free rides on the above bus lines with the Fuji-Hakone Free Pass
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Transportation to Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Museum
How to get to Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival (click to enlarge)

Details: Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival
Photo/Information: Fuji Express, Kawaguchiko Tourism Division

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