Climbing route information – Fujinomiya Trail

Starting height: about 2400m
Elevation difference from the top of the mountain: about 1300m
Uphill distance budget: 5km Approximate time required: 5 hours
Estimated distance for going downhill: 5 km Approximate time required: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Location: On the side of Shizuoka Prefecture (in Fujinomiya City), starting from the south of Mount Fuji and going up the mountain.
Starting point: Fujinomiya Exit 5th Station
Route features: Among the four climbing routes, the Fujinomiya Line has the highest starting point altitude and the least difference in elevation from the mountain top. It is the second most popular mountaineering route after the Yoshida Line. In addition, the climbing path and the descending path are on the same route, so sometimes there will be mixed crowds, remember to give way to each other~ The Fujinomiya Line is the closest to the 3776 Sword Peak on the top of the mountain~

Ambulance Center Information: There is a Fujisan Health Center next to the Ikeda Building at the 8th station, and a doctor provides 24-hour diagnosis and treatment services. (Physician may not be available at times, in case of emergency/accident please call immediately110/119 to the emergency rescue team. In addition, if the physical condition is not good, it is recommended to go down the mountain as soon as possible, do not force it)

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Mount Fuji Climbing Route, Fujinomiya Line Altitude and Mountain Hut Location
Fujinomiya Route Climbing Time

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Fujinomiya LineClimbing route information, descending mountain route information

The difference between the Fujinomiya route and the other three routes is that its climbing path and descending path follow the same line.
At the fifth station of Fujinomiya Exit at the entrance of the climbing path, you will find the General Guidance Center of Mount Fuji. During the opening of the mountain, the staff of the Fujinomiya City Tourism Association and Fuji mountaineering instructors will be stationed there to provide necessary mountaineering path information, weather information of the day, and mountain hut information for all climbers. Mountaineering instructors can also provide information on mountaineering routes in foreign languages (other than Japanese).

There is a small shop (Fifth Station Rest House) at the fifth station of Fujinomiyaguchi, which supplies water and simple mountaineering equipment. As for other necessary mountaineering equipment, please prepare before departure. If you want to replenish water on the way, you can also buy it at the mountain hut on the hiking trail.

Restroom information: There are public restrooms at the 5th station of Fujinomiyaguchi, and there are restrooms in the mountain huts along the way (24 hours).
Walking to the sixth station, one side is heading to Baoyong Tour Trail, which can lead toGotemba Route Go to the top of the mountain; on the other side is the seventh station of the Fujinomiya route, just remember not to take the wrong line.
When you arrive at the eighth station, you can consider staying here for one night. If you feel unwell, you can go to the Fujisan Health Center to seek medical treatment.

If you want to visit Jianfeng, the highest point of Mount Fuji, you only need to turn left after reaching the crater on the top of the mountain, and you will arrive there in about 30 minutes on foot.

Fuji climbing route, climbing map of Fujinomiya route
Fujinomiya mountain hut distribution


If you want to find a short and not too difficult route to climb Mount Fuji, the Fujinomiya Line is a good choice. The facilities are adequate, such as ambulance stations and mountain huts. As long as you prepare mountaineering equipment, water, ¥100 coins (for going to the bathroom), etc., you can set off and enjoy the fun of climbing Mount Fuji.

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