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Fujisan Marathon Guide

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Article updated date: September 2022

Mount Fuji Marathon starts again

After years of influence, the Mt. Fuji Marathon will be held again on November 27, 2022, so that everyone can once again run while watching Mt. Fuji on the Jingye Circuit!

Mount Fuji Marathon logo

This year 2022 is the 11th Mt. Fuji Marathon. As in the past, we will run 42.195km around Mt. Fuji! If you plan to sign up, you must successfully sign up before October 27, 2022.

Registration Dates and Fees for the Mt. Fuji Marathon

Registration date for the 11th Marathon in 2022: September 9, 2022 – October 27, 2022
Fee: ¥16,500 yen (standard marathon), ¥16,500 yen (12km charity fundraising race)

Race information, route map

Throughout the tournament, divided into 2 groups
1. Full Marathon (11,000 participants)
2. Charity 12km race (3,000 participants)

Only those who sign up in the first period can get a limited T-Shirt.

Click to participate and sign up for the Mount Fuji Marathon

Mount Fuji Marathon Course
Mount Fuji Marathon will walk around Lake Kawaguchi and West Lake
Mount Fuji Marathon Course
The 10km charity fundraising race will take a short walk around Lake Kawaguchi

Mount Fuji Marathon Accommodation Recommendations

There are many good accommodation recommendations at Kawaguchiko Station, not far from the marathon venue.
If you want to stay in a hot spring hotel after running the marathon, take a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and red leaves.
RakuRaku has several good Kawaguchiko accommodations recommended for you. Whether it is a high-end hot spring hotel or an affordable accommodation plan, we will introduce you in detail here.
Featured Recommended hot spring hotels around Lake Kawaguchi where you can see Mt. Fuji, take pictures of Mt. Fuji reflection from the room!

A super-value transportation pass for enjoying Lake Kawaguchi

The transportation fee in the Kawaguchiko area of Mt.
If you are starting from Shinjuku, Tokyo, and plan to stay around Lake Kawaguchi for a day or two after running the marathon, RakuRaku highly recommends that you purchase an additional Lake Kawaguchi Tour Pass.
The Kawaguchiko Tour Ticket includes the transportation fee to and from Tokyo Kawaguchiko, the transportation pass in the Kawaguchiko area, and the Hakone hot spring tourist area transportation pass, which is very valuable.
Kawaguchiko Transportation Pass Discounts, Sightseeing Itinerary Recommendations

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Pictures/Information: Fujisan Marathon / Mount Fuji Marason

From Kawaguchiko Station, you can easily walk to the departure venue~

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