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Gotemba Trail: A Mt.Fuji Route For Advanced Climbers

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Climbing Route Information – Gotemba Line Gotemba Trail

Starting height: about 1450m
Elevation difference from the top of the mountain: about 2250m
Uphill distance budget: 11.0km Approximate time required: 7 hours and 30 minutes
Downhill distance budget: 8.5km Approximate time required: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Location: Depart from Gotemba City on the side of Shizuoka Prefecture, and start up the mountain from the southeast of Mount Fuji.
Departure point: Departure from Gotemba New Fifth Station

Features: The new fifth station of the Gotemba Line has the lowest altitude among all the lines (the others are above 2000m), and the walking distance is considered long (the others are all below 8km). On the downhill road, you can experience the fun of "big sand walking" and try sand boarding. Generally speaking, fewer climbers take the Gotemba Line. If you want to enjoy mountaineering quietly, the Gotemba Line is also a good choice.

Route Features: It is a route more suitable for experienced climbers. There are fewer mountain huts than the rest of the route, only eight (two of which are closed). There are fewer toilets and rest rooms than other routes, and there are no emergency ambulance stations. Due to the direction of the route, the Gotemba Line has to go to a relatively high point on the mountain trail to see Goraiguang. If you are a beginner in mountaineering and plan to climb Mount Fuji easily, you can consider goingMountaineering Route - Yoshida Line would be more appropriate.
NOTE: The entire Gotemba Line isno ambulance station, in case of an emergency/accident please call immediately110/119 to emergency services
Mountain hut information: The mountain hut will not be available until the seventh station (3000 meters above sea level). Please prepare enough water and equipment before starting.

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Kawaguchiko hot spring accommodation recommended! A hot spring hotel and private bath where you can see the reflection of Mt. Fuji from the room!

Gotemba Mountain Trail Information

Mountaineering entrance: Gotemba new fifth station, originally called the second station. After passing through the torii and entering the hiking trail, walk for about 10 minutes to the mountain hut Oishi tea house and Fujikyu hut ハーフマウンテン (Fujikyu hut half mountain). If you need to replenish water and food, please replenish it before you start. Since the mountain huts at the sixth station are closed, there are no mountain huts before the seventh station (3000 meters above sea level).
Restroom information: There is a restroom (24 hours) managed by Gotemba City at the new fifth station of Gotemba. After that, there will be a restroom at the Seventh Station.
Please note: The entire Gotemba Line isno ambulance station, in case of an emergency/accident please call immediately110/119 to the emergency rescue team.

There is a temporary sightseeing office at Gotemba New 5th Station, and there are foreign language (other than Japanese) mountaineering instructors to provide information such as climbing routes and weather (8:00 am to 5:00 pm).
After passing through the Oishi Tea House, you will slowly walk up to the seventh station. There is not much shade on the way, so pay attention to replenishing water to avoid heatstroke and overheating. The trail also lacks landmarks, so do not leave the trail during dense fog.
The distance from Oishi Chaya to the seventh station is relatively long (about 4 hours on foot), it is recommended to take a proper rest and replenish water. If you feel unwell, please contact the emergency rescue team immediately.
After the eighth station, you need to climb the slope of the rock field. Due to the altitude of the mountain, please don't rush and climb up slowly~~
Pass through the torii gate and Yinmeishui to reach the top of the mountain. You can visit Asama Taisha Okunomiya on the top of the mountain!
Note: From the new 5th station to the 7th station, you will encounter the shelter of the Meteorological Agency, but it is not designed for mountaineering, remember not to disturb the meteorological staff~

Mt. Fuji climbing course, height of Gotemba course and mountain hut location (uphill course)

Gotemba Line Downhill Road Information

When descending from the top of the mountain on the Gotemba Line, take the same route as the climbing path until the seventh station. When going down the mountain, you can use the public toilets on the top of the mountain and the toilets in the mountain huts along the way.
After passing the closed "Hi no Dekan", turn to the dedicated downhill road and go down the mountain.
When you walk to the 6th station of the descending mountain road, you will meet the divergence point of the Hoei Mountain Tour Trail, and then it is time to experience the "big sand walk"~
What is the charm of walking in Dasha? The answer is to walk 3 meters in one step! It is farther than skiing~

Note: Pay attention to the instructions when walking to the divergence point of the 6th station of the lower mountain road, and do not take the wrong line. One side leads to the Hoei Crater, and the other side leads to the new fifth station of Gotembaguchi.
In addition, there is thick fog around here, so you have to check the direction first before continuing! Go down, pass Oishi Chaya, and you will return to Gotembaguchi New 5th Station~

Mt. Fuji climbing course, height of Gotemba course and mountain hut location (downhill course)


Since the starting point of the Gotemba Line is relatively low, the elevation difference from the top of the mountain is relatively large (2250 meters). The Gotemba Line is the choice of experts and those with rich mountaineering experience. Moreover, it takes a long time to climb the mountain. When planning the itinerary, you can consider staying one night in the mountain hut in the middle of the climbing path for one night, and have a good rest for one night before continuing to climb the mountain.
If you want to experience Gotemba's "Osago Walk" easily, there is actually another way! It is to start from the fifth station of Fujinomiya, walk to the sixth station of Fujinomiya, and then turn to the climbing path of the Hoei Crater. The biggest feature of the Hoei Crater Mountaineering Trail is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hoei Crater, Hakone Mountains, and Suruga Bay at the same time!! Then go straight until you reach the sixth station of Gotemba, and continue to start from the Gotemba Line~
After passing the seventh station of the Gotemba Line, you can consider resting in the mountain hut for one night, and then enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole Mount Fuji dyed red by the light of the imperial light the next morning~~
After enjoying Goraiko, go up to the top of the mountain and walk the bowl tour, and then walk along the Gotemba Line to experience the "Osago walk" down the mountain.
Why do I know this line? Because His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Japan walked this line in 2008 (the 20th year of Heisei)~

Mount Fuji climbing route, Gotemba route information and Oji route location

Image/Source: fuji-climb.jp

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