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Mt. Fuji Gotemba Trail: Complete Trail Map and 5th Station Starting Point

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Detailed information on the Gotemba Line routes to take

starting heightabout 1450m
Elevation difference from the top of the mountainabout 2250m
Walking distance uphillabout 11km
Walking time uphillAbout 7 hours and 30 minutes
Walking distance downhillabout 8.5km
Walking time downhillAbout 3 hours and 30 minutes
Hiking trail locationSide view of Shizuoka Prefecture, Gotemba City
The direction of the hiking trailStart from the southeast side of Mount Fuji and climb to the top of Mount Fuji
Starting point of the hiking trailGotemba new fifth station
Congested conditions on hiking trailsgenerally

Main features of Gotemba Route:

  • The starting point of the Gotemba Line, the new fifth station of the Gotemba Line is the only one among all routes with an altitude lower than 1,500 meters.
  • Gotemba Line has the longest hiking distance
  • You can experience the fun of sliding in the sand on the downhill trail
  • Fewer climbers choose to climb Mount Fuji via the Gotemba Line
  • Suitable for experienced climbers
  • The number of mountain huts is relatively small, only 8
  • There are relatively few paid restrooms and rest spaces.
  • No emergency aid station
  • Due to geographical factors, you need to climb to a higher location to enjoy the sunrise.

Since there are no ambulance stations along the Gotemba route, if you encounter any emergencies or emergencies, you must call immediately110/119 to the emergency rescue team.

Mountain hut information: The mountain huts on the Gotemba Route are located above the seventh station (3,000 meters above sea level). Please prepare enough drinking water, food, and climbing equipment before starting to climb Mount Fuji frequently in Gotemba.

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Gotemba Mountain Trail Information

The Gotemba Route is the longest climbing route and the least used.

Uphill direction of Gotemba Route

The trailhead of the Gotemba Route is located at the Gotemba New Fifth Station, which was originally known as the Second Station.

After passing through the torii gate and entering the hiking trail, you can walk for about 10 minutes to the mountain hut Oishi Tea House and Fuji-kyu hut half mountain. You can buy enough drinking water and food here before starting to climb Mount Fuji. Since the mountain huts at the sixth station are closed, there are no mountain huts before the seventh station (3,000 meters above sea level).

Paid restroom: Gotemba New 5th Station has a restroom managed by Gotemba City (open 24 hours a day). Then there is another restroom until you reach 7-in-4 Spoon.

Since there are no ambulance stations along the entire Gotemba Line, in case of emergency/accident, please call 110/119 to seek assistance from the emergency rescue team.

There is a temporary tourist information center at the Gotemba New 5th Station. There are foreign language mountain climbing instructors on duty from 08:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon. They provide information on hiking trails, weather and other information.

After passing the Oishi Tea House, you will slowly walk to the seventh station. There are not many shade trees along the way, so be sure to replenish water to avoid the symptoms of heat stroke. In addition, this back hiking trail lacks obvious landmarks, so be careful not to leave the main hiking trail during thick fog.

The distance from Oishi Tea House to the seventh station is relatively long, about 4 hours of walking time. During mountaineering, you should pay attention to your physical condition, take proper rest and replenish water. If you feel unwell, please contact the emergency rescue team immediately.

Once you reach the eighth station, you need to climb the rock field slope. However, you must slow down when climbing mountains at high altitudes to reduce the chance of suffering from altitude sickness.

After passing through the torii gate and reaching Ginmeishui, we are almost at the top of Mount Fuji. After reaching the top of Mount Fuji, you can go to the Sengen Taisha Shrine Okunomiya on the top of the mountain to pay homage.

Uphill direction of Gotemba Route

From the top of Mount Fuji, go down the mountain via the Gotemba Line, and until you reach Shichigo, you will take the same road going up the mountain. In addition, when going down the mountain, you can use the public restrooms at the top of the mountain and the restrooms at the mountain huts along the way.

After passing the closed "Hi no Dekan", we turn to the dedicated downhill path to return to the starting point of the hiking trail.

When you reach the 6th station of the downhill trail, you will encounter the branch point of the Hoei Mountain Trail, and then you can experience the fun of sliding on the sand.

Note: When you reach the divergence point of the 6th station of the downhill road, pay attention to the instructions and don’t take the wrong route. Because one side leads to the Hoei Crater, and the other side leads to the Gotemba Pass New Fifth Station. In addition, there is sometimes thick fog near here, so you need to check the direction before continuing to walk forward. After passing the Oishi Tea House, you will return to the Gotembaguchi New Fifth Station.

Mount Fuji - Gotemba Line - Hiking Trail Information
Gotemba Route hiking trail information, uphill direction, downhill direction. (Click on image to enlarge)
Mount Fuji climbing route, Gotemba route information and Oji route location
Downhill trail information for the Gotemba Route. (Click on image to enlarge)


Since the starting point of the Gotemba Line is relatively low, the elevation difference from the top of the mountain is relatively large (2250 meters), and it also takes longer to climb to the top of Mount Fuji. Therefore, the Gotemba Line is only suitable for some experienced climbers, and you must rest in a mountain hut in Gotemba for one night before you can continue to climb to the top of Fuji.

If you want to experience the fun of sliding on the sand on the Gotemba Line, you don’t necessarily have to climb to Mount Fuji from the Gotemba Line. Because the Fujinomiya Line gives you the same experience.

When you reach Fujinomiya 6th Station, you can turn to the Hoei Crater Hiking Trail to visit. The biggest feature of the Hoei Crater Hiking Trail is that you can enjoy the scenery of the Hoei Crater and Suruga Bay at the same time.

After passing the 7th station of the Gotemba Line, rest for a night at a mountain hut, and then tomorrow morning you can enjoy the view of the entire Mount Fuji dyed red by the sunrise.

Image/Source: fuji-climb.jp

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