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Hakone Open Air Museum

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Hakone Sculpture Museum – the best place to travel and relax

The Hakone Sculpture Museum is the first outdoor art museum in Japan. Its theme is Hakone Mountain as the background, displaying nearly 120 pieces of sculpture exhibits in different forms. The museum also occupies a very large area, so it is a good choice for family travel and travel. Because in addition to feeling the artistic atmosphere, you can also relax in the vast space and experience different travel pleasures.

Hakone Sculpture Museum map
The Sculpture Forest Art Museum, in addition to being an art gallery, is actually a place suitable for children to play. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Features of the Hakone Sculpture Museum

Great place to enjoy family fun and take photos

In the Sculpture Forest Art Museum, there is a very suitable experience exhibition area for children, where children can consume energy! In addition, adults can also walk around and look at different forms of art.

For you who like modern art

In addition to large-scale outdoor exhibitions, from the end of 2016, exhibitions with the theme of Picasso's works have been added. If you are interested in modern art, you must not miss it!

Exhibits at the Hakone Sculpture Museum
Exhibits at the Hakone Sculpture Museum
Picasso's later years
Exhibits at the Hakone Sculpture Museum
Exhibits themed on faces

If you are interested in adding a little artistic atmosphere to your Hakone travel experience, or looking for a place to relax in an empty mine, it is a good choice to arrange time to visit the Sculpture Forest Art Museum

Hakone Sculpture Museum's business information

Suggested tour time: 1 – 1.5 hours
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (open all year round)
Fee: ¥1600 (discount for holders of travel passes)

How to get to the Hakone Sculpture Museum

  • Take the Hakone Tozan Bus Line S/G/M/Y/H to "Ninohira Entrance", get off and walk for 5 minutes
  • Take the Hakone Tozan Railway and get off at "Sculpture Forest" station, then walk for 2 minutes

Details and pictures: Sculpture の Mori Art Museum

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