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Hakone Yumoto Station: Onsen, Shopping Street and Things to Do

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Features of Hakone Yumoto

Places to visit when traveling to Hakone

If you travel to the Hakone area from Tokyo, there is one place that you will almost certainly pass by, and that is Hakone Yumoto. Some people have said that Hakone Yumoto is the gate of the entire Hakone region. As long as you go to any place in Hakone, you will definitely pass through Hakone Yumoto.

Hakone Yumoto is also a place with very convenient transportation. Whether you can take the Odakyu Electric Railway to and from Shinjuku Station, you can also take the Hakone Bus and Hakone Tozan Railway to the main attractions in Hakone at the same time. So if you plan to travel to Hakone, Hakone Yumoto is worth your time to get to know.

Hakone-Yumoto, a collection of many hot spring hotels

In addition, Hakone Yumoto is also a place where a large number of hot spring hotels are gathered. If you want to arrange a short trip and come to Hakone from Tokyo to enjoy the hot springs, Hakone Yumoto is almost the most convenient choice for you. Because you don't need to take extra transportation, but walk a few minutes from Hakone Yumoto Station, you can reach several hot spring accommodation near Hakone Yumoto Station, which is very convenient.

In addition, you can also take a taxi from Hakone Yumoto Station to different hot spring hotels, such as very popularHakone Tenseien Hotel,Hoshino Kai HakoneAnd so on, are some options worth considering when you book your Hakone Onsen accommodation.

Hakone Yumoto Fujiya Hakone Onsen Accommodation
Near Hakone Yumoto Station, there are many hot spring accommodations to choose from. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street

When you depart from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo and take the Odakyu Electric Railway to Hakone Yumoto Station, in addition to going to the hot spring hotel to check in immediately, there is another place you must go to, that is Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street.

The biggest feature of Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street is that the whole shopping street mainly sells snacks, such as steamed buns, fish cakes, desserts, etc., which are some food choices that can be enjoyed slowly in the hot spring hotel room.

Although the entire Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street is not very large, there are dozens of shops selling different foods. It takes about 10 minutes to walk the entire shopping street. If you come to Hakone Yumoto just to enjoy the hot spring hotel, Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street is the best itinerary to kill time before staying in the hot spring hotel.

In the entire Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street, there are several shops that you must not miss, such as:

GRANDE RIVIERE Hakone, which specializes in selling Western-style desserts, まんじゅう屋·菜の花, which specializes in selling special steamed buns, and Sugi Bee Farm, which specializes in selling honey products, are some snacks worth trying when you arrive in Hakone Yumoto.

However, when visiting Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street, you should also pay attention to the store's opening hours. Also because most shops in Hakone Yumoto will close at 18:00 in the afternoon, if you arrive in Hakone Yumoto too late, you may miss the opportunity to try these Hakone specialties.

Hakone Yumoto Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street
In Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street, there are many snacks worth trying to buy. (Click to enlarge the picture)

If you are coming to Hakone for the first time, whether it is a one-day trip to Hakone from Tokyo, or a two-day, one-night trip to Hakone hot spring accommodation, when you are ready to leave Hakone and return to Tokyo, you only need to spend Visit Hakone Yumoto Shopping Street in a little time, I believe you will find some Hakone specialties that you will like!

Transportation in Hakone Yumoto

Hakone-Yumoto is a place with very convenient transportation. If you start from Shinjuku, Tokyo, you only need to take the Odakyu Electric Railway to go directly to Hakone-Yumoto Station, and you don’t need to transfer to other means of transportation. For some itineraries that simply stay in hot spring hotels, choosing to stay in Hakone Yumoto Hot Springs will be more convenient than some hot spring hotels in Gora and Sengoku.

In addition, there are also a variety of different means of transportation at Hakone Yumoto Station, which allows you to go to various major Hakone attractions very conveniently. So there is no need to worry about the transportation arrangements for the sightseeing itinerary, just buy a ticket before departureHakone Freepass, you can take unlimited rides on designated transportation within the Hakone area within a few days.

Hakone Transportation Hakone Yumoto Transportation
only need to buy oneHakone Freepass, you can take the above means of transportation without Zhang times. (Click on the picture to learn more)

Onsen accommodation options in Hakone Yumoto

If you come to Hakone to enjoy hot spring hotels, in Hakone YumotoYumoto Fujiya Onsen Hotel,Kashikaso Hakone Onsen Hotel,Hakone Yumoto Tenseien Onsen HotelThese are some well-rated hot spring accommodation options.

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel

Appearance of Yumoto Fujiya, a hotel in Hakone Yumoto
Hakone Yumoto Fujiya Onsen HotelThe feature is that it is very close to the station. (Click on the picture to see more)

Hakone Yumoto Fujiya Onsen Hotelfeatures

  • It is very close to Hakone Yumoto Station, about 5 minutes walk from the station
  • It is a cost-effective hot spring hotel in Hakone Yumoto
  • As long as you return to Hakone Yumoto Station, there will be a large number of shops and restaurants, whether it is shopping or buying souvenirs, it is very convenient
  • The convenience store is just 200 meters away from the hot spring hotel
  • Public bathing facilities are complete, including open-air hot springs, indoor public baths, and independent soup houses
  • Onsen hotel for family travel
  • Breakfast is available in buffet style, Western style, and Japanese style, suitable for different tastes

Rating: 8.7/10
Guest Comments: "The location is very good. If you come with the elderly at home, you don't have to worry about it even if it's cold, because it's very close to the station! In addition, the service attitude of the staff is very friendly. It's worth visiting again!"
Check Prices and Discount Offer: Book Hakone Yumoto Fujiya Onsen Hotel
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 / 11:00

Address: 〒250-0392 256-1 Yumoto, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Transportation: Take the Romance Express Train to Hakone Yumoto Station and walk for 5 minutes.

Hakone Hotel Kajikaso

Exterior view of Kawashikaso Hotel in Hakone Yumoto's Nikki Onsen
HeluzhuangLocated next to the river, you can enjoy your vacation in peace. (Click on the picture to see more)

Kashikaso Hakone Onsen Hotelfeatures

  • Traditional high-end hot spring hotel, suitable for guests who pursue travel experience
  • Some rooms have private baths, you can enjoy hot spring time at any time
  • Not far from Hakone Yumoto Station, only about 10 minutes walk
  • Convenient for shopping, there are plenty of shops when you return to Hakone-Yumoto Station
  • You can check in from Tokyo without additional transfers, and it is suitable for travelers whose main goal is to enjoy hot springs
  • Provide free Japanese yukata rental, the perfect experience of traditional Japanese inn

Rating: 8.6/10
Guest Comments: "This is the first time I experienced a hot spring hotel with my wife. Because it is very close to the station and there are different types of shops nearby, I didn't expect her to like it very much. Especially the private bath, the privacy is very high, novices without much experience Don’t worry too much. Generally speaking, if you can make your wife happy, it’s a place worth visiting again.”
Check Prices and Discount Offer: Book Kashikaso Traditional Japanese Onsen Ryokan
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 – 18:00 / 10:00

Address: 〒250-0311 688 Yumoto, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Transportation: Take the Romance Express train from Shinjuku, Tokyo to Hakone Yumoto Station and walk for 5 minutes.

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In the past trips to Hakone many times, almost every time I spent about 1 hour shopping in the shopping street of Hakone Yumoto, and I also chose to book the hot spring accommodation in Hakone Yumoto. Because compared with other places in Hakone, Hakone Yumoto is really a place with convenient transportation and a lot of hot spring accommodation options.

If you are all planning to come to Hakone to experience hot springs, the hot spring hotels in Hakone Yumoto will be the most convenient and most suitable accommodation option for your first visit.

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