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Hokkaido in Summer: Best Things to See and Do

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Is it hot in Hokkaido in summer?

For many people, Hokkaido always gives people the impression of a world of ice and snow. In winter, the temperature is colder than the refrigerator at home. Therefore, many people think that Hokkaido must be a very cold place even in summer, and they are still buying various types of warm clothes before traveling to Hokkaido.

Although the summer in Hokkaido is not as hot as some Southeast Asian regions, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions in summer, there are often high temperatures of up to 30 degrees. However, even if the summer in Hokkaido is relatively fast, it will definitely not be a icy and snowy environment. So if you are planning to travel to Hokkaido in summer, it is recommended to follow theweather forecastIt would be better to choose the right clothes.

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How hot is the weather in Hokkaido in summer?

To put it simply, during the half year from April to October, the temperature in Hokkaido throughout the summer is maintained at around 10-30 degrees, which is a very suitable season for arranging outdoor activities.

If you like to go sightseeing in the natural environment and want to stay away from some very lively city life, Hokkaido in summer is a more suitable place for you than Tokyo and Kyoto. At the same time, some people hate hot weather and are afraid People with cold weather are the most suitable time to travel abroad.

In Hokkaido, the temperature in summer generally rises slowly from April to August, which is the hottest time of the year. Then it slowly enters winter from September, and finally returns to the familiar ice and snow environment of Hokkaido.

monthMinimum Temperature – Maximum Temperature
April5 degrees – 20 degrees
May10 degrees – 25 degrees
June15 degrees – 25 degrees
July20 degrees – 30 degrees
August20 degrees – 30 degrees
September15 degrees – 25 degrees
October10 degrees – 20 degrees
Hokkaido average temperature change in summer

Summer outfits for Hokkaido

The biggest difference between traveling to Hokkaido in summer and other Japanese cities is that you need to prepare enough clothes for the temperature difference between day and night in Hokkaido. For example, in summer in Tokyo, the day-night temperature change is 18-26 degrees, but in Hokkaido summer, the day-night temperature change may be 15-30 degrees, that is, you can experience summer and autumn in the same day Two temperatures.

For some people with poor experience, the weather in Hokkaido is very easy to get sick, so they need to pay more attention.

What you wear in Hokkaido in summer is actually similar to what you wear in summer and autumn in your daily life. Basically, sportswear, trousers, and a simple coat are already a very suitable set of clothes match. Also because there is no snow in Hokkaido in summer, so it is not necessary toHokkaido winter clothingSimilarly, it takes a lot of time to prepare different clothes to avoid frostbite.

But also pay attention to one thing, that is, mosquitoes are more active in summer, and the sun is more violent. So if your Hokkaido summer itinerary will go to some suburban places, it is highly recommended to wear long-sleeved clothes to start the whole day's trip, and prepare more items to prevent mosquitoes, so as to reduce itching and discomfort, and reduce sunburn Opportunity.

For example, take the following video as an example. It was a news video of the samba parade held in Susukino. You can see the summer clothes of the citizens living in Sapporo at that time, which are actually similar to the clothes worn in summer in the Tokyo area. Not much difference.

When Sapporo citizens take part in the summer samba parade, they wear normal summer clothes. (HTB Hokkaido Television)

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What are the reasons to go to Hokkaido in summer?

Hokkaido is a very interesting place, because there are places worth visiting in both summer and winter. As long as you have been to one of the seasons, for example, if you first came to Hokkaido in winter, you will go skiing in Hokkaido every winter. Or if you first came to Hokkaido in summer, you will go to Hokkaido every summer to enjoy the sea of flowers.

And if you have been to Hokkaido in summer and winter at the same time, you will probably not go to other places in Japan, and you will visit Hokkaido again and again.

It is not easy to be affected by the typhoon

Compared with Tokyo and Kyoto, Hokkaido is a place with little chance of being affected by typhoons. Because typhoons do not often run to the northern part of Japan, there is only about once a year, and sometimes they are not affected by typhoons throughout the year. Compared to Tokyo being hit by typhoons several times a year, the chances of your summer itinerary in Hokkaido being affected by the weather are actually not very high.

Of course, even if Hokkaido is not hit by a typhoon, it does not mean that there will be good weather throughout the summer. Because there will still be heavy rain in Hokkaido in summer, it is recommended to bring an umbrella and a sports jacket when going out in summer. Just like you usually deal with the summer weather in Tokyo, you need to deal with sudden heavy rain at any time.

Weather suitable for exploring nature

Winter in Hokkaido is a very suitable season for skiing, but have you ever wondered what a ski resort is actually in summer?

In fact, many ski resorts were originally hillsides and grasslands, but they became ski resorts after being covered by snow in winter. So when you come to Hokkaido in summer, the original ski resort will become one after another grasslands, flower fields, places to enjoy cattle and sheep grazing, and enjoy the sun.

likeHoshino Resorts TOMAMUSimilarly, the entire resort was originally a resort facility mainly for skiing and snow activities in winter. However, these ski resorts become a place where you can enjoy the sun, grasslands, and picnics in summer.

Just like the following video, whether it is the grass on the hillside or elsewhere, it was originally a ski resort of different levels and slopes. But in summer, it becomes one place after another suitable for picnics and enjoying the sun.

In addition, there are different summer activities in other parts of Hokkaido that you can participate in, such as visiting the flower fields in Furano and Biei, visiting the blue pond where the water is not frozen, and so on. These are the summer spots in Hokkaido that are perfect for taking pictures.

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU in Hokkaido becomes a place suitable for enjoying the sun in summer. (Hoshino リゾートトマム)

Traffic arrangements are not easily affected by the weather

Compared with Hokkaido in winter, summer is a more suitable season to use JR trains to visit different places in Hokkaido.

Because the general Hokkaido itinerary will be arranged to go to different areas of Hokkaido, the JR train has become the most important, even the only transportation arrangement. And when there is a snowstorm in winter, if the JR train is delayed or stopped, it will have a serious impact on the entire itinerary planning.

However, in Hokkaido in summer, the chances of JR trains stopping due to the weather are relatively low. So you can arrange your itinerary more tightly and arrange to visit more different places every day. And for some people who like to use the JR train to visit the whole of Hokkaido, I believe that there is no time that is more suitable for traveling to Hokkaido than summer.

So some people think that Hokkaido in winter belongs to people who like to ski, while Hokkaido in summer belongs to people who like to appreciate nature.

Take the JR train from Sapporo, Hokkaido to New Chitose Airport

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Weather suitable for self-driving tour

On the other hand, many people choose to travel to Hokkaido by self-driving tour every year. But for people with little experience, driving in winter snow environment is actually a very dangerous thing. Therefore, many people encounter traffic accidents every year, and even lose their precious lives.

But for ordinary people, Hokkaido in summer is a season suitable for self-driving tours. The main reason is that there will be no snow on the ground, which is no different from the normal driving environment. So you can drive from Sapporo to Furano to enjoy the sea of flowers, then drive from Furano to Hakodate to enjoy the night view, and finally drive directly back to New Chitose Airport. It is very suitable for transportation arrangements for a family to travel to Hokkaido, and it can also save more JR train fares.

However, you should also pay attention to some wild animals during the self-driving tour, such as bears, deer, foxes, etc., avoid touching them as much as possible, and stay away from these wild animals as soon as possible. In addition to protecting them, it is also to ensure their own safety.

Best season for ice cream

If you pay attention carefully, Hokkaido is actually a place where ice cream is sold at any time and anywhere all year round, and it is also a place where people are willing to buy ice cream even in severe cold areas.

And when Hokkaido comes to summer every year, different flavors of ice cream are the most delicious desserts. Especially because the ice cream in Hokkaido is mainly made of locally produced milk, and the time from production to sale is very short, which means it is very fresh.

So some people have said that as long as you can eat ice cream in winter, you will definitely eat more when you are in Hokkaido in summer. Even if you eat more than 5 ice creams a day, there is absolutely no problem. Of course, it seems a little exaggerated to say this, but from the experience of living in Hokkaido, the ice cream in Hokkaido is actually really delicious. If you want to eat more than 5 sticks a day in summer, it is actually not difficult at all!

Hokkaido summer flower fields

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Natural attractions in Hokkaido in summer

Hokkaido has many choices for natural attractions in summer, ranging from resorts, flower fields, to water sports. Which kind of activity you want to participate in depends on how many days you will stay in Hokkaido and what experience you want to get.

BieiShikisai no Oka Looking forward to the flower garden four seasons colorful hills

Shikisai no Oka is a very popular scenic spot in Hokkaido in summer, and it will attract a large number of tourists to visit in just a few months in summer. To put it simply, for those who like flower fields and taking pictures, Shikisai no Oka will have an irresistible magic, and it is a must-see summer attraction in Hokkaido.

Four Seasons Colorful Hill Opening Hours: 08:40 – 17:30
Entrance Fee: ¥500JPY
Details: Four Seasons Color Hill Formula

The scenery of Shikisai no Hill in summer
Four Seasons Colored Hill Four Seasons Colored Hill in summer scenery
polar bear

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Furano Lavender – Farm Tomita Farm Tomita

Tomita Farm Farm Tomita is another must-see attraction in Hokkaido in summer. The main difference between Farm Tomita and Shikisai no Oka is that Farm Tomita mainly grows lavender. So as long as you walk in the distance, if you see purple flower fields one after another, it must be the location of the Tomita Farm Lavender Garden.

Details: Farm Tomita Farm Tomita Formula / Furano Tourism Association official

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Looking at a sea of purple flowers from a distance, it is the location of Farm Tomita.
Many people will come to Farm Tomita specifically to take pictures with lavender.

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Unkai

Most people know winterHoshino Resorts TOMAMU, is a resort that is very suitable for skiing and snow sports experience.

However, in Hokkaido Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU in summer, it will become the best place to enjoy the sea of clouds, watch the sunrise and drink coffee. It is also an accommodation option that offers a variety of different summer activities.

Although Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU's housing prices are not cheap, you can take the cable car to the mountains to see the sea of clouds, and you can also stay in rooms with first-class services. Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU is one of the best places in Hokkaido to experience "what is summer in Hokkaido" place.

Sea of clouds experience at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Biei Town Platinum Blue Pond

The Platinum Blue Pond in Biei Town is a must-see attraction for many people who travel to Hokkaido. However, many people missed the opportunity to take pictures of Qingchi because they chose to set off in winter and encountered freezing water. In the end, it takes time to wait for the return bus in the cold wind, so Baijin Qingchi is not a very worthwhile attraction in winter.

However, if you choose to visit Shirogane Blue Pond in summer, you don’t need to wait for the bus in the cold wind, and it will be easier to take the photos you want.

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Hokkaido Platinum Blue Pond
Platinum Blue Pond that does not freeze over in summer. (Click to enlarge the picture)

City spots in Hokkaido in summer

Generally speaking, there are many urban attractions in Hokkaido that are based on gourmet food, visiting different buildings, and one-day trips. For example, Sapporo, Otaru, and Hakodate are close to New Chitose Airport or connected by JR Shinkansen. place.

However, in Hokkaido in summer, apart from the fact that the weather is not so cold, the most important thing is that there will be no snow on the ground. For those who have limited mobility but want to visit Hokkaido, summer is the best time to travel. And because there is no snow, even if you have to drag the suitcase, it will not be too hard. For example, those accommodation options that are a little far from the station are basically not dared to book in winter, but in summer it is a rare opportunity to try different hotels.

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Hokkaido Travel Q&A

If you are traveling to Hokkaido for the first time, perhaps the following Q&A section can help you plan your itinerary in Hokkaido.

What is the best month to go to Hokkaido?

Basically, Hokkaido's tourist season is divided into winter and summer, which are December-April and June-October every year, which are suitable times to travel to Hokkaido. As for which month is the most suitable for departure, it depends on which season you want to go to and which activities you want to participate in.

If you like skiing, late December – early March is the most suitable time to start, and you can also participate in the annualSapporo Snow Festival. If you want to participate in different activities in summer, July-September is the most suitable time to start. Some water activities, summer firework festivals, and parade performances will be held during this time.

For some itineraries that mainly focus on shopping and Hokkaido food, Hokkaido is basically suitable for any time of the year. existsapporoThere are also many restaurants and shops worth visiting, and it is absolutely no problem to completely fill the itinerary for several days.

Is it fun to go to Hokkaido in summer?

Summer in Hokkaido is as fun as winter. Although it is not possible to go skiing in Hokkaido in summer, it is the most suitable time for those who do not plan to spend time learning to ski. Because in Hokkaido in summer, in addition to enjoying the flower fields and sea of clouds, it is also the best time to go to the ranch to interact with cattle and sheep. So you don't have to worry about wasting your entire vacation in Hokkaido because you don't know how to ski.

Is there summer in Hokkaido?

Hokkaido has the same summer, but it is not as hot as Tokyo. It is recommended to wear long-sleeved clothes when going out to avoid sunburn.

Does it snow in Hokkaido in summer?

It never snows in Hokkaido in summer, so for those who hate cold weather, this can be reassuring.

What is the best month to go to Sapporo?

Unlike other cities in Hokkaido, since Sapporo is the gateway connecting Hokkaido to other cities in Japan, it is basically suitable for tourism at any time of the year. At the same time, because Sapporo is a place dominated by gourmet food and city sightseeing spots, as long as these shops are still open for a day, you can leave at any time

Is there only one airport in Hokkaido?

no. In addition to New Chitose Airport, there are actually airports in other places in Hokkaido that connect to other cities in Japan. For example, Obihiro Airport, Asahikawa Airport, etc., are some airports other than New Chitose. You can choose different airports according to your itinerary, so as to save the transportation time between New Chitose Airport and different Hokkaido attractions.


Perhaps for you who like skiing, Hokkaido in summer is a place you never thought of going to. However, if you travel to Tokyo next time, have you ever thought about arranging a few days to visit the flower sea in Hokkaido? Just like arranging to go to some scenic spots in the suburbs of Tokyo, stay in some hotels with good environment and service, enjoy a summer vacation in nature, and go to different attractions and restaurants in Tokyo again?

If you are planning your next trip to Tokyo and Hokkaido, we are hereHokkaido,Tokyo Travel InformationThere are a lot of itineraries, attractions, and preferential accommodation plans prepared for you, so that you can arrange a Tokyo-Hokkaido itinerary to experience the different characteristics of Japanese summer.

If you have traveled to Japan many times, I believe this kind of in-depth travel itinerary will be very suitable for you!

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