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How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mount Fuji? Complete List of Expense

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

How much does it cost to climb Mount Fuji?

If this is your first time to climb Mount Fuji, you may be wondering how much it will cost you to arrange a trip to climb Mount Fuji. Some people think that you need to spend money to buy mountaineering equipment, some people think that you need to spend money to book a mountain hut, some people think that you need to spend money to buy souvenirs of Mount Fuji, and some people think that you need to spend money to buy food during the mountain climbing.

If you spend money on different projects at the same time, then climbing Mount Fuji is bound to be a high-cost activity. However, if you can prepare a budget for climbing Mount Fuji before setting off, you may find that the cost of climbing Mount Fuji is not as high as you thought.

In the following content, we will calculate the cost of the entire Mount Fuji climbing trip for you, and you can adjust each item according to your own requirements.

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Fuji mountain climbing trip cost budget

The cost of the entire trip to climb Mount Fuji is mainly divided into accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, and expenses incurred during the climb of Mount Fuji. Usually different people have different consumption items, and you can adjust them according to your own preferences.

The following Mount Fuji climbing cost budget assumes that you will travel to Mount Fuji from Tokyo, rent mountaineering equipment, and use some Mount Fuji climbing groups to help you reach the top of the mountain. Then after completing the climbing trip, you will stay at the hot spring hotels in Lake Kawaguchi, and finally return to Tokyo and end the entire trip to climb Mount Fuji.

Budget for climbing Mount Fuji
Cash is the most effective method of payment while climbing Mount Fuji. (Click on the image to learn more)

Accommodation expenses for Mount Fuji climbing trip

There are three accommodation expenses, including a hotel in Tokyo before climbing Mount Fuji, a mountain hut on Mount Fuji during the climb, and a hot spring hotel in Lake Kawaguchi after completing the climbing trip.

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Accommodation expensesexpenditures
tokyo hotel¥20000 yen
Mount Fuji Mountain Hut¥15000 yen
Kawaguchiko Onsen Hotel¥80000 yen
Total settlement amount¥130000 yen

Transportation costs for a Mount Fuji climbing trip

To get to the Mount Fuji Yoshida Line trailhead from Tokyo, you can choose to take a bus or JR Railway.

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transportation expensesexpenditures
Tokyo – Lake Kawaguchi JR train (one way)¥4000 yen
Tokyo – Lake Kawaguchi bus (round trip)¥2000 yen
Tokyo – Mount Fuji 5th station bus (one way)¥4000 yen
Total settlement amount¥10000 yen

What you need to prepare before climbing Mount Fuji

In addition to accommodation expenses and transportation expenses, you may also rent Mount Fuji climbing equipment, book a Mount Fuji climbing tour, and buy food needed during the climb.

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The cost of climbing Mount Fujiexpenditures
Rent Mount Fuji climbing equipment¥20000 yen
Book a Mount Fuji hiking tour¥25,000 yen
Buying food before climbing Mount Fuji¥2000 yen
Total settlement amount¥47000 yen

What to prepare when climbing Mount Fuji

While climbing Mount Fuji, you may need to pay tolls to enter Mount Fuji, buy food and souvenirs at the mountain hut, use paid restrooms, and visit shrines. Each of the above projects requires you to prepare a different budget.

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Cost of climbing Mount Fujiexpenditures
Toll to enter Mount Fuji¥3000 yen
Buy extra food while climbing Mount Fuji¥2000 yen
Buy extra drinking water while climbing Mount Fuji¥2000 yen
Use paid restroom (5 times)¥1500 JPY
Purchase Mount Fuji commemorative trekking poles & engravings¥6000 yen
Buying extra hiking gear at short notice¥2000 yen
Purchase additional dinner at the mountain hut¥2000 yen
Visit Mount Fuji Shrine¥1000 yen
Buy souvenirs at the Mount Fuji Post Office¥1000 yen
Total settlement amount¥21,000 yen
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Cost budget for the entire Mount Fuji climbing trip

If you also rent equipment, book a Mount Fuji mountaineering tour, and arrange a relatively comfortable Mount Fuji mountaineering trip, you only need to add up the above expenses and prepare a sum of cash for emergencies, which is equivalent to the entire Mount Fuji mountaineering trip. cost of.

Accommodation expenses¥130000 yen
transportation expenses¥10000 yen
The cost of climbing Mount Fuji¥47000 yen
Cost of climbing Mount Fuji¥21,000 yen
Cash for emergencies and emergency relief*¥40000 yen
Total settlement amount¥250000 yen

*Cash for emergencies and emergency rescue: Mainly includes the cost of using an emergency oxygen machine to assist breathing in the mountain hut, the cost of transporting down from Mount Fuji, and the cost of booking an additional mountain hut.

Based on the above consumption items, you will need to spend ¥200,000 to ¥250,000 to climb Mount Fuji, so you can arrange the most comfortable Mount Fuji climbing trip, enjoy the best climbing experience, and spend your money to solve all the problems that arise during mountain climbing.

Of course, the above consumption budget may not necessarily equal the actual amount you need to climb Mount Fuji. In particular, you can stay at some cheaper hot spring hotels, choose to bring your own climbing equipment, and arrange your own itinerary to climb Mount Fuji, which can save you more than ¥150,000 yen.

Plus, as long as you don't get into an accident while climbing Mount Fuji, you won't need to use that extra cash stash for emergencies. In other words, if you are a relatively frugal and experienced mountain climber, basically the entire Mount Fuji climbing trip can be completed within ¥50,000 yen.

If you want to further save on the cost of climbing Mount Fuji, you can consider bringing enough food and drinking water by yourself, and avoid unnecessary consumption. Then you only need to prepare the expenses for staying at the Mount Fuji hut, the toll fee to enter Mount Fuji, and the transportation fee to Mount Fuji. You can complete the entire trip to climb Mount Fuji for about ¥30,000 yen.


Mount Fuji is a high mountain open to all climbers, and apart from the toll to enter Mount Fuji and the fee for staying in a mountain hut, there are no other charges. On the other hand, Mount Fuji is also a tourist attraction that can help you solve different problems with money. Basically, as long as you are willing to spend a lot of money, you can get the best mountain climbing experience.

However, even if you spend a lot of money to climb Mount Fuji, you must also protect the natural environment of Mount Fuji. Only in this way, subsequent climbers can experience the same joy of climbing Mount Fuji as you do.

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elm fish 2019-01-09 - 11:14

May I ask which hot spring you went to after going down the mountain, can you give me a reference? I’m currently looking for the Sunset Hot Springs~ You can go for a dip after going down the mountain~ I’m currently planning to go to Fufuyama Hot Springs~ I’d like to know some of your references~Thank you

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2019-02-27 - 17:04

Sorry for the late reply.
Basically, there are no specific hot springs. Depending on your itinerary, you can also stay at a hot spring hotel in Lake Kawaguchi and rest for a night before continuing your journey.
Information on hot spring hotels in Lake Huguchi: https://rakurakujp.com/%E6%B2%B3%E5%8F%A3%E6%B9%96%E8%87%AA%E7%94%B1%E8%A1%8C-%E6%B2%B3%E5%8F%A3%E6%B9%96%E5%91%A8%E9%82%8A-%E6%BA%AB%E6%B3%89%E6%97%85%E9%A4%A8-%E5%83%B9%E6%A0%BC%E6%AF%94%E8%BC%83/

However, ふじやま in Rigui Hot Spring can also be considered, because the price is not too high, and there are restaurants, you can decide whether to stay or not according to the itinerary.

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