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Kyoto Kaneido: The Best Japanese Confectionery Store and Souvenir

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

What are some Kyoto souvenirs worth buying?

When traveling to Kyoto, the most important thing is to see the scenery and eat delicious food.

It should be to buy a variety of different souvenirs to take home, right?

In Kyoto, when buying souvenirs and souvenirs, matcha food should be the first thing that comes to mind?
In fact, in addition to matcha, which is the most popular souvenir in Kyoto, there is also a very famous dessert made of red beans and black beans.

That is the snack of Kaneido, a wagashi specialty store.

A wagashi shop with a history of more than 300 years – Kaneido

Kaneido's logo recommended for souvenirs in Kyoto

It is indeed easy to find souvenirs in Kyoto to buy home for relatives and friends, but in Kaneido you can spend all your money with peace of mind.

Because the elders and children at home, as well as colleagues in the company, should be satisfied with the souvenir you choose.

In addition, Kaneido also has a teahouse in Shijo Main Store, Kyoto.
In addition to buying souvenirs, you can take a break at the cafe when you are tired from walking on the streets of Kyoto, and enjoy Kaneido's wagashi and matcha latte.

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Kaneido's wagashi selection

In Kaneido Shijo main store in Kyoto, there are a lot of wagashi to choose from. For example:

Dai Nayan Kiyosumi

It is made of specially selected red beans, white sugar and cold weather. It is the shop's signature gift, suitable for elders or company colleagues.

Recommended Kaneido wagashi as a souvenir in Kyoto

Black Bean Tea Yokan

Recommended Kaneido wagashi as a souvenir in Kyoto
A very traditional Kyoto wagashi, it should be the most suitable gift for the elders.

black bean tea

Recommended Kaneido wagashi as a souvenir in Kyoto
Drinking black bean tea that is beneficial to the body is made by slowly roasting black beans.

Miya Naizuki

The half-moon-shaped pies come in two flavors: matcha and Wasanbon (sugar flavor), suitable for gifting and personal use~

Recommended Kaneido wagashi as a souvenir in Kyoto

If you are visiting Kyoto in summer, don’t miss the black bean tea のやわらかい water yokan.

Black bean tea のやわらかい water yokan

The frozen black bean tea yokan is really delicious

Recommended Kaneido wagashi as a souvenir in Kyoto

Kyoto Souvenir Kaneido Address

Shijo Main Store
Address: 〒604-8014 171-3 Kashiwaya-cho, Shijo, Pontocho, Nakakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-229-6282
Business hours: 0900 – 2200

no regular holidays
**Sijo main store has a tea room
Other Kaneido branch addresses

Pictures and information: Kaneido

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