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Kitchen Origin Tokyo: Best Bento which only cost ¥500 Yen

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Alternative options for departure trips to Tokyo

Tokyo is the first choice of many tourists. I believe that without further ado, you will know that Tokyo is a gourmet city. Sushi, tempura, ramen, roast meat, etc. are all available. As long as you come here a few times, you will definitely have your own food. Food map.

However, if you plan to experience the life of local Tokyoites, go to some restaurants that are not like ordinary tourists, or if your travel budget is not very large this time, you hope to concentrate your travel expenses on transportation, In terms of accommodation, it is enough to eat three meals a day, and you don’t have to eat very high-end. I believe that Kitchen Origin in the Tokyo area will be a good choice for you.

Features of Kitchen Origin

Where Kitchen Origin is superior to convenience stores and fast food chains

For many tourists, if they want to eat some relatively cheap, convenient and simple food options in Tokyo, they usually think of bakeries, convenience stores, or chain beef rice, etc. Some of the unit prices are relatively cheap and can be A place to eat well. But in fact, Kitchen Origin still has many advantages compared with these stores.

For example, in the case of bakeries, because many bakeries in Tokyo are mainly high-quality goods, the unit price of each bread generally needs to be more than ¥200. And if you want to eat enough, it usually costs about ¥500.

Onigiri and bento at convenience stores and supermarkets are relatively cheap. Generally speaking, onigiri and bento are around ¥200 and bento are about ¥400. However, many convenience store rice balls and bento boxes are prefabricated from the central factory in the morning and then shipped to different branches. In terms of freshness, the onigiri and bento in convenience stores seem to be somewhat lacking.

The other is the choice of beef donburi, such as chain stores such as Yoshinoya and Matsuya. Although beef donburi is made on-site, and the price is generally not very expensive, you can definitely eat within ¥500. But if you are a girl and go to Tokyo by yourself, it will be a little embarrassing to come to a beef donburi chain restaurant that mainly caters to boys. Moreover, there are not many choices in general beef donburi chain stores, and there are almost no other choices except beef donburi. So if you like different flavors, you may still go back to the convenience store to eat those cold rice balls and bentos.

But as long as you know how to go to Kitchen Origin, in addition to being able to eat within ¥500, you can also eat dishes that are made on-site and have dozens of choices. It is equally convenient whether you take it out and eat it in your room, or plan to eat it while taking the Shinkansen train!

Meal Options at Kitchen Origin

If you want to save money on meals for your Tokyo itinerary this time, you can ask Kitchen Origin to solve your three meals for you. Because Kitchen Origin is a takeaway-themed restaurant, the meals sold in the store are all made on-site. In addition to guaranteeing freshness, it can also provide you with a large number of choices.

For example, rice balls (おにぎり) that are often eaten in the morning, or bento (bento) that are eaten at noon and evening, etc., or snacks that are served with wine and meals at night, such as fried squid, croquettes, fried shrimp, etc. There must be one, and generally speaking, each meal only costs ¥500 and you can eat well.

Food Recommendations at Kitchen Origin, an Inexpensive Restaurant in Tokyo
For rice balls, Kitchen Origin often has more than ten types to choose from, and there are also some styles that are not available in general convenience stores.
Food Recommendations at Kitchen Origin, an Inexpensive Restaurant in Tokyo
The bentos at Kitchen Origin are all made on-site, unlike the cold bentos you would eat in a convenience store.

To put it simply, as long as you walk to Kitchen Origin with a ¥500 coin, if you can eat 3 rice balls in the morning, you can buy bento at noon or dinner time, or you can choose different flavors Eat vegetables, and then buy an extra rice and a bento of your own to take back to the room to eat. Not only is it better than bakeries and convenience stores in terms of taste selection and price, but more importantly, you don’t need to mind other people’s eyes, and you can enjoy watching TV programs while eating slowly.

For a trip to Tokyo alone, Kitchen Origin is the best choice to experience different dishes under a limited travel budget. Or if you live in Tokyo, you can also buy some ready-made dishes for dinner at Kitchen Origin. The price is actually not much higher than buying ingredients from the vegetable market, and it also saves cooking time.

Kitchen Origin opening hours

Most of Kitchen Origin's business hours are from 06:00 to 23:00 every day, and a few are open 24 hours. So if your itinerary is to leave early and return late, and you need to go to different attractions, you can also search for Kitchen Origin nearby before considering whether to go to a convenience store to buy food.

Especially in the early morning and late at night, many convenience stores have rice balls and bento boxes that have not yet been delivered to the branch, or have been sold out without replenishment. It is also because convenience is not mainly about selling rice balls and bento, but there are other things that can be sold, so there will be no major problems for convenience stores. But Kitchen Origin will not sell out the food without replenishing it, which is why Kitchen Origin is worth recommending.

Kitchen Origin store locations

Kitchen Origin has more than 200 branches in Tokyo, most of which are located in residential areas. So if one of your goals in coming to Tokyo this time is to experience the daily life of Tokyo people, you can book accommodation plans outside the popular tourist areas.

Fortunately, there are also a small number of branches in Shinjuku, Asakusa, Kinshicho and other areas. If you will book hotel rooms in these areas, you can also search for Kitchen Origin branches nearby to find a chance to experience Tokyo. Alternative fast food option for people.

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Kitchen Origin is a very recommended choice for short-term living in Tokyo and saving travel expenses. The main reason is that the prices are similar to those of Matsuya and Yoshinoya, but they can provide a selection of exquisite dishes that are charged by weight, as is common in high-end department stores. Sometimes if you don’t want to spend time eating dinner in the restaurant, you can buy a simple bento, and then buy one or two pieces of croquettes and fried shrimp, then you can go back to your room, and you can continue working while eating, and you don’t need to eat cold rice balls. awful.

This is a small sharing of life in Tokyo. If you are planning to study, live, or work in Tokyo, or travel to Tokyo with a very limited budget, I believe Kitchen Origin will be an important partner in your daily life.

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