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Kyoto Eizan Tram》Connected to Kifune Kurama Transportation/One-day pass/Attractions/Autumn leaves & cherry blossoms sightseeing experience

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The most convenient transportation from the center of Kyoto to Kibune and Kurama

Starting from Kyoto to Guibune and Kurama, there are basically many different types of transportation that can be used. However, if you want to choose the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation, Ruishan Tram must be the most suitable one.

Kyoto Eizan Railway, transportation to Kibune Kurama
It is the best transportation option to use the Ruishan tram to go to Guichuan and Kurama

If you only know how to go to the Kuromon Market to eat sushi and buy fruits when you come to the Kansai area, you are actually wasting the opportunity to travel to the Kansai area.
And if you really come to Kyoto, but you will only go to designated scenic spots in Kyoto, such as Kiyomizu Temple, Kawaramachi, etc. again and again, you will miss the most interesting side of Kyoto.

When you come to Kyoto, there is one place that you must go to, that is, Guibune and Kurama.

The characteristic of Kifune and Kurama is that no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, there will be completely different scenery to see. Whether it is cherry blossoms, green leaves in summer, red leaves in autumn, or snow scenes in winter, it is a very unforgettable travel experience. .

And using the Ruishan Tram to go to Kibune and Kurama is the best way to experience the most beautiful side of these two areas. The following sections will introduce you to the features of the Eizan Tram, discounted tickets, and attractions worth seeing along the way!

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Eizan Tram route map, fare, and timetable

Ruishan Tram is mainly divided into two routes, namelypommel horse lineandEizan Main Line.
If traveling from central Kyoto, just head toDemachiyanagi StationYou can take the Ruishan tram to Guichuan and Kurama, and the journey only takes 30 minutes, which is very convenient.

There are two trains with different destinations departing from the platform of Demachiyanagi station at the same time, so be careful when waiting for the train.pommel horse linestillEizan Main Linedeparture. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach your desired destination.

Station route of Kyoto Eizan Railway, Kibune Kurama
Ruishan Tram Route Map (click to enlarge the picture)

Fares, discounted tickets

If you take the Eizan Tram from Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto to Kibune and Kurama, it only costs ¥430. The way to pay the fare can be by using an IC card (such as ICOCA, SUICA, etc.), or paying the fare in cash.

Eizan Tram Timetable

From Demachiyanagi, destination to Kibune, Kurama: about every 10 minutes - 15 minutes
From Kibune and Kurama to Demachiyanagi: every 15 minutes
Eizan Tram Timetable (weekdays and holidays)

Itinerary planning to Guichuan and Kurama

The most interesting part of the itinerary of Guifu and Kurama is that the Eizan Tram itself is a scenic spot. Although the appearance of the Eizan Tram is similar to that of an ordinary train, because the places that the Eizan Tram passes through are extremely beautiful, you must prepare your mobile phone to take pictures as soon as you board the Eizan Tram.

After arriving at Guichuan and Kurama areas, you can consider going to Kurama first. In Kurama, you can visit Kurama Temple, Kurama Tengu, and then walk slowly to Guibune. In addition to visiting Guibune Shrine, you can enjoy Guibune’s unique Japanese exquisite cuisine in winter, and experience cool Kawadoko dishes and flowing water noodles in summer. etc.

Although it is said that you can walk slowly from Kurama to Guichuan, the scenery on the way is very worth seeing, but if you cannot walk slowly from Kurama to Guichuan due to weather factors, you can also consider buying Ruidian one-day ride Ticket Ee Kippu – "Eizan Tram 1-Day Pass えぇきっぷ", the price is ¥1200.

Ee Kippu allows you to take the Ruishan tram unlimited times in one day, allowing you to ride freely at any station of the Ruishan tram. And because it costs ¥430 yen for a one-way trip from Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto to Guifune and Kurama areas, so the fare for round trip Demachiyanagi Station – Guifune and Kurama areas, plus the fare between Guifune and Kurama areas, basically It will not be difficult to get back the cost of Ee Kippu, a one-day bus ticket.

More information about Ruidian One-Day Ticket Ee Kippu: Ruidian one-day ticket Ee Kippu latest discount offer

Recommended itinerary for Ee Kippu using Ruidian one-day pass

If you are departing from Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto and plan to go to Guibune and Kurama, buying a one-day ticket Ee Kippu is the most suitable ticket.

vehicle routeFare
Demachiyanagi – Pommel Horse¥430JPY
Pommel Horse – Your Ship¥210JPY
Your Ship – Demachiyanagi¥430JPY

The fare required on the Eizan tram: ¥1070 yen
Ruidian one-day ticket Ee Kippu price: ¥1200

Although there is still a difference of ¥130 in terms of calculation, as long as you show the "Eizan Tram 1-day Pass えきっぷ" at designated spots in Kibune and Kurama, you can get additional souvenirs and admission discounts!

Eiden one-day ticket purchase locations: Demachiyanagi Station, Shugakuin Station Office, Kurama Station

Recommended Package Offers: Preorder Kansai ICOCA transportation card

Kyoto Eizan Railway, the place where you can buy one-day tickets at Kibune Kurama Station

Ruidian one-day ticket purchase location: Demachiyanagi Station, Shugakuin Station Office, Kurama Station, just go to the passenger service window and buy it from the staff.

Kyoto Kibune Kurama Eizan Railway fare table

Judging from the fare of Ruishan Tram, it is actually not very difficult to take more than Ruidian’s one-day ticket Ee Kippu. (Picture: Eizan Tram, click to enlarge the picture)

Points to be aware of when riding the Eizan train

Points to note when getting on and off the bus

Because there is only one railway officer driving the train "ワンマン転" on Eizan Tram, and not all stations will have railway staff on duty. Some stations are actually "unmanned stations", so when you ride on the "unmanned stations", just Follow the directions below to take the Eizan Tram.

First of all, after arriving at the "unmanned station", you need to walk to the front door of the train and get off, and pay the fare at the same time. If you take the 2-train Eizan Tram, you need to get off at the front of the train and pay the fare, because the second train will not open the door.

The correct way to get on and off the Kibune Eizan train in Kyoto
When taking the "one-person train", you need to pay special attention when getting on and off the train (click to enlarge the picture)

Access to various places in Kyoto and Demachiyanagi Station

Whether it is for local Japanese or overseas tourists, Kibune and Kurama are very worthwhile tourist attractions, so there are many transportation methods to get to Demachiyanagi Station on the Eizan Tram. Regardless of whether you are departing from Shijo Kawaramachi or Kyoto Station, you only need to take the Keihan Electric Railway or the Kyoto Bus to get to Demachiyanagi Station on the Ruisanden.

Kyoto Kifune Eizan Railway Route Map
How to get to Demachiyanagi from various places in the center of Kyoto (click to enlarge the picture)
Direct transportation from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, HARUKA JR train

From Kansai Airport to Kyoto!
[Best Offer] Limited Express HARUKA train ticket
Buying tickets in advance is cheaper than buying on-site!

Four Seasons Scenery on the Eizan Railway

There are many different means of transportation to choose from to Guichuan and Kurama. However, Ruishan Tram is still the most popular means of transportation.

Eizan Tram – Scenic train to Guibune and Kurama

Different plants and trees are planted beside the railway along the Ruishan Tramway.
In spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons have completely different scenery. For example, cherry blossoms in spring, dark green in summer, tunnels of red leaves in autumn, and snow in winter.
You can experience the different scenery of the four seasons on the Ruishan Tram, which is a very special scenic spot among the many scenic spots in Kyoto.
It is also the reason why there are always tourists going there all year round. If you like taking pictures and natural beauty, don't miss it.

Recommended itinerary attractions: Kibune summer limited scenic spot itinerary – Kibune Kawadoko cuisine, Hirobun flowing water noodles

Summer scenery of Kibune Eizan train in Kyoto
Summer greenery on the Eizan Tramway
Autumn scenery of Kibune Eizan train in Kyoto
Take the Eizan Tram in Autumn to watch the Red Foliage Tunnel
Winter scenery of Kibune Eizan train in Kyoto
Eizan Tram to Kibune, Kurama's winter snow scenery

Hidden Tram of Eizan Tram – Special Edition Sightseeing Train

Outlook Sightseeing Train きららKirara

The Kirara sightseeing train is a special tram in the Eizan tram service system. The reason for introducing the Kirara sightseeing train is because it has seats facing the windows, which is very convenient for taking pictures.

You don’t need to make an appointment to take the Kirara sightseeing train, and you don’t need to buy additional additional tickets. You just need to pay close attention to the departure time of the Kirara sightseeing train and you can take it!
Kirara Sightseeing Train Timetable

The Youtube video below is the actual scene taken by the local Japanese on the Kirara sightseeing train!

Use the hidden version of the Eizan Tram to take you into the movie-like Red Leaf Tunnel!
Kyoto Eizan Railway Special Sightseeing Train KIRARA
If you have the opportunity to take the "Sightseeing Sightseeing Train きららKirara", don't miss it!
Seating chart of Kyoto Kifune Eizan Electric Railway KIRARA
Seat map of sightseeing train Kirara (click to enlarge)

The characteristic of the Kirara sightseeing train is that its seat design is different from that of ordinary trains. Each train has 8 seats facing the windows. If you also want to take good photos, you must queue up earlier to get on the bus!

Outlook Sightseeing Train ひえい Hiei

Hiei is a newly designed sightseeing train of Eizan Electric Railway in 2018. It has an oval-shaped carriage, and it also brings back the taste of retro. If you are interested in experiencing different railway trains, you can use the Ruidian one-day ticket Ee Kippu to take the "Vision Sightseeing Train ひえい Hiei" and "Vision Sightseeing Train きららKirara" at the same time!
Hiei sightseeing train timetable

Kyoto Eizan Tram Special Sightseeing Train HEIE

Pictures, details: Eizan Tram

Japan Shinkansen ticket

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