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Kyoto Station: Complete Guide on Food/Shopping/Trains/Attractions

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Kyoto Station, where transportation, shopping, and gourmet are gathered

If you are coming to Kyoto for the first time, perhaps for you, Kyoto is the place where all the traditional Japanese culture gathers. Kabuki, kimono experience, matcha, traditional Japanese-style rooms, shrines, etc. can all be found here in Kyoto. can be found.

In fact, apart from the traditional side of Kyoto, there is another place that is very modern and full of vitality, and it is also a place that everyone who goes to Kyoto will definitely pass through – Kyoto Station, a place worth visiting when you travel to Kyoto.
Because Kyoto Station is not only a station, but also a place for shopping, food, and shopping, and it is also a super-large transportation hub! Because whether you are going to different scenic spots in Kyoto, or going to the outskirts of Kyoto or other cities in Japan, you need to come to Kyoto Station. Simply put, Kyoto Station is in your Kyoto itinerary plan, and it is a must-see place every day!

Best way to travel to Kyoto

From Kansai Airport

If this is your first time in the Kansai area and also in Kyoto, the most convenient and least troublesome way to go to Kyoto must be to use the HARUKA Kansai Express train from Kansai Airport!

Direct transportation from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, HARUKA JR train
From Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station, the most convenient and comfortable way must be to use the HARUKA Kansai Express Train!

The characteristic of the HARUKA Kansai Express train is that there is no need to transfer from Kansai Airport, and it only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Kyoto. In addition, in order to welcome every visitor to the Kansai area and Kyoto, JR West has also prepared"ICOCA & HARUKA" Special Package"For every passenger who comes to the Kansai area, you can take the Kansai Express train at a special price, and also attach an electronic transportation card that can be used in Kyoto and Osaka. When taking transportation and shopping in Kyoto No need to worry about too many coins anymore.

How to purchase "ICOCA & HARUKA" discounted tickets

After arriving at Kansai Airport, purchase it at the JR-West ticket office at Kansai Airport, or go to the JR-West official website to make a reservation.

likeJR West's ticket purchase instruction is the same, If you are departing from Kansai Airport, you can choose the "ICOCA + HARUKA round-trip ticket" discount package, depart from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station, and then return to Kansai Airport from Kyoto Station. Or use the "ICOCA + HARUKA one-way ticket" discount package, first depart from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station, and then depart for Osaka after a few days of play, then use ICOCA to receive HARUKA discounted fares, and return to Kansai Airport from Osaka.

Passengers who do not need an additional ICOCA electronic transportation card

Maybe it’s not the first time for you to come to Kyoto or Osaka. If you already have an ICOCA electronic transportation card, at this time you can also purchase tickets in another way to/get the HARUKA ticket discount.

by going toJR West's reservation systemOrder discounted tickets, or on the booking websiteReceive additional discount codes from klookto book a ticket.
Generally speaking, the basic fare on klook will be a little cheaper than the official fare of JR West Japan. If the discount is added to the upper limit, the fare of the HARUKA Kanku Express train will be about 15% to 10% off the official fare .

Direct transportation from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, HARUKA JR train

From Kansai Airport to Kyoto!
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From Osaka Airport

If you plan to spend a few days in the Osaka area first, and then go to Kyoto, you only need to take the transportation in Osaka to "Tennoji Station", and then transfer to the HARUKA Kansaku Express train to the direction of Kyoto, which is very convenient , Very fast to Kyoto Station.

In addition, if you will pass through Namba, Osaka, you can also consider booking a ticketICOCA transport card, so it will be more convenient when taking a bus or shopping!

HARUKA traffic route between Kansai Airport Osaka Kyoto
It is very convenient whether you start from Kansai Airport or from Osaka Desaka to Kyoto Station! (Photo: JR West)

Features of the Kyoto Station Building

Shops and Gourmet at Kyoto Station
Kyoto Station is where every traveler should spend some time (Photo: Kyoto City Tourism Association )

Kyoto Station, like JR stations in most major cities in Japan, is a comprehensive building, including restaurants, shopping, tourist information centers, accommodation, etc. in the same place, which can solve all kinds of problems in your travel itinerary need.

The most special thing about Kyoto Station is that you will pass here almost every day of your trip in Kyoto, because whether you are going to the attractions in Kyoto or the attractions in the suburbs of Kyoto, you will use the transportation near Kyoto Station. Moreover, there are also a large number of hotels near Kyoto Station. Basically, if you stay in these hotels, you will definitely go to the restaurants at Kyoto Station to eat and shop at the department stores at Kyoto Station.

And more importantly, the tourist information center, the JR train service center, the post office that allows you to send your trophies home, and the ATM machine that can provide you with cash are all available at Kyoto Station. You can find it over there in the building.

So if your Kansai itinerary will go to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hikone, etc. at the same time, it will be the best itinerary arrangement to arrange your accommodation near Kyoto Station, and then use the transportation, shopping, and food of Kyoto Station .

Shopping Hotspots at Kyoto Station

Although on the surface, Kyoto Station is nothing more than an ordinary station. But in fact, Kyoto Station has a lot of different shops to visit, whether it is in the underground shopping mall or around the station. For example, JR ISETAN Kyoto Isetan Department Store, The CUBE, ASTY Pedestrian Street, and Porta Pedestrian Street in the Kyoto Station Building basically allow you to shop all day long. In addition, Bic Camera and Kyoto-Yodobashi outside Kyoto Station, if you plan to buy some electrical appliances to go home, basically you can stay near Kyoto Station all day without any problem.

JR ISETAN at Kyoto Station

The logo of the ISETAN department store at Kyoto Station

JR ISETAN at Kyoto Station Kyoto Isetan Department Store, just like a traditional Japanese department store, will sell sushi, fresh food, and the most traditional Japanese wagashi in the lower basement, which are Japanese desserts that are so delicate that you are not willing to eat them.
In the middle part, you can buy clothing, Japanese stationery, and Japanese boutiques. Basically, it's like putting together an entire shopping street, and you can buy whatever you like, as long as your suitcase won't fit.

If you go directly to Kansai Airport from Kyoto on the last day of your itinerary, you must reserve some time at JR ISETAN Kyoto Isetan Department Store at Kyoto Station, because whether it is buying souvenirs for friends or trying to find a way to hold the Japanese yen No matter how much you spend, you can take the HARUKA Kansai Express train directly to Kansai Airport after purchasing, which is really super convenient!


The sign of THE CUBE shopping street at Kyoto Station

TheCUBE The biggest difference from JR ISETAN is that there are only 5 floors in total, and the types of stores are mainly selling clothing, books, Japanese souvenirs, and restaurants. If you want to say that the most time-worthy floors are the cafe PRONTO on basement 1/F, souvenir shops on 1/F and 2/F, and restaurants on 11/F.
Although the area of TheCUBE is not as big as JR ISETAN, it can help you solve the troubles of breakfast, dinner, and what local products to buy for friends. Check out The CUBE if you wantStore information provided in advance to travelers.

ASTY Walking Street

ASTY Pedestrian StreetIts characteristic is that it includes many fast food restaurants, local product stores, drugstores, etc., specially for some passengers who are about to leave Kyoto, you can buy some bento to eat on the JR train, or buy some simple but with Kyoto characteristics Souvenirs for friends at home, in ASTY Pedestrian Street, there are more than 20 shops selling local products and souvenirs alone.
For example, there are 551 Horai meat buns, the Eileya Hosatsuji Ihei store selling matcha products, the drug store Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and several shops that collect different local products from all over Kyoto. Basically, you can go to Kansai on the next bus. In front of HARUKA at the airport, you can fill up the remaining space in the floor box in the shortest time.

Location of luggage lockers

Another feature of ASTY Walking Street is that it provides lockers that can be rented. If you board the plane at night, but you need to check out in the morning, you can leave your luggage in the locker of ASTY, and take it back to Kansai Airport at night. If you need to use the luggage locker service, you can click hereFind out where luggage storage services are located and how much they cost.

Japan Airport Luggage Delivery Service

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Porta pedestrian street

Kyoto Station Underground Shopping Arcade Porta

if you want to sayPorta pedestrian streetThe biggest feature must be that he has gathered a large number of restaurants worth trying.

The biggest worry when you come to Porta, Kyoto is not to worry about which restaurant is not good, but to carefully plan which restaurant you want to eat the most. Because there are about 40 restaurants in Porta, but I don’t have much time to stay in Kyoto. Basically, the opportunities to try different restaurants are limited. Simply put, if you eat one, you will miss the other.

The restaurants worth trying in the Porta underground street are divided into several categories, namely イノダコーヒ (INODA COFFEE), which mainly sells breakfast and coffee, and Kanna Coffee, which is suitable for lunch and dinner, and お好み焼はここやねん with the theme of Okonomiyaki (OKONOMIYAKI KOKOYNEN), Osaka-themed skewers かつだるま (KUSHIKATSU DARUMA), MANSHIGE SHOAN, and several izakaya-themed restaurants.

If you come to Porta Underground Street for eating, you must remember to walk from the beginning to the end, and make a decision after seeing all the restaurants once, otherwise it will be easy to find another restaurant that you like more after eating!

In addition to a large number of restaurants, the Porta underground street is also a concentration of daily groceries, clothing, and cosmetics. Some well-known brands such as LOWRYS FARM, THE BODY SHOP, FANCL, etc. have opened stores in Porta Underground Street. If you are interested in cosmetics and clothing, I can tell you with certainty that the Porta underground street is definitely worth spending half a day shopping.

Electronic stores near Kyoto station

The most attractive places in Japan, in addition to food and attractions, I believe it will be shopping, or different types of electrical appliances.

Near Kyoto Station, there are two famous electrical appliances stores, Bic Camera and Kyoto-Yodobashi. It is only a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station to these two electrical stores. If your accommodation is also arranged near Kyoto Station, you can also return to the room after shopping before continuing the next trip. Otherwise, It can also be stored in a locker at Kyoto Station, which is equally convenient.

Bic Camera, Kyoto-Yodobashi location

Location of Kyoto-Yodobashi: 〒600-8216 927 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Location of Bic Camera: 〒600-8216 927 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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Restaurants Worth Trying at Kyoto Station

In addition to the Porta underground street restaurant just introduced, there are actually many restaurants in Kyoto Station that are worth trying.

Kyoto JR ISETAN Food Street

For example, in the food street of JR ISETAN 11/F, you can try different styles of restaurants at one go, whether it is traditional Kyoto cuisine, sushi and tonkatsu from Tokyo, or Japanese cuisine that has already become a part of Japanese cuisine. There will be western style food.
For example, "Tenichi" is mainly tempura, "Wakyu" is mainly tonkatsu, "Matsuyamakaku" is mainly traditional Kyoto cuisine, "Sushi Kiyo" is mainly sushi, and Kyoto tofu is the main menu. Different restaurants can correspond to different budgets, such as the main "Fujino", or the "Nishizakutei" which mainly focuses on foreign food.
If you plan to spend ¥2,000 for a rich lunch, "Waxuki" and "Sushi Kiyoshi" can give you a good meal. But if you plan to spend ¥5,000 yen for an exquisite dinner, going to "Tianyi" and "Nishi Sakura Pavilion" is believed to give you a good experience.

Kyoto Ramen Trail

If you come to Kyoto, in addition to wanting to try the matcha products from Uji, if you still remember bowl after bowl of ramen, such as tonkotsu soup, soy sauce soup, salt flavor, chicken and fish soup, etc., go to Kyoto Station Building 10 /F will never let you down.

Because at 10/F of the Kyoto Station building, it happens to beKyoto Ramen Trails position. Gathering ramen from different regions, including "Dashengxuan" from Tokyo, "麺家いろは" from Toyama, "Hakata Ichikosha" from Hakata, etc., there are a total of 5-10 ramen restaurants from different regions of Japan. You can enjoy ramen from different regions at the same time.

Although some people will say that since you come to Kyoto, you should eat Kyoto cuisine to your heart's content. But from another perspective, although Beijing cuisine is very delicate and delicious, a set meal is not cheap. The average consumption of ramen is about half of that of Beijing cuisine. If you like ramen and have a small budget, it is actually better to eat at the ramen alley than to eat American fast food, rice balls, or the one in Osaka. Golden Dragon Ramen is better.

How to get to Ramen Koji in Kyoto

If you also want to add Kyoto Ramen Koji to your itinerary, after arriving at Kyoto Station, go to the 10/F near the "Kyoto General Tourist Office" and you will arrive at "Kyoto Ramen Koji".

Address: Kyoto Station ビル 10th floor (south side of department store and big stage)
Business Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (Last Order 21:30)

Location map of ramen alleys at Kyoto Station
Kyoto ramen alleys are easy to find, if you have any difficulty, you can also ask the tourist information center (Photo: Kyoto ramen alleys)

Important Facilities Near Kyoto Station

As I said at the beginning, besides being a hub in Kyoto that combines different railways and buses, Kyoto Station is actually a very important facility for tourists.

Because here at Kyoto Station, whether you need to store your suitcase, send your purchased products home, or suddenly need cash to buy something, or want to find someone to help you with your itinerary and transportation problems, Or if you plan to start from Kyoto to other areas, Kyoto Station can solve all the problems for you at the same time, making your whole journey smoother!

Kyoto Central Post Office

When you come to the Kansai area, how can you go home without buying some Japanese-limited products? Especially in Kyoto, a city with two different faces of modern and traditional Japan at the same time, from Kiyomizu Temple to Kawaramachi shopping street, basically filling the suitcase is the designated action.

But what if you buy too much and exceed the baggage allowance of the plane? If you buy additional luggage space from the airline, it may be very expensive. At this time, you can use the Kyoto Central Post Office next to Kyoto Station to send Tokyo home!

Also because the Kyoto Central Post Office is right next to Kyoto Station, you can send things you don’t plan to bring to the airport by air or sea on the morning of your departure from Kyoto. In terms of charges, it is generally cheaper than the airline's additional baggage charges.
Just like the current charges, if you use EMS to send to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian regions, the charge for 5kg is only ¥6,000~¥8,000, and the charge for 10kg is only ¥10,000. Yuan ~ ¥14,000 yen, the biggest difference from airlines is basically the concept that the heavier the cheaper.

Kyoto Central Post Office near Kyoto Station where you can send things
The Kyoto Central Post Office is on the left hand side of Kyoto Station (Photo: Wikimedia)

Location of Kyoto Central Post Office

The location of the Kyoto Central Post Office is not difficult to find. Basically, when you walk out of Kyoto Station, the bus pick-up point in Kyoto is directly in front of you, and the Kyoto Central Post Office is on the left.

Address: 〒600-8799 843-12 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Business Hours: 09:00 – 18:00(Weekdays) / 19:00(Holidays)

luggage storage service

As for the problem of storing luggage, I believe it will be a problem that everyone who comes to Kyoto will consider. Because there are so many places worth visiting in Kyoto, but sometimes when traveling to Japan, the flight will be arranged at night. As a result, you need to check out in the morning, leave your suitcase at the hotel counter, go to different places in Kyoto first, and then run back to the hotel to get your suitcase back at night, which is very inconvenient.

Wouldn't it be the best way if you could put your suitcase at the station in Kyoto, and then pick up your suitcase and take the JR train to Kansai Airport when you leave Kyoto?

Luggage Storage near Kyoto Station

In addition to the luggage lockers on the ASTY Pedestrian Street just mentioned, in fact, there are a large number of luggage lockers (Coin Lockers / コインロッカー) in different locations of Kyoto Station, no matter what size suitcases and handbags. Can fit in. And the fee is not very expensive, generally below ¥1000, you can store your luggage for a whole day.

In addition, there is a luggage storage service center at the central entrance of Kyoto Station. If there is no luggage locker, you can also leave the suitcase to the staff, and then retrieve the suitcase at night Departure to Kansai Airport.
The service hours of the luggage storage service center are from 08:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening, and the charge does not exceed ¥1,000 yen. Therefore, if your last day’s itinerary is arranged in Kyoto, you can also set off for Kyoto first. Store your luggage, and then use the city bus in front of Kyoto Chekyo to go to different scenic spots in Kyoto.

Japan Airport Luggage Delivery Service

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Kyoto Station ATM Cash Withdrawal Service

Although not every passenger will need to use the ATM cash dispenser, but the ATM cash dispenser is always as cunning as a fox. When you don’t need it, it will always appear in front of you, but when When you need it, you can't always find it. But since you are here at Kyoto Station, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find an ATM cash dispenser!

According to past experience, ATM cash dispensers in Japan are generally found in 3 different places:

  • 7-Eleven Convenience Store
  • post office
  • bank branch

Under normal circumstances, because passengers do not go to bank branches, so here is not much introduction.

In fact, 7-11 convenience stores are actually part of 7-11 banks in Japan, so you will often find 7-11 ATMs in 7-11 convenience stores. There are more than 10 branches of 7-11 convenience stores near Kyoto Station. It is not too troublesome to withdraw cash suddenly. However, not all 7-11 convenience stores will have ATM cash machines, only some larger branches will have them, so if you can’t find an ATM cash machine in a 7-11 convenience store, you can also use it ATM service at the Kyoto Central Post Office.

Kyoto Station 7-Eleven Convenience Store Location

Unlike the cash machines at 7-11 convenience stores, the ATMs at the Kyoto Central Post Office are operated by Japan Post Bank (JAPAN POST BANK), so the fees and business hours will be slightly different.
For passengers, if you plan to withdraw cash at the ATM of the Kyoto Central Post Office, you must pay attention to the business hours of the Kyoto Central Post Office, because the location of the ATM is generally within the scope of the post office. If the post office is closed, you need to Wait until another day to withdraw funds. Even if the ATM cash machine is placed outside the post office, Japan Post Bank’s ATMs will also have downtime, so if you need to withdraw money, you must pay attention to the itinerary.

Kyoto Central Post Office Business Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (weekdays) / 19:00 (holidays)
Kyoto Central Post Office ATM Business Hours: 07:00 – 21:00

Kansai Travel Card Kansai Thru Pass

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Kyoto Station Tourist Information Center

For travelers, Kyoto Station is not only a collection of different cuisines and restaurants, but also a place that can help you plan your itinerary.

Because at Kyoto Station, there are a total of 3 different types of tourist information centers.

Kyoto General Tourist Office

The first one is the Kyoto General Tourist Office, which provides you with different tourist information throughout Kyoto, from transportation methods to recommended attractions, restaurants that the staff personally collects, or Kyoto maps, currency exchange, etc. You can find information here receive help.

Kyoto General Tourist Office near Kyoto Station
The Kyoto General Tourist Office is located on 2/F of Kyoto Station (Photo: Kyoto City Tourism Association)

Kyoto General Tourist Office Address: 〒600-8216 Kyoto Station Building, 2F, Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimokyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Business hours: 08:30 – 19:00

Kyoto Station Building Tourist Information Center

Another sightseeing office worth noting is the "Kyoto Station Building Information Center" (Kyoto Station ビルインフォメーション), which mainly tells you what to eat and what to buy in the Kyoto Station Building. The biggest difference between here and the Kyoto General Tourist Office is that the staff can introduce you to more shopping discounts in the station building, the latest tourist information, etc.

Kyoto Station Building Information Center near Kyoto Station
If you have any questions about shopping and food, you can also ask the information center in the Kyoto Station Building (Photo: Kyoto Stationビル【Official】)

Kyoto Station Building Information Center Address: 〒600-8216 Kyoto Station ビル 2F
Business hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Kyoto station bus

The third tourist information center worth noting is the "Kyoto Ekimae City Bus and Subway Information Center" (Kyoto Ekimae City Bus・Subway Information Center) which provides you with bus and subway information. Here you can not only learn about the transportation methods to the main scenic spots in Kyoto, but more importantly, you can buy discounted bus tickets in Kyoto.

In addition, if you need to start from Kyoto to other cities in Japan, you have to buy a ticket here before you can start.

Location of Bus and Subway Offices in Ekimae City, Kyoto

Kyoto Ekimae City Bus and Subway Office Address: 〒600-8216 902 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimokyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Business hours: 07:30 – 19:30

Accommodation near Kyoto Station

The most powerful part of Kyoto Station, in addition to being a restaurant, tourist information, and transportation hub, it also has hotel rooms for you to stay in at the same time!

Kyoto Station Hotel – Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Hotel Granvia Kyoto is a hotel located in the Kyoto Station Building, which allows you to check in directly to the room after arriving in Kyoto without having to walk out of Kyoto Station, without dragging a heavy suitcase, and without worrying about the problem of the suitcase locker, because you I have already checked in at Kyoto Station, as long as I go to the front desk of the hotel to pick up my suitcase before leaving Kyoto, I can take the JR train to Kansai Airport immediately!

Another feature of the Hotel Granvia Kyoto at Kyoto Station is that you can see the Kyoto Tower in the room, and you can also see the scenery of Kyoto from a commercial angle in the room. In the limited Kyoto, it is not easy to have such a view in the room.

Hotel Granvia Kyotospecialty

  • The location of the hotel is right at Kyoto Station, you can put down your suitcase and start to play as soon as you arrive
  • Downstairs of the hotel is the shopping street and pedestrian street, which is very convenient for shopping or eating
  • Western-style hotel rooms, so that you can start your daily journey with enough energy
  • The room rate is reasonable. In terms of first-class location and superior room, the room rate is not much higher than other hotels
  • High-end hotel accommodation design with swimming pool and fitness room
  • Free Wi-Fi service in the room
  • Fully equipped standard rooms, family rooms, senior suites and other different room types can be booked

Rating: 9.3/10
Is there free breakfast provided: Yes, breakfast plan can be booked at the same time
Guest Comments: "When I was choosing an accommodation plan, I always planned to stay in a hotel near Kawaramachi. I never thought about the accommodation plan near Kyoto Station. But when I checked the traffic information of Kyoto Station, I found that Hotel Granvia Kyoto The hotel in the Kyoto station building, I never thought that the location of a hotel can be so convenient, and it meets my requirements in terms of room quality, landscape, service, etc. If a friend is going to Kyoto next time, I will I would recommend them to try this restaurant at Kyoto Station.”

Check Prices and Discount Offer: Kyoto Station Building – Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 / 12:00

Address: 〒600-8216 Kyoto Station Building, 901 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Tel: +81753448888


There are many places in Kyoto that are worth visiting and worth visiting. Whether it is the historic Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, or the shopping streets and Nishiki Market in the Kawaramachi area, you can put them in your itinerary. Although it is not certain that someone will go to Kyoto Station to visit, if you really can’t think of which restaurant to eat, or if you have some questions about the itinerary, you can also take a little time to see it when you pass by Kyoto Station. The facility can help you.

In addition, if you want to know more about the itinerary planning related to Kyoto, you can also check theKyoto classification, there are more different scenic spots and tourist information in Kyoto. If you plan to go to the entire Kansai area, go toKansai Tourism ClassificationThere's more to discover!

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