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Special Mt.Fuji 3776 Trail Part2

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Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

Official itinerary planning advice

The biggest difference between the Mt. Fuji 3776 route and other routes is that in addition to going straight to the mountain after departure, you can also slowly enjoy various cultural attractions related to Mt. Fuji in the city, so the first day of the itinerary will start from the city, and then Only then slowly walked to the forest and mountain areas.

The first day's itinerary

The first day's itinerary is about 12.4km long, mainly from the seaside, through the city and slowly into the natural area. Although it is 12.4km long, there are convenience stores and toilets along the route, so don't worry about getting too tired.

Basically just follow the itinerary below to complete the itinerary for the first day.

  • Starting from ふじのくに田子の拉みなと Park, first walk up to the viewing platform to look at Mount Fuji in the north and Suruga Bay in the south before setting off.
  • Or start from Fujizuka, you can bring a small stone to Fujizuka on the coast near Suzukawa Fujizuka, and pray for a smooth mountaineering before starting.
  • Walk to the scenic spot "Left Fuji".
  • The characteristic of "Left Fuji" is: in the vicinity of Fujizuka, the departure point, you can usually only see Mount Fuji on your right, but only at "Left Fuji", Mount Fuji will suddenly jump to your left!
  • The Monument of Koshi Heike
  • Mount Fuji City Hall Rooftop: The rooftop has been renovated after Mount Fuji was registered as a world cultural heritage. Here you can easily overlook the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and Fuji City.
  • Fuchi Rokusho Asama Shrine: Have you ever heard the story of the legend of Huiyaoji? This is one of the six Asama shrines related to the legend of Huiyaoji. If you like traditional Japanese stories, you can visit it.
  • Yoshihara Park (Tosenin Temple Site): In the past in Japan, Mount Fuji was a Japanese cultural belief. It is said that the birthplace of the belief in Mount Fuji came from Toseninin~
  • Hiromi Park and Mt.
Mount Fuji 3776 route to see the location of Mount Fuji, Hiromi Park
Photo: Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association
  • Jirocho Reclamation Monument (Shirahige Shrine): Here you can visit Mr. Jirocho to commemorate his reclamation of Obuchi District, Fuji City in 1874.
  • Obuchi Sasaba: If you want to take a clear picture of the grand Mt. Fuji, don’t miss it! There are tea gardens as the background here, and it is also an area with relatively few electricity towers in Shizuoka Prefecture. There is no obstacle to photographing Mt. Fuji!

After arriving at Obuchi Sasaba, stay at よもぎ汤 (yomogi-yu) to enjoy the herbal hot spring bath hotel, or try the fresh vegetables grown by yourself (Yamaboushi Farm House) at やまぼうし Farm House and have a good night’s rest.

yomogo soup 

Highlight: Herbal Hot Spring Furoyu Ryokan (Place stamped at Checkpoint No. 1)
Address: 1565-2 Fuji Obuchi, Shizuoka Prefecture Tel: 0545-35-6666
Accommodation fee: ¥7020 (1 stay, 2 meals) / ¥8100 (1 stay, 2 meals) (holidays/before holidays)
Regular holiday: Every Tuesday (Fire Sunday)

A resting place on the Mt. Fuji Route 3776
よもぎ汤 Herbal Onsen Furoyu Ryokan

やまぼうし Farm Stay

Focus: Natural countryside experience (stamped place at Checkpoint No. 1)
Address: 4513 Fuji Obuchi, Shizuoka Prefecture Tel: 0545-35-2663
Accommodation fee: 1 stay and 2 meals, adults (¥8000), children (¥5000)
Make an appointment: http://yamaboushi.me/

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

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