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Special Mt.Fuji 3776 Trail Part4

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

After a night in the beautiful nature of the Table Fuji Camp (Table Fuji Greinkyanpu Field), continue to 3776 to continue the journey of the sky to Mount Fuji!

Departure point on the same day: Omote Fuji Green Camp (Checkpoint No. 2)
End of the day: Fujinomiya Line Sixth Station, Unkaiso (Checkpoint No. 3)
Travel distance: about 10.8km, mainly walking on nature trails/mountain trails

third day itinerary

First, start from the Omote Fuji camp, pass Nishiusuzuka, and walk on the Fujinomiya Fuji Park Line. Arrive at the gate of the old material gold store (old material gold store ゲート).
After arriving at the gate of the old gold store, turn to section C of the Mt. Fuji Natural Recreation Forest (mountain trail)
First, turn to section C of Mt. Fuji Natural Recreation Forest (walk for about 60 minutes), and you will arrive at Garanzawa, then go to Gotemba (about 50 minutes), and then go to Gotendin (35 minutes).
After arriving at Gotenni, continue to walk up the mountain. You will reach the observation device on the top of the mountain in about 30 minutes. After passing through the Hoei crater, you will reach the 6th station of Fujinomiya!

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hint: After departing from the Old Raekinsho Gate, there are no toilets along the way. It takes about 3 hours to get to the 6th station of Fujinomiya, so if you need it, you should bring your own mobile toilet~~ Everyone is responsible for caring for Mount Fuji~ ~!!

After arriving at the sixth station, if you are too tired or it is too late, you can choose to rest at the sixth station for one night. Otherwise, it is good to move to the mountain hut slowly at the seventh/eighth station. ~~

After arriving at the sixth station of Fujinomiya, go to the mountain hut (due toThe room is easy to be full during the peak climbing period, so you need to make an appointment in advance)
At present, the accommodation fee of the mountain huts on the Fujinomiya Line is ¥8000 (including breakfast and dinner) and ¥6000 (single stay), and the burn is about ¥300.
Mountain hut details: Mount Fuji watch Fujimiyaguchi climbing combination
Fujinomiya Line Information: Mountain climbing route - Fujinomiya Line
Tip 2: If the pace is fast, you can book a mountain hut at the seventh station or higher, so that you can set off to the top of the mountain in the early morning to watch Yulaiguang.

Further reading:
Kawaguchiko hot spring accommodation recommended! A hot spring hotel and private bath where you can see the reflection of Mt. Fuji from the room!


For a person who loves mountaineering/travels with mountaineering, Mt. Fuji Route 3776 is a good choice. In addition to starting from the fifth station on the mountainside, climbing Mount Fuji can now also start from the lowest point. You can not only experience different natural environments, but also challenge yourself. For those of you who love new experiences, don't miss it.

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

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