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Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour: Best Trekking Tour with Experienced Guide for Beginners

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Why do you need Mount Fuji local tour?

If you have read the Mount Fuji climbing information we have prepared for you, you can plan a unique Mount Fuji climbing itinerary. However, why do we still share with you some mountaineering groups and local tours starting from Tokyo to Mount Fuji?

In fact, it is very simple, because the Mount Fuji mountaineering group and Local Tour represent convenient accommodation and save time.

You only need to pay a fixed travel fee, and the companies that organize Mount Fuji mountaineering groups and local tours can prepare a perfect Mount Fuji mountaineering itinerary for you. They can help you solve various problems such as transportation from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, booking mountain huts, and booking mountaineering equipment. More importantly, they can arrange a mountaineering tour with a mountaineering guide for you and let them accompany you to climb Mount Fuji.

Another advantage of booking a mountaineering group or local tour on Mount Fuji: If you have an accident during mountaineering, the mountaineering tour guide can solve it for you in time. Moreover, the mountaineering guide can also take photos for you, which will greatly enhance the entire mountaineering experience.

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Join a Mount Fuji climbing group or Local Tour, and let the local travel agency arrange the entire itinerary for you to climb Mount Fuji. (Click on image to enlarge)

Features of Mt. Fuji Mountaineering Group Local Tour

Currently, many Japanese companies organize mountaineering groups and local tours to climb Mount Fuji, and some of these mountaineering groups are open to overseas tourists. These Mount Fuji mountaineering groups have the following characteristics:

  • Even if only one person can participate
  • You can choose to start with a professional mountaineering guide
  • Mainly 2 days and 1 night mountaineering itinerary
  • The mountaineering group plan includes reservation equipment, bus transportation
  • The itinerary of the mountaineering group includes staying in mountain huts above the eighth station
  • There are multiple climbing routes to choose from
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Mt. Fuji local mountaineering group selection

Mount Fuji is the most famous tourist attraction in Japan, so whether you are in Tokyo, Kyushu, or Hokkaido, you can sign up for a mountaineering group with the theme of climbing Mount Fuji. As long as you live in Japan, you can join the guided tours organized by local travel agencies every week anytime and anywhere.

As for climbers living outside of Japan, you can also consider joining some of the Mount Fuji climbing tours departing from Tokyo. For example, SunShineTour サンシャインツアー and Willer provide different types of Mount Fuji climbing tours for you to choose from.

Comparing the content of the mountaineering groups, you will find that there is no big difference between the two companies’ mountaineering groups. Whether it is transportation arrangements, mountain hut selection, equipment rental services, tour guide arrangements, etc., you can freely follow your own needs and Come up with a plan that suits you.

Compared with planning your own itinerary to climb Mount Fuji, the total consumption of this type of Mount Fuji climbing group is relatively high. However, for a special sightseeing itinerary, this fee change is still within an acceptable range. You can think of the extra charge as a service fee to pay the tour guide and save time to research the itinerary.

However, since the main customers of this type of Mount Fuji mountain climbing tour are local Japanese, from booking the tour guide to the staff responsible for reception, you need a certain level of Japanese speaking and understanding skills to successfully participate in the mountain climbing. The group arrives at the designated meeting point to start climbing Mount Fuji.

However, the language requirements will be higher, and because these are all mountaineering groups set up for local Japanese people to participate in, so when registering on the website, making an appointment, and setting off, you need to have a certain ability to speak and understand Japanese. Successfully signed up to participate in the mountaineering group, and arrived at the designated meeting point for departure.

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Sunshine Tour サンシャインツアー

Mount Fuji Sunshine Tour

Sunshine Tour is a Japanese travel agency with many years of history, and it has started organizing Mount Fuji climbing tours many years ago.

Sunshine Tour provides Mount Fuji climbing tours from different starting points, such as Mount Fuji climbing tours departing from major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. In addition, Sunshine Tour also allows you to choose to climb designated mountaineering routes, such as Yoshida Line, Subashiri Line, Fujinomiya Line, Gotemba Line and many other different options.

In addition, you can also ask them to arrange mountaineering rental services for you, stay in designated mountain huts, and arrange lunch, hot spring experience, etc. after climbing Mount Fuji. Instead of taking the time to book every detail, you only need to pay a travel fee and it can be done quickly.

Sunshine Tour Mount Fuji mountaineering group charges

The basic fee for the Sunshine Tour Mount Fuji mountaineering group is around ¥20,000-¥25,000. The fee includes tour guide service, accommodation in a designated mountain hut, transportation from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, dinner on the first day, breakfast and dinner on the second day, and charges for hot spring facilities.

If you want to visit the Hatsu Route on Mount Fuji, have them prepare a richer lunch for you, and arrange a complete set of climbing equipment for you, you only need to spend an additional ¥10,000 – ¥18,000 to arrange it for you. Basically, the maximum consumption will not exceed ¥45,000 yen, which can be used as money to buy a safe climbing experience on Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji Mountaineering Tour-Price
Basic fee for Sunshine Tour Mount Fuji climbing tour. (Click on the image to learn more)

Sunshine Tour mountaineering group itinerary

The advantage of following a mountaineering group to climb Mount Fuji is that you can let them arrange everything for you. The disadvantage is that you need to follow their arranged itinerary and arrive at the designated meeting point on time.

Take the mountain climbing group climbing the Yoshida Line as an example. You need to arrive at Shinjuku Station at 07:30 in the morning and then board their shuttle bus to Mount Fuji. In addition, they also have a designated starting time. They will set off from the Yoshida Line 5th Station at about 11:30 and start climbing Mount Fuji.

At about 17:00 in the afternoon, we will arrive at the mountain hut at the eighth station, prepare to have dinner, and gain time to rest.

Around 01:00 to 03:00 in the morning, we will leave the mountain hut and prepare to climb to the top of Mount Fuji and wait for the sunrise. After enjoying the sunrise, you can choose to pay a tour guide to take you to visit the Hatsu Line, or go directly back to the starting point of the Yoshida Line hiking trail.

At about 11:30 in the morning, we will return to the starting point of the Yoshida Line hiking trail, then take a bus to the hot springs and have lunch. After staying in the hot springs for about 2 hours, we took the bus back to Tokyo and returned to Shinjuku Station around 17:30 in the afternoon.

Itinerary for Sunshine Tour of Mount Fuji Mountaineering Group
2 days and 1 night Mt. Fuji mountain climbing tour. (Click on image to enlarge)

How to make a reservation for the Sunshine Tour Mount Fuji mountaineering tour

If you also plan to book a Mount Fuji mountain climbing group with Sunshine Tour, just log in to the Sunshine Tour website, select "Fuji Mountain Climbing Tour", then choose which area to start from, the time you plan to start at, and whether to arrange a mountaineering equipment reservation at the same time. Services, extra lunches, etc., then enter your personal information to complete the registration process.

Under certain circumstances, Sunshine Tour will theoretically not refuse travelers from outside Japan to participate in their Mount Fuji climbing group, and all registration procedures can be completed on the website.

Sunshine Tour Mount Fuji Mountaineering Group’s website: Sunshine Tour サンシャインツアー

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Fuji mountain climbing group
Sunshine Tour offers a variety of different plans for Mount Fuji climbing tours. (Click on the image to learn more)

Willer Travel

Mount Fuji Climbing Group Willer

Willer Travel is another Japanese company that organizes mountaineering tours to Mount Fuji. It is characterized by its informal mountaineering guides and English website. Compared to Sunshine Tour’s Mount Fuji mountaineering group, Willer Travel’s Mount Fuji mountaineering group is more popular with foreigners.

As for the content of Willer Travel’s Mount Fuji mountaineering group, it is actually similar to Sunshine Tour’s Mount Fuji mountaineering group. For example, the most basic guide services for mountaineering groups, mountain hut reservation services, and transportation to Mount Fuji are all included. In addition, you can ask them to arrange the rental of hiking equipment for you, but the cost will be higher.

Under normal circumstances, you can book their Mount Fuji mountaineering tour through Willer Travel’s official website, or purchase Willer Travel’s Mount Fuji mountaineering group for you through Klook, KKday and other platforms. Basically, the booking fees for the two methods are the same. Not very far off. However, if you pay with a designated credit card, Klook and KKday may give you additional discounts.

Book a Willer Travel Mount Fuji climbing tour: Willer Travel official website / Book an appointment via Klook / Make a reservation through KKday

Fuji mountain climbing group-willer travel
Willer Travel is a Mount Fuji mountain climbing tour specially customized for overseas tourists. (Click on the image to learn more)
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How do you decide whether to join a Mount Fuji climbing tour? If you don’t have much mountaineering experience, if you don’t have time to plan the entire trip to climb Mount Fuji, or if you plan to climb Mount Fuji with your elders, perhaps the Mount Fuji Mountaineering Group can help you solve a series of problems so that you can focus more Enjoy climbing Mount Fuji.

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