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How to Rental Gear Before Climbing Mt. Fuji

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Ready to go climbing Mount Fuji, but don’t climb often, don’t have equipment and don’t want to spend money?

Perhaps you have already booked air tickets, hotels, and even prepared the itinerary and route planning, but you find that you/your companions do not have enough climbing equipment.

Maybe you are not a frequent climber, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy equipment that will only be used once? Or...you have clothes and backpacks, but you still lack headlights/trekking poles?

It may also be that you want to reserve luggage space for shopping, and don't want to bring too much equipment to Japan for mountaineering?

In fact, it is not very difficult to reserve equipment for climbing Mount Fuji in Japan. The following articles will introduce you to some options for renting mountaineering equipment in Japan.

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LaMont Mountain Gear Store

LaMont is a company that specializes in equipment for climbing Mount Fuji. It has branches in the fifth station of Yoshidaguchi and Lake Kawaguchi.

A place where you can rent a complete set of climbing equipment, a sign of Lamont
The place where you can rent a complete set of climbing equipment, Lamont and Yamarent and under the sky

Rental Programs Offered by LaMont

  1. "Full Set" of 7 pieces - "フルセット"
  2. A set of 10 pieces – “Perfect Set” -「パーフェクトセット」

Gear available for rent at LaMont

  1. upper body raincoat
  2. lower body rain pants
  3. Mountaineering backpack
  4. hiking boots
  5.  waterproof boots
  6. headlamp
  7. trekking poles (pair)
  8. Fleece Jacket (Perfect Set Limited)
  9. Gloves (Perfect Set Limited)
  10.  Climbing Socks (Perfect Set Limited Edition)

Mountaineering Equipment Rental Prices

A set of 7 pieces "Full Set" - "フルセット"

2 days and 1 night: ¥10980+tax (self-pickup) / ¥12680+tax (local delivery)
3 days and 2 nights: ¥13780+tax (self-pickup) / ¥15850+tax (local delivery)

A set of 10 pieces "Perfect Set" - "パーフェクトセット"

2 days and 1 night: ¥18980+tax (self-pickup) / ¥21880+tax (local delivery)
3 days and 2 nights: ¥23780+tax (self-pickup) / ¥27350+tax (local delivery)

Features of equipment rental

Suits rented at LaMont can fitsizeand favorite colors. For example, upper body raincoat, hiking backpack, color of hiking boots, fleece jacket, gloves, socks, as long as they are inProposal of equipment reservation layoutAvailable in any color you want.
In addition to renting equipment, you can also purchase climbing socks, sports oxygen, gloves and other climbing supplies at the same time, which is very convenient.

How to reserve and pick up mountaineering equipment

  1. first toLaMont's web pageSelect the suit and size you want to rent
  2. Enter the climbing date and the number of reserved days
  3. Pay via PayPal
  4. Arrive at the LaMont Kawaguchiko store on the day of climbing to pick up** / pick up at "Mount Fuji みはらし" at the fifth station (pay attention to the opening hours)
  5. start climbing
  6. Go back to the LaMont Kawaguchiko store and return the equipment / Return at the fifth station "Mount Fuji みはらし"

**The store has a fitting room and a dressing room for use
hint: In addition, some local tours of Fuji mountaineering groups also provide equipment rental services, You can avoid the troubles of travel and equipment at the same time.

LaMont store location

Address: 6663-11 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture, 401-0301
Tel: 0555-21-1888
Business hours: [July-September] 9:00-20:00 / [October-June] 9:00-18:00
LaMont Climbing Equipment Rentals: Official LaMont website

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YamaRent Climbing Equipment Rental

YamaRent is similar to LaMont, they are booked online and picked up after arrival.
However, YamaRent offers more choices than LaMont. Rental sets range from 2 pieces to 12 pieces per set, and the degree of freedom is relatively large.
For details, please refer to Yamarent climbing equipment rental

The place where you can rent a complete set of climbing equipment, Lamont and Yamarent and under the sky

Under the Sky – Soranoshita – そらのした

Equipment reservation method

The method of booking a rental is similar to that of LaMont. They are all booked online, paid by PayPal, picked up after arrival, and returned after climbing.

Selection of mountaineering equipment

1. A set of 7 pieces includes mountaineering backpack, mountaineering raincoat, mountaineering shoes, headlamp, trekking poles, leggings, down winter clothing, 2 days 1 night ¥13480.
2. A set of 6 pieces includes hiking backpacks, hiking raincoats, hiking shoes, headlamps, trekking poles, and leggings (excluding down winter clothing), ¥12,480 for 2 days and 1 night.

Appointment details: Under the Sky Mountaineering Equipment Rental

The place where you can rent a complete set of climbing equipment, Lamont and Yamarent and under the sky

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