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Mt. Fuji Equipment Rental: The Best Way to Get the Whole Set of Gear

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Is it possible to climb Mount Fuji without mountaineering equipment?

Is it possible to climb Mount Fuji without mountaineering equipment? Of course not. Because Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, it is also an environment with very low temperatures, frequent heavy rain, and strong winds. If you climb Mount Fuji without adequate equipment, you will easily suffer from hypothermia and altitude sickness during the climb.

To successfully climb Mount Fuji, you need to prepare a complete climbing plan and a complete set of climbing equipment.

Being able to climb to the top of Mount Fuji to watch the sunrise is indeed a long-awaited wish for many people. However, for some people who do not regularly participate in mountaineering activities, if they do not have mountaineering equipment at home, they may have to waste a lot of money to buy it to prepare for their only mountaineering trip. It is not environmentally friendly and not worth it.

Because of this, some local mountaineering equipment companies in Japan have specially designed a set of mountaineering equipment suitable for climbing Mount Fuji for this type of people who do not often climb mountains. Let those who don’t climb mountains often enjoy the fun of climbing Mount Fuji.

If you also plan to climb Mount Fuji this summer, and you don’t have any mountaineering equipment, or you don’t know how to choose mountaineering equipment, you can rent equipment and clothing suitable for climbing Mount Fuji. This will not only save a budget for buying mountaineering equipment, but also free up space in your suitcase for shopping, meeting your two different requirements at the same time.

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Mount Fuji climbing equipment
Climbing to the top of Mount Fuji requires complete climbing equipment and a complete climbing plan. (Click on the image to learn more)
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How to rent Mount Fuji climbing equipment

There are currently many companies in Tokyo that provide rental equipment for Mount Fuji climbing. You can reserve climbing equipment online before departure, and then pick up the equipment the day before/on the day of climbing Mount Fuji before going to climb Mount Fuji.

These companies that provide mountaineering equipment rental services generally provide services for renting a complete set of equipment for climbing Mount Fuji, or renting individual mountaineering equipment, usually including two days and one night, or three days and two nights, which is definitely enough for you to cope with your trip to climb Mount Fuji. .

If you don’t have the habit of frequent mountaineering and don’t have a complete set of mountaineering equipment, you can usually reserve mountaineering backpacks, mountaineering boots, mountaineering jackets, mountaineering poles, headlamps, and more different types of mountaineering equipment through these mountaineering equipment rental services. equipment. And you can also freely choose the style and color of mountaineering equipment for each year, which greatly increases your enjoyment of climbing Mount Fuji.

Mountaineering Headlamp-Fuji Equipment
A mountaineering headlamp should be enough to help you find your way to the top of Mount Fuji in the dark. (Click on the image to learn more)

LaMont Hiking Equipment Rental Service

A place where you can rent a complete set of climbing equipment, a sign of Lamont

LaMont is a company that specializes in providing equipment rental services on Mount Fuji. Currently there are branches at Yoshidaguchi 5th Station and Lake Kawaguchi, which are most suitable for climbers who plan to climb Mount Fuji but do not have a complete set of mountaineering equipment.

Currently, LaMont mainly provides two Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental plans, namely a 12-piece set containing complete mountaineering equipment and a 7-piece set containing major mountaineering equipment. The rental period lasts for two days and one night, which is definitely enough time for you to start climbing Mount Fuji from the LaMont branch, and then return to the LaMont branch the next morning to return it.

In addition to hiking equipment sets, LaMont also has hiking backpacks, hiking poles, hiking boots, hiking headlamps, and helmets that can be rented independently. In addition, oxygen bottles, cold-proof gloves, jackets, knee pads, etc. are sold independently. If you are short of specific climbing equipment, you can purchase the necessary items before heading to climb Mount Fuji.

More importantly, LaMont will provide multiple collection points and return points for mountaineering equipment during the period when Mount Fuji is open for climbing. Rental services for mountaineering equipment can be arranged at Kawaguchiko Station, the 5th Station of the Mount Fuji Yoshida Line, and the 5th Station of Subashiriguchi, which is very convenient.

Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental-lamont
LaMont has branches on the Fujisan Yoshida Line and Lake Kawaguchi. (Click on image to enlarge)

LaMont's Hiking Gear Rental Program

There are two types of climbing equipment rental plans at LaMont, namely the "Full Set / Full Set / Full Set" which contains 7 pieces of main climbing equipment, and the "Perfect Set / Full Set / Full Set" which contains 12 pieces of equipment suitable for Mount Fuji.

「Full Set / フルセット」

A 7-piece "Full Set / Full Set" set contains the following mountaineering equipment:

mountaineering jackethiking pants
Mountaineering backpackhiking boots
Hiking bootsMountaineering headlamp
trekking poles
Lamont Mount Fuji climbing equipment rental
A 7-piece "Full Set / Full Set" set. (Click on image to enlarge)

"Perfect Set / パーフェクトセット"

A 12-piece "Perfect Set / パーフェクトセット" set contains the following mountaineering equipment:

mountaineering jackethiking pants
Mountaineering backpackhiking boots
Hiking bootsMountaineering headlamp
trekking polesmountaineering underwear
Hiking gloves (one pair)Hiking socks (one pair)
Lamont Mount Fuji climbing equipment rental
A 12-piece "Perfect Set / パーフェクトセット" set. (Click on image to enlarge)

Information about LaMont’s hiking gear rental program

To successfully reserve Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental service at LaMont, you need to log in to LaMont's website before departure, choose a mountaineering equipment plan that suits you, decide on the rental date and pick-up location, and then pay by credit card. Since LaMont provides multiple places to pick up mountaineering equipment, before you submit an order, you must reconfirm the place where you can pick up the mountaineering equipment and don't go to the wrong place.

After completing your climb to Mount Fuji, you only need to return to the designated location to return all climbing equipment, and then you can continue to the next scheduled attraction.

In terms of fees for the mountaineering equipment rental plan, renting mountaineering equipment from LaMont for two days and one night costs ¥10,000 – ¥20,000. Renting for three days and two nights costs ¥15,000 to ¥30,000. Although LaMont's prices are not cheap, each of their mountaineering equipment will be available in different sizes and colors for you to choose from. If you want to take the best photos while climbing Mount Fuji, some brightly colored hiking jackets will suit you best.

LaMont's business information

LaMont has a store located in Lake Kawaguchi, and it also cooperates with different stores to provide collection points for mountaineering equipment:

LaMont Fujikawaguchiko

address: 〒401-0301 6663-11 Funazu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamituri-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Telephone: 0555-21-1888
Business Hours: 09:00 – 20:00 (July – September) / 09:00 – 18:00 (October – June)
Address: Google Maps

Mount Fuji Yoshidaguchi 5th station

address: 〒401-0301 6663-11 Funazu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamituri-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Business Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Address: Google Maps

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Yamarent mountaineering equipment rental

Yamarent (やまどうぐレンタル屋) is another company that specializes in renting mountaineering equipment, and the process of reserving mountaineering equipment is similar to LaMont. You can also make reservations on the Yamarent website, pay with credit, and arrange to pick up and return your climbing equipment at a Yamarent branch.

However, compared to LaMont, Yamarent has several features that are more worthy of your consideration:

  • Yamarent has a branch at Shinjuku Station where you can easily pick up and return hiking equipment.
  • Yamarent provides a more diversified rental program, you can freely choose from a set of 2 pieces to a set of 12 pieces.
  • Yamarent also offers a rental program for children's mountaineering equipment, which is suitable for parents who plan to climb Mount Fuji with their children.

Simply put, if you plan to reserve LaMont mountaineering equipment, I believe you will like Yamarent. Because Yamarent has a branch in Tokyo, it is equally convenient to pick up and return mountaineering equipment. Moreover, Yamarent also provides a variety of mountaineering packages for you to choose from. Even if you are short of mountaineering backpacks and trekking poles, you can rent these mountaineering equipment at Yamarent.

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Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental-yamarent
Yamarent mountaineering equipment rental service has a branch at Shinjuku Station. (Click on image to enlarge)

Soranoshita Mountaineering Equipment Rental

In addition to LaMont and Yamarent, there is also a company called Soranoshita (そらのした), which provides rental services for mountaineering equipment suitable for Mount Fuji.

What’s so special about Soranoshita’s Mount Fuji equipment rental service? First of all, Soranoshita provides a mountaineering equipment rental plan for up to 6 days and 5 nights, and is the only company among the three mountaineering equipment companies that provides long-term rental services. In addition, Soranoshita has a mountaineering equipment laundry workshop to ensure that every piece of climbing equipment is pre-cleaned before being rented out again.

Compared to LaMont and Yamarent, renting Soranoshita's Mount Fuji equipment may require a bit more budget. Because booking a 12-piece hiking suit costs about ¥27,000 for two days and one night. However, since Soranoshita provides you with a higher degree of freedom in choosing different mountaineering equipment, if you have higher requirements for mountaineering equipment, Soranoshita may be more suitable for you.

However, due to the relatively small number of Soranoshita branches, there are currently only two branches in Kawaguchiko Station and Fujiyoshida City. If you plan to reserve climbing equipment in Soranoshita, you will need to spend a little more time arranging to pick up and return the climbing equipment.

More Soranoshita climbing equipment rental information: Soranoshita official website

Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental-Under the Sky-soranoshita
Soranoshita, which has a mountaineering equipment laundry shop, is suitable for some more demanding climbers. (Click on image to enlarge)


If you want to enjoy the sunrise at the top of Mount Fuji, you will need a complete set of mountaineering equipment to protect you from the cold wind of Mount Fuji, and a mountaineering headlamp to help you identify the direction of the hiking trail at night. In this way, you can successfully climb to the top of Mount Fuji and wait for the sunrise in a 0-degree temperature environment.

However, climbing Mount Fuji doesn’t mean you have to buy a complete set of climbing equipment. Especially if you don’t have the habit of frequent mountain climbing, this mountaineering trip to Mount Fuji is likely to be your only mountaineering trip in a short period of time, so using a mountaineering equipment rental service may be more environmentally friendly and save your budget.

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