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Mt. Fuji Hut Reservation: Complete Guide to Book Goraikoukan (Highest Mountain lodge of Mt. Fuji)

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

The highest mountain house on the Mount Fuji Yoshida Line – Goraikokan

There are a total of 40 ultra-high mountain huts in Mount Fuji, of which the Yoshida Line accounts for almost half of the total. Among the many mountain huts, Okraikokan is the highest mountain hut on the Yoshida Line and the one closest to Mount Fuji. Therefore, many people choose to stay at Okraikokan in order to shorten their climbing time at night.

According to the height data of Mount Fuji, the total height of Mount Fuji is 3,776 meters above sea level, the height of the crater of Mount Fuji is 3,700 meters above sea level, and the height of the Okraikokan is located at 3,450 meters above sea level. In other words, it only takes 60 minutes to climb to the top of Mount Fuji from the Goraikokan, or you can choose to watch the sunrise outside the Goraikokan. The scenery will not be too different from the top of Mount Fuji. Therefore, for many years, Olaikokan has been the most popular mountain house and the first to be fully booked.

Yulaiguang means sunrise in Japanese.

On the other hand, the height of Goraikokan is higher than ordinary clouds, so you can clearly see the most complete starry sky after sunset. If you want to get the best mountain climbing experience on Mount Fuji, Okraikokan is the mountain hut you should consider staying at.

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Mount Fuji Mountain House-Olaikokan-Sunrise
You can also enjoy the sunrise outside the entrance of Goraikokan. (Click to enlarge the picture, Yulaiguang Museum)
Mount Fuji Mountain House-Olaikokan-Sunrise
The height of Goraikokan is higher than the clouds, so it is best for admiring the sea of clouds. (Click to enlarge the picture, Yulaiguang Museum)
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Is it suitable for all climbers to stay at Yuraikokan?

The scenery and location of Okraikokan are undoubtedly the best among all the mountain houses on the Yoshida Line, but this does not mean that Okraikokan will be suitable for all climbers who climb Mount Fuji.

Because the Goraikokan is located at an altitude of 3,450 meters, this means that you must arrive at the Goraikokan within the designated time and complete the check-in procedures to ensure your reservation. If you arrive at the Goraikokan after 20:30, you will miss the dinner time at the Goraikokan, and your spot may even have been filled by other climbers.

To put it simply, staying at the Okuraikokan requires a certain level of physical fitness. You must arrive at the entrance of the Okraikokan in person before you can check into the Okraikokan. Moreover, there are many mountain huts on the Mount Fuji Yoshida Line located at 3,200 meters above sea level and 3,300 meters above sea level. These lower-level mountain houses all provide the same complete mountain house services, and they are not even much different from the Golaikokan.

There are many mountain huts to choose from in Mount Fuji, not just the Goraikokan.

If you force yourself to stay in Goraikokan, you may suffer from hypothermia or altitude sickness before successfully reaching the top of Mount Fuji, and you may have to be rushed down the mountain by tractor.

Mount Fuji Hut - Mountain Hut List
Other mountain huts located on Mount Fuji – Tomoekan, Hakuunso. (Click on image to enlarge)

Reserving a mountain hut is an obligation to climb Mount Fuji

The fees for mountain huts are by no means cheap, but that doesn’t mean that this is a reason not to book a mountain hut on Mount Fuji.

Since mountain huts on Mount Fuji need to adapt to the latest epidemic prevention standards, many mountain huts have changed their original open sleeping spaces into single or double rooms. The most direct impact is to significantly reduce the total number of people that the mountain hut can accommodate and significantly increase the accommodation fee that each climber needs to pay.

Even so, the high fees for mountain huts are not a reason to refuse to book a mountain hut on Mount Fuji.

First of all, climbing Mount Fuji is a 10-hour climbing trip. Moreover, when climbing in a high-altitude, low-oxygen environment, coupled with lack of sleep, the risk of suffering from altitude sickness and hypothermia will be greatly increased, and may also be life-threatening.

For this reason, the mountain huts on Mount Fuji were built to provide climbers with a safe sleeping space and to replenish their energy. The fees for mountain huts on Mount Fuji are indeed not cheap, and their fees are sometimes higher than those of hotels in Tokyo.

Although the price of mountain hut on Mount Fuji is high, it does not mean that you can underestimate the serious consequences of "projectile mountaineering".

Because every time I stay at a mountain hut on Mount Fuji, I will definitely meet some climbers who start climbing Mount Fuji at 21:00 in the evening, and every time they will encounter heavy rain and strong winds. These climbers are usually confident in their physical ability at the beginning, but when most climbers reach the eighth station, they will feel uncomfortable and start to regret it.

Since the rules of Mount Fuji Mountain House are very strict, we generally do not accept temporary reservations from other climbers late at night. Even if there is strong wind and heavy rain outside, the staff of Mount Fuji Wind Mountain House will not allow other climbers to enter the indoor area, let alone provide additional assistance to this group of climbers. So when you climb Mount Fuji, you will definitely see a group of climbers taking shelter from the wind next to the restroom, or taking shelter from the rain in the corner of the Fuji Mountain House.

Compared with this group of climbers who have not reserved a mountain hut, you can stay at the Mount Fuji mountain hut to constantly observe the latest weather changes, and decide the time to go to the top of Fuji according to the latest weather forecast. If the weather is very unsettled, you may also consider staying in the mountain hut until sunrise and then slowly and safely return to the trailhead.

To put it simply, "dangan mountain climbing" will undoubtedly allow you to save the cost of staying in a mountain hut, but in the event of any accident, you will need to pay high rescue and medical expenses on Mount Fuji. Which one is cheaper between the two, I believe it is not difficult to calculate.

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Lack of sleep and cold weather can increase the risk of altitude sickness.
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How to reserve a mountain hut on Mount Fuji?

Since the mountain huts on Mount Fuji are completely reservation-based, every climber is given the opportunity to stay at the mountain huts on Mount Fuji on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, you need to complete the reservation procedures for Mount Fuji’s mountain hut before climbing Mount Fuji. Only then can you go to climb Mount Fuji.

More information on climbing restrictions on Mount Fuji: Mount Fuji increases tolls/daily passenger limit

On the other hand, since Mount Fuji mountain huts do not have a central reservation system, you must pay attention to the date when each Mount Fuji mountain hut is open for reservations, and then log in to the Mount Fuji mountain hut website to complete the reservation procedure on the same day.

According to past records, most mountain huts on Mount Fuji open for reservations on April 1 every year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, many mountain huts on Mount Fuji have changed their opening reservation dates to May 1st, mid-May, or late May.

Taking the mountain ya on the Mt. Fuji Yoshida Line as an example, the opening dates for reservations this year are on average between May 1st and May 31st:

mountain huthighLocationScheduled opening dates
Seventh Station Tomoe Building2740mYoshidaguchi Seventh StationMay 7
Kamawakan2790mYoshidaguchi Seventh StationMay 7
Fuji Building 12800mYoshidaguchi Seventh StationMay 15
Toriisou2900mYoshidaguchimoto Seventh StationMay 7
Oriental Pavilion3000mYoshidaguchi Seventh StationMay 14
Prince's Pavilion3100mYoshidaguchi Eighth StationMay 1
Penglai Pavilion3150mYoshidaguchi Eighth StationJune 1
Baiyunso3200mYoshidaguchi Eighth StationMay 1
Yuanzu room3250mYoshidaguchi Eighth StationMay 15
Mount Fuji hotel at the eighth station3400mYoshidaguchimoto eighth stationMay 10
The 8th Station Tomoe Building3400mYoshidaguchimoto eighth stationMay 7
Yulaiguang Pavilion3450mYoshida Kou 8-in-5 SpoonMay 7

In addition to the above mountain huts on the Yoshida Line, Mount Fuji also has mountain huts on the Subashir Line, Fujinomiya Line, and Gotemba Line that can be reserved. If all the mountain huts on the Yoshida Line are fully booked, be sure to change your climbing itinerary and head to the top of Mount Fuji from another climbing route rather than risk starting to climb Mount Fuji late at night.

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Mount Fuji Mountain Hut-8th Station-Mountain Hut Recommendations
The main location of each mountain hut on Mt. Fuji. (Click to enlarge the image, fujisan-climb.jp)
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Make a reservation at Goraikokan – the highest mountain house on the Yoshida Line

Okraikokan is the highest mountain hut on the Yoshida Line. It is also the place where you can best see the sea of clouds, starry sky, and sunrise. Therefore, Okraikokan has become the first choice of mountain hut for many climbers.

How popular is Olaikokan? Every year on the day when reservations are open, the website of the Yuraiko Museum crashes due to excessive traffic.

If you also plan to stay at Yulaikokan, you must remember to complete the reservation procedure on the day when reservations are open. If you start to reserve a spot at the Goraikokan after a few days, you will find that there are no more vacancies at the Goraikokan on certain weekends, and even some consecutive days in August are all booked at the same time.

Before making a reservation at the Goraikokan, you need to decide on which day you want to climb Mount Fuji and select a backup date for climbing Mount Fuji. In addition, you should also prepare your credit card and think about which accommodation plan and meals you want to reserve in advance, so that you can speed up the entire process of booking the Yuraikokan.

Although the Goraikokan is the highest mountain hut on the Yoshida Mountaineering Line, when booking other mountain huts, you can also refer to the charges, meals, and equipment of the Goraikokan to determine whether different huts are more suitable for your needs.

More information about Yulaiguang Museum: Yulaiguangkan website / Yulaiguangkan Live Camera
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Dates when Yulaiguangkan is open for reservations

According to the latest news from Yulaikokan, the dates and times for reservations this year are:

May 7, 2024 12:00 (Japan time/GMT+9)

If you also plan to stay at the Yulaikokan, you can basically complete the entire reservation process on the Yulaikokan website.

Accommodation information of Yulaiguangkan

Before you decide to make a reservation at the Okuraikokan, you can pay attention to some information about the Okoraikokan.

Accommodation plan, maximum occupancy

At present, Yulaiguang Hall can accommodate up to 90 people at the same time, and also provides Supa plan (excluding meals) and basic accommodation plan. The biggest difference between the two plans is that the basic accommodation plan provides dinner on the day of check-in and breakfast on the next morning. Although the meals included in the basic accommodation plan are relatively simple, they are enough to satisfy an average adult.

Check-in time, dinner time

The Check In / Check Out time of Yulaikokan is 14:00 / 06:00 every day. In addition, Yulaiguangkan will serve dinner from 17:00 – 20:30 every day, neither early nor late. Therefore, you must climb to the entrance of the Goraikokan within the time limit, so as to ensure your reservation.

Equipment at Yulaiguangkan

Yulaikokan is a mountain house that is not very large and provides limited sleeping space. You will usually be assigned to one of the rows of sleeping spaces, and sleeping bags will be used to divide the space that each climber can occupy. When it's dinner time, the staff will instruct you in the order in which you should go to the lobby to enjoy dinner based on the time you arrive at Okraikokan. However, since the dining area is limited, you must finish your dinner as quickly as possible.

In addition, the restrooms at Goraikokan are located outdoors and pass through the hiking trail that is usually used by climbers to reach the top of Mount Fuji. If you need to go to the restroom at night, be sure to prepare a complete set of hiking clothes before going to the restroom.

Mount Fuji Mountain House-Olaikokan-Floor Plan
The floor plan of the Olaikokan. (Click to enlarge image, Goraikoukan)

Yulaiguang Museum charges

Yuraikokan offers standard accommodation plans, short-term accommodation plans, and simple meals, with prices ranging from ¥300 to ¥13,500.

Basic accommodation plan (including bento dinner and bento breakfast)¥13,500 yen
Su Pok (excluding food)¥11,000 yen
Short-term stay (when part of the climb leaves the Yuraikokan)¥3000 yen
Simple food (noodles/broth)¥500 yen – ¥1,000 yen
Simple drinks (juice/beer/hot coffee)¥500 yen – ¥600 yen
Paid restroom¥300 yen

Maybe you are hesitating between the basic accommodation plan and Supot. It seems that it would be cheaper to book the Supot plan and buy food on site. But there is one thing you need to pay attention to: the bento boxes of Golaikokan are not sold separately. If you are used to eating rice at night, the basic accommodation plan of Golaikokan is your only choice. Furthermore, if you book the Supa plan and buy extra food, you may end up spending more money just to eat enough.

In addition, one of the more interesting things about the Yuraikokan is that during the past stay at the Yuraikokan, climbers who have booked a basic accommodation plan can have priority to use the dining table. As for other climbers who have booked the Supo plan to buy food, they need to wait until other climbers have finished their lunch boxes and when the kitchen is less busy before placing their orders. Therefore, if you don’t particularly hate the bento provided by Yuraikokan, it would be better for you to book a basic accommodation plan.

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Meal options at Yulaiguangkan

Climbers who reserve the basic accommodation plan will receive dinner on the day they check in and breakfast for tomorrow. For dinner, you can choose hamburger steak, mackerel, or chicken. As for breakfast, there are no other options except rice balls and tea.

One thing you must pay attention to is never lose your breakfast. Because each person will only receive one breakfast, and it will not be reissued or sold separately. If you find out at dinner time that a staff member left your breakfast behind, be sure to mention it as soon as possible.

Mount Fuji Mountain House-Olaikokan-Meals
Meals included in Yulaikokan’s basic accommodation plan. (Click on image to enlarge)

The process of making a reservation at Yulaiguang Museum

The process of making a reservation at the Goraikokan is not very complicated. You only need to log in to the Goraikokan website on the day when reservations are open, and then find "ごReservation/ごdorado" to start making reservations.

Before the official opening of reservations, you will usually not find any page for you to choose the date of your stay at Yulaikokan and fill in your personal information. However, once reservations are officially opened, you can choose the date of your stay at Yulaikou Hall, your personal information, and choose an accommodation plan that suits you. If there are still vacancies on a certain day, they will usually be marked with a red circle. If they are fully booked on a certain day, they will be marked with a black cross.

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Mount Fuji Mountain House-Olaikokan
Open the Goraikokan website and start making reservations for the mountain hut. (Click on image to enlarge)

After completing the registration and payment procedures, you will receive a confirmation email from the Goraikokan. Under normal circumstances, you will receive a confirmation email within a few hours – a few days. However, Olaikokan once had to wait a month before sending out the confirmation email due to lack of manpower. Of course, you can still check in successfully and successfully climb to the top of Mount Fuji.

In any case, if you have submitted a reservation, do not cancel it casually, because Yulaikou Hotel will charge a hotel fee of 30% – 100% as a handling fee. In addition, do not reserve multiple mountain huts at will, because the space of each mountain hut is very limited. Doing so will affect other climbers' itinerary to climb Mount Fuji.

Under normal circumstances, you can confirm your reservation to stay at Okraikokan/Other Fujisan before the end of May. After that, you can start preparing the equipment, itinerary, and transportation packages needed to climb Mount Fuji during your trip to Tokyo.

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For many climbers, they may only climb Mount Fuji once in their lifetime. After climbing Mount Fuji this time, they may never have the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji again. Therefore, during this trip to Mount Fuji, we must have the best climbing experience, so we must stay at Okraikokan this time.

There is a Japanese proverb: "Once you climb Mount Fuji, you climb Mount Fuji twice." It means: Anyone who has never climbed Mount Fuji is a fool, and anyone who climbs Mount Fuji for the second time is a fool.

Goraikokan is undoubtedly the accommodation with the most beautiful view among the many mountain huts on Mount Fuji. It is also a very reasonable idea to consider staying at Goraikokan as one of your goals for climbing Mount Fuji. However, you must consider your own affordability before deciding whether to stay at Yuraikokan.

Unless you are like some Mount Fuji enthusiasts who love Mount Fuji and plan to climb it once a year. Otherwise, you should accomplish some practical goals within your capabilities, so that you can truly experience the fun of climbing Mount Fuji.

More information about Yulaiguang Museum: goraikoukan.jp

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Avatar photo
Wellson 2022-09-14 - 09:17

I would like to ask where can I fill in the number of people when making a reservation at Yulaiguang Pavilion? Because there is no place to fill in the number of people.

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2022-09-14 - 10:42

This year's climbing period has ended, and reservations are not open now, so there may be places where people can fill in the number of people.
Basically as long as appointments are reopened, you can book places according to the number of people you have.

Avatar photo
Noel 2022-10-14 - 10:26

I would like to ask other places to stay (Yoshida route) besides Yulaiguang Pavilion that you can recommend? Thanks!

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2022-10-15 - 22:58

If you think the Goraikokan is too difficult, you can also consider the 6 mountain huts at the eighth station. For details, please refer to the article "Mount Fuji Mountaineering-Mountain Cabin Booking Information Overview-Required Items for Check-in". The mountain huts on the Yoshida Line are sorted out data of.
Article link: Mt. Fuji Climbing-Mountain Cabin Reservation Information Overview-Check-In Necessary Items

Avatar photo
Daniel 2023-03-13 - 22:21

Do I need to fill in my Japanese address and phone number when booking a mountain house?

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2023-03-14 - 13:03

Hi Daniel,
Under normal circumstances, there is no need to submit a Japanese address and phone number. Now there are many mountain houses that welcome overseas tourists, especially the one in the Yulaiguang Pavilion.
However, sometimes when entering the busy period of reservation, if you have not received the confirmation email after submitting the order, you may need to call (Japanese answering) to confirm the reservation again.

Avatar photo
Lin Junyou 2023-04-25 - 12:39

May I ask if the information is to fill in the English name on the passport? Is there a credit card information field that can be filled in for the fee to be paid? ,Thanks

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2023-04-25 - 16:18

Hi Lin Junyou,

It depends on the requirements of different mountain huts, so it is recommended to prepare Chinese characters, pseudonyms, and English names first. As for the payment, it depends on whether the mountain hut charges Paypal, credit card or others. Generally, it is not much different from the online shopping process.

Avatar photo
helen 2023-04-24 - 22:01

Hello. I plan to hike Mount Fuji in 2024. May I ask if I need to start booking cabins and air tickets this year? This is my first time hiking Mount Fuji, and I plan to travel around after the trip (the whole journey will take about a week). Can you give it to me? Some advice on how to plan the trip, thanks.

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2023-04-25 - 08:36

Hi Helen,

Mountain huts are usually booked in the current year. If you don’t start until the next year, basically you don’t have to wait until the 2024 climbing period.
As for Mt. Fuji climbing and surrounding itinerary suggestions, you can refer to/view the following on this website:

Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Hakone Tourism Information Category: https://rakurakujp.com/category/%e5%af%8c%e5%a3%ab%e7%ae%b1%e6%a0%b9%e8%87%aa%e7%94%b1%e8%a1%8c/

Mount Fuji climbing information categories:

Avatar photo
Janet 2023-05-16 - 11:54

Hello, if you have reserved a seat but have not yet received the confirmation letter and want to cancel the reservation, how to notify the cottage and whether the reservation fee will be charged, thank you

Avatar photo
Raku Raku 2023-05-16 - 12:35

If you book through the official website, it is recommended to use email to check the progress with the staff of the mountain hut. You can write your intention in English and Japanese in one email at the same time, and it will be easier to get a quick response.
In terms of reservation fees, the habit of booking accommodation in Japan is to charge the full amount and reserve for free. Different companies have different practices, it is recommended to check directly with the booking website/platform.

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