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Rules and Manners when Climbing Mt.Fuji

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What should be the most important thing to pay attention to when climbing Mount Fuji? In addition to your own safety and whether you can enjoy the environment of Mount Fuji, as a climber or overseas tourist, whether you have protected Japan's most important cultural property - Mount Fuji.

Climbing Mount Fuji, just like climbing other mountains in the world, the most important thing is to abide by the local Country Code and not cause trouble for the locals:

Climbing the Country Code of Mount Fuji

  1. Do not pick/catch the flora and fauna on Mt. Fuji so as not to disturb the ecological balance
  2. Do not take or move any rocks on the mountain
  3. Do not deface any part of Mount Fuji
  4. Do not set up any tents, there are no camping sites on the mountain
  5. Do not bring pets to Mount Fuji
  6. Take away garbage generated during the climb
  7. Do not bring disposables to the mountain
  8. Do not walk anywhere other than hiking trails
  9. Do not break/step on loose dirt sections to avoid terrain damage
  10. Keep public facilities and restrooms clean
Rules You Must Follow When Climbing Mount Fuji
The wind speed on Mount Fuji is very high, so lighting a fire and erecting a tent are high-risk activities

In the process of climbing Mount Fuji, in addition to not destroying the original environment of Mount Fuji, there are:

  • You must take all the garbage you bring with you.
  • If incoming items have a chance of becoming trash, they shouldn't be brought in in the first place
  • Never leave the original trail
  • Prohibition of engraving commemorative words on Mt. Fuji
  • Prohibition of destroying the unique rocky environment of Mt. Fuji
  • Need to keep clean when using the bathroom
Rules You Must Follow When Climbing Mount Fuji
It is every climber's responsibility to protect Mt. Fuji so that the next climber can enjoy the environment of Fuji (Photo: fujisan-climb.jp)

Points to be aware of when climbing Mt. Fuji

Climbers have priority to use the trail

Because the hiking trails on the Fujinomiya Line and the Gotemba Line and the descending trails are all on the same road, in principle, when the road is narrow, it is necessary to give the climber the first pass.

Try to avoid barely getting ahead of other climbers

Climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji earlier and occupying a good position to watch the sunrise on the top of Mt. Fuji earlier is the goal of every climber. But in the hot season, there are actually a lot of people queuing up to the top of Mt. Fuji, so they should line up slowly to the top of Mt. Fuji, so as to avoid falls, injuries and rock avalanches.

avoid causing rockfall

It is also because the mountaineering trails of Mt. Fuji are all heading in the direction of the English letter "Z", if the climbers at the high point cause the rocks to fall, it will easily injure the climbers down the mountain. There have also been serious casualties in the past due to rockfall accidents.

So during climbing Mount Fuji, you should:

  • Try to walk on the inside of the climbing path and come close to the wall to avoid the risk of falling rocks
  • If you see any falling rocks, you should yell "rock falling" (らくせき/ra-ku-se-ki) to the surrounding climbers so that they can avoid it in time
  • Do not stay or rest at places marked as "Dangerous Places of Falling Rocks", and leave as soon as possible

Etiquette when passing through mountain huts

Because the mountain hut is a place for climbers to rest, so even if the current mountain hut is not the mountain hut you booked, you must keep quiet when passing the mountain hut. It is best to walk quietly and not in the open space in front of the mountain hut. stay. Otherwise, there would be a situation where the owner of the mountain hut ran out and cursed people.

In addition, when staying in a mountain hut, you need to try your best to keep quiet. Because the area of the mountain huts is very small, but a large number of climbers are accommodated at the same time, if you do not follow the rules, it may add some bad memories to your Mt. Fuji itinerary.

Do not go near the dens of animals during the climb

In addition to being a popular mountaineering tourist attraction, Mount Fuji is also a habitat for many wild animals. Mount Fuji is a nature reserve in the local area, so if you see any place where animals live, you should avoid disturbing the animal's ecology and living environment.

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What is Mt. Fuji Preservation Cooperation Fund?

Before climbing Mount Fuji, especially when starting from the fifth station of the Fuji Yoshida Line, you will encounter local staff who will come up to you and ask you to buy a commemorative plaque. In fact, that is the way to pay the Fuji Mountain Preservation Cooperation Fund.

The goal of the Mt. Fuji Preservation Cooperation Fund is to maintain the environment of Mt. Fuji and pay for all necessary facilities and expenses.
For example, the mountaineering road leveling project, free helmets, the cleaning and maintenance of the toilets at the mountain trails, and the maintenance of Mt. .

Although it is not mandatory to pay the Mt. Fuji Security Cooperation Fund, if you do not want to cause trouble for others, or if the local staff have "special views" on tourists from your country, you can actually pay ¥1000 It is very worthwhile to take a mountaineering commemorative plaque in yen

Where to pay the Mt. Fuji Preservation Cooperation Fund
Where to pay the Mt. Fuji Conservation Cooperation Fund (Photo: fujisan-climb.jp)

Pictures, details: Mt. Fuji World Heritage Division, Department of Culture and Tourism, Shizuoka Prefecture / Mt. Fuji ni お け る Appropriate Utilization Promotion Council

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