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Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan: Menu, Opening Hours & Review

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

What's so special about Genghis Khan's roasted pork?

If you have the experience of traveling in Japan, I believe you will know what "yakiniku" is, that is, put pieces of fat A5 wagyu beef on the iron plate and roast them, and then dip them in different sauces juice to eat. In Tokyo, you can easily find different yakiniku restaurants, such as "Liukoxian", "Xuxuyuan", "Niujiao" and so on.

But can you tell the difference between "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" and ordinary roasted pork?

First of all, the usual roasted meat is grilled on a metal net, and the whole set of roasted meat dishes is mainly for tasting beef. The "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" mainly bakes lamb on an iron plate, and also adds a lot of vegetables as side dishes. Basically, vegetables and lamb are the protagonists of "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork".

To put it simply, although "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" is one of the roasted meat dishes, the flavors are completely different, especially the taste of roasted lamb and beef is completely different. Then add Sapporo's unique beer, I believe you will be able to distinguish the subtle difference between ordinary roasted pork and "Genghis Khan roasted pork"!

The main places where you can eat "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" are mainly in Sapporo, Hokkaido. There are already more than ten stores in Sapporo Susukino Station alone. So if you are interested in trying "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" and can arrange a few days to stay in Sapporo, it is very worthwhile to find a restaurant that specializes in "Genghis Khan Roasted Pork" to try!

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Selection of Genghis Khan Yakiniku restaurants in Sapporo

There are two types of Genghis Khan restaurants in Sapporo, one is a la carte Genghis Khan restaurant, and the other is an all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Generally speaking, as long as your appetite is not very large, you can basically go to "Dharma だるま", "Sapporo Genghis Khan Snow だるま", these a la carte Genghis Khan restaurants can experience the most basic Genghis Khan roast meat, and you can also drink it along the way A glass of Sapporo beer. If you don't order too much meat, if you just have a small plate of mutton, vegetables, and a glass of beer for one person, the budget within ¥3,000 is quite enough.

However, if you are coming to Sapporo to try Genghis Khan pork for the first time, and you don’t want to waste time waiting in line outside the door of “Dharma だるま”, and you also hope that you can make a reservation in advance and start eating as soon as you arrive, choose Restaurants like "Sapporo Beer Garden Development Embassy ケッセルホール" can meet multiple requirements at the same time.

That's because at the Genghis Khan restaurant in the Sapporo Beer Garden, you can eat as much as you want within a specified time for only about ¥7,000 yen, and as long as you add a beer plan, the price is only equivalent to 3 glasses of beer The cost, but it allows you to drink different Sapporo beers for a limited time, including many limited styles that can only be tasted in the Sapporo Beer Garden.

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Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan Yakiniku 100-minute all-you-can-eat plan

The main reason why I chose to go to Sapporo Beer Garden to experience Genghis Khan roast meat is that after paying a price, you can eat as you like without any worries. For example, take the 100-minute plan of "Sapporo Beer Garden Development Embassy ケッセルホール" as an example. Although the single person charges more than ¥3,600 yen, it will be a bit high in terms of travel and food expenses. But as long as you pay attention to "Dharma だるま", the charge for a small plate of a la carte lamb is almost ¥1200, and there are additional charges for vegetables, snacks, etc.

In contrast, at the "Sapporo Beer Garden Development Embassy ケッセルホール", you can order and eat as you like within 100 minutes, and you don't have to worry about leaving early like ordinary restaurants because you have finished eating the food you ordered at the beginning, or being caught. The store manager drives away.

Course selection at Sapporo Beer Garden

There are many restaurants to choose from in Sapporo Beer Garden, such as the Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy, "Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy",
The pioneering embassy Toronmel Hall "The pioneering embassy トロンメルルール", the Poplar hall "ポプラkan", the Lilac hall "ライラック", and the Garden Grill "ガーデングリル", a total of 5 restaurants provide 5 different barbecue plans to choose from.

To put it simply, the roast meat plan of the two "Kai Kai Embassy" will be more popular, and you can experience the most advanced 100-minute Genghis Khan roast meat plan for only ¥6,500, while the "Poplar Pavilion" can experience the robot for you Meal delivery service, but the price will be a little cheaper than the roast meat plan of "Kai Kai Embassy"

In the Lilac hall, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery while experiencing Genghis Khan’s roasted meat. However, the content of the roasted meat set meal will be a little simpler than the roasted meat plan in the "Kaijian Embassy". Some high-end mutton parts are here. Sides are not provided.

Finally, there is the Garden Grill restaurant. If you want to eat the most advanced Genghis Khan roast meat, there will be a roast meat set plan close to ¥10,000 yen to choose from here. Basically, in addition to eating high-end mutton, you can also Provide Kuroge Wagyu for you to eat. But at Garden Grill, it is not a free-for-all style of roasted meat. The supply of each piece of meat is limited, which needs to be paid attention to.

Hokkaido Sapporo beer garden restaurant map
Different restaurants in Sapporo Beer Garden will offer different roasted meat plans.
Each restaurant in Sapporo Beer Garden has its own characteristics, even if it is a different budget itinerary will be suitable (サッポロビール园 formula)

If you don’t have high requirements for the dining environment and meal content, the first time you experience Genghis Khan Roasted Pork, you will recommend going to Kessel Hall, the pioneering embassy ケッセルホール.

In addition to the fact that there are several roasted meat plans at different prices to choose from, which are suitable for different travel budgets, the more important thing is that it is relatively easy to book seats, and it can also be combined with the Sapporo beer free-flow plan so that you can taste every type of Sapporo brewery beer.

If two people go to Sapporo Beer Garden to try yakiniku, even if you choose the most expensive set meal plus all-you-can-drink plan, you can definitely settle the bill for about ¥20,000.

Although the amount seems a bit high, compared to "Dharma だるま", as long as you pay a fixed price, you can eat and drink as you like within 100 minutes, and you can also sit until the countdown ends. You don't need to calculate how much you spent while eating, and keep feeling uneasy so that you can't enjoy the fun of Genghis Khan's roasted meat.

In addition to roast meat and limited beer

In several different restaurants in Sapporo Beer Garden, you can start ordering beer as long as you confirm the roast meat plan with the restaurant staff. The beer styles in each restaurant are similar, the main Five Star, Black Label, and Classic will be available, and the price is the same in each restaurant, about ¥700-¥900 for a cup .

Although the single-order price of beer is much higher than that of ordinary izakaya, there are also free-flow plans to choose from.

To put it simply, take the free-flow plan of Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy "Kessel Hall" as an example, which costs about ¥2,600 yen. As long as you can drink more than 4 glasses of beer, considering the all-you-can-drink plan will be the best choice. But if you are not fully confident, it would be better to choose a la carte beer, and then it would be more suitable to reserve the stomach capacity for different roast meat dishes.

Will the ordering process be complicated?

Basically, the Genghis Khan Yakiniku restaurant in Sapporo Beer Garden must be reserved, so when you arrive at the Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy "Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy", you only need to report to the restaurant staff and you can get a seat.

Then the staff will give you some storage bags, so that you can block the smell of cooking fume and burning meat from sticking to your coat and backpack. After sorting out, the staff will reconfirm with you the roast meat plan you chose today, and finally you can use the tablet to start ordering.

The advantage of using a tablet to start ordering is that there are Chinese and English menus, so it doesn’t matter even if you can’t understand Japanese, you can directly choose the Chinese menu to get what you want to eat.

However, before officially starting to eat roasted pork, you can also ask the staff to demonstrate the dining method of Genghis Khan roasted pork, so that you can experience the most correct flavor!

Genghis Khan roasted pork is very different from ordinary roasted pork, so it is very important to follow the instructions of the restaurant staff (サッポロビール园 formula)

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Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan Yakiniku Business Information

Under normal circumstances, several Genghis Khan restaurants in Sapporo Beer Garden are very easy to be full, so you must make a reservation before departure, and then you can only go to other Genghis Khan restaurants to try your luck.

Things to pay attention to when making a reservation

It is not very difficult to make a reservation for the Genghis Khan Roasted Pork Restaurant in Sapporo Beer Garden, basically inSapporo Beer Garden WebsiteSubmit the reservation form on the website, select the restaurant you want to go to, the plan for the Genghis Khan roast meat that you need to reserve, and then enter your personal information to complete the entire reservation process.

However, because the restaurant adopts a trusting attitude towards customers, they will not charge the full order amount in advance. However, if you find that you need to change the itinerary, you must notify Sapporo Beer Garden as soon as possible to let them give up the seats to other customers, and at the same time reduce unnecessary misunderstandings.

How to get to Sapporo Beer Garden

If you start from JR Sapporo Station, you only need to take the No. 188 bus that ends at Sapporo Beer Garden to get there directly. However, because it is a sightseeing bus, the number of buses will be relatively small. There will only be 2 buses per hour from JR Depart from Sapporo Station.

Another way is to walk there, which takes about 30 minutes. Or if it is not suitable for walking in winter, it only takes about 10 minutes by taxi, and the average fare is about ¥1000

If you can’t find the restaurant in Sapporo Beer Garden after getting off the bus, you can also refer to this video (サッポロビール园官方)

Details of Sapporo Beer Garden

Business hours: 11:30 – 21:00
Number of seats: 550 seats in the Kessel Hall of the pioneering embassy
Average spending: ¥5000 – ¥8000
Address: 〒065-0007 2−10, Kita 7-jo, Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tel: +81120150550

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Recommended itinerary after enjoying Genghis Khan in Sapporo Beer Garden

Basically, the journey of the entire Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan Yakiniku takes about 2 hours. If you choose to enjoy the finished Genghis Khan Yakiniku at noon, you can go directly to Tanukikoji Shopping Street and department stores at JR Sapporo Station for shopping in the subsequent trip , and then set off to see the night view of Mount Moiwa around dusk.

Or you can put the Sapporo Beer Garden Genghis Khan at dinner time, so that you can go to the suburban attractions of Sapporo in the morning, and then go shopping near Tanukikoji Shopping Street after eating the roast meat, so that you can Make the most of a full day of sightseeing.


I believe that after today's sharing, you can find a suitable Genghis Khan restaurant choice for you. Regardless of whether it is Sapporo Beer Garden or "Dharma だるま", basically as long as you can fit your appetite, sightseeing schedule, and dietary budget, the Genghis Khan restaurant will be the most suitable restaurant for you.

Finally, if you are all ready to go to Hokkaido, you can also check back regularlyHokkaido Travel Information ClassificationIn this edition, maybe there will be more travel classification information that will be helpful to you. Another point is that the general Hokkaido itinerary will add the Tokyo itinerary at the same time. If you will leave for Tokyo at the same time, you can also checkTokyo Travel Information CategoryThat side, maybe all the same will help you.

Photos and materials: Tabelog, Sapporo Bieruen

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