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What to eat in Sapporo? Food Guide for Enjoying ALL Food by Spending Only ¥10,000 Yen

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

All-you-can-eat options in Sapporo

It is often said that Sapporo is a place where different Hokkaido cuisines gather, so whenever you have the opportunity to come to Sapporo, you must spend a few days trying different dishes.

Some people also said that since there are so many restaurants to choose from when traveling in Sapporo, why not try some restaurants that can satisfy you? You can eat slowly for a price. Why take the time to figure out how much each meal will cost? And worry about ordering the wrong food and going over budget.

It is true that there are really a lot of restaurant choices in Sapporo, and some dishes are really not cheap. A set meal alone costs more than ¥10,000 yen, which is very difficult for a trip with a small budget. But since it took me half a day to come to Hokkaido from a long distance, I can’t just eat convenience store bento and ordinary fast food. You have to try some limited dishes in Hokkaido to be considered as a real visit to Hokkaido.

So today I will share with you a few restaurant list combinations that "you can eat well with ¥10,000 yen". Whether your itinerary is based on saving money for sightseeing or luxury travel experience, you can experience the best food options in Sapporo with a limited travel budget, or you can also experience the best food options with an unlimited travel budget. Avoiding restaurants that make you feel like a waste of time allows you to be a smart spender too.

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What can you eat in Sapporo for ¥10,000?

If you are planning your itinerary in Sapporo, I believe you will also know that the main food choices in Sapporo will include the three major Hokkaido crabs, Genghis Khan roast meat, soup curry, Sapporo miso ramen, conveyor belt sushi, seafood bowl, seafood market dishes, etc. . Of course, it is impossible to eat all the above dishes at ¥10,000 yen, but as long as you combine and match different restaurants, you can control your daily food budget within ¥10,000 yen, and at the same time you can guarantee Eat well and eat richly.

To put it simply, if your itinerary will stay in Sapporo for 3 days, the assumed food budget will be ¥30,000. It is of course impossible to eat the three major crabs of Hokkaido continuously within three days, but as long as you follow the list below to go to different restaurants, you can not only eat the three major crabs of Hokkaido, but also eat roast meat, Sushi, etc., allow you to eat more than those restaurants that specialize in "all you can eat"!

Hokkaido Three Crab Dishes

Of course, when you come to Sapporo, you can’t miss the three major crab dishes in Hokkaido, but whether you can get the perfect crab dish restaurant with ¥10,000 yen depends on how you choose.

If you like to eat a lot of crab meat and don't care about the quality,Shrimp and Crab Hezhan, Nanda, these restaurants allow you to eat as much as you wantAll are restaurants where wishes can be fulfilled within ¥10,000 yen. But sometimes the quality is not very stable, and there is a risk of making you feel like a waste of time.

andCrab Benjia, Crab General, Crab FamilyThese restaurants that mainly serve foreign tourists can let you eat relatively high-level crab banquet dishes under the budget of ¥5,000-¥8,000, which is probably the kind of dinner banquet that is common in ordinary hot spring hotels level of cooking. If you want to squeeze your budget a bit further, there are also lunch options ranging from ¥3,000 to ¥5,000. Although you can taste different crab dishes in the same way, the portion of the meal will be relatively small.

certainlyGate of Ice and Snow, Snow HuatingThese high-end crab cuisine restaurants will definitely give you a good dining experience, that is because their charges will be as high as high-end hot spring hotels. It is common for a set meal to cost more than ¥15,000 yen, but most of them People who have eaten will be very satisfied. Arranging Bingxuemen and Xuehuating in the itinerary, the overall satisfaction will be much better than other crab dishes restaurants.

and finish eatingGate of Ice and Snow, Snow HuatingIn the end, it will indeed overdraw your food budget for the next day. Whether it is worth it or not depends on what your goal is for this trip, what other trips you have to go in the future, and what restaurants you want to try.

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Genghis Khan Roasted Pork

Unlike the yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo, the selection of yakiniku in Sapporo is generally mutton, and many restaurants place orders based on a single plate of meat and a glass of beer, and the unit price is not cheap. If you only have a food budget of ¥10,000, and your food intake is very large, it is very likely that you will not be able to eat enough after spending a whole bill.

The selection of Genghis Khan roasted pork in Sapporo can basically be said to be Genghis Khan DARUMA"Sapporo jingisukan daruma"Kingdom. Because there are 4 branches in Sapporo alone, and every day, a large number of customers line up outside the door to wait for the moment when the door opens at 17:00. This is a scene that only appears in Genghis Khan DARUMA.

Of course, the charges of Genghis Khan DARUMA and other Genghis Khan roast meat restaurants are not cheap. Generally, each small plate of a la carte meat costs about ¥1500, and you need to eat about 3 plates on average to be full, plus ¥ A snack at 300 yen, a beer at 700 yen, and an average consumption of more than 6,000 yen are commonplace. So in contrast, another kind of Genghis Khan roast pork that is all-you-can-eat will be more worthwhile.

such asGenghis Khan Restaurant at Sapporo Beer GardenFor example, all you can eat within 100 minutes is only about ¥6000 yen, which allows you to eat as much as you like with complete peace of mind, and you can also eat slowly within a limited time, and you don't need to wait because there are many people queuing outside the store. Feel embarrassed. And you can also taste the limited beer produced by Sapporo Brewery, which is better than Genghis Khan DARUMA.

Of course, it does not mean that Genghis Khan DARUMA is not worth going. As long as your itinerary is to experience Genghis Khan roast pork with the locals, Genghis Khan DARUMA is still a good choice, but you need to spend a little more on the food budget.

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Soup Curry, Sapporo Ramen

Compared with Hokkaido's three major crab dishes and Genghis Khan roasted pork, soup curry and Sapporo ramen are cheaper and budget-friendly eating options, and they only cost about ¥1,500 to fill you up. Even if you are really not full, eating more will only cost ¥3,000 yen.

So after eating soup curry and Sapporo ramen, you can spend the rest of your food budget on Hokkaido's three major crab dishes and Genghis Khan roasted pork, so that you can experience some more advanced restaurants.

There are many different restaurants to choose from in Sapporo soup curry and Sapporo ramen. For example, take soup curry as an example. For you who come to Sapporo for the first time and don’t know much about soup curry,GARAKU, SUAGEThey are all relatively stable and well-known soup curry restaurants. Although it takes more time to queue up, it will be very worthwhile for you who are trying "what is soup curry" for the first time, and you can also take photos and share them with friends on social networking sites.

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On the other hand, Sapporo ramen is a cheaper eating option, as there are many restaurants that sell ramen for under ¥1,000. Even if it is a very famous restaurant that takes a long time to queue, their ramen generally does not exceed ¥1,200 yen, but it is guaranteed to fill you up.

For example, in Sapporo city, Ichigen Ramen, Ichikoan Ramen, Baolong Ramen, etc., their portions are not small, the ingredients are rich, and the soup base is very thick, and they are all located at Odori Station and Susukino Station. It is very suitable to arrange to try in between shopping trips.

To put it simply, even if you eat soup curry and Sapporo ramen within a budget of ¥10,000, you still have about ¥7,500 to spend. As long as you use the food budget for the two days on average, it is not impossible to eat all of the Sapporo-limited dishes such as Hokkaido three major crab dishes, Genghis Khan pork, soup curry, and Sapporo ramen at the same time.

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Conveyor Sushi, Seafood Bowl

Since you want to eat well within a limited budget, of course you can't do without conveyor belt sushi, seafood bowls and other options with a lot of rice.

In terms of conveyor belt sushi and seafood bowls in Sapporo, there are actually a lot of choices, mainly concentrated in the business district between Odori Station and Susukino Station, but there are fewer choices in JR Sapporo Station.

Sapporo's revolving sushi and seafood bowls are similar to those in Tokyo, for example, in Tsukiji Market"Nijo Market","Sapporo Unloading Market"You will find many restaurants that sell fish at the same time, or you will find one after another small sushi restaurant and seafood bowl specialty store in Tokyo.

However, compared to many overseas tourists, the two conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Sapporo are their main targets, that is"Nemuro Hanamaru",as well as"Tori Ton".

The reasons are not very complicated, because the sushi of "Nemuro Hanamaru" and "ToriTon" are considered cheap. The average price of each plate of low-priced sushi is about ¥200, and the price of medium-priced sushi is just ¥200. It's around ¥300, and even high-priced sushi won't exceed ¥500, so you can eat enough for an average of ¥5,000 per person.

To put it simply, even if "Nemuro Hanamaru" and "ToriTon" are not restaurants where you can eat all you want, if you have a food budget of ¥10,000 a day, as long as you eat conveyor belt sushi twice a day, you can definitely eat it Fill you up and get better quality meals.

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seafood market dishes

If you like to visit seafood and fresh food markets in Japan, like Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Kuromon Market in Osaka, Nishiki Market in Kyoto, etc., there are two seafood markets in Sapporo that are worth spending a morning visiting. one click, that is"Nijo Market",as well as"Sapporo Unloading Market".

In the seafood market in Sapporo, especially the shops in "Nijo Market" and "Sapporo Unloading Market", there are generally two kinds of dishes to choose from, one is cooking with live seafood and live crab, and the other is set meal sushi, seafood bowl, etc. wait. The food budget required depends on what seafood you plan to eat, and the price of the season at that time, etc.

But to put it simply, the average set sushi and seafood bowl at the seafood market cost about ¥4,000 yen, which is higher than many shops in Sapporo, but the servings are not necessarily very large. As for whether it is worth trying sushi and seafood bowls in the seafood market? It depends on how much you like dining in a seafood market environment.

The charge for live seafood and live crab cooking dishes is generally oneKing crabs cost around ¥12,000 – ¥15,000. Although the price will be much higher than sushi and seafood bowl, but the portion is enough for about 3 people to share at the same time. Moreover, it is not easy to buy a whole king crab in restaurants in Sapporo city, and they can also take pictures for you, so compared to other sushi and seafood bowl restaurants in the seafood market, you can buy live seafood and live crabs for cooking. Your better dining experience.

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Suzuki Shoten Crab Dishes
The most attractive part of the Hokkaido Seafood Market is that it allows you to "take pictures before eating" (Photo: カネノヤマ Suzuki Store, click to enlarge the picture)

The key to eating all you can is food quality

Perhaps it is because there are many restaurants in Tokyo and other cities that can provide "all you can eat for one price" dining plan, so there will be an illusion that "you can eat all you can eat cheaply in Hokkaido".

But in Hokkaido, especially Sapporo, a place where you can experience high-priced seafood dishes and a variety of special dishes, if you want to "eat well and eat well", you must not rely solely on a restaurant's set meal can be achieved. Because the quality of food is linked to its cost, just like expecting to be able to eat crab meat dishes for two king crabs for ¥10,000 yen in the seafood market, this is unlikely to happen in reality.

Therefore, if you want to "eat well and eat well" within a limited budget, it is a very important process to use different restaurants to connect different itinerary combinations. And as long as you spend a little time planning which dishes you like and which restaurant you must visit, you can use the lowest food budget to achieve the most goals.

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I believe that after reading this, you will know which restaurants in Sapporo are worth visiting, and how to use ¥10,000 to eat up different restaurants.

On the other hand, in fact, Sapporo also has many special accommodation plans worth trying, whether it is a trip that likes shopping, a trip to participate in snow festivals, snow activities, or an accommodation plan based on cheap housing prices, I believe that inRecommended hotels in SapporoThere will be a choice for you here. at the same time, atHokkaido Travel Information ClassificationThere will be more different travel experiences here to share with you, maybe you will find more different experiences.

In the end, I just don’t know from which side you will come to Hokkaido. If you plan to transfer from Tokyo, you can also go toTokyo Travel Information CategoryCheck over there to see if there is any suitable itinerary recommendation for you, maybe you can discover a different place in Tokyo this time!

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