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Best Soup Curry Restaurant in Sapporo: How to choose between GARAKU and Suage?

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

A Sapporo Itinerary Focused on Food

For many tourists who come to Hokkaido to travel, Sapporo is the gate of Hokkaido. Whether it is a summer itinerary or a winter itinerary, they will always arrange to stay in Sapporo for a few days as a transit point between different attractions. You can also experience different forms of Sapporo cuisine.

Many people's imagination of Sapporo food is nothing more than ramen and Hokkaido's three major crabs. If you do a little homework research, you will know that Sapporo also has conveyor belt sushi and seafood bowls. But there is another dish unique to Sapporo that is easily missed by everyone, and that is the soup curry dish unique to Sapporo.

The Sapporo soup curry tastes completely different from the curry you ate in Tokyo. If you have never heard of soup curry, maybe you can refer to today’s sharing, and then arrange one of the day’s Try it for lunch, maybe it will become a designated dish that you will order every day when you come to Sapporo!

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Features of Sapporo Soup Curry

Sapporo soup curry can become a unique local cooking culture. The most important thing is that the ingredients and eating methods are very different from other places in Japan. Therefore, many tourists who come to Sapporo will definitely spend time queuing up to try it.

The difference between Sapporo soup curry and general Japanese curry

The biggest difference between Sapporo soup curry and ordinary Japanese curry is the "self-form" of the curry.

Generally, Japanese curry has only one flavor, and the ingredients are very few. And they will be more viscous, usually for convenience with rice, simple and fast food. It always makes people feel that rice is the protagonist in this kind of curry dish, and being able to eat as soon as possible is the key.

However, the soup curry in Sapporo is more like a soup made from a mixture of different spices. You can drink it directly as a soup, or you can use curry soup to accompany rice. The taste is not as spicy as curries in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, but the flavors of different spices are very prominent. Then it is served with different meats and vegetables, and these meats are generally stewed for a long time. In addition to completely absorbing the taste of the broth, they can be easily cut off with a spoon.

Another characteristic of soup curry in Sapporo is that generally the soup curry shops are mainly independent shops, and the opening hours are not very long every day. Whether the soup curry brand has branches, it will be sold out early because it is too popular, and it will close before the scheduled opening time.

Although this kind of business style is very inconvenient for tourists coming from afar, it proves that every soup curry shop spends a lot of time preparing ingredients in order to serve customers who are willing to spend time waiting in line. Best soup curry dish ever.

Recommended ways to eat Sapporo Soup Curry

Also because the curry part of the soup curry is served separately from the rice, the way to eat it is a little different from ordinary Japanese curry.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to eat soup curry. One is to eat the soup curry and rice separately, so that you can taste the flavor of the spices in the soup curry, and then taste the meat and vegetables in the soup curry.

Another way is to eat soup curry with white rice like ordinary Japanese curry. For you who like to eat soup and rice, I believe this kind of soup curry will be more delicious than traditional Japanese curry.

Generally, soup curry shops allow customers to choose the level of spiciness and appetite of the soup curry. For travelers who plan to taste "what is soup curry", you don't have to worry about wasting food because the level of spiciness is too high.

Meals of soup curry GARAKU in Sapporo, Hokkaido
The rice and curry of Sapporo Soup Curry are served separately, so you can taste each taste first.

Sapporo Soup Curry Price Range

Generally speaking, soup curry in Sapporo is not very expensive. Generally, you can eat a lot of soup curry for only ¥1,000-¥1,500. Although the overall price of soup curry will be a little higher than that of ramen, but there are many soup curry dishes that include complete chicken legs, horned pork, etc., and there are a lot of vegetables. Generally speaking, the average consumption of ¥1200 is enough. Eat well.

Selection of Sapporo Soup Curry

If you open the map and search for Sapporo soup curry, you will find that there are more than ten soup curry shops in Sapporo to choose from, and it seems that each one is worth a try. But for tourists who generally stay in Sapporo for a short time, there are two shops that are very popular among tourists and the quality of soup curry is very stable. It is worth trying, that is the GARAKU series and the Suage series.

If you want to know "what kind of cuisine is Sapporo soup curry", I believe that the food quality and meal selection of these two restaurants will satisfy you very much, and you are also very welcome to take pictures and upload them to social media. In addition, the locations of the restaurants are very close to the main shopping street, which is very convenient for eating and shopping-based itineraries.

Other soup curry restaurants such as Soup Curry Yellow, Soup Curry Oz Shop, Soup Curry Picante, etc., have their own characteristics in soup and ingredients, so it is more suitable to try it when you go to Sapporo for the second time. In this way, we can compare the subtle differences in soup curry dishes in different shops.

Sapporo soup curry GARAKU series

The reason why soup curry GARAKU is worth recommending is that the quality of their soup curry is very guaranteed. In addition to the taste of soup curry is not very spicy, the meat is fresh and sweet, and the price is very reasonable, so there are many every day People are willing to spend an hour waiting in line before the official opening.

Soup Curry GARAKU Recommended Meals

There are three dishes worth trying in soup curry GARAKU, one is chicken leg soup curry"やわらかぁきんンホックンホックト Wild vegetables", the other is wild vegetable soup curry"やさい15 Item Dadi no Hui", the last one is horned pork soup curry"とろとろ烤り烤角豆".

If it is the first time to come to soup curry GARAKU, and if you can start queuing up before the official opening, it is highly recommended to try pork soup curry"とろとろ烤り烤角豆", because it is said that this soup curry is available in limited quantities every day, and it is the first one to be sold out. Therefore, if you plan to try the limited meals, it is highly recommended to come to GARAKU to queue up for tickets at 11:00 and 16:30, and you can place an order first after waiting for the official opening!

Soup curry GARAKU order process

The ordering process at Soup Curry GARAKU is very simple. First, decide which soup curry dish you want to eat, then choose the spiciness of the soup curry from 1 to 40, and finally choose the amount of food And add the snacks (Topping) you want.

If it’s the first time for you to come to soup curry GARAKU, you can choose No. 3 Zhongxin for the spiciness of the soup curry, Small or Medium for the amount of food, so you don’t have to worry about being full of soup curry and can’t eat other Sapporo gourmet food.

Location of Soup Curry GARAKU

Soup curry GARAKU has two stores in Sapporo, the main store"SOUP CURRY GARAKU",as well as"SOUP CURRY TREASURE", the two restaurants are similar in terms of menu selection, and they are not too far from Tanukikoji Shopping Street.

The two stores are located between the Sapporo Subway "Odori Station" and "Susukino Station". If there is a full line at our store "SOUP CURRY GARAKU", you can also go to "SOUP CURRY TREASURE" to try your luck.

Sales information of soup curry "SOUP CURRY GARAKU"

Business hours: Lunch time 11:30 – 15:30 / Dinner time 17:00 – 21:00 (If the soup runs out, it will close early)
Holidays: Irregular holidays
Address: 〒060-0063 おくむらビルB1, South 2-jo West 2-chome 6-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Reservation method: no reservation, need to queue up in advance
Tel: +81112335568

Hokkaido discount ticket recommendation: JR Hokkaido Rail Pass,JR Pass All Japan Rail Pass

Sales information of soup curry "SOUP CURRY TREASURE"

Business hours: Lunch time 11:30 – 15:30 / Dinner time 17:00 – 21:00 (If the soup runs out, it will close early)
Holidays: Irregular holidays
Address: 〒060-0062 アスカビル 1F
Reservation method: no reservation, need to queue up in advance
Tel: +81112527690

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Sapporo Soup Curry Suage Series

The difference from soup curry "SOUP CURRY GARAKU" is that "Soup Curry Suage" has several branches in Sapporo. If you are trying soup curry for the first time, you may think that Suage+ is orthodox, and then mistake Suage 2, Suage 3, and Suage 4 as fakes.

In fact, even if the Suage brand has multiple branches, there are still many people who are willing to spend time queuing up at Suage branches every day. Just like at Suage+ in our store, you have to queue for an hour on average before you can enter the restaurant. Therefore, if you plan to challenge our store, you must reserve a little more time in arranging the itinerary.

Recommended meals at Soup Curry Suage

The most special thing about Soup Curry Suage's soup curry is that all the meat is skewered before serving, so you can bite it very easily.

Generally speaking, the most worth trying soup curries in Soup Curry Suage are chicken leg soup curry (チキンレッグと野草カレー扬げ・煮込み), and wild vegetable soup curry (野草たっぷりベジタブルカレー). If you are going with two people, you can also order one and share it together, so that you can experience the taste of Suage's soup and the difference between the side dishes and ordinary Japanese curry.

Menu of Hokkaido Sapporo Soup Curry SUAGE
Chicken leg soup curry and wild vegetable soup curry are all soup curry options worth trying at Suage (click to enlarge the picture)

Soup Curry Suage branch selection

Also because the meal choices in several Suage branches are basically the same, so if you go to Suage+ in this store and find that you have to queue for a long time, you can also go to Suage 2 next to it, or Suage 4 at Sapporo Station. If there are no vacancies in these branches, you can also use Suage 3, which is farther away, as a backup plan.

Appearance of Hokkaido Sapporo Soup Curry SUAGE
If you need to queue for a long time at Suage+ in this store, you can also go to other branches to taste their soup curry

Sales information of "Soup Curry Suage"

Our store Suage+ address: 〒064-0804, 6-1, Duzhisong ビル, 6-1, South 4, West 5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
No. 2 shop Suage2 Address: 〒064-0804 AI-BILD2 4F
Business Hours: 11:30 – 21:30 (Opening hours will be extended on weekends and holidays)
Reservation method: no reservation, need to queue up in advance

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Which Sapporo soup curry is the most worth visiting?

The time to stay in Sapporo is very limited, but there are too many places to go. I believe this will be a problem that many people will encounter when planning their Hokkaido itinerary.

In terms of choosing a soup curry restaurant, it is also because the food quality and service level of each restaurant are similar, so as long as you are trying it for the first time, in fact, even if you go to GARAKU or SUAGE, there is no difference between them. There will be a big difference, but both can give you the best soup curry in Aigoro.

Of course, if you like the menu of a certain soup curry restaurant, it will definitely be worth spending about an hour in line. But if you just want to experience the taste of soup curry, it is recommended to find a branch that does not need to queue up to try, and then save the precious time for sightseeing to visit other attractions.


There are a lot of delicacies worth trying in the Sapporo area. As long as you can arrange to stay in Sapporo for about three days, you can eat roasted meat, Hokkaido three major crabs, seafood, sushi and so on. If you also want to know which restaurants are worth visiting in Sapporo, you can also refer to theHokkaido Travel Information Classification, maybe there will be more itinerary sharing suitable for you.

In addition, I believe that many tourists who come to Hokkaido travel to Sapporo via domestic flights from Tokyo.Tokyo Travel InformationHere to see what places are worth visiting, I believe your entire trip to Japan can become more complete.

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