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New Chitose Airport Transfers: Complete Guide to Taxi, Trains and Buses

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

What is it like to take a taxi in Hokkaido?

Many people have the impression that Hokkaido is very big and the weather is very cold. And when you tell your friends that you are going to go to Hokkaido and plan to use taxis to go to different areas, I believe they will all think that you are hotheaded and hate your money too much, why are you planning to spend it like this? Not well saved.

Most people's impression of Hokkaido is that Hokkaido is very large and the temperature in winter is very cold. These two points are indeed correct. Therefore, when planning the itinerary, everyone immediately thinks of JR trains, self-driving tours, etc. to go to different tourist attractions. The goal is to avoid the need to pay expensive taxi bills.

However, because Hokkaido’s taxi fare and operating model are a little different from other cities in Japan, the actual fare is not as high as imagined. Sometimes, as long as multiple people travel together, it will be more expensive than buying together JR train tickets and bus tickets are even cheaper.

Maybe after reading this sharing today, you will consider using taxis instead of other means of transportation when planning your Hokkaido itinerary next time, or you can say to your friends, "In fact, it is really very good to use taxis to go to different scenic spots. It is convenient and can save a lot of transportation costs!"

Transportation options from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo

I believe that many people will take the JR train or Sapporo airport bus from New Chitose Airport to JR Sapporo Station when arranging Hokkaido itinerary, and then switch to other means of transportation after arriving at Sapporo Station to go to other tourist attractions in Hokkaido. The same is true for the return trip, returning to Sapporo first, and then returning to New Chitose Airport from JR Sapporo Station by JR train and Sapporo Airport Bus.

There are not many people who would consider using taxis instead of JR trains and Sapporo Airport buses, perhaps because they all think that taking taxis in Hokkaido is very expensive, and then skip the idea of using taxis to and from New Chitose Airport.

But in fact, the three different means of transportation have their own characteristics. In the case of different weather, number of travelers, and places of accommodation, different means of transportation also have their own advantages.

New Chitose Airport – Sapporo Station JR Express “エアポート”

Just like the rail traffic at other airports in Japan, for example, there will be Narita Express at Tokyo Narita Airport, Tokyo Monorail at Haneda Airport, limited express Rapi:t at Osaka Namba Airport, and New Chitose Opportunity here The rapid airport operated by JR Hokkaido – rapid "エアポート".

Take the JR train from Sapporo, Hokkaido to New Chitose Airport
The JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" connecting Sapporo-New Chitose Airport at the fastest speed takes about 40 minutes by car.

New Chitose Airport JR Hokkaido Rapid Express "Eaport" ride information

JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" is characterized by a train departing from New Chitose Airport and JR Sapporo Station every 12 minutes. And the business hours are very long. For example, the train from Sapporo starts from 05:50 in the morning and ends at 21:00 in the evening, and the train from New Chitose Airport starts from 06:39 in the morning and ends at 22:53 in the evening. , about 40 minutes by car.
If you plan to go directly to Otaru for sightseeing from New Chitose Airport, you can also take the express "エアポート" to go directly to Otaru. The journey takes about 75 minutes.

And in addition to the express "エアポート" connecting JR Sapporo Station, JR Otaru Station, and New Chitose Airport, there will also be Hakodate Main Line and Chitose Line passing through JR Otaru Station and JR Sapporo Station to New Chitose Airport. However, the journey is relatively slower than the express "エアポート", which takes about 50 minutes to 55 minutes. However, the daily operating hours are a bit longer, and it is also a good choice to use it as a backup alternative route for the express "エアポート" to connect Sapporo-New Chitose Airport.

In terms of fares, the one-way fare of the rapid "エアポート" train between Sapporo and New Chitose is ¥1150. If you need to use reserved seats or need extra space for luggage, you can purchase an additional reserved seat ticket for ¥840. Otherwise, each person can travel to and from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport for about ¥1,200.

Itinerary suitable for New Chitose Airport JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート"

To put it simply, if you are one or two people coming to Hokkaido and you don't carry too many large suitcases, the express "エアポート" is a relatively cheap and convenient transportation option.
But if you will carry skis, or come to Hokkaido in winter, will carry more suitcases, or travel with a family, the express "エアポート" should not be an ideal means of transportation to and from Sapporo city – New Chitose At the airport, unless you want to spend all your energy dragging suitcases on the snow, and have your family stand in the crowded train space for an hour to wait for the terminal, it is better to use other means of transportation.

New Chitose Airport JR Hokkaido Rapid Express "Eaport" ticket purchase method

At JR Sapporo Station and New Chitose Airport, you can buy tickets with cash, or pay directly with IC cards (SUICA, ICOCA, etc.).

Hokkaido discount ticket recommendation: JR Hokkaido Rail Pass,JR Pass All Japan Rail Pass

Take the JR train from Sapporo, Hokkaido to New Chitose Airport

Travel across Hokkaido with one ticket!
[Best Offer] JR Hokkaido Rail Pass (5 days / 7 days)
A must-have ticket for JR trains in Hokkaido!

New Chitose Airport – Sapporo City Center Bus Hokuto Transportation HOKUTO KOTSU

Compared with JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート", it is more convenient to use the airport bus to connect Sapporo-New Chitose Airport. Especially if you arrange accommodation near JR Sapporo Station, you don’t have to drag your suitcase to JR Sapporo Station before you can get on the train, but “Central Bus” and “Northern Capital Transportation” are located around JR Sapporo Station There are multiple bus stops so you don't have to spend time lugging your suitcases long distances in the snow to get on the bus.

From Sapporo, Hokkaido, take the limousine bus to New Chitose Airport
Compared with the JR train that connects to New Chitose Airport, you can sit more comfortably if you choose to use the bus.

Advantages of the New Chitose Airport Bus

Another difference between the airport bus and the JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" is in terms of comfort. In addition to having enough space to place suitcases, you can sit all the way to the end of the journey, without needing to take care of suitcases or when there are too many people when you take the express "エアポート" from JR Sapporo Station, New Chitose Airport has been stationed to the terminal.

Of course, the airport bus is not perfect, otherwise the other means of transportation connecting Sapporo-New Chitose Airport would have already closed down.

Points to be aware of when using the New Chitose Airport Bus

First of all, the airport bus to and from Sapporo-New Chitose Airport is relatively long. Generally speaking, it takes about 75 minutes to depart from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport to the other side. If you need to take a flight departing from New Chitose at 06:00 in the morning It is possible that we will not be able to make it in time. In addition, the seats on each bus are limited, and you may not be able to get on the bus during popular holidays and when the Sapporo Snow Festival is held.

In addition, the frequency of the airport bus is relatively small, and each bus needs to wait for 15 minutes to 25 minutes. If it is suddenly full, it may be necessary to wait for the next bus. And if you are used to wandering in Sapporo for a while before leaving for New Chitose Airport, the airport bus may make you lose your budget.

Fortunately, when there is a snowstorm in winter, there is little chance that the JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" will be suspended together with the airport bus. Go to a nearby station and wait for the airport bus.

In other words, if the airport bus with a one-way fee of ¥1100 is compared with the JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート", the airport bus is more suitable for the Hokkaido itinerary that requires the elderly and children to travel together, so that they can travel from the starting point all the way Sit till the end. Or if you carry multiple suitcases and skis, you can put them directly on the luggage rack of the bus, and then sleep in the car until the bus reaches the end.

I would like to add that it is not a common occurrence for the Sapporo-New Chitose Airport section to experience severe congestion. Generally, buses can arrive at every station on time. However, congestion caused by road accidents during winter snowstorms cannot be completely avoided, just as late arrivals cannot be avoided for JR trains in Hokkaido.
Therefore, when taking the airport bus or JR train in winter, especially when you need to catch up with the flight to New Chitose Airport, it is highly recommended to reserve a little more time for transportation to minimize the chance of missing the flight.

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New Chitose Airport – Rated Taxi in Sapporo City

Although JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" and airport buses can be used most of the time as a means of transportation connecting Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, they are generally cheap and fast. But if you meet the following conditions for your trip to Hokkaido this time, taking a taxi is probably your best choice.

Taxi fare sharing in Sapporo, Hokkaido

First of all, let me introduce what is Hokkaido fixed-rate taxi.

Taxi services in Hokkaido are generally divided into two types, one is the taxi you can take freely on the street, just like the one you usually meet in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The fare generally starts at ¥670, including the first 1.463 kilometers, and then ¥80 for every 276 meters.
The other is the taxi service that needs to be reserved. Generally, you need to make an appointment at the front desk of the hotel, or you can call the taxi company to make an appointment for a specified itinerary. In terms of charges, the total charges are calculated according to the pricing of different itineraries by different taxi companies, taxi models, departure time, and high-speed IC roads.

Fares for Sapporo city metered taxis

For example, take the itinerary from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport in the morning as an example. Whether your accommodation is arranged near JR Sapporo Station, or near Odori Park, Susukino Station, or Tanukikoji Shopping Street, there are also several taxi companies charging The total toll is calculated on the basis of ¥10,000 fixed itinerary + high-speed IC road. Generally speaking, the total budget of the itinerary can be limited within ¥12,000.

That’s because in addition to the itinerary charges, there are no additional fees for reservation fees, reception fees, luggage delivery fees, etc. It only costs ¥10,000-¥12,000 to send everyone to New Chitose Airport.

That is to say, as long as the number of people traveling this time is within 4 people, the average fare each person needs to pay is only about ¥3000-¥4000. Although compared with JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" and the airport bus, each person still has to pay about ¥2,000 yen more, but it will definitely be a lot more convenient in terms of itinerary arrangement.

Itineraries suitable for using Sapporo city meter taxis

For example, if you need to travel to Hokkaido with your family, and there are elderly people and children accompanying you, using a taxi can avoid the need for the elderly to go up and down the stairs of the subway station in Sapporo, and you don’t need to waste effort to carry the suitcase.
Especially for the itinerary starting in winter, if you have to drag the suitcase from the hotel to the subway station on the snow-covered ground, carry the suitcase down the stairs, and take care of the children and the elderly at home at the same time, then it is better to spend a little more money You can wait for a taxi at the hotel, and then ask the hotel staff and taxi driver to help carry the suitcase, and then sit in the taxi with your family and set off to New Chitose Airport.

The place where Sapporo city fixed-rate taxi wins

Sapporo's fixed-rate taxi service also has an advantage over JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" and airport buses in Sapporo, that is, they are open 24 hours, instead of waiting until 05:30 like JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" and airport buses It takes about 10 minutes to depart from Sapporo to the airport, and it is too late for the flight departing at 06:00. Or it may appear that the late-night flight arrives at New Chitose Airport, but is affected by the luggage delivery arrangement, immigration procedures, etc., and misses the last JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" and the airport bus departs for Sapporo.

For example, if you need to catch a flight departing from New Chitose Airport at 07:00, generally speaking, you must arrive at New Chitose Airport before 06:30.
Although you can also choose to use the JR Hokkaido Express "エアポート" departing from JR Sapporo Station at 05:50 to go to New Chitose Airport, but it is only suitable for passengers who arrange accommodation near JR Sapporo Station. If you choose to stay near Susukino Station or Odori Koen Station, you need to take the subway to JR Sapporo Station first, and you will not be able to make it in time.

And as long as you choose to take a fixed-rate taxi, first book a taxi from the Sapporo hotel at 05:15, and then arrive at New Chitose Airport at about 06:30 to catch the flight departing at 07:00. Of course, you can also reserve a taxi that departs earlier, so that you can guarantee that you will not miss any chance of your flight. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that there will be additional surcharges for taking the bus during the period from 22:00 to 05:00, so as long as your flight is not very early, it is sufficient to book a taxi departing from Sapporo at 05:00.

Another point is very important, that is, if you will bring your skis to Hokkaido, it is highly recommended to take a taxi to and from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. The reason is that many taxis in Sapporo are equipped with large storage spaces. Basically, it is no problem to store several suitcases and ski buildings at the same time, which can reduce the chance of being crushed on the skis when taking public transportation.

How to reserve a metered taxi in Sapporo

You can choose to call different taxi companies to make an appointment, or ask the hotel front desk staff to help you make a call, but you must clearly explain the departure time, number of passengers, luggage volume, and quantity to the staff, so that you can arrange the most suitable one. Taxi style for you.
Departure from New Chitose Airport: Call different taxi companies directly to make an appointment one hour before the scheduled ride time. As long as you state all the flight information in advance, including the airline, flight number, and arrival time, the taxi company can arrange a taxi to be ready to pick you up. However, you must avoid choosing a taxi at New Chitose Airport, because those will be taxis that are charged according to the distance, and will not provide metered taxi service.

More useful information – If you don’t know how to call to make reservations for transportation services and restaurants, you can refer to the following small sharing”Low-cost method to call to Japan by Skype: Step-by-Step Guide "

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Transportation options based on sightseeing itineraries

In addition to using taxis as a means of transportation connecting Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, it can also be used as an alternative transportation plan for Sapporo city or medium and long-distance sightseeing trips.

Sapporo city itinerary

For example, starting from JR Sapporo Station to Susukino Station and Tanukikoji Station, for example, the one-way subway fare is ¥210, and if there are 4 people traveling, it will cost ¥840. But taking the fare of a taxi in Sapporo as an example, the initial fare for 1.463 kilometers is only ¥670, and then ¥80 for every 276 meters.

According to Google Map, the journey from JR Sapporo Station to Susukino Station is only about 1.4 kilometers, which is actually cheaper than taking the subway with 4 people, and it can also save the need to go up and down stairs and walk to Waiting time at the platform.

Medium and long distance sightseeing itineraries

In addition to using taxis as a means of transportation between different attractions, you can also book a sightseeing taxi service in Sapporo, using the taxi as an exclusive sightseeing car to take you to visit different attractions within a day.

For example, itineraries to visit different scenic spots in Sapporo, or the suburban itineraries from Sapporo to Furano and Biei, as long as you book a fixed-rate sightseeing taxi service, you don’t have to worry about missing the scheduled traffic. You can slowly enjoy the scenery and visit the scenic spots, and you can also ask the taxi driver to help you take pictures.

Hokkaido Sapporo Sightseeing Course by Taxi
Example of sightseeing itinerary by fixed-rate taxi from Sapporo to Sapporo City and Lake Shikotsu (by Heart Taxi)
Hokkaido Sapporo Sightseeing Course by Taxi
Example of a fixed-rate taxi sightseeing itinerary that can travel more than 300km in one day from Sapporo to Furano and Biei (by Heart Taxi)

Although there are many sightseeing groups in Sapporo, if you like to join a private guided tour with your family and friends, it is calculated by starting with 4 people. In fact, the average price per person for the sightseeing taxi service in Sapporo Consumption is not too expensive.

How to reserve a Sapporo sightseeing taxi: It is recommended to start atHeart Taxi's websiteArranging the appointment procedures will make it easier to book a taxi driver who can speak English or simple Chinese. If you can speak basic Japanese, you can book a trip that departs in 2 days at the earliest.

Points to be aware of when taking a taxi in Sapporo

It is also because most areas in Hokkaido can be directly driven from Sapporo, so when boarding a taxi, you must communicate with the driver about the destination you are going to, try to state the correct and complete address clearly or display Google Map route for driver's reference. If you don’t understand, it is recommended to use Google Translate more, so that you can avoid finding out that you are going in the wrong direction halfway, wasting time and money.

In addition, when taking a taxi in Sapporo, under normal circumstances, you don’t need to open the door or carry the suitcase yourself, because the drivers here are very professional. As a passenger, you only need to take the bus after boarding the bus. Just sit comfortably and let the driver handle the rest.

In addition, taxi drivers in Sapporo mainly work for taxi companies, so it is rare to deceive passengers. Also because of this reason, the driver will not charge passengers additional service fees and tips, everything is charged according to the amount on the display.

However, if you think the service of this driver is very good and worthy of reward, just clearly state that it is "for you" (SABISU / サービス) and "don't need to continue" (お托りは大夫), so that you can give They tip. Although they will politely decline, if you insist, they will usually accept your offer in the end.

The last point is that if you only have credit cards, IC cards, and ¥10,000 banknotes, it is recommended to check which payment method is available before departure. Because taxis in Sapporo do not necessarily accept all kinds of payment methods like taxis in Tokyo, it is safer to check first before setting off.

Recommended accommodation in Sapporo: Hotel Nikko Sapporo JR Tower,Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo Nishi,Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo

Sapporo Taxi Reservation Information

There are a number of taxi companies operating in Sapporo at the same time. Although each taxi company is similar in terms of travel charges and services, the taxi models, English proficiency levels, and additional services provided by different companies are different. When making an appointment You can also choose a suitable itinerary according to the characteristics of different companies, your own Japanese communication skills, and the services you need.

Hello Taxi Nishoku Kotsu Co., Ltd.

It mainly provides large-scale taxis, which can carry multiple large suitcases at the same time. It is also one of the few taxi companies in Sapporo that can provide such taxis without additional charges.

Sapporo Hello Taxi provides reservations for large taxis
Hello Taxi is one of the few taxi companies in Sapporo that can provide large vehicles with no extra charges.

Although Hello Taxi is not considered a large taxi company in Sapporo, and it is not easy to find their taxis near the station, but as long as you ask the hotel front desk staff to call and make an appointment, it is basically possible to arrange a taxi in a short time. There will be no major problems.

In addition, Hello Taxi not only provides fixed-rate itinerary services connecting Sapporo-New Chitose Airport, Jozankei-Sapporo JR Station, but also accepts a variety of electronic payment methods, and is able to handle simple English conversations, which is helpful for passengers who are not familiar with Japanese conversations. Said to be a very good choice.

Where to leave your luggage by taxi in Sapporo, Hokkaido
If you are going to New Chitose Airport, it is very suitable to use Hello Taxi to transport your luggage.

Reservation method: Ask the hotel staff to assist in making an appointment, or useHello Taxi Nishoku Kotsu Co., Ltd. websiteMake an appointment directly at the phone number above.

Sapporo Daiichi Transportation

Sapporo Daiichi Transportation Co., Ltd. is managed by "Daiichi Transportation Industry", and Daiichi Transportation is a relatively large transportation company in Japan, with business branches in different parts of Japan. For tourists who come to Hokkaido for sightseeing, being able to use Chinese and English communication and interpretation services, being able to provide a variety of car models to choose from, and being able to provide a variety of payment methods to choose from are several reasons worth making an appointment.

Choice of Jumbo Taxi in Sapporo, Hokkaido
It can provide the first transportation of different car models, even if multiple people ride together, there will be no major problems.

Appointment method: You can ask the hotel staff to assist in making an appointment, or use the interpretation service of First Transportation to assist in making an appointment.
Sapporo Daiichi Transportation Taxi Branch Website The first transportation industry taxi interpretation service

Heart Taxi

Sapporo Heart Taxi not only provides Sapporo-New Chitose Airport fixed itinerary service, but also provides other sightseeing itineraries from Sapporo, such as a 2-hour sightseeing itinerary in Sapporo city, a 5-hour Sapporo suburban sightseeing itinerary, or It is also possible to make reservations for medium and long-distance sightseeing trips of more than 8 hours. These are travel options that are not provided by other taxi companies.

If you plan to start your sightseeing trip from the moment you arrive at New Chitose Airport, or if you want to let the taxi driver act as a private tour guide to take you to visit different attractions, choosing Heart Taxi will be more convenient than other taxi companies.

Reservation method: Ask the hotel staff to assist in making an appointment, or first in theChoice of itinerary on the Heart Taxi websiteSelect the itinerary you need, and then make the payment through the website to complete the reservation.

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More taxi fare trips in the Sapporo wide area

I believe that one of the itinerary goals of many people who come to Sapporo is to go to hot spring areas such as Jozankei, Lake Toya, and Noboribetsu. However, no matter whether you depart from New Chitose Airport or JR Sapporo Station, you will always encounter hot spring hotels that do not have a shuttle bus, or the time of the shuttle bus does not match your itinerary. At this time, use a taxi to connect Sapporo Station, New Chitose Airport, Jozankei, Lake Toya may be your best choice.

Jozankei – taxi options at Sapporo Station and New Chitose Airport

Since not all Sapporo taxi companies will operate fixed-rate trips outside the Sapporo city, if you want to connect to the Jozankei area from New Chitose Airport, you can consider starting at JR Sapporo Station first, and then usingHello Taxi Nishoku Kotsu Co., Ltd.The Sapporo area – Jozankei area fixed-fee itinerary departs to a hot spring hotel in the Jozankei area.

Of course, you can also use Hello Taxi's fixed-rate itinerary fee combination "Sapporo area-New Chitose Airport" and "Sapporo area-Jozankei area" to arrange direct transportation from New Senba Airport to the hot spring hotel directly, but the transportation fee will be relatively high , generally costs about ¥19,000 yen, but you can use the large interior space of Hello Taxi to transport multiple suitcases.

Conversely, if you don’t have too many suitcases, you can consider Sapporo First Transportation’s “New Chitose Airport – Jozankei Area” flat-rate itinerary, and then choose a small taxi plan, the charge is only ¥11,000 It is around Japanese yen, which is much cheaper than Hello Taxi’s fixed-rate fare combination.

The itinerary plans of the two taxi companies need to be reserved before departure, instead of directly finding a taxi that is charged according to the distance at New Chitose Airport or Sapporo Station. This is very important, don’t forget!

Fixed-rate taxi trips in the Lake Toya and Noboribetsu hot spring areas

Compared with the Sapporo city area and the Jozankei hot spring area, the two hot spring areas of Lake Toya and Noboribetsu are farther away from the New Chitose Airport, so there are fewer options for taxis that can provide fixed-fee trips. The main cities are some itineraries starting from Sapporo city, going back and forth to Lake Toya and Noboribetsu within one day and focusing on sightseeing. It will not be very suitable for some travelers who plan to go to Lake Toya and Noboribetsu to stay in hot spring hotels.

However, if you have a large number of people traveling this time, such as 4-5 people, you can chooseMK Taxi Group Sapporo BranchThe "New Chitose Airport - Lake Toya area" and "New Chitose Airport - Noboribetsu area" fixed itinerary plan, although the one-way fare costs around ¥22,000-¥28,000, but it is more suitable for a family trip, and Or for passengers with multiple suitcases.

The average fare per person is about ¥5,000-¥7,000. Although it must be a lot higher than the fare of JR trains, it can save the effort of carrying suitcases and reduce the cost of transportation. The most important thing is to be able to catch up on sleep and get enough rest during the entire journey. As long as it is calculated in this way, the difference in the middle is actually worth paying.


I believe that many people who come to Hokkaido for tourism will first consider using self-driving methods to set off to different scenic spots, and then use different sightseeing buses and JR trains to start from one scenic spot to the next. It was never under consideration.

In fact, in terms of actual itinerary, as long as your Hokkaido itinerary this time includes some visits to wineries, eating roast meat, drinking alcohol during the three big crabs, or if you need to take care of your family and have a lot of luggage, It is worth considering the use of taxis instead of self-driving, JR trains, buses, etc., so that you can gain more rest time during the ride.

Or you plan to use this itinerary to celebrate some important anniversaries, you can get more private space by using a taxi, and you don’t need to spoil the mood of the trip just to catch up with the next traffic.

Finally, if you are all ready to go to Hokkaido, you can also check back regularlyHokkaido Travel Information ClassificationIn this edition, maybe there will be more travel classification information that will be helpful to you. Another point is that the general Hokkaido itinerary will add the Tokyo itinerary at the same time. If you will leave for Tokyo at the same time, you can also checkTokyo Travel Information CategoryThat side, maybe all the same will help you.

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