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RakuRakuJP has always been a website that mainly provides practical Japanese travel information, and all content is open to the public for free, hoping that every traveler can get a better travel experience in Japan.

Recently, forTo allow you to browse our website more easily and quickly, we decided to rent a faster dedicated server to host our website, and at the same time have a larger space for more useful information on Japan travel. certainly,A faster dedicated server means more monthly rent.

However, since we want to give you a better reading experience,Reduce some advertisements that have nothing to do with Japan tourism in the article, which leads toAdvertising revenue for the site doesn't last long enough to sustain the rent for a brand new server, and finally we considered sponsorship as a way to support the daily expenses of the site.

And our goals are actually not very big.

If you think our content can help you and is worthy of your sponsorship, as long as you spend $10 USD, you can help us pay part of the rent for the new server. Perhaps $10 USD is just the cost of buying 2 cups of coffee for you, or even buying a Japanese travel magazine. But for us, we can spend more time focusing on daily content planning and provide you with more practical Japan travel information.

According to the current situation, as long as $100 USD can be raised every month, it is enough to cover the expenses of a new server. So if you'd like, we'd like to invite you to take a momentClick on the PayPal link below, and sponsor $10 USD to RakuRakuJP.Think of it as the cost of buying travel books online before leaving for Japan to travel, and at the same time give us a little support.

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RakuRakuJP, is a website dedicated to sharing articles about in-depth travel experiences in Japan.


I believe that before you travel to Japan every time, you will hope to get the most comprehensive travel information, and then be able to successfully complete the entire travel itinerary.


And our goal is to gather all practical itinerary information, discounted accommodation, and tickets, so that you can plan the entire Japan travel itinerary in the most convenient way.

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