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Tokyo Skytree: Complete Guide to Tickets, Best time to Visit, Night View

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Why do you have to go to TOKYO SKYTREE when you come to Tokyo?

There is an area in Tokyo called Oshiage, which is located on the right side of Asakusa Station, and it is only a 20-minute walk away.
Maybe you have heard of Shinjuku, Ueno, and Akihabara, but you probably haven’t heard of Oshiage.

Why did you introduce Oshiage as a place? Because there is a very popular tourist attraction in Tokyo – TOKYO SKYTREE in Oshi!

And why is Tokyo Skytree worth half a day to visit? Today's article will share with you what fun places there are in Tokyo Skytree!

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One of the popular tourist spots right in the heart of Tokyo

If the entire area of central Tokyo is divided from the imperial district into left and right sides, on the right side of central Tokyo there will be Sensoji Temple in Taito District, Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo, Ame Yokocho, Akihabara in Chiyoda District, and this article will introduce, Although the location is in Sumida District, it can actually be seen on the right side of the entire Tokyo center – TOKYO SKYTREE!

If your itinerary is on the right side of Tokyo, that is, you will go to Asakusa Kaminarimon to take pictures at noon, and go shopping at Nakamisetong, maybe you will always see TOKYO SKYTREE. If you have already eaten in Asakusa and completed the Asakusa itinerary, if you plan to continue shopping in Ueno and Shinjuku, there is actually another itinerary that is worth visiting- Watch the sunset and night view at TOKYO SKYTREE.

Also because Asakusa Kaminarimon is very close to TOKYO SKYTREE, whether you take it from Asakusa StationTobu Skytree LineArrive at TOKYO SKYTREE station, or takeToei Subway Asakusa LineIt is only a 3-minute drive to Oshiage Station. If you like to walk, just pass Azuma Bridge and cross the Sumida River where the Summer Festival Fireworks Festival is held in summer, and you will arrive at TOKYO SKYTREE in about 30 minutes. So if you have never been to TOKYO SKYTREE, it is worth joining TOKYO SKYTREE in the itinerary on the right side of Tokyo!

Popularity of TOKYO SKYTREE

Tokyo Skytree TOKYO SKYTREE, whether overseas tourists like to go, local Tokyoites, and people who come to Tokyo from other cities in Japan like to go. Especially during holidays in Japan, parents in Tokyo like to go to Tokyo Skytree with their children. If you add the number of overseas tourists, it is common to have to queue for more than an hour to board the observatory.

In addition, because TOKYO SKYTREE often cooperates with different cartoon and anime characters, many anime fans will buy tickets to take photos with their favorite anime characters at the observatory. The advantage of this is of course that every time you go to TOKYO SKYTREE, you will get a different experience, but you must reserve enough time in the itinerary to queue up for admission.

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Deconstruct the magical power of TOKYO SKYTREE for Tokyo people

If you want to say that TOKYO SKYTREE's position in the hearts of Tokyo people is not only the tallest building in Japan, but also represents a certain status symbol.

Because as long as you open Google search "Tokyo スカイツリーが见えるマンション" (a residential room where you can see TOKYO SKYTREE), "Tokyo スカイツリーが见えるホテル" (from the roomHotels where you can see TOKYO SKYTREE) and so on, you will find that TOKYO SKYTREE has a magical power for Tokyo people. So it also shows that not only overseas tourists will go to Tokyo Skytree, but even local Japanese people will regard TOKYO SKYTREE as a daily leisure attraction.

night view of tokyo skytree in tokyo
Being able to see TOKYO SKYTREE from the room has an indescribable magic to local Tokyoites

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"Tokyo Accommodation Recommendation" 7 hotels in TOKYO SKYTREE where you can see the TOKYO SKYTREE from the room! Let you enjoy the beauty of Tokyo from a different angle!

Recommended time to go to TOKYO SKYTREE

Although the TOKYO SKYTREE observatory is open from 10:00 am to 21:00 pm, if you want to get two different experiences on one ticket and one itinerary, it is veryIt is recommended to enter around sunset time!

Just like the official video below, the observation deck of TOKYO SKYTREE is the best place to watch the sunset in Tokyo.

If you want to watch the sunset in the center of Tokyo, I believe the observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree is the best place! (Video: Tokyo スカイツリー Official)

Sunset viewing schedule at TOKYO SKYTREE

Although it is not stated in the film which month it was shot, but based on the sunset time, it should be the sunset time in winter.

Also because the sunshine time in Tokyo is very short in winter, it is recommended to board the observatory of the Tokyo Sky Tree earlier and wait for the sunset time. For example, you can board the observatory at around 15:00 in the afternoon. The advantage is that you can first spend an hour slowly enjoying the panoramic view of Tokyo. Starting at about 16:30, you will find that the scenery in Tokyo Slowly it becomes different as the position of the sun changes. then inAround 17:15, you can start watching the sunset in Tokyo.

Generally speaking, the entire sunset process lasts about 30 minutes, and you will see that Tokyo changes from daytime to nighttime attire, and then aroundAround 18:15At that time, the center of Tokyo will officially Light-up! At this time, you will find that Tokyo shows its vitality at night, so that you can use one set of tickets to experience the same appearance of the two types of tickets in the center of Tokyo within 2 hours!

However, one thing to note is that the sunset time in Tokyo will change according to the season, such asThe earliest sunset time in winter can start at 16:30 in the afternoon,andIn summer, the sunset can start at 19:00 in the afternoon. But to put it simply, if you enter the venue 2 hours before sunset, you should be able to watch the sunset on the Tokyo Skytree smoothly. (Calculated by setting aside one hour for queuing and one hour for watching the scenery from different directions of the observatory)

Summer only! Summer Festival Fireworks & TOKYO SKYTREE

If you pay close attention to the location of TOKYO SKYTREE, you will find that it is actually near the Sumida River. The Sumida River is where the Tokyo "Sumida River Fireworks Festival" is held every year! That is to say, in addition to watching fireworks ejected into the air from the ground as usual, you can also watch fireworks blooming under your feet in TOKYO SKYTREE. I believe this should be a unique experience in TOKYO SKYTREE!

Tokyo Attractions_Tokyo Festivals_Fireworks Displays
If you watch the Fireworks Festival at TOKYO SKYTREE, this angle is probably a unique experience in Tokyo (Photo: Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival Official)

Maybe you have participated in fireworks festivals in different places in Japan, but if you want to enter the local high-rise buildings on the day of the fireworks festival and appreciate them at the same level, you probably don’t even think about it and know that it is impossible. But as long as you pay more attention to the latest announcement of TOKYO SKYTREE at the "Sumida River Fireworks Festival", you will have the opportunity to buy a package ticket for the "Sumida River Fireworks Festival Special Business", so that you can watch different fireworks from another angle in the sky General Assembly.

The firework festival viewed from a height feels different. (Video: Tokyo スカイツリー Official)

Information on TOKYO SKYTREE

Observatory location

The 634-meter-high TOKYO SKYTREE has two observation decks of different heights, namely the Tembo Galleria on the 445th floor to the 450th floor of the Tokyo Skytree, and the Tembo Deck on the 340th floor to the 350th floor. kind. The situation is the same as that of Tokyo Tower (TOKYO TOWER), where the observatory is divided into two different heights, but the advantage of TOKYO SKYTREE over Tokyo Tower (TOKYO TOWER) is that it is on the lower 340th floor - 350th floor Tembo Deck , has already defeated the TOP DECK high-rise observatory of Tokyo Tower (TOKYO TOWER) in terms of height.

Floor Guide of Tokyo Skytree
The observatory of TOKYO SKYTREE is divided into high-rise and low-rise (picture: TOKYO SKYTREE Official, click to enlarge the picture)

When looking at the scenery of downtown Tokyo on TOKYO SKYTREE, the scenery that can be seen from Tembo Galleria and Tembo Deck are actually similar, and the difference is only about 100 meters in height, so whether you want to Buy a ticket to board the 450-meter-high Tembo Galleria (Tembo Galleria), it depends on how much you want to stand higher to see the scenery of Tokyo.

However, if you are coming to Tokyo for the first time, it is actually highly recommended to go up to the highest Tembo Galleria (Tembo Galleria), because sometimes only when you go up, you will find how attractive the scenery there is. And only after boarding, no matter whether it is good-looking or not, it is a kind of travel memory, and I will not regret that I did not go there in the future.

Examples of views from the Tembo Corridor and Tembo Deck

If you want to talk about the most noteworthy scenery on the observatory of Tokyo Seishi Tower, I believe it must be Mount Fuji!
Because it is not easy to see Mt. Fuji in the heart of Tokyo, especially since the terrain of Tokyo is flat and surrounded by different high-rise buildings, it is not easy to go to a high place to see the scenery.

And as long as you walk to the observation deck of TOKYO SKYTREE, you will find that the buildings in the entire city of Tokyo are not very high. If you have the opportunity to walk to the top of Mount Taiping in Hong Kong, you will find two completely different urban designs. But on the other hand, it is also because the center of Tokyo is not developing towards the sky, so you have the opportunity to overlook Mount Fuji from TOKYO SKYTREE!

The scenery that can be seen on the Tokyo skytree in Tokyo
As long as the weather is good, Mount Fuji can be seen in the center of Tokyo (Photo: TOKYO TOKYO SKYTREE official, click to enlarge the image)


Now TOKYO SKYTREE tickets are divided into four types, which are "holiday admission tickets" and "weekday admission tickets", and the difference in fees is about 10%.
In addition, under the "Holiday Admission Ticket" and "Weekday Admission Ticket", it is subdivided into the Tembo Deck + Tembo Galleria package ticket that can go to the two observatories, and the Tembo Deck that can only go to the lower observatory. Deck (Tembo Deck) tickets.
A simple subdivision would look like the following table:

TOKYO SKYTREE admission fee"Holiday Admission Ticket""Weekday Admission Ticket"
Tembo Deck + Tembo Corridor Ticket¥3400JPY¥3100JPY
Tembo Deck Ticket¥2300JPY¥2100JPY

That is to say, it is impossible to purchase the admission ticket for the Tembo Galleria (Tembo Galleria) on the high-level observatory independently. If you want to go higher, you must buy the package ticket of Tembo Deck (Tembo Deck) + Tembo Galleria (Tembo Galleria).

Although it is said that you can go to the Tembo Deck on the 340th floor to decide whether to buy an additional ticket for the Tembo Galleria on the 450th floor, but if you buy the ticket in this way, you will lose the opportunity to go to the Tembo Galleria (Tembo Galleria) on the high-level observatory. Galleria) offers discounts, so it is recommended to choose which observatory you plan to go to before entering the venue.

If you really want not to pay too much money, you plan to go to the observatory on the 350th floor first. If you decide whether to go to the high-level observatory after seeing it, you can go hereCheck out the official website to buy tickets separatelyHandling of charges

TOKYO SKYTREE admission fee

Generally speaking, the ticket fees are divided into two types, one is the admission package sold on the day, and the other is the package booked online.

To put it simply, the admission packages sold on the day are all regular-priced admission packages, and there are no discounts.
The package tickets booked on the Internet are then subdivided into official website bookings, and booking packages using the klook ticketing website. generally inklook's ticketing system to book the admission package of Tokyo Skytree TOKYO SKYTREE, will be cheaper than the official admission package on the day and the official website booking.

Take the holiday ticket with the highest price, Tembo Deck on the 350th floor + Tembo Galleria on the 450th floor as an example, it costs ¥3,400 to buy a ticket after arriving at the Tokyo Sky Tree, and you can choose to buy it on the official website It costs ¥3000 yen to book a ticket

But if you book tickets for Tokyo Skytree through klook's ticketing system, the price is only about NT$652 / HKD$ 159, (calculated based on the Japanese yen exchange rate in October 2022 – 1NT$: 4.62JPY, 1HKD$: 19JPY). If the price of the ticket is converted back to Japanese yen, it will be around ¥3000. Although the price is similar to that of the official booking, there is no need to worry about filling in the wrong information when booking the official ticket, and you can also use the discount code given to everyone by klookBetterOnApp, to receive an additional 5% discount.

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As I said at the beginning, TOKYO SKYTREE is not only the tallest building in Tokyo and Japan, it is almost twice as tall as Tokyo Tower in height. On the other hand, why it is said that TOKYO SKYTREE has an indescribable magic power is probably because it changes its color at night with different times.
If you come to TOKYO SKYTREE during the special lighting period, you will have the opportunity to see other special colors besides purple and blue. For example, during the Olympic Games held in Tokyo, five colors representing the "five rings - red, green, black, yellow, and blue" appeared.

If you like to take pictures, or if you want to enjoy the TOKYO SKYTREE throughout your trip in Tokyo, you can also consider staying in a nearby hotel where you can see the TOKYO SKYTREE. Many of them can be seen from the room. Can be seen!

If you just look at the pictures, you probably think that TOKYO SKYTREE is as simple as simply picking a color, but just look at the official night view lighting explanation of TOKYO SKYTREE, and you will probably know why many people would like to be able to choose a color on their own The room can see TOKYO SKYTREE

TOKYO SKYTREE has an indescribable magic for Tokyo people (Video: Tokyo スカイツリー formula)

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Things to do near TOKYO SKYTREE

When you come to TOKYO SKYTREE, if you just walk up to the two observation decks to see the scenery, maybe these itineraries are relatively static, and some people will find it a bit boring. Because of this, in addition to the scenery and sunset scenery in the center of Tokyo, TOKYO SKYTREE also has a more dynamic attraction - Sumida Aquarium.

Sumida Aquarium

existSumida AquariumHere, although you may not see large marine life like other aquariums, it is actually a good arrangement in terms of an additional itinerary for Tokyo Skytree.

Because in the Sumida Aquarium (Sumida Aquarium), you will see that the Sumida Aquarium uses different designs and lighting to show the seemingly ordinary jellyfish and penguins to their unique side. If you are interested in marine life, it will be a good experience to spend an hour walking around Sumida Aquarium.

Tokyo Solamachi Tokyo Solamachi

If you want to describe TOKYO SKYTREE in one sentence, TOKYO SKYTREE is actually a mixture of radio towers, aquariums, offices, and shopping malls. And the TOKYO Solamachi part of Tokyo Skytree Street is another place where you can buy and eat after you come down from the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree!

In TOKYO Solamachi, it is very convenient for eating, drinking and shopping (Photo: TOBU TOWN SOLAMACHI Official)

Restaurant gourmet center

On the side of TOKYO Solamachi, Tokyo Solamachi, there are many restaurants. Whether it is the dessert center on 2/F, the Food Court on 3/F, light food and fast food on 4/F, or the entire floor of 6/F is a large restaurant, there are almost 20 of them, not ramen. , Yakiniku is sushi, matcha shop, coffee shop and so on. For example, the famous ramen shops Yihuan and Liulisha have branches here. If you feel hungry after visiting the Tokyo Skytree and Sumida Aquarium, you can also eat a bowl of ramen here before continuing your journey. You don’t need to go back to Ueno to find a restaurant to eat when you are hungry.

If you are interested in eating some high-end restaurants, you can choose from several traditional Japanese restaurants, monjayaki, izakaya, and sushi restaurants when you walk to 7/F.

shopping, cartoon characters

In addition to different restaurant delicacies, TOKYO Solamachi is also a concentration of different brand-name shops.

Let’s not talk about the shops that sell local daily necessities and groceries. Although there are really a lot of them, most of them are brands that specialize in local Tokyo people. They may not be familiar to overseas tourists, so I won’t spend much time introducing them. If you are interested, you can also go shopping at that time to see what good things will suit you.

What I want to introduce today is that TOKYO Solamachi has gathered many famous cartoon character brand stores, whether it is the super famous Disney in Tokyo, or Universal Studios Japan, which must be visited every time you go to Kansai and Osaka. In the shopping malls of TOKYO Solamachi, you will find Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and other cartoon character brand boutiques.
In addition, there are Rilakkuma, Snoopy, Miffy, Ghibli どんぐり Republic, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, etc. The number of brands is almost half of that of the "Tokyo キャラクターストリート" cartoon character walking street at Tokyo Station. If you are particularly interested in Universal Studios' Marvel, Harry Potter or Disney, you can also look for the products you want at TOKYO Solamachi before heading to the cartoon character walking street at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Solamachi TOKYO Solamachi location

Address: 〒131-0045 Oshiage 1-1-2, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:00 – 21:00 (main stores) / 11:00 – 23:00 (some restaurants)
Connected transportation: Tobu スカイツリーライン, とうきょうスカイツリー駅 (Tobu Railway Tokyo Skytree Line, TOKYO SKYTREE Station) / Hanzomon Line, Keisei Line, Toei Asakusa Line Oshiage Station
More TOKYO Solamachi store information: TOKYO Solamachi Official Site

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Asakusa Kaminarimon – Tokyo Sky Tree recommended itinerary

If you can arrange a one-day itinerary to the right of the center of Tokyo, you can actually follow the recommended itinerary below and arrange to visit two popular attractions, Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE, within one day.

morning itinerary

If you can go out early, it is recommended to come to Asakusa Station at 09:00 in the morning. Because the flow of people in the morning is relatively small, if you plan to take pictures in front of Asakusa Kaminarimon, this time is the most suitable time to come to Asakusa. After the photo is taken, the shops on both sides of Nakamise Shopping Street will open for business. You can visit different shops while walking along the shopping street to visit Sensoji Temple.
After visiting the shrine, if you go through all the shops once, and you will also go to the restaurants and small shops on the Chuanyuan Street, it will take about 3 hours, which means it is almost 12:00 lunch time. At this time, you can find a few interesting restaurants on Chuanyuantong.

After visiting Tokyo Skytree, you can go to Asakusa Leimon Temple
As long as you wake up later, Asakusa Kaminarimon will become a sea of people, and it will be very difficult to take pictures (Photo: Unsplash)

noon itinerary

After lunch, it is about 14:00 in the afternoon. At this time, it will be a little early to go directly to the observatory of TOKYO SKYTREE to watch the sunset, so in addition to continuing to go shopping around Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Kaminarimon, you can actually experience itRickshaw sightseeing service in Asakusa, Let the locals be your tour guides and tell you about Asakusa in their eyes. But more importantly, is the opportunity for you to take a photo full of memories in their rickshaw!

Rickshaw experience in front of Asakusa Kaminarimon Temple
Let a local Tokyoite act as your personal tour guide and show you a different side of Asakusa!

Although there are almost a dozen companies that provide rickshaw services in Asakusa, they are often full during peak hours.
So if you want to experience the rickshaw sightseeing service, you can also use klookRickshaw Advance Booking Service, in addition to reserving a seat for you in advance, so that you can get on the bus as soon as you arrive, it will also give you an additional booking discount, which is sometimes cheaper than booking directly with the rickshaw company!

After experiencing the rickshaw sightseeing, it is almost 15:00 in the afternoon. If the sunshine is relatively short in winter, it is very suitable to start to the observatory of TOKYO SKYTREE now. If the sunshine time is relatively long in summer, you can also go to the store in TOKYO Solamachi below for a while, and then check the time before queuing up to the observatory of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

evening itinerary

I believe that after a whole day of shopping, you will be tired. If you want to relax, you can go to Shinjuku and Ueno to find a few high-end restaurants to eat. However, if you still have the strength, it is a good travel experience to go to the historic Tokyo Station at night, take a few special photos in front of Tokyo, and then go to the authentic izakaya near Shimbashi Station for dinner.

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TOKYO SKYTREE TOKYO SKYTREE has a lot of places worth introducing. In addition to the TOKYO SKYTREE features, attractions, and observatory information just introduced above, there are actually "Recommended hotels where you can see TOKYO SKYTREE from your room", "Tokyo Skytree compared with Tokyo Tower, why are both attractions worth visiting?" and other different themes. However, due to the limited space of the article, it is split into different article topics.

If you are all planning to travel to Tokyo, as long as you check theTokyo Travel Classification, you will discover more tourist information in the center of Tokyo and the suburbs of Tokyo!

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