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Imabari towels: The Best Towel You Must-buy in Japan

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Imabari Towels Perfect for Gifting

If you have the opportunity to come to Ehime Prefecture, it is worth spending an afternoon in Imabari, because there is a place in Imabari that collects the products of different towel factories in the entire Imabari area, so that you can buy the entire Imabari at once. Towels, whether you give them to friends or take them home for your own use, the towel products here are very worth buying as souvenirs. Because as long as you have ever used a towel made in Imabari, you will know how soft and comfortable it is.

And if you are planning to go to Tokyo next month, as long as you go to Minami-Aoyama, you will have the same opportunity to directly buy real towel products produced in Imabari!

Features of Imabari towel products

Towels, for you, may be nothing more than a cloth for washing your face and bathing, or for cleaning. Many times, they will not become the focus of your daily life. But if you come to the Imabari Towel Japan store in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, you will have the opportunity to see how they sell towels as high-end products, unlike the ten yuan and eight yuan you put in random at the street stalls. The towels sold on the ground use a high-grade packaging box to carry extremely soft towels, and the selling price of a gift set needs to be more than ¥5,000 yen.

What are the characteristics of these towels? Why are towels so expensive?

From the video of the Imabari Towel Industry Association below, you will find that the towels produced in Imabari are superior to other places in terms of water quality, cotton thread quality, textile technology, and towel dyeing technology, so the towels produced in Imabari will go through a strict water absorption process. Force test – "5 seconds ルール", the towel fragments need to absorb water and sink within 5 seconds to be considered qualified.

Only towel products that can pass the "5 seconds ルール" are considered high-quality (Video: Imabari タオル formula)

Moreover, the towels produced in Imabari are not only a daily necessities, but a high-end product that can beautify life, so you will also find different designs and beautifully packaged towel gift sets at the Imabari Towel Japan store.
Another feature is that for the towel products sold in the Imabari Towel Japan store, you will find the products of that towel manufacturer. You can compare the towels of different manufacturers in real time to find a towel that is most suitable for your habits. .

Imabari towel set
Don't underestimate this hand towel. Not only is it highly absorbent, it is also produced through an environmentally friendly process, and each towel will have the name of the manufacturer printed on it (price: ¥935 yen)
Imabari towel set
For Imabari and Japanese people, towels are not only a necessity of life, but also a high-end gift item (price: ¥6270~¥7480)

Although some people say that the towels produced in Imabari are definitely not cheap, but it is a very good choice as a gift. Because the quality of the towel is very high, it will be very comfortable if you use it. At the same time, because of the very good quality, some friends said that it is very precious when they receive the gift box set. I am willing to use it, but I also have it as a souvenir collection.

A branch of Imabari Towel Japan specialty store

Although you can buy towels produced in the Imabari area in many department stores and online stores, if you want to buy towels that are definitely produced in Imabari, you must go to the Imabari Towel Japan specialty store. Because the specialty store will collect the products of different towel manufacturers in Imabari, it can be regarded as the retail branch of the entire towel manufacturing industry association. The towel products bought in the specialty store are more guaranteed in quality and have more choices in style. .

The Imabari Towel Japan specialty stores are mainly concentrated in the Imabari area. Our store is located in a relatively remote location in Imabari, and you have to take a taxi to get there.
Fortunately, the Imabari Towel Japan store has branches at Matsuyama Airport, Imabari International Hotel, and Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. As long as you pass through Matsuyama Airport or travel to Tokyo, you can have a chance Towel products made in Imabari can be purchased at the Imabari Towel Japan specialty store.

Songshan Airport Branch

If you will use Matsuyama Airport to go to Ehime Prefecture, you can find a branch of the Imabari Towel Japan specialty store at the airport 1/F.

Imabari Towel Ehime Matsuyama Airport Branch
A branch of the Imabari Towel Japan specialty store at Matsuyama Airport

Address: 〒791-8042 1st Floor, Matsuyama Airport, 2731 Minamiyoshida-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Tel: 089-971-2012
Business hours: 07:00 – 19:00

Imabari Kokusai Hotel Branch

If your itinerary in Ehime Prefecture does not pass through Matsuyama Airport, and you may depart from Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, and then leave Japan from Hiroshima, it should be the best choice to choose the Imabari Kokusai Hotel branch.

Because in addition to buying towel products, you can also experience the special rhythm of life in Imabari, a relatively sparsely populated city.

Although you will also say that the main store of Imabari Towel Japan is located in Imabari, but because it is far away from Imabari Station, you need to transfer to a taxi to get there. In comparison, Imabari International is only a 15-minute walk away. The Hotel branch is more convenient.

Imabari Towel Ehime International Hotel Branch

Address: 〒794-8522 2-3-4 Asahi-cho, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture
Tel: 0898-32-5533
Business hours: 09:30 – 19:00

Minami-Aoyama Branch, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Maybe you also think that you have to go to Ehime Prefecture to buy Imabari towels, and if you go to other places in Japan, you can only look at the door and sigh. However, in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, there is actually a branch of the Imabari Towel Japan specialty store, so that even if you have no chance to arrange a trip to Ehime Prefecture, you can still buy towel products directly produced in Imabari.

Although some people would say that the Minami-Aoyama branch in Minato-ku, Tokyo may have fewer product varieties, but if you think about it from a different perspective, the lack of product varieties is actually not a problem, and it is better than not being able to buy at all. If you plan to go to the Minami-Aoyama branch of Imabari Towel Japan in Minato-ku, Tokyo, you can check it out before you go.Minami Aoyama branch product list at that time, It’s not too late to start buying if you have a style you like.

Imabari Towel Tokyo Aoyama Branch

Address: No. 203, 5-3-10 FROM-1st 2F, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 〒107-0062
Tel: 03-6427-2941
Business hours: 10:30 – 19:00

Access to Imabari

From Matsuyama Station, it takes about 40 minutes to arrive on the Shuzan Line.

Payment method at Imabari Towel Japan specialty store

At the Imabari Towel Japan store, you can use cash, credit cards, IC cards such as SUICA, ICOCA, PASMO and other transportation cards. If you buy a lot, you don’t have to worry about running out of cash. However, the Imabari Towel Japan store does not necessarily participate in the passenger tax exemption program like other Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and Uniqlo, so even if you buy a large order, you may not be able to be tax-free. This is something that needs to be mentally prepared before departure.


The name Imabari, I believe many people listen to it, but very few actually go there. So when I set off to Shikoku once, I found that I had the opportunity to go to Imabari, and I was a little nervous. The population of Imabari is smaller than expected, which is about the population density outside the 23rd ward of Tokyo. Basically, the distance between people is more than 5 meters. It is a very quiet city.

It is not too far to walk from Imabari Station to the Imabari Towel Japan branch of Imabari International Hotel. If you have come to Matsuyama, you have experienced popular attractions such as Dogo Onsen, Young Master Train, etc., but if you still have an afternoon and can’t think of other itineraries, it’s a good travel experience to go to Imabari. You can also buy some Imabari towels along the way. Product to a friend.

Finally, if you are planning a trip in the Shikoku area, you can also check out theShikoku Travel Information Classification, maybe you will find more different itinerary ideas. If you want to focus on Ehime Prefecture’s itinerary planning, accommodation, and recommended attractions, you can also check it outShikoku – Ehime Prefecture Classification, I believe it will help you find new ideas!

Pictures / Details: Imabari Tower Industry Association / Imabari Towel Japan / Imabari Towel Official Shop

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