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Mount Fuji Yoshida Route》Mountain trail information/map/route information/climbing time

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Mount Fuji Yoshida Route, the most popular climbing route

There are four main climbing routes on Mount Fuji, namely the Yoshida Line, Subashiri Line, Fujinomiya Line, and Gotemba Line. Among them, the Yoshida Line is the most popular climbing route. Every year, more than half of the climbers climb to the top of Mount Fuji from the Yoshida Line to enjoy the sunrise.

In addition, the Yoshida Line also has the most sightseeing facilities and mountain huts. If you want to buy food and drinking water during mountain climbing, there are many mountain huts on the Yoshida Line where you can buy the items you need at any time. Because of this, the Yoshida Line has always been the most suitable climbing route for climbing Mount Fuji for the first time. Even elementary school students with no mountaineering experience can climb to the top of Mount Fuji via the Yoshida Line.

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Fujiyama Yoshida Line 5th Station
The 5th station of the Fujisan Yoshida Line with many shops. (Click to enlarge image, Fujiyoshida)
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Detailed information on the Yoshida route

The Yoshida Route has many mountain huts, paid restrooms, and rescue stations. It is the climbing route with the most facilities among the four major climbing routes. Best for climbers who plan to stay in a mountain hut while climbing Mount Fuji, and then head to the top of Fuji to watch the sunrise.

In addition, the uphill direction and the downhill direction of the Yoshida Line are two completely separate routes, which greatly reduces the chance of you taking the wrong route. At the same time, the Yoshida Line also has a large number of bus routes connecting Tokyo and Lake Kawaguchi, which is very suitable for arranging mountaineering trips in the middle of the entire travel itinerary.

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starting heightabout 2300m
Elevation difference from the top of the mountainabout 1400m
Walking distance uphillabout 7.5km
Walking time uphillabout 6 hours
Walking distance downhillabout 7.6km
Walking time downhillabout 3 hours
Hiking trail locationYamanashi Prefecture
The direction of the hiking trailClimb to the top of Mount Fuji from the north. When the sunrise comes, the entire Yoshida Line can clearly see the sunrise scenery.
Starting point of the hiking trailFuji Subaru Line 5th station
Congested conditions on hiking trailsThere will be mixed crowds on weekends and holidays
Fuji Mountain Lodge-Yoshida Line
Yoshida Line hiking route map. (Click to enlarge the image, camp-outdoor)

Uphill direction of Yoshida Route

The Yoshida route starts climbing Mount Fuji at 2,400 meters from the sea and passes through many mountain huts, paid restrooms, and rescue stations. If you plan to stay in a mountain hut called "Oraikokan", you must climb to the top of Mount Fuji from the Yoshida Line.

The Yoshida Line will merge with the Subashiri Line from the eighth station. So if you climb Mount Fuji on weekends or holidays, you must go to the top of Mount Fuji early so that you can catch the sunrise from the top of Fuji.

Downhill direction of Yoshida Route

The Yoshida Line descent consists of a number of climbing paths filled with gravel. It takes a total of 4 hours to return to the Yoshida Line fifth station from the top of Mount Fuji. In addition, there are no shops, mountain huts, or restrooms on the downhill side of the Yoshida Line, so you must buy enough food and drinking water at the top of Fuji before you can start your trip down the mountain.

Until the eighth station, the Yoshida Line and the Subashiri Line will use the same mountain trail to go down the mountain, and then it will split into two descent roads and go to different places. During the period when Mount Fuji is open for climbing, local climbing instructors will be on duty and indicate the final direction of each descent. If you have any questions during your descent, you should check with a local climbing instructor before continuing down the mountain.

Mount Fuji - Yoshida Line - Hiking Trail Information
Yoshida Line hiking trail information, uphill direction, downhill direction. (Click on image to enlarge)

Facilities on the Yoshida Route

Post Office: Located at the Yoshida Line 5th Station Plaza. We provide Mount Fuji-themed postcards, stamps, and special postal seals for sending letters from the Yoshida Line 5th Station Post Office.

Shops and restaurants located at the 5th station: selling Mount Fuji-themed souvenirs and Mount Fuji-themed food.

Coin-operated lockers: There are 3 different options, namely small, medium and large, and the charges are ¥500 yen / ¥1000 yen / ¥2000 yen respectively.

Rescue Center: There are 3 rescue centers, located at the 5th Station, 7th Station and 8th Station. There will be nurses and doctors on duty at the fifth station during the day. As for the seventh and eighth stations, nurses and doctors will adopt a 24-hour shift system. The first aid clinic at the seventh station is located at "Kamaikan", and the first aid clinic at the eighth station is located at "Taikokan".

Yamanashi Prefecture Fuji 5th Station General Management Center: Located at the entrance to the 5th station hiking trail, police and mountaineering instructors are stationed during the day. There is also a nature walking tour (Eco-trekking) to view Mount Fuji, which requires advance reservation.
Reservation method: Mt. Fuji 5th station management office, call 0555-72-1477 (Japan), office hours: 9 am to 4 pm.

There is a Mount Fuji Safety Guidance Center at the 6th station: During the opening hours of the hiking trail, staff will be stationed in the Safety Guidance Center in shifts. The main purpose is to provide climbers with safety guidance, first aid services, and necessary mountaineering information. In addition, there is a Mount Fuji Safety Guidance Center at the 6th station that also provides helmet rental services. You only need to pay a deposit to use them while climbing Mount Fuji.

You can rent equipment for free at the police station at the sixth station of the Mount Fuji Yoshida Route
The Mount Fuji Safety Information Center at the Yoshida Line 6th station allows climbers to rent helmets for free. (Click on image to enlarge)

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If it is your first time to climb Mount Fuji in Japan, the Yoshida Line may be the most suitable climbing route for you. Because the Yoshida Line has the most mountain huts and shops, you can have a more relaxed Mount Fuji climbing trip, and when you need emergency assistance, there are also many emergency centers that can provide you with rescue services.

Of course, you can also consider climbing to the top of Mount Fuji from other climbing routes, but you need to prepare more complete climbing equipment, sufficient food and drinking water, so that you can safely climb to the top of Mount Fuji and enjoy the most beautiful sunrise.

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