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Welcome to RakuRakuJP. When you use the information or other services provided by this website, or register as a member of this website, it means that you agree to the following terms of use (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the terms"). We will revise the terms from time to time without specifically notifying you.


Rakurakujp 乐游Japan is an information platform that mainly provides Japanese travel information and is established for all travelers who are preparing to depart for Japan. Every effort is made by this site, all editors, and all administrators to ensure that the information in travel articles is correct. However, the published information and the published date are not necessarily very close to your itinerary and departure date. Local tourism operators have the right to change the service content at any time without notice. Therefore, this website cannot be responsible for any delays in your travel, monetary losses, or any other circumstances. It is also your responsibility to clearly understand the service content/terms provided by the local operator. If you have any questions about the operator/service, you should directly inquire and contact the service provider.

Advertising, Marketing Statements

All content on this website can be freely read at any time without payment. However, based on the expenses of supporting the daily operation of the website, the website administrator may publish relevant advertisements and affiliate marketing content according to the content of the article, so as to obtain corresponding commissions and advertising fees, and support the operation needs of the website.

The products and services provided in all advertisements are transactions between users and suppliers. Although this website will try its best to check the accuracy of each advertisement and affiliate marketing content to ensure that only advertisements that are beneficial to users will be published, this website will not be responsible for any transaction or any supplier’s misconduct. responsibility.

Content, image source statement

Most of the materials used in this website, including pictures, texts, copywriting, etc., are based on the editor's own experience, or in different travel service providers, or other media on the Internet. The content of the article will contain reprinted text Information, pictures, videos, etc. The copyright of such reprinted materials also belongs to such operators.
If you have any adoption or copyright issues, please leave a message.

Copyright Terms of Use

All content provided by RakuRakuJP and Rakuraku, such as trademarks, text, pictures, videos, any sound, advertisements or other forms of content, are protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws. If you need to reprint part or all of the content of the article, you must submit a written application to this website, and you can use, edit, or change any content on this website after obtaining consent.

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RakuRakuJP, is a website dedicated to sharing articles about in-depth travel experiences in Japan.


I believe that before you travel to Japan every time, you will hope to get the most comprehensive travel information, and then be able to successfully complete the entire travel itinerary.


And our goal is to gather all practical itinerary information, discounted accommodation, and tickets, so that you can plan the entire Japan travel itinerary in the most convenient way.

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