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Do You Need Permit to Climb Mt. Fuji?

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Do I need to apply to climb Mount Fuji?

Every year, many climbers hope to climb Mount Fuji and watch the sunrise from the highest point in Japan. However, Mount Fuji is a mountain that has been covered with snow all year round. Coupled with the severe cold weather on the top of Fuji, it is not open to general climbers at all times.

So do I need to apply to climb Mount Fuji? Simply put, there are two main itineraries for climbing Mount Fuji.

For ordinary climbers, if you choose to climb Mount Fuji in the summer months from July to September, there is actually no need to prepare any additional application procedures. You only need to reserve a mountain hut on Mount Fuji, pay the toll to enter Mount Fuji, and you can start your journey to climb Mount Fuji.

However, if you plan to climb Mount Fuji outside of July-September every year, you must comply with the following three points before you can start your climbing trip:

  • Prepare enough mountaineering equipment and a complete mountaineering plan in advance
  • The local government submits a "climbing plan" and obtains access permission.
  • Bring a portable toilet and take away your own waste

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Mt. Fuji Climbing Preparations
The process of climbing Mount Fuji is never easy, and you need to have a complete climbing plan. (Click on the image to learn more)

What you need to make a reservation before climbing Mount Fuji

If you plan to climb Mount Fuji from July to September every year, although you do not need to submit a "climbing plan" to the local government before you can start your Mount Fuji climbing trip, if you want to increase the chance of climbing to the top of Mount Fuji, and To live more comfortably while climbing Mount Fuji, you need to prepare the following things in advance.

Reserve a mountain hut on Mount Fuji

Fuji Mountain Hut is an accommodation facility located on a mountain climbing route. The main purpose is to provide a short resting place for climbers and a safe refuge.

These mountain huts are very important for climbing Mount Fuji because you can get enough rest in the mountain hut, and the mountain hut will also prepare food for you. At the same time, you can also plan a mountaineering itinerary that best suits you based on the weather forecast at that time. For example, you can change your original plan of climbing to the top of Mount Fuji to watch the sunrise to a plan of staying in a mountain hut to watch the sunrise. More importantly, when you encounter thunderstorms or heavy rain, you can choose to stay in the mountain hut until the weather returns to normal.

Since the space in mountain huts is very limited, most climbers will start booking mountain huts several months before departure. If you plan to stay in any of the popular mountain huts, you must book in advance.

More information on Mount Fuji Mountain Hut: Mount Fuji mountain hut list / Mount Fuji climbing restrictions / Fujiyoshida Line Oraikokan

Mount Fuji Hut - Mountain Hut List
Staying in a mountain hut should improve your chances of successfully climbing to the top of Mount Fuji. (Click on the image to learn more)

Make a reservation for Mount Fuji equipment

To enjoy the sunrise at Mount Fuji, a complete set of mountaineering equipment is an important condition for successfully climbing to Mount Fuji. However, if you do not have the habit of frequent mountaineering and do not have a complete set of mountaineering equipment, you need to reserve a mountaineering equipment rental service in advance.

Some mountaineering equipment companies in Japan will provide a complete set of Mount Fuji equipment, allowing you to rent mountaineering jackets, mountaineering backpacks, mountaineering boots, and more mountaineering equipment at a relatively cheap price. The cost is cheaper than buying a complete set of hiking equipment, and it can also save space in your suitcase.

More information on Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental: Mountaineering equipment rental list

Mount Fuji climbing equipment
Some mountaineering equipment companies in Japan provide rental services for Mount Fuji equipment. (Click on the image to learn more)

Book a Mount Fuji hiking tour

Another type that you need to book in advance before you climb Mount Fuji is the Mount Fuji Mountaineering Tour.

If it is your first time to climb Mount Fuji and you don’t have much mountaineering experience, these Mount Fuji mountaineering tours with guided tours are best for you. You can ask these mountaineering groups to arrange transportation to Mount Fuji for you, help you book a mountain hut, and also have a tour guide to accompany you to the top of Mount Fuji. To put it simply, you only need to arrive at the meeting point of the mountaineering group on time, and these mountaineering groups will arrange a perfect Mount Fuji climbing itinerary for you.

More information on Mount Fuji climbing tours: Fuji mountain climbing tour list

Fuji mountain climbing group-willer travel
Book a climbing group that specializes in climbing Mount Fuji and let them prepare a perfect Mount Fuji itinerary for you. (Click on the image to learn more)

Book transportation to Mount Fuji

To successfully climb Mount Fuji, you must reach Mount Fuji in person to achieve this goal. In other words, it is equally important to book your ticket to Mount Fuji in advance.

A large number of climbers go to Mount Fuji from Tokyo every July – September, and most of them take buses/JR trains. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji because you can’t buy a ticket, you must book your transportation ticket from Tokyo to Mount Fuji in advance.

More Mount Fuji transportation information: Fuji bus / Mount Fuji JR train / Tokyo – Mount Fuji Transportation
A must-buy transportation package for climbing Mount Fuji: Shinjuku – Mount Fuji JR Ticket / Tokyo Airport Skyliner Ticket / JR Pass Tokyo Wide Area Pass

Fujikyu Bus-Shinjuku to Lake Kawaguchi
There are a lot of tourists going to Lake Kawaguchi during the summer, so you have to buy your tickets in advance. (Click on the image to learn more)

Book accommodation in Mount Fuji

The last thing you need to book in advance is the accommodation plan in Lake Kawaguchi, especially some hot spring hotels with views of Mount Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchi is a very popular attraction and is also a place that many climbers visit after completing their mountaineering trips. Almost all hot spring hotel rooms are fully booked from July to September every year. If you book these hotels in Lake Kawaguchi in advance, you can stay at these hot spring hotels after completing your hiking trip, and then enjoy the hot springs while enjoying the view of Mount Fuji.

More Lake Kawaguchi tourism information: Kawaguchiko area / Lake Kawaguchi itinerary / Lake Kawaguchi Transportation / Shinjuku – Mount Fuji JR Ticket
More hot spring hotels around Mount Fuji: Lake Kawaguchi hot spring hotel list / Meifujien / Wind Terrace KUKUNA / Xiufeng Pavilion Lake Moon

Mifujien-Lake Kawaguchi-Hot Spring Hotel
The hot spring hotel located next to Lake Kawaguchi offers a clear view of Mount Fuji. (Click on the image to learn more)


So far, climbing Mount Fuji does not require any prior application procedures. However, you still need to book a Mount Fuji mountain hut, transportation tickets to Mount Fuji, or book a Mount Fuji mountaineering equipment rental service or a Mount Fuji mountaineering tour in advance. All of the above things can make your climb to Mount Fuji easier and increase your chances of successfully reaching the top of Mount Fuji.

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