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Mt Fuji Trails All You Need to Know Before You Go

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

How many routes are there to the summit? What about the difficulty?

There are 5 climbing routes (one of which was opened in 2017), that is, the Yoshida route, the must walk route, the Fujinomiya route, the Gotemba route and the 3776 route (newly opened in 2017).
Generally, overseas tourists will choose the Yoshida route for the first time to climb Mount Fuji, because the Yoshida line is the earliest climbing route opened (it has existed since the Edo period). The mountain house equipment, rescue stations and various supplies are very complete, so it is very suitable for novices the climb.
In addition, the transportation is relatively convenient, and more importantly, there is direct transportation to the hot spring hotel in Lake Kawaguchi after going down the mountain!! It can relieve the fatigue after climbing~~
The Yoshida route is very suitable for beginners/novice climbing Mount Fuji for the first time, as long as they are not afraid of hard work (laugh~)

Opening hours of each line

Mount Fuji is basically open from early July to mid-September every year. Among them, the Yoshida route is the earliest to open and the latest to be closed.

According to the 2018 record, the Yoshida route was opened as early as July 1, and it was not closed until September 10. The Sugo route, Gotemba route, Fujinomiya route and Santophachi route are from July 10th to September 10th.
Therefore, if you plan to start from the Yoshida route, and then go to the top of the mountain, you must pay attention to whether the two routes are open at the same time on the day of departure!!
In addition, during early July and mid-September, the rescue station and restrooms on the mountain will be locked. Beginners/alone climbers should pay more attention~!!

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Detailed map of Mt. Fuji climbing routes
Click to enlarge, download image (Image: camp-outdoor.com)


The altitude of the fifth station (starting point) of each mountaineering route is different, because all routes are aimed at reaching the summit. If the starting point is at a lower altitude, it means that you have to climb farther and require more physical strength.

The starting altitude of each route is as follows:

  • Yoshida Line – Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station 2305m
  • Subashiri Route – Subashiri Exit 5th Station 1907m
  • Gotemba Line - Gotemba Exit New Fifth Station 1440m
  • Fujinomiya Route – Fujinomiya Exit 5th Station 2380m

And the starting altitude of Mount Fuji climbing route 3776 is... 0 meters! Because it can be called mountain climbing route 3776, of course it starts from 0 meters by the sea!

(Knowledge supplement: What is the fifth station? Japanese people generally divide a mountain into ten parts, and each part is one station. Although it is divided into ten parts, it is not evenly divided, so the five stations of the above lines The height is not equal to 3776/2 = 1888 meters)

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