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Mt. Fuji 3776: Unique Trail Climbing From Zero to the Top of Mount Fuji

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Chapter 1 of 3776 Mount Fuji Route

Also because the 3776 route of Mt. Fuji will be much more than the general climbing route of Mt. Fuji, so the whole series will be divided into 4 chapters, namely:

  • Before departure
  • The first day itinerary introduction
  • The second day's itinerary
  • The third day itinerary and accommodation information

Each article will have its own theme and focus, so if you plan to take the extra route of 3776, don't miss each article.

In addition, climbing Mount Fuji also requires a complete itinerary and equipment planning. If you are setting off to climb Mount Fuji for the first time, inMt. Fuji Climbing Preparation ListYou can find more useful information there!

Mount Fuji Route 3776: From the beach to the top of Mount Fuji

Those of you who have never climbed Mount Fuji, those who are planning to climb Mount Fuji for the first time, or those who have already climbed Mount Fuji, have you ever imagined that you can slowly climb from the seaside to the sky?

In addition to the usual two-day and one-night itinerary for climbing Mt.mountaineering challenger certificateandspecial medal!

Introduction to Mount Fuji Route 3776 Climbing Route

Mt. Fuji Route 3776 is actually called "Mt. Fuji Tourism Climbing Route 3776" and "Mt. Fuji Tourism Climbing Route 3776".
It is a new climbing line established by Fuji City, with a total length of about 42km, a special route from the seaside at an altitude of 0 meters to the top of the mountain at 3776 meters. On this route, you can slowly feel the natural beauty of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Total length of Mount Fuji 3776 route

The total length is 42km, roughly divided into 4 sections, 12.4km/14.8km/10.8km/3.8km

Recommended itinerary

Recommend 4 days and 3 nights itinerary, stay in hot spring hotel/farmhouse on the way (first night), nature camp where you can look up at the stars (second night), mountain hut @ Fujinomiya Line (third night)

Important places on Mount Fuji Route 3776

Starting point: First start from "ふじのくに田子の拉みなと Park" or "Fujizuka" (0 meters above sea level), first pass the urban trail, then walk into the natural forest section, and then set foot on the Fujinomiya Line to the top of Mount Fuji.

Waypoints: Yomogiyu, Omote Fuji Green Camp, Fujinomiya 6th Station

End of the route: Mount Fuji summit (3776 meters above sea level)

Simply put, how long is the 3776 line of Mount Fuji? In fact, byseaside red circlego tomountainside red circle, and then walk to the top of the mountain to complete it!

The start and end of climbing route 3776 of Mount Fuji
Fuji 3776 route from the beach to the top of the mountain / Photo: travel.spot-app.jp
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Introduction to transportation on Mount Fuji Route 3776

To get to the starting point of Mt. Fuji Route 3776, there are two transportation options to choose from:

  1. ふじのくに田子の拉みなと Park: Starting from Tokyo, take the Tokaido Main Line to Fuji Station or Shin Fuji Station, then transfer to a taxi (about 15-20 minutes by car) to arrive.
  2. Fujizuka: Take a taxi from Shin-Fuji Station (about 15 minutes by car), or walk for about 10 minutes from Yoshihara Station.
How to get to the starting point of Mt. Fuji Route 3776
There are two modes of transportation to the starting point of route 3776

How to submit mountaineering challenge plans and get special souvenirs

Do you want to get medals after challenging the venues like pokemon? The method is very simple, just follow the following steps and you will get it easily!

To get the above souvenirs can be very simple, as long as:

  • Firstly, obtain the guide map and submit the completed challenge plan at the special blue mailbox at the starting point of Line 3776 Download the Challenge Proposal (pdf file).
  • Stamp the arrival stamp on the dedicated blue mailbox at each checkpoint (one of the starting points, よもぎ汤, Omotefuji Greinkyanpuba, Fujinomiya 6th Station).
  • Mail the stamped guide map, together with a photo proof of climbing Mt. Fuji, to the "Fuji City Hall Tourism Division".
  • Just wait for Fuji City to send you the souvenir

Luggage and equipment recommendations for Mount Fuji 3776 route

Generally speaking, the equipment and clothing required for walking the 3776 route are actually similar to ordinary hiking trips. Basically, enough waterproof clothes, windproof and cold-proof jackets, 35L ~ 40L backpacks, gloves, and hiking shoes are prepared. Sufficient water, food, etc. are recommended to be prepared before departure, and to be purchased on the way when there is an urgent need.

In addition, you also need to prepare an appropriate amount of coins to use when going to the bathroom, spare medicine, headlights, etc. are all items that need to be used.

And more equipment options can be found in Mount Fuji Climbing - Equipment and ClothingFind the list you need.

However, there is one thing to note, that is, it is absolutely not recommended to carry a suitcase for this itinerary! Because the whole mountaineering trip takes 4 days and 3 nights, if you start with a suitcaseextremely inconvenient, so the suitcase should be placed before starting to climb the mountain.

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

Tokyo Naritagi Airport Transportation Skyliner Airport Train

How to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo?
[Most convenient] Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway limited express train
41 minutes connecting Narita Airport and Tokyo!

Mount Fuji Route 3776 Chapter 2

Official itinerary planning advice

The biggest difference between the Mt. Fuji 3776 route and other routes is that in addition to going straight to the mountain after departure, you can also slowly enjoy various cultural attractions related to Mt. Fuji in the city, so the first day of the itinerary will start from the city, and then Only then slowly walked to the forest and mountain areas.

The first day's itinerary

The first day's itinerary is about 12.4km long, mainly from the seaside, through the city and slowly into the natural area. Although it is 12.4km long, there are convenience stores and toilets along the route, so don't worry about getting too tired.

Basically just follow the itinerary below to complete the itinerary for the first day.

  • Starting from ふじのくに田子の拉みなと Park, first walk up to the viewing platform to look at Mount Fuji in the north and Suruga Bay in the south before setting off.
  • Or start from Fujizuka, you can bring a small stone to Fujizuka on the coast near Suzukawa Fujizuka, and pray for a smooth mountaineering before starting.
  • Walk to the scenic spot "Left Fuji".
  • The characteristic of "Left Fuji" is: in the vicinity of Fujizuka, the departure point, you can usually only see Mount Fuji on your right, but only at "Left Fuji", Mount Fuji will suddenly jump to your left!
  • The Monument of Koshi Heike
  • Mount Fuji City Hall Rooftop: The rooftop has been renovated after Mount Fuji was registered as a world cultural heritage. Here you can easily overlook the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and Fuji City.
  • Fuchi Rokusho Asama Shrine: Have you ever heard the story of the legend of Huiyaoji? This is one of the six Asama shrines related to the legend of Huiyaoji. If you like traditional Japanese stories, you can visit it.
  • Yoshihara Park (Tosenin Temple Site): In the past in Japan, Mount Fuji was a Japanese cultural belief. It is said that the birthplace of the belief in Mount Fuji came from Toseninin~
  • Hiromi Park and Mt.
Mount Fuji 3776 route to see the location of Mount Fuji, Hiromi Park
Photo: Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association
  • Jirocho Reclamation Monument (Shirahige Shrine): Here you can visit Mr. Jirocho to commemorate his reclamation of Obuchi District, Fuji City in 1874.
  • Obuchi Sasaba: If you want to take a clear picture of the grand Mt. Fuji, don’t miss it! There are tea gardens as the background here, and it is also an area with relatively few electricity towers in Shizuoka Prefecture. There is no obstacle to photographing Mt. Fuji!

After arriving at Obuchi Sasaba, stay at よもぎ汤 (yomogi-yu) to enjoy the herbal hot spring bath hotel, or try the fresh vegetables grown by yourself (Yamaboushi Farm House) at やまぼうし Farm House and have a good night’s rest.

yomogo soup 

Highlight: Herbal Hot Spring Furoyu Ryokan (Place stamped at Checkpoint No. 1)
Address: 1565-2 Fuji Obuchi, Shizuoka Prefecture Tel: 0545-35-6666
Accommodation fee: ¥7020 (1 stay, 2 meals) / ¥8100 (1 stay, 2 meals) (holidays/before holidays)
Regular holiday: Every Tuesday (Fire Sunday)

A resting place on the Mt. Fuji Route 3776
よもぎ汤 Herbal Onsen Furoyu Ryokan

やまぼうし Farm Stay

Focus: Natural countryside experience (stamped place at Checkpoint No. 1)
Address: 4513 Fuji Obuchi, Shizuoka Prefecture Tel: 0545-35-2663
Accommodation fee: 1 stay and 2 meals, adults (¥8000), children (¥5000)
Make an appointment: http://yamaboushi.me/

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

Mount Fuji 3776 Route Chapter 3

After a good night's rest at よもぎ汤/やまぼうし farmhouse, continue with route 3776 and go to Mount Fuji!

And before departure, pay attention to the following itineraryno convenience store, so prepare enough food and drinking water to start!
Departure point on the same day: よもぎ汤/やまぼうし Farmstay (Checkpoint No. 1)
Finishing point of the day: Omote Fuji Green Camp (Checkpoint No. 2)

second day itinerary

Today's itinerary is about 14.8km, and the focus is to start walking into the mountains and savor the natural environment. It is important to note that there are not many restroom restrooms here.

(walk in sequence)
Continuing on the first day, depart from よもぎ汤 or farmhouse やまぼうし, pass through Fujimoto Park and walk to

  • Oil mining site (Shinshinkai ふくしの里): During the previous war, local people believed that oil would be produced here, but they couldn't find a drop even when they dug to a depth of 400 meters.
  • ふじひのきパーク(Fuji Hinoki Park): It is a good place to heal the body and mind. It is located at an altitude of 950 meters. There are many natural plants and landscapes here, and all the fatigue caused by climbing is swept away!
Mt. Fuji 3776 route resting place, Fujinoki Park
Fuji Hinoki Park / Photo: Fujiニュース
  • Amaterasu Church: After arriving at the Amaterasu Church at an altitude of 1,000 meters, you can enter the vast Japanese garden managed by the Amaterasu Church. However, the garden is privately owned by Amaterasu, so remember to abide by the rules!
  • After walking past the Amaterasu Church and admiring the beautiful scenery of the courtyard, we set off to the end of the second day's itinerary: Omote Fuji Greinky Camp (Omote Fuji Green Camp)~~!!

A natural camp where you can look up at the night view of the starry sky - Omote Fuji Green Camp

At the 2nd station at a height of 1,200m on Mt. Fuji, it is the location of "Omote Fuji Green Camp", where you can stay overnight.

Address: 2745 Kurikura, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0555-30-4580
Accommodation Fee: Cottage: From ¥9300 (1 night price per building) / Tent: ¥1500 From ¥1500 (1 night price per person) 
Featured recommendation: In addition to camping and camping experience, Omote Fuji Camp also has a BBQ grill~~ Barbecue supplies are available for rent and ingredients are available
Even camping supplies are available for rent
Easy camping/sleeping when you want to climb mountains

More details: PICA Resort

Omote Fuji Camp of climbing route 3776 of Mt. Fuji
Huts at Table Fuji Camp / Photo: PICA Table Fuji
Mt.Fuji 3776 course resting place, table Fuji Grill
BBQ set meal for 4 people ¥7500 / Photo: PICA Komofuji
Mt.Fuji 3776 course resting place, table Fuji Grill
Grilled BBQ Set ¥2600 / Photo: PICA Table Fuji

(Fuel, barbecue utensils, tableware, etc. may need to be purchased separately)
Summary: After walking about 14.8km the next day, it is time to enjoy the nature and eat at a height of 1200m!
Get a good night's sleep and prepare for the third day's itinerary!

Mount Fuji Route 3776 Chapter 4

After a night in the beautiful nature of the Table Fuji Camp (Table Fuji Greinkyanpu Field), continue to 3776 to continue the journey of the sky to Mount Fuji!

Departure point on the same day: Omote Fuji Green Camp (Checkpoint No. 2)
End of the day: Fujinomiya Line Sixth Station, Unkaiso (Checkpoint No. 3)
Travel distance: about 10.8km, mainly walking on nature trails/mountain trails

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third day itinerary

First, start from the Omote Fuji camp, pass Nishiusuzuka, and walk on the Fujinomiya Fuji Park Line. Arrive at the gate of the old material gold store (old material gold store ゲート).
After arriving at the gate of the old gold store, turn to section C of the Mt. Fuji Natural Recreation Forest (mountain trail)
First, turn to section C of Mt. Fuji Natural Recreation Forest (walk for about 60 minutes), and you will arrive at Garanzawa, then go to Gotemba (about 50 minutes), and then go to Gotendin (35 minutes).
After arriving at Gotenni, continue to walk up the mountain. You will reach the observation device on the top of the mountain in about 30 minutes. After passing through the Hoei crater, you will reach the 6th station of Fujinomiya!

Fujinomiya Line Supply Information: Mount Fuji Climbing - Climbing Route - Fujinomiya Line
List of Mount Fuji climbing equipment: Mount Fuji Climbing - Equipment and Clothing
Overview of Mt. Fuji Climbing Preparations: Mt. Fuji Climbing Preparation List

hint: After departing from the Old Raekinsho Gate, there are no toilets along the way. It takes about 3 hours to get to the 6th station of Fujinomiya, so if you need it, you should bring your own mobile toilet~~ Everyone is responsible for caring for Mount Fuji~ ~!!

After arriving at the 6th station, if you are too tired or it is too late, you can choose to rest for a night at the 6th station. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to stay in a mountain hut until the 7th or 8th station.

After arriving at the sixth station of Fujinomiya, go to the mountain hut (due toThe room is easy to be full during the peak climbing period, so you need to make an appointment in advance)
At present, the accommodation fee of the mountain huts on the Fujinomiya Line is ¥8000 (including breakfast and dinner) and ¥6000 (single stay), and the burn is about ¥300.
Mountain hut details: Mount Fuji watch Fujimiyaguchi climbing combination
Fujinomiya Line Information: Mountain climbing route - Fujinomiya Line
Tip 2: If the pace is fast, you can book a mountain hut at the seventh station or higher, so that you can set off to the top of the mountain in the early morning to watch Yulaiguang.


For a person who loves mountaineering/travels with mountaineering, Mt. Fuji Route 3776 is a good choice. In addition to starting from the fifth station on the mountainside, climbing Mount Fuji can now also start from the lowest point. You can not only experience different natural environments, but also challenge yourself. For those of you who love new experiences, don't miss it.

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

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