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One-day trip to Kamakura》The latest attraction itinerary/transportation/accommodation recommendation list

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Kamakura – a must-see attraction in the suburbs of Tokyo

For those of you who are traveling to Tokyo for the first time, Kamakura is a very worthwhile attraction in the suburbs of Tokyo. The main reason is that the distance between Kamakura and Tokyo is very close. Basically, you only need to take the Odakyu Electric Railway for 1 hour, and you can see the perfect beach, sunset scenery, visit shrines, or take a walk in the shopping street, etc. wait

Of course, there are also many people who choose to go to Kamakura, all in order to reproduce one of the scenes of the animation SLAM DUNK, hoping to take pictures with the Enoden train on the level crossing at Kamakura High School Station.

However, among the places worth visiting in Kamakura, how can there be only one station in front of Kamakura High School? If you want to seriously visit Kamakura, you can't finish it without spending two days. So today in this article, I will tell you about Kamakura's attractions, transportation, Kamakura's food, and accommodation plans, so that you can experience the characteristics of Kamakura from different angles. In addition, Enoshima near Kamakura is also a scenic spot that is often arranged to be visited on the same day. If you want to visit cats and board the observatory to enjoy the boundless sea view, Enoshima is a scenic spot that you can't miss. .

Features of Kamakura

Compared with other attractions in the suburbs of Tokyo, Kamakura is a place with convenient transportation, close to the center of Tokyo, and relatively cheap transportation costs. So whether it is on weekdays or holidays, you will meet people in Kamakura who come to Tokyo from other countries to travel, or local Japanese who live in Tokyo and come to Kamakura for vacation.

Moreover, there are many shops and snack bars in Kamakura. There are also different temples and shrines to visit, and you can also participate in some water activities in summer. Simply put, Kamakura is like condensing several different attractions in Tokyo. You can arrange a full-day itinerary to come to Kamakura for walking, shopping, visit different temples, and then return to Tokyo to continue other shopping and gourmet itineraries. Or, like some people who plan to enjoy a vacation in Kamakura, first go to Kamakura Komachi to buy some snacks, and then order a cup of coffee and watch the sea by the beach.

There is also a special place in Kamakura, that is, there are a lot of scenic spots, and you can enjoy different scenery in different seasons. So you can choose a few important attractions to arrange to visit when you go to Kamakura for the first time, and you can stay for other attractions when you travel to Tokyo next time. Basically, Kamakura is a place where you can go again and again without getting bored.

Seaside view of Kamakura High School Station, a scenic spot in the suburbs of Tokyo
Kamakura is one of the few spots in the suburbs of Tokyo, a place where you can see the sea at any time. (Click to enlarge the picture)

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Kamakura day trip itinerary planning

If you are visiting Kamakura for the first time, and the entire Tokyo travel itinerary is not very long, planning a day trip to Kamakura is the best arrangement. This will allow you to visit some of the classic attractions in Kamakura and balance the time required to visit other Tokyo attractions.

Of course, Kamakura is a place that gathers ancient Japanese temples, shrines, coastlines, shopping streets, and sightseeing trains. If you add the cats, restaurants, and observation decks in Enoshima, it basically takes two days to fully visit all the attractions.

And this kind of itinerary is suitable for those who are very interested in Kamakura, or for those who have traveled to Tokyo many times and are no longer interested in the attractions of Tokyo. Because there are also some comfortable accommodation options in Kamakura, if you arrange a two-day tour and then arrange to enjoy the sunrise by the sea in the morning of another day, it will be some tourist experience that cannot be obtained within the Tokyo city limits.

The classic itinerary for the first time visiting Kamakura

If you are visiting Kamakura for the first time, and you don’t know much about the attractions in Kamakura that are worth visiting, basically Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura Komachi Street, and Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin are all places that you can spend half a day visiting . Then Qilihama, Kamakura High School, and Enoshima are some scenic spots that can fill up your other half-day itinerary.

The characteristic of this itinerary is that it needs to start in the morning, and the itinerary is very tight, but it allows you to experience the traditional side of Kamakura, and it also allows you to enjoy the sunset at the beach before taking the train back to Tokyo.

Kamakura Tourist Attractions Map
Kamakura day trip attractions map. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Morning – visit Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine

If you leave Tokyo at 08:00 in the morning, you can arrive at Kamakura Station around 09:00. Since most shops in Kamakura will not officially open until 10:30 in the morning, you can go to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine first, and spend about 90 minutes visiting the entire Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Also because Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine sometimes holds festivals and weddings during holidays, so don’t think that visiting Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine for 90 minutes will be boring, in fact, 90 minutes will pass quickly before you know it.

Kamakura Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine Festival
Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine holds different festivals from time to time. (Click to enlarge the picture)

At about 10:30, I left from the Taigu Bridge of Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine. It is recommended that you walk slowly from Wakamiya Avenue back to Kamakura Station, so that you will not miss the small shops and restaurants on both sides of Wakamiya Avenue.

I would choose to walk back to Kamakura Station from Wakamiya Avenue instead of walking directly to the Kamakura Komachi Street shopping street, mainly because the shops on Kamakura Komachi Street will not be fully open until 11:30, and it will be easy to miss if you go too early. And when you walk through Wakamiya-dori, you will also pass several soba noodle shops, ramen shops, and coffee shops. You can have something to eat before going to the Kamakura Komachi-dori shopping street.

Kamakura has one good thing, that is, most of the restaurants are of good standard, and there are not some particularly bad restaurants. So if you want to have lunch early, you can eat something at the restaurants on both sides of Wakamiya Avenue, and then wait until Kamakura Komachi Street officially opens at 11:30 before leaving.

Kamakura Wakamiya Road Map
From Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine to the Wakamiya Road in front of the main gate, there are many shops and restaurants worth visiting. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Wakamiya Avenue is actually another major shopping street in Kamakura, but the difference from Kamakura Komachi Street is that you can find different kinds of coffee shops, clothing stores, or shops selling Kamakura souvenirs, supermarkets, etc. on both sides of Wakamiya Avenue. Restaurants serving lunch and more. There are two completely different scenery from Komachi Street, a shopping street that mainly sells roadside snacks and specialty boutiques. Moreover, there are usually fewer people on Wakamiya-dori. If you want to stroll quietly, Wakamiya-dori is more suitable than Kamakura Komachi Street.

However, if you are coming to Kamakura for the first time and want to go to some places specially for tourists, maybe Kamakura Komachi Street will be more suitable for you.

Because on Komachi Street, Kamakura, you can find specialty stores selling Ghibli products, matcha specialty stores, and some shops specializing in traditional Japanese souvenirs and handmade products. Or you can meet traditional rickshaws on the street. If you like, you can arrange a short 10-minute experience. If you want to take a few more photos in Kamakura and post them on social media, Kamakura Komachi Street is more worth visiting than Wakamiya Road.

In addition, there are also different snack bars and restaurants on Kamakura Komachi Street, and they should be fully open around 11:30. You can both spend an hour or so enjoying lunch before leaving for the next attraction around 13:00 pm.

Kamakura Attractions Kamakura Komachi Street Matcha Sweets
Kamakura Komachi Street is one of the attractions that is very suitable for sightseeing in Kamakura for the first time. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Noon – Visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura

Departing from Kamage Station at 13:00 in the afternoon, the first thing is to take the Enoden to Hase Station to visit the temple, then take the Enoden from Hase Station to Qilihama Station to enjoy the sea view, and finally take the Enoden to Enoshima Station and set off Enoshima visits cats.

The first stop of the noon itinerary is Hase Station. At Hase Station, you can visit Hase Temple and Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin Temple.

Hase Temple is a place to enjoy hydrangeas, Japanese gardens, and there is also a platform to enjoy the scenery. And at Kotoku-in Temple of the Great Buddha in Kamakura, you can walk into the interior of the Great Buddha and appreciate the techniques used by people in the past to build the Great Buddha.

However, since Hase Temple, Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin Temple and Hase Station are all a little far away, if you want to go to Ezhixian to visit the cats on the same day, you may not have enough time after visiting Hase Temple, Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin Temple Go to Enoshima. So when you arrive at Canggu Station, you must reconfirm the sunset time of the day. Otherwise, you can only choose to go to one of the two scenic spots of Hase Temple and Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin.

After spending about 2 hours staying at Hase Station, you can take the Enoden to Qilihama Station to enjoy the sea view.

Kamakura Attractions Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotokuin Great Buddha
Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotoku-in, you can walk into the interior of the Great Buddha to appreciate the previous construction techniques. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Afternoon – Take photos at Qilihe Beach

At around 15:00 in the afternoon, I plan to take the Enoden from Hase Station to Qiligahama Station, and arrange for about 1 hour to enjoy the sea view and enjoy the sunshine here. If the weather is clear, there is also a chance to see Mt. Fuji from Qiligahama. In summer, Qili ヶ Beach is a place full of people. If you like water sports, it is also a good choice to consider arranging an afternoon of water sports.

After taking pictures at the seaside of Shichirigahama, I went to the level crossing next to the station in front of Kamakura University to take pictures and reproduce the scene of SLAM DUNK. In addition to choosing to take the Enoden to the next station - Kamakura Kokokumae Station, you can also consider walking directly there. Because the time required by the two methods is actually the same, sometimes the time to choose to walk is much faster than the time to wait for the Enoden train.

However, we actually have reservations about taking pictures at the level crossing in front of Kamakura University. The main reason is that this level crossing is originally a place for trains to pass, and beside the level crossing at Kamakura High School Station, it is one of the busiest lanes in Kamakura. Most people choose to stand in the middle of Ezhiden trains and cars to take pictures, which is actually a very dangerous thing. Because if you are not careful, accidents will easily occur, and you will change from a blue master to an accident master.

To be honest, the entire coastline from Qiligahama Station to Kamakura Kokokumae Station is the most suitable place for taking pictures. If you don’t have enough time to go to the beach of Shichirihama to take pictures, Enoden’s Kamakura High School Station is actually a very good place to take pictures, and the point is that it is relatively safe and you don’t need to spend time queuing up.

Enoshima, a tourist attraction in the suburbs of Tokyo
Seaside view of Shichirigahama Beach. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Seaside view of Kamakura High School Station, a scenic spot in the suburbs of Tokyo
The view of the sea from Kamakura Kokokumae Station. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Around dusk – departure to Enoshima

Around 15:30 in the afternoon, I took the Enoden from Kamakura High School Station to Enoshima Station, and then walked to Enoshima from Enoshima Bridge.

However, one thing to note is that some parts of Enoshima lack street lights, and you may have to walk in the dark after sunset. So how long you can visit in Enoshima, which places you can go, and whether you can successfully visit the cats all depend on the sunset time of the day. For example, the sun sets at 19:00 in the summer in summer, which is nearly 2 hours longer than in winter.

And this extra 2 hours is enough for you to visit the basic attractions of Enoshima, such as the shopping street in front of Enoshima Shrine, Enoshima Shrine, and Enoshima Tower. etc. So if you are very interested in the sunset scenery by the sea, you can consider setting off to Zhiergafuchi and Enoshima Rock House first, and then return to the shopping street before 19:00 in the afternoon, so that you can complete the two itineraries of taking pictures of the scenery and shopping in Enoshima at the same time .

However, if you have an extra day, I would suggest that you make Enoshima a full-day itinerary. Because there are many specialty restaurants on Enoshima Island, it is worth spending some time enjoying the sea view while dining. In addition, it takes a little luck to meet cats, and sometimes you don’t meet them as soon as you land on Enoshima, it takes a little time to meet them.

On Enoshima, there are also Enoshima Observatory, Aquarium, Rock House, and different restaurants, coffee shops and other places to go. If the main purpose is purely leisure vacation, Enoshima is a very suitable place to relax.

Enoshima cat
To meet a cat on Enoshima, you need a little luck. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Enoshima Chigogafuchi Sunset View
On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from Chigogafuchi in Enoshima. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Evening – Visit Enoshima Sea Candle

If you come to Enoshima during winter, you will find that it is completely dark at around 17:00 in the afternoon, and there is simply not enough time to go to Zhierzhiyuan to watch the sunset. If this is the case, you can also consider going to Enoshima Sea Candle instead, which is the Enoshima Prospect Lighthouse to enjoy the night view. The advantage is that Enoshima Sea Candle closes at 20:00 in the evening. You can go to Enoshima Shopping Street to buy sesame cakes first, and then you still have enough time to climb up to the Enoshima Observation Lighthouse.

In addition, the park next to Sea Candle in Enoshima often holds different activities and exhibitions. Even if you are not very interested in shrines and sunset scenery, there are still different activities to choose from.

The view of Enoshima Sea Candle at night.

Itinerary planning for the second visit to Kamakura

In addition to following the above itinerary when you visit Kamakura for the first time, you can consider arranging an itinerary that focuses on summer water activities when you visit Kamakura for the second time, or spend a whole day building Cho-ji Temple, Meigetsu-in Temple, Hokoku-ji Temple, Hokoku-ji Bamboo Forest, Enyo-ji Temple, etc., are some places that give you the opportunity to experience the history and culture of Kamakura. Also because these temples have different garden views in different seasons, even if you don’t know much about Japanese history, it’s worth arranging an in-depth sightseeing itinerary when you visit Kamakura for the second time.

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Transportation options to Kamakura

Kamakura is a scenic spot in the suburbs of Tokyo, so if you want to go sightseeing in Kamakura, you can take the JR train connecting Tokyo to Kamakura and the Odakyu Electric Railway train. Both trains have different discount packages to choose from, which are suitable for different itinerary arrangements.

Suitable for you who are traveling to Kamakura for the first time

If you are traveling to Tokyo for the first time, and you also feel that the railway transportation in Tokyo is very complicated, I believe that the most suitable and convenient way for you to go to Kamakura is to take the Odakyu Electric Railway train from Shinjuku Station. Kamakura.

Because Odakyu Electric Railway provides the most direct train options to Kamakura and Enoshima, as long as you take the train at Shinjuku Station, you can go directly to your destination without changing trains. In addition, you can buy a Kamakura-Enoshima one-day traffic package at the Odakyu Electric Railway Customer Service Center, which includes ordinary tickets connecting Shinjuku-Fujisawa, as well as unlimited Odakyu Lines between Enoden, Fujisawa-Katase Enoshima for one day Tickets for travel.

In other words, after paying ¥1640 to buy a Kamakura-Enoshima one-day traffic package, you don’t need to worry about the fare anymore. You can get off at any station in Kamakura you like, and you don't need to buy a ticket again to take the train.

Of course, you can also choose not to buy the Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package, but it should be noted that the Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package actually includes several very valuable tickets. For example, a round-trip Shinjuku-Katase Enoshima ticket worth ¥1,400, and a one-day ticket for the Enoden train worth ¥800. In addition, the cheapest Enoden one-way fare requires more than ¥200 per day.

To put it simply, if you don’t buy the Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package, basically as long as you take Enoden a few more times, it will definitely exceed the original cost of ¥1640 for the one-day transportation package.

Sample itinerary using the Kamakura-Enoshima One-day Commuter Ticket

To put it simply, after purchasing a Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package, you only need to take the Odakyu Electric Railway train from Shinjuku Station, then transfer to the Enoden Electric Railway train at Fujisawa and ride until Kamakura Terminal Station, you can go from Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine Start your Kamakura day trip itinerary. After visiting Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine, there is no extra charge for every ride on the Enoden. You can take as many times as you like and get off at that station. Finally, after visiting Enoshima, it is very convenient to take the Odakyu train back to Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Odakyu Electric Railway Kamakura Enoshima train route map
Odakyu Electric Railway's Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package provides the most favorable and convenient transportation options. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Another advantage of using the Odakyu Electric Railway to go to Kamakura is that you can upgrade from a regular ticket to a Romance Car ticket for the sightseeing train. The difference between the two trains is that you can choose the sightseeing seat in the front row of the Romance Car to enjoy the scenery along the way from multiple angles. Moreover, Romace Car adopts the seat arrangement of designated seats in the whole car. When you leave for Kamakura on holiday, you don't have to worry about not having seats because of too many people.

Odakyu Electric Railway's sightseeing train Romance Car. (Click to enlarge the picture)

How to buy Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package?

To buy a Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package, you can buy it at the Odakyu Customer Service Center at Shinjuku Station, or at the Odakyu Ticket Vending Machine in Shinjuku. Basically, the prices on both sides are the same, but at the Customer Service Center There will be staff of different nationalities who can assist in ticket purchase, which is more convenient.

Tickets for the Romace Car sightseeing train can also be purchased using self-service ticket sales, especially in the morning to save time in queuing.

In addition, if you will go to Hakone for sightseeing at the same time, you can also consider buyingHakone Kamakura Freepass (3 days) Instead of the Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package. The feature is that you only need to pay one price, and you can take unlimited rides on Kamakura Odakyu Electric Railway, Enoshima Electric Railway, and 8 kinds of sightseeing transportation within Hakone. It is more favorable than buying the Hakone Freepass (2 days) + Kamakura-Enoshima one-day transportation package separately.

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Travel to Kamakura and Enoshima by JR train

If you travel to Tokyo this time, in addition to going to Kamakura, you will also go to Karuizawa, Nikko, Lake Kawaguchi and other suburban attractions in Tokyo, or you will take the N'EX Narita Express train from Narita Airport to the center of Tokyo then useJR TOKYO WIDE PASSIt will be more convenient.

Because from Tokyo's Ueno Station, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Narita Airport, etc., there will be different JR trains going directly to Kamakura Station, or let you arrive at Ofuna Station first, and then transfer to the Shonan Monorail to arrive at Enoshima. Compared with the Odakyu trains that can only depart from Shinjuku Station, you don't need to go to Shinjuku Station before you can depart to Kamakura.

That is to say, as long as you buy a JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass and add a one-day Enoden ticket, you don’t have to calculate how much each ticket costs on the day you depart for Kamakura, and you can travel within 3 days You can take JR trains and Shinkansen trains in Tokyo.

Although the price of the JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass is not cheap, it costs about ¥11,000 yen, and the fare to and from Tokyo and Kamakura is only about ¥2,000 yen, it seems that it is not worth buying. However, for a ticket that can be used for 3 days, the daily cost is actually only about ¥4000. And as long as you take the Shinkansen to Karuizawa, Nikko and other places on one of the days, the fare for a round trip to Karuizawa alone is enough to offset the cost of the JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass.

To put it simply, as long as you use the JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass instead of a general ticket, you only need to pay the transportation cost for 1 day, and you can take different JR trains to different Tokyo suburban attractions for unlimited times within 3 days.

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The Shonan Monorail features one of the few monorails still in operation in Tokyo.

Visit Kamakura and Enoshima with a guided sightseeing tour

If you are not very good at planning transportation in the suburbs of Tokyo, it may be most convenient to book some sightseeing tours from Tokyo to Kamakura. Because the characteristic of these sightseeing tour groups is that they have tour guides, and they all start from Tokyo. Basically, you don’t need to spend time researching Kamakura’s traffic and attractions, but you can focus on experiencing Kamakura’s scenery and prepare your camera to take pictures. .

There are two types of these guided tours, one is a guided tour with a lower price and provides a designated itinerary, and the other is a guided tour with a higher price but with a customized itinerary.

If you only have 1-2 people to go to Kamakura and Enoshima for sightseeing at the same time, it is most suitable to book a sightseeing tour group with a designated itinerary, and the average cost per person is about ¥7,500 yen. However, if you have more than 6 people and set off to Kamakura and Enoshima together, you can charter the entire tour bus for only about ¥55,000, and you can also get a full-day customized itinerary. For a little more per person on average, you can get a full day of private sightseeing itineraries.

For more information on guided tours: Sightseeing guided tour with specified itinerary / Sightseeing tours with customized itineraries

Recommended places to visit in Kamakura

If the department has not decided which attractions to go to, perhaps select a few places from the list of attractions below, and then combine them into a one-day Kamakura day trip itinerary.

Kamakura Tourist Attractions Map
Kamakura day trip attractions map. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Kamakura Attractionsaddressopening hoursfeaturesRecommended Visiting Time
Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine〒248-8588 Yukinoshita 2-chome 1-31, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture06:00 – 21:00Suitable for worshiping after arriving in Kamakura, and then departing to other attractions90 minutes
Kamakura Komachi Street〒248-0006 Komachi 1, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture10:00 – 21:00A shopping street worth taking the time to visit120 minutes
Kamakura Great Buddha Hall Kotoku-in Temple〒248-0016 Hase 4-chome 2-28, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture08:00 – 17:00Have the opportunity to walk into the interior of the Big Buddha30 minutes
Kamakura Hase Temple〒248-0016 Hase 3-chome 11-2, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture08:00 – 16:30Opportunity to visit the grounds and gardens60 minutes
 Shichirigahama〒248-0026 Shichirigahama Higashi 2-chome 1, Shichirigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture24 hoursPay attention to the sunset time of the day30 minutes
Kenchoji Temple〒247-8525 Yamanomouchi 8, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture08:30 – 16:30A Buddhist temple with many pieces of history60 minutes
Mingyueyuan〒247-0062 189 Yamaminouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture09:00 – 16:00The best place to enjoy the Japanese garden60 minutes
Baoguo Temple〒248-0003 2-chome 7-4 Jomyoji Temple, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture09:00 – 16:00You can visit a Buddhist temple in a bamboo forest60 minutes
Enying Temple〒247-0062 1543 Yamaminouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture09:00 – 16:00A Buddhist temple with many cherry blossoms30 minutes
List of main attractions in Kamakura

Things to do in Kamakura

During the one-day tour of Kamakura, in addition to visiting different scenic spots, you can also participate in different local activities to experience the characteristics of Kamakura. such asSightseeing guided tour with specified itinerary,Sightseeing tours with customized itineraries, or first rent a set of kimonos from the VASARA kimono shop, and then arrange a rickshaw trip near Kamakura Komachi Street, go shopping on Komachi Street, and pay homage at Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine.

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Kamakura VASARA Kimono Set
Pre-ordering a kimono and boarding a rickshaw is the best way to experience the ancient capital of Kamakura. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Recommended Food in Kamakura

There are many food choices in Kamakura. From Kamakura Station, Wakamiya-Oji, Kamakura Komachi Street, and then go to Shichirihama and Enoshima, you can choose dozens of restaurants offering different dishes, from roadside snack bars to the seaside In the coffee shop, from fish dishes to soba noodles, you can eat whatever you want, and you don't have to worry about not finding a suitable restaurant in Kamakura.

For example, the curry beef fried bun Giraffa on Kamakura Komachi Street, Kamakura Cha々, which specializes in matcha desserts, or Sakura no Yumemiya, which specializes in selling Japanese dumplings, are all delicacies that cannot be missed on Kamakura Komachi Street. .

In addition, Bills, which specializes in selling muffins in Qilihama, or a restaurant that sells fish (しらす) dishes in Kamakura special warehouses, are some meals worth trying during a day trip to Kamakura.

However, it should be noted that some restaurants in Kamakura still only accept cash payments, so it is recommended to prepare a little more cash before departure, otherwise you will need to find an ATM in Kamakura, wasting precious travel time.

Kamakura food recommendation
There are so many dishes that can be tried in Kamakura, it is recommended to prepare a little more cash before starting. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Where to stay in Kamakura

For most people who come to Kamakura for sightseeing, many people will arrange a day trip and then return to Tokyo that day, basically they will not choose to stay in a hotel in Kamakura. However, if you plan to visit Kamakura, Enoshima in depth, or useHakone Kamakura Freepass (3 days)If you go to Hakone for sightseeing at the same time, staying in Kamakura for one night can save more traffic time and visit a few more scenic spots in Kamakura.

Although there are not as many hotel choices in Kamakura as in Tokyo, they are characterized by convenient transportation and relatively cheap housing prices. Many of them are near Kamakura Station. Basically, it only takes a few minutes to walk from the station to the hotel. For example, next to Kamakura StationHotel Tosei Cocone Kamakura,Kamakura Seizan, orKamakura Prince HotelWait, these are some accommodation options in Kamakura that have good reviews and are worth considering.

Where to stay in Kamakura Kamakura Seizan
The accommodation option next to Kamakura Station – Kamakura Seizan in Kamakura Aoyama. (Click to enlarge the picture)

likeKamakura SeizanTake this hotel as an example. The size of the double room ranges from 22 square meters to 32 square meters. The suitcase can be fully opened, and a breakfast plan is provided at the same time. It takes less than 3 minutes to walk to the hotel from Kamakura Station. It is most suitable for sightseeing trips.

In addition, as long as you plan to go sightseeing in Kamakura and Enoshima, and if you will go to Hakone the next day, buy a ticket before departureHakone Kamakura Freepass, and then book a hotel near Kamakura Station, so that you can save the most traffic time and arrive in Hakone earlier. The point is to be able to check in on timeHakone Onsen Ryokan Room, You can take a bath in the hot spring before enjoying dinner.

further reading: Recommended list of Hakone Onsen Hotels / Recommended list of accommodation options in Tokyo

11 Best Hakone Onsen Ryokan with Private Onsen Spas!

Further reading:
Recommended Hakone Onsen Hotel! List of Luxury Ryokan Accommodations with Private Baths!


Kamakura is very suitable for some tourists who like the seaside, natural environment, history and culture. If you want to get a completely different experience in the Tokyo travel itinerary, in addition to spending time taking the Shinkansen to go to Nikko, Kamakura is a year-round It is a scenic spot suitable for going at any time, and it is also a scenic spot with convenient transportation, food and sightseeing.

In addition, if you are planning your next trip to Tokyo, as long as you openTokyo Travel ClassificationIn this edition, you will find that we have prepared a lot of useful information about Tokyo attractions, itineraries, accommodation, and discounted tickets for you. You can bookmark this website first, and check the information of different attractions, tickets and accommodation discounts before the official departure. Maybe you will get a new experience in this Tokyo travel itinerary!

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