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Akebono Ginza Tokyo: The Best Daifuku in Tokyo

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Daifuku store next to Ginza station

If you have the opportunity to come to Ginza during your next visit to Tokyo, be sure to take some time to head out to Akebono Daifuku, which is located next to the Ginza Metro station. Try their bean daifuku and strawberry daifuku, I believe you will find that this is the best daifuku in Tokyo!

You may be wondering why Ginza Daifuku Akebono is on our recommendation list? The main reason is that this is a Daifuku store with a long history. It was already the first choice for local Tokyoites before it was known by overseas tourists many years ago. In addition, Ginza Daifuku Akebono has been able to maintain the standard of Daifuku for many years, and there has never been a decline in quality due to the increase in the number of patrons. On the contrary, it is because more tourists know the relationship of Ginza Daifuku Akebono. Some popular products such as bean daifuku and strawberry daifuku are often sold out of the day's inventory before dusk.

So if you also want to try their bean daifuku and strawberry daifuku, we will recommend that you arrive in the afternoon at the latest, so as to ensure that you still have the daifuku you want to eat. In addition, Ginza Daifuku Akebono is also a product suitable for taking home as a gift, but because the shelf life is only one day, it is only suitable for purchase the day before the flight. If you buy it too early, the taste of Daifuku will lose its fluffy texture and become less delicious.

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Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO limited product

Like other stores that specialize in wagashi, Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO also sells pre-packaged wagashi, as well as wagashi that you can enjoy on-site. If you are coming to Ginza for the first time, and you have never tried Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO wagashi, you can consider buying 2 pieces of Shiratama Daifuku with different fillings, namely Tsubu-An grainy red bean filling, and Koshi-An red bean paste filling, and don’t forget to buy an extra strawberry Daifuku, so that you can fully experience the reason why Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO can make locals buy it again and again.

Tokyo Ginza Gourmet Ginza Daifuku Akebono
A limited product that can only be found at the Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO main store. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Tokyo Ginza Gourmet Ginza Daifuku Akebono
Strawberry Daifuku of Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Tokyo Ginza Gourmet Ginza Daifuku Akebono
In addition to strawberry Daifuku, white corn bean Daifuku is also a popular item at Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO business information

When you arrive at Ginza Station by Tokyo Metro, just walk for one minute from Exit A1 of Ginza Station to Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO.

Under normal circumstances, Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO will stay open until 20:00 in the evening. Even if you plan to go to Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO after dinner, basically there will be no big problem. However, because only a limited number of Shiratama Daifuku and Strawberry Daifuku are sold every day, if you leave for Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO too late, you may miss the opportunity to buy Shiratama Daifuku and Strawberry Daifuku.

If you really can’t buy white jade Daifuku and strawberry Daifuku, but you still want to have a chance to eat them, you can also go to the branch in Nihonbashi, or the small branches in Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Ueno Station. Luck, but there may only be pre-packaged store-bought ones instead of the white jade daifuku, strawberry daifuku made that day.

Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO Address: 〒104-0061 Ginza 5-chome 7-19, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Ginza Gourmet Ginza Daifuku Akebono

Pictures / Information: Ginza Akebono Official

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For desserts like Daifuku, Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO is almost the best in Tokyo. Although some very delicious Strawberry Daifuku are also sold in some independent shops, these shops are generally located in residential areas and need to walk some distance from the main station. Compared to Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO, which is next to Ginza Station, you can also go shopping and shopping after eating Daifuku on the spot, so Ginza Daifuku AKEBONO has become one of the recommended shops in the Tokyo food list!

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