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Fuji Mountain Climbing Restrictions 2024》Raise Tolls/Daily Number of People Limits&Latest Information

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Reasons for restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji

The summer of 2023 is the first Mount Fuji climbing season after Japan’s tourism lockdown is lifted, and it has been the year when the largest number of people have gone to climb Mount Fuji in recent years. Many of them have chosen to climb Mount Fuji overnight without booking a mountain hut, and are ill-prepared. . For example, discomfort due to altitude sickness and sports-related injuries caused by long-term mountain climbing have increased the pressure on local rescue team members.

On the other hand, because not everyone will abide by the mountaineering regulations proposed by the Japanese government, sometimes you will encounter some people lighting fires on the hiking trails, littering, and even urinating everywhere. Although many people will defend these behaviors and think that it is understandable to keep warm and meet physiological needs on long mountain trails. However, these behaviors will actually affect other people's enjoyment of climbing Mount Fuji and pollute the entire natural environment of Mount Fuji. What's more serious is that the water source on Mount Fuji is very limited. If a fire is caused by randomly lighting a fire, the consequences will be very serious.

Therefore, Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures surrounding Mount Fuji are preparing to add the latest climbing restrictions to the 2024 Mount Fuji climbing season. On the one hand, they are to protect the natural environment of Mount Fuji, and on the other hand, they are also to ensure the safety of climbers.

Information on the number of people climbing Mount Fuji in 2023: Statistics from the Ministry of Environment of Japan

Mount Fuji climbing restrictions
Starting in 2024, climbing Mount Fuji will face many restrictions. (Click on image to enlarge)
Shizuoka Prefecture’s latest restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji. (テレビShizuoka ニュース)
Yamanashi Prefecture’s latest restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji. (ANNnewsCH)

Restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji in 2024

Based on reports from NHK News/Asahi Shimbun/Sankei Shimbun, due to the fact that in the past many years of climbing seasons, some people have always chosen to arrange overnight climbing trips, and the garbage problem caused by too many climbers, Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures have It was decided to launch a social experiment of "preventing night climbing" in 2024, hoping to reduce the impact of climbers on the environment of Mount Fuji and ensure the safety of climbers by limiting the number of climbers per day and adding mandatory fees for climbing Mount Fuji.

The restrictions for physically climbing Mount Fuji are as follows:

Limit the number of people climbing per day

Starting from the 2024 Mount Fuji climbing season, gates will be set up at the fifth station of the Yoshida Route in Yamanashi Prefecture and will be closed from 16:00 – 02:00 every day to ensure that all climbers have sufficient access during their climb to Mount Fuji. rest. In addition, only 4,000 people will be allowed to climb Mount Fuji every day to reduce the impact of climbers on the environment of Mount Fuji.

On the other hand, the Subashiri Route, Gotemba Route, and Fujinomiya Route in Shizuoka Prefecture are all preparing to set up gates at the fifth station and will close them from 16:00 to 02:00 every day, thereby reducing the number of people climbing all night .

Increase tolls to enter Mt. Fuji

Unlike in the past, climbers could freely choose to pay or not pay the ¥1,000 "Fuji Preservation Cooperation Fund." Starting from 2024, all climbers going to climb Mount Fuji will be required to pay a ¥2,000 toll on the mountain trail. , before you can start your climb to Mount Fuji. This fee is scheduled to be implemented simultaneously on the four main climbing routes on Mount Fuji, and will be reviewed based on actual operation conditions.

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Mount Fuji climbing restrictions
In the future, you will need to pay a toll to climb Mount Fuji. (Click on image to enlarge)
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How else can we climb Mount Fuji in the future?

Since 2024 will be the first year when restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji are introduced, it is expected that the Yamanashi Prefectural Government and the Shizuoka Prefectural Government will continue to adjust the toll fees for climbing Mount Fuji and the number of people climbing Mount Fuji every day based on the latest data.

It is currently unknown whether the tolls to enter Mount Fuji will be further increased in the future, or whether the number of people climbing Mount Fuji every day will be further reduced. In any case, reducing the total number of people climbing Mount Fuji every day, reducing the number of people climbing overnight, and reducing the environmental impact of the garbage generated by climbers on Mount Fuji are all goals that these Mount Fuji mountain climbing restrictions hope to achieve.

In the future, will only climbers who have reserved mountain huts be able to climb Mount Fuji? I believe that the possibility of this is not low, because this is the most effective way to combat the problem of overnight mountain climbing, and it is also the goal that relevant government departments most hope to achieve.

Of course, judging from the current situation, it has not significantly increased the difficulty of climbing Mount Fuji. Because as long as you book a mountain hut on the hiking trail in advance, you comply with the requirements of the local government, and paying the accommodation fee also contributes to the local economy, in theory there should be no big problem.

If you are still not sure, you can also consider budgeting for some Mount Fuji mountaineering tour groups with local guides in Japan. Pay a fee and let the tour guide company solve all the problems for you. This should be the safest way. And according to the information currently released, the limit on the number of climbers does not apply to climbers who plan to stay at the mountain hut on Mount Fuji, because as long as they have a reservation certificate for the mountain hut, they can register for a reservation before departure and obtain it at the entrance to the mountain trail. Entrance to Mt.

However, since this is the first time that restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji have been completely introduced, it is believed that it will have varying degrees of impact on all aspects. Therefore, we need to wait for further news whether the restrictions on climbing Mount Fuji will be revised again before/during the climbing season.

After all, the problem of "climbing the mountain with bullets" appeared many years ago, and there has never been a feasible solution. In other words, it is not entirely impossible that tighter mountaineering restrictions will appear in the future. If you are preparing to climb Mount Fuji this year, you may need to prepare multiple different contingency plans.

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As long as you have the opportunity to climb to the top of Mount Fuji, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise from the highest point in Japan. If you also plan to arrange a trip with the theme of climbing Mount Fuji, you must reserve a few days from July to September every year to go to Tokyo, because this is the most suitable time to climb Mount Fuji.

In addition, if you are preparing to climb Mount Fuji this year, it is worth considering booking a mountain hut on Mount Fuji and a guided Mount Fuji mountaineering tour in advance. This will ensure that you get the opportunity to enter Mount Fuji and climb to the top to enjoy the sunrise.

On the other hand, if you have never climbed Mount Fuji, you can also check out our Mount Fuji climbing information. You will get the most detailed climbing preparation list, climbing experience sharing, and booking information for Mount Fuji huts. If you are planning to climb Mount Fuji for the first time, you must not miss it.

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