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Manshige Traditional Kyoto Food in Kyoto Station

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Kyoto Restaurant at Kyoto Station

When you come to Kyoto, what kind of experience do you think is the most unmissable experience? Do you want to visit Kiyomizu Temple in kimono, experience the most traditional matcha, or visit Nishiki Market?
Yes, those are very worthwhile experiences, especially for some tourists who come to Kyoto for the first time, these are the designated itineraries of Kyoto tourism.

But if you look at it from another angle, if it’s not your first time in Kyoto, if you don’t want to repeat the same itinerary, what else is worth trying?

That is Beijing Cuisine.

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Kyoto Station Food – Kyoto Cuisine

Maybe you don’t know the existence of Kyoto cuisine, and you think that Kyoto just like Osaka people love to eat fried skewers, takoyaki, and Okonomiyaki.

In fact, people in Kyoto and Kyoto cuisine have a sense of being superior to the Kansai region - that is, Kyoto cuisine is not only very delicate, but also not cheap. Some well-known Kyoto cuisine restaurants can spend more than ¥10,000 per person if they have dinner in their Japanese-style rooms.

Seeing this, you may think that such a high consumption is not worth it, but the "Manchong Xiaoan" in the Porta underground street of Kyoto Station that I will introduce below is not only reasonably priced, but also the traffic is very good. convenient. More importantly, their food quality is very good, and it is also a restaurant frequented by local Jingdi people!
Even after three years of epidemics and no tourists, it can still continue to operate, which indirectly shows that the dishes of "Wanzhong Xiaoan" can represent the tastes of local Kyoto people!

If you have the opportunity to go to Kyoto and you can communicate in simple Japanese, it would be a good experience to arrange this restaurant in your itinerary and try their Kyoto cuisine.

Features of "Manju-an"

Although Kyoto cuisine gives people the impression that the price is not very affordable, in fact, "Manju Xiaoan" is located in the Porta underground shopping mall of Kyoto Station. Just like other restaurants in the Porta underground shopping mall, it provides popular cuisine choices for everyone.

Take the following set meal as an example, including tempura, traditional Kyoto cuisine bento box, pickled vegetables, soup, etc. The price of the whole set meal is only about ¥3,000 yen. In terms of price, it is a very attractive price, so I usually see a few housewives going to "Manju Xiaoan" to enjoy the free time without taking care of the family while eating cheap but high-end Beijing cuisine.

Another feature of "Wanchong Xiaoan" is that most shops in Kyoto will close around 20:00, even if it is a restaurant, it is very common to close at 20:00 Last Order and 21:00. I was in a hurry. I went to the suburbs of Kyoto but didn’t return to the center of Kyoto until 20:00. At this time, I could only eat rice balls and bento from convenience stores.
However, the business hours of "Wanzhong Xiaoan" are relatively long. As long as you arrive before 21:00, you can still order in time. No complaints.
However, in fact, it would be better to finish eating earlier and return to the hotel room to rest earlier, because it is more worthwhile to spend time in the restaurant to swipe your mobile phone than to spend time in the restaurant to visit different attractions.

Meals at Kyoto Station Restaurant Manjo Kyoto Cuisine
You can enjoy high-end Kyoto cuisine for only about ¥3000.

The consumption budget of "Wanchong Xiaoan"

Another feature of "Manshige Shoan – Kyoto Porta" is that the prices of the set menu are very affordable. Unlike you in Guibun, where every set menu of Beijing cuisine costs more than ¥5,000 yen, you can enjoy Beijing cuisine starting from the cheapest set menu of ¥2,000 yen at "Manju Koan". The set meal that most people order is only about ¥2,500 yen, and it already includes traditional Kyoto rice cakes, pickled vegetables, Kyoto soup and so on.

If you plan to order a more luxurious set meal, it is only about ¥4,000 yen including consumption tax, which already includes sushi, tempura, grilled fish, Kyoto rice cakes, etc. In terms of the budget of travel dinner consumption, it is actually very worthwhile to be able to experience more traditional Beijing cuisine at such a price.

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Preparations for going to "Manju Shrine"

Although "Wanchong Xiaoan" is nothing more than a Beijing restaurant, it seems a bit exaggerated to say that all meals require pre-departure preparations. However, because the main customers of "Wanchong Xiaoan" are local Kyoto people and Japanese tourists, even on days that are not too busy, you have to wait in line for a while to get a seat.
In addition, the clerks are mainly because they are some elderly aunts, unlike some restaurants that specialize in serving overseas tourists, they will hire some foreign students who can speak Chinese and English, so if you know some simple Japanese, it will be more convenient to order food, and It is easier to get help.

But even if you don’t understand Japanese, don’t worry too much, because the menus have pictures of the set meals, and the Chinese characters on the menu boards should make it easy to understand what the set meals include. Of course, you can also ask the clerk for English and Chinese menus, but based on past experience, some restaurants may have translation errors in both English and Chinese menus. If it is serious, the content of the menus may be different. It has also appeared on Japanese menu boards.

Of course, this is not just the experience of dining in some Japanese restaurants. I have never had such a dishonest experience in "Manchong Xiaoan" in the past. Basically every time you come to Kyoto, "Wanzhong Xiaoan" is a restaurant that you will definitely go to on the itinerary. The most exaggerated one is to eat 3 times in the 5-day itinerary, and you will understand why you will see This is an article related to "Wanchong Xiaoan".

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"Wanchong Xiaoan" Beijing cuisine store information

Store Name: 万重ポルタ/ Manshige Shoan – Kyoto Porta
Address: 〒600-8216 902, Higashishiokoji Town, Shimokoji, Shimokyo District, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Business hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (open all year round)
Budget: ¥1500 – ¥3000(lunch) / ¥2000 – ¥4000(dinner)
Payment method: Cash / VISA / JCB / AMEX
Features: This is a popular restaurant frequented by local Kyoto residents. Reservations are not required, but you must be prepared to spend time queuing up. The restaurant seats are mainly Western-style seats, even if you are alone or a family traveler. In addition, the restaurant does not have smoking seats, which is very suitable if you don't like smoking.

Pictures / Details: Beijing Cuisine Wanzhong

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