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Kyoto Tea Ceremony & Uji Matcha Experience》To Hoan/Nakamura Tokichi/Fukujuen/Samsungen Kamibayashi Sanri

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Where You Can Experience Tea Ceremony in Uji, Kyoto

If you had the opportunity to come to Uji City on the side of Kyoto, what kind of experience would you want to have? Do you want to participate in some traditional matcha experience classes in addition to matching matcha desserts? Maybe you will also listen to the tea ceremony experience class of Nakamura Fujikichi, but many people said that they only found out after arriving that it took a lot of time to queue up. As a result, I waited at the gate of Nakamura Fujikichi for several hours. I haven't visited the whole of Uji seriously, and I haven't had a chance to see Byodo-in Temple before returning to Kyoto by car.

Today’s article wants to tell you that in fact, there are many tea houses in Uji that provide tea ceremony experience, not just Nakamura Fujikichi. Although Nakamura Fujikichi is very popular with overseas tourists and understands the requirements of tourists very well, but in the part of the tea ceremony, if you just want to experience the whole process, every room can give you almost the same experience.

In the end, if you still want to try Nakamura Tokichi's desserts, you don't have to wait in Nakamura Tokichi's main store, you can still taste them as long as you go to the branch by Byodoin Temple.

There are 4 tea ceremony experience workshops that I want to share with you today. Some of them can be reserved before departure, and you can start directly after arriving. There are also some tea rooms hosted by the city of Kyoto, and they all offer you a matcha tea ceremony experience at a discounted price. Although there may not be a chance for you to take a few photos of Nakamura Fujikichi, but you can get flexibility in the itinerary, and at the same time, it will not affect your travel memories of participating in the tea ceremony experience.

Selection of Tea Ceremony Experience in Uji City

Uji City can be said to be the place where the most tea is sold in Kyoto or the entire Kansai region. And different types of tea rooms, tea rooms, and dessert shops will have their own tea ceremony experience. So today, I selected a few tea ceremony experiences from different tea rooms that have better reviews, are easier to make reservations, and are suitable for overseas tourists.
They are Taihoan of Uji City Tourist Association, Nakamura Fujiyoshi Main Store, Fukujuen Uji Workshop, and Sanxingen Shangbayashi Sannyu Main Store, a total of 4. You can decide which one is the most suitable for you according to your itinerary, Japanese ability, and consumption budget. Each one will give you a little different experience, depending on whether you want to go to a popular store to take pictures, or just want to experience the traditional matcha and tea ceremony.

In addition, before leaving for Uji to participate in the tea ceremony experience, you can also go to someKimono Rental Serviceshop, pick up a set of your favorite kimono. This way you can get the most Kyoto-like photos during your tea ceremony experience!

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Uji City Tourist Association Taihoan

If you are not looking to take a few photos and put them on social media, but simply want to know what the matcha experience in Kyoto is all about, you should be able to participate in it at a relatively cheap price when you come to Taihoan Tea ceremony experience.

The host organization of Tohoan is the Tourism Association of Uji City, which is simply an officially operated tea room. The main goal is to promote the tea ceremony, so the fees will be cheaper than other tea rooms. Although this place is not like Nakamura Fujiyoshi Main Store, where you can take a few photos of you and post them on social media to make others envy you, but the experience of tea ceremony will definitely not be very different from those tea houses.

In addition, you can also refer to theFormal flow of tea ceremony experience, even if you don’t understand what the tea ceremony teacher is saying, you won’t miss the opportunity to learn the tea ceremony together because you don’t know the next step.

In the tea ceremony experience at Duifengan, they will first demonstrate the entire tea tasting process for your reference, and then have another chance to start the tea ceremony experience by yourself. Even if you are completely ignorant of the tea ceremony, they will be willing to share their knowledge on the tea ceremony with you.
The tea they provide is usually matcha or sencha, and then it is served with a wagashi for you.

Of course, if you just want to drink matcha and try wagashi, but are not very interested in the tea ceremony experience, you can also enjoy matcha and exquisite wagashi at Taihoan for about ¥1,000 .

Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Taihoan
You don’t need to spend too much here at Taifengan, you can make an appointment to experience the matcha tea ceremony

The tea room in Taihoan is divided into two types, one is "Hiroma" and the other is "Honza". The strong tea and thin tea sets are only available at "Honji".
Since the "me" will only be open at a specific time, it is necessary to make an appointment with Taifengan by email or phone before departure.

Kyoto matcha experience Taihoan's appearance
Uji City Tourist Association Taihoan

Reservation Information for Tea Ceremony Experience at Taihoan

The tea ceremony experience at Taifengan takes about 40 minutes each time, and the charge is ¥2,400 per person. As long as you submit a reservation on the website of the Uji City Tourism Association 3 days before departure to Japan, and then arrive at Taifengan and pay before entering the venue.
A maximum of 6 passengers can participate each time. If it is a group tour, it may need to be divided into two groups.
You can buy tickets on the spot to enjoy general refreshments, but you must make an appointment on the website in advance for the tea ceremony experience.

Address: 〒 611-0021 Ujirishiri 5-9, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Tel: (0774)23-3353
Access: 12 minutes on foot from Uji Station
Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00
Regular holiday period: Late December to early January every year
Minimum spending: ¥1000 per person

Taihoan Reservation Website: Taihoan Japanese Website Tohoan Chinese website
Email: info@kyoto-uji-kankou.or.jp

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Nakamura Fujikichi Honten Matcha Experience

Maybe you have heard the name Nakamura Fujikichi before you came to Uji, Kyoto. Indeed, Fujikichi Nakamura is a very famous brand both in Japan and abroad. Because of this, there are often many overseas tourists who are willing to spend a morning outside the Nakamura Fujikichi store, hoping to enter the store to taste their desserts or participate in their tea ceremony experience.

Nakamura Fujikichi has recently updated their tea ceremony experience. In the past, reservations could be made directly on Nakamura Fujikichi’s website, but recently the entire reservation process has been assigned to a third-party Japanese company. Now the entire booking process has become more complicated and charges have been raised.
If you don’t have a deep understanding of Japanese, it is recommended to make an appointment to experience matcha in other tea rooms, or you can try itvia their websitereserve.

Of course, if you really hope that Nakamura FujikichiOur storeExperience their products, matcha tea ceremony classroom, spend a little time queuing, and try to book their tea ceremony experience on a high budget. But if you will accept the tea ceremony experience held by the actual tea room, in fact, after completing the experience, go to Byodoin Temple to wait for Nakamura FujikichibranchSavor their desserts before taking the time to visit Byodo-in Temple, and this itinerary should allow for an in-depth experience of the whole of Uji.

If you still feel that you have not eaten enough, you can eat more at the Nakamura Fujikichi branch at Kyoto Station until you leave Kyoto.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Nakamura Fujiyoshi Honten

Reservation information for tea ceremony experience at Nakamura Fujikichi Main Store

existTokichi Nakamura's websiteAlthough you can view the latest tea ceremony experience reservation method, you need a certain level of Japanese reading ability to make an appointment, and you may need a Japanese phone number, address, and postal code to reach the payment page during the reservation process . Therefore, if you simply want to experience the tea ceremony, it would be better to reserve a different tea room through other methods.

Our address: 〒611-0021 Uji Ichiban 10, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Byodoin Branch Address: 〒611-0021 Uji Renka 5-1, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Tel: +81774227800
Business hours: 10:00 – 17:30

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Three-star garden Shanglin Sanyu matcha experience in our shop

Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sanyu

"Samsung-en Shangbayashi Sannyu Honten" is a matcha experience store in Omotesando of Byodoin Temple. If your main goal when you come to Uji is to visit Byodoin Temple, you can arrange to spend about an hour when you leave Come for their matcha experience. The charges of "Samsung Garden Shanglin Sannyu Main Store" are not very expensive. You only need to spend about a cup of coffee to experience the process of the high-grade matcha they provide you and the process of making matcha by yourself.

In addition, probably due to the location of the store on Byodo-in Temple, many group tourists from Taiwan and China would like to add the matcha experience of Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanyu's store in the itinerary, so even if you don't know Japanese, you won't have it. Too big a problem.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sanyu
Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sanyu
You can grind matcha by yourself at "Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sannyu Main Store Matcha Experience"

Although the matcha experience at "Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanyu Main Store" is not a complete set of tea ceremony experience, it is really very cheap in terms of charges. The "Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanrui Main Store" not only provides tea ceremony experience, but also sells high-end tea, tea sets and other commodities. If you are interested in Japanese tea, it is worth spending a little more time here.

However, there are no desserts for sale at the "Samsung Garden Shanglin Sannyu Main Store", and the route here is different from that of Nakamura Fujikichi. If you like desserts, you need to go back to Nakamura Fujikichi to buy them.

Reservation information for the tea ceremony experience at Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanyu Main Store

To participate in the tea ceremony experience at Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sannyu, you must first register and make an appointment on the website of Samsung Garden Shangbayashi Sannyu before leaving for Japan, and then pay the participation fee after arriving at the store. However, in addition to making an appointment online at the Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanrui store, you can also useklook to collect ticket discounts, as long as you arrive at the Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanyu store with the reservation ticket to register, you can start.

Samsung Garden Shanglin Sanrui Main Store Business Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Opening hours for tea ceremony experience: 09:00 – 16:00
Details: Samsung Garden Shanglin three into our store website

Click to claim limited time discount offer: Book a tea ceremony experience at Samsung Garden Shanglin Sannyu Main Store

Address: 〒611-0021 Uji Renka 27-2, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture (Omotesando, Byodoin Temple)
Tel: 0774-21-2636

Fukujuen Uji Kobo Tea Ceremony Experience

Fukujuen Uji Kobo offers different kinds of experiences, ranging from hand-made tea leaves, sencha making, and pottery making. The tea ceremony experience will be taught three times a week, each time about one hour. It may be a bit inconvenient for tourists who come to Uji to play, and the entire travel itinerary is easily restricted. So if you want to simply experience the tea ceremony, go to other tea rooms that provide tea ceremony experience in this article.

Of course, if you are interested in other experiences in Fushouyuan, it is not a bad idea to arrange a special trip, but you need to pay attention to all the experience courses in Fushouyuan. The experience is mainly for local Japanese people, and there may be less support in English and Chinese. Therefore, before deciding to arrange all the itineraries, it is recommended to arrive firstFu Shou Yuan's websiteCheck it out to decide.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Fukujuen
Fukujuen Uji Workshop offers a lot of production experience to participate in
Kyoto Uji Matcha Experience Fukujuen
Different experiences have different opening hours and number of people. It is recommended to check clearly before making an appointment.

Reservation Information for Fushouyuan Tea Ceremony Experience

To participate in Fushouyuan's tea ceremony experience, you need to find out the experience class information on Fushouyuan's website, and then call Fushouyuan to register 3 days in advance. Also because other reservation methods such as email and social media page registration are not provided, it may be difficult for passengers who do not understand Japanese. Therefore, it is recommended to participate in the tea ceremony experience in other tea rooms.

Even so, Fushouyuan is not without a place worth visiting, because Fushouyuan also sells different tea products, matcha dishes, matcha desserts, etc. If you like to eat matcha food, Fushouyuan is worth a visit of.

Fukujuen Address: 10, Ujiyamada, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Fu Shou Yuan Business Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Details: Fukujuen Uji Workshop Booking line


If you come to Uji, you will feel like you have never been to Uji if you don’t eat some matcha desserts and take a tea ceremony experience class. However, in fact, there are still many places in Uji that are worth visiting, such as Byodoin Temple, large and small matcha dessert shops in Uji, and so on. you can be inKyoto Travel Information ClassificationFind more information there.

In addition, the distance between Fushimi and Uji is not very far. If you can complete the itinerary of Uji in the morning, you can actually visit the main attractions of Fushimi in about 5 hours in the afternoon. If you are interested in these two areas at the same time If you are interested, you can also try to arrange the itinerary like this.

Finally, if one of your goals when you come to Kyoto is to wear a kimono and participate in a tea ceremony experience, there is actually a tea ceremony classroom near the Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, so that you can finish your two visits in about an hour after visiting the Kinkakuji Temple. A goal, if you are interested, you can check it outA tea ceremony class located one minute on foot from Kinkaku-ji Temple. This way you don't have to run back and forth between renting a kimono in the morning and running to Uji, and returning the kimono by dusk, or you have to pay extra rent.

Pictures and materials: Taiho-an, Nakamura Fujikichi, Fukujuen, Sanxingen

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