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Mt Fuji WiFi: Free WiFi Service for Climbing Mt Fuji

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Can I use WiFi now while climbing Mount Fuji?

If this is your first time climbing Mount Fuji, I believe you will want to share your experience climbing Mount Fuji with your family and friends, or share the sunrise view you saw on top of Mount Fuji to social media.

In the past, when there was no WiFi service on Mount Fuji, you could only rely on weak mobile phone signals to send photos to friends, and sometimes you would not be able to receive them at all due to network problems. However, since the WiFi service was installed on Mount Fuji, you can now use the WiFi service at designated locations and share the sea of clouds and starry sky you saw while climbing Mount Fuji with others anytime, anywhere.

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Where is WiFi service available in Mount Fuji?

Since 2016, Japan’s KDDI has set up free WiFi services at different locations on Mount Fuji in order to provide a safer climbing environment and make it more convenient for every climber to climb Mount Fuji.

During the period when Mount Fuji is open for climbing from July to September every year, as long as you connect to Mount Fuji’s WiFi at a designated location and then confirm your identity with your email address, you can start using Mount Fuji’s free WiFi service.

According to KDDI, Mount Fuji free WiFi service can currently be used at the following locations:

Mount Fuji Mountain Hut

You can use Mount Fuji's free WiFi service at the following Mount Fuji mountain huts.

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Mountain hut nameclimbing route
Sato CottageYoshida Line
Satomi Taira☆HoshikansoYoshida Line
Flower HouseYoshida Line
日の出堂Yoshida Line
Seventh Station Tomoe BuildingYoshida Line
KamawakanYoshida Line
Fuji Building 1Yoshida Line
ToriisouYoshida Line
Oriental PavilionYoshida Line
Prince's PavilionYoshida Line
Penglai PavilionYoshida Line
BaiyunsoYoshida Line
Yuanzu roomYoshida Line
The 8th Station Tomoe BuildingYoshida Line
Yulaiguang PavilionYoshida Line
Sanso Chrysanthemum Housewhiskers
Higashi Fujisansowhiskers
Dayang Pavilionwhiskers
See Harukanwhiskers
Chest protrusion Edoyawhiskers
Yulaiguang Pavilionwhiskers
Sixth Station UnkaisouFujinomiya Line
6th Station Hoei SansoFujinomiya Line
New Seventh Station Goraimiko SansoFujinomiya Line
Yuanzu Seventh Station Yamaguchi SansoFujinomiya Line
Eighth Station Ikeda BuildingFujinomiya Line
Ninth Station Wannian Snow Mountain SooFujinomiya Line
Nine-in-five-spoon chestnut soy sauceFujinomiya Line
Top Fuji PavilionFujinomiya Line
Oishi Tea HouseGotemba Line
わらじkanGotemba Line
SandashikanGotemba Line
Chiyan Bahe PavilionGotemba Line
Mount Fuji Hut-tomoekan
Each climbing route on Mount Fuji has multiple mountain huts. (Click on the image to learn more)

Mount Fuji hiking trail entrance

In addition to designated mountain huts, Mount Fuji's free WiFi service is available at all trailheads.

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Mount Fuji WiFi Locationclimbing route
5th Station Joint Management SystemYoshida Line
Mount Fuji safety guideYoshida Line
Mount Fuji joint guide センターFujinomiya Line
Mount Fuji Hygiene CenterFujinomiya Line
Habitat Store (Fuji-kyu Shopping Mall)Gotemba Line
トレイルステーションGotemba Line
Fuji mountain climbing route
There are four main climbing routes on Mount Fuji. (Click on the image to learn more)

Mount Fuji

While you are waiting for the sunrise at the top of Mount Fuji, you can use Mount Fuji’s WiFi service at the following designated locations.

Mount Fuji WiFi Locationclimbing route
Top Fuji PavilionFujinomiya Line
Mount Fuji Mountain Climbing-The Summit of Mount Fuji
There are many mountain huts, post offices, and shrines on Mount Fuji. (Click on the image to learn more)

Key points in choosing a WiFi sharer

In addition to using Mount Fuji's WiFi service, you may also consider bringing a WiFi sharer for use during your climb on Mount Fuji and during subsequent sightseeing trips. However, when choosing a WiFi sharer, you must pay attention to the following points.

Signal coverage

In theory, every telecommunications company will lay out mobile Internet services in Mount Fuji, allowing customers to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere. However, in fact, only some WiFi sharers with high monthly fees can use telecommunications service plans with higher coverage.

Therefore, when choosing a WiFi sharer, it is recommended to choose some WiFi sharer from a large telecommunications company, so that there will be no disconnection during the climb to Mount Fuji. For example, some WiFi sharers with built-in Docomo SIM cards can reduce the chance of disconnection.

More NTT Docomo coverage information: NTT Docomo telecommunications coverage map
More Wi-Fi sharer information: Japan DOCOMO 4G LTE Pocket WiFi (Japan Airport Pickup)

NTT DOCOMO's Coverage Performance in Japan
Telecommunications coverage of NTT Docomo. (Click on image to enlarge)

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When climbing Mount Fuji, you should first pay attention to your own safety, and then share the scenery of Mount Fuji with your friends. Because of this, the purpose of setting up Mount Fuji's WiFi service is to allow you to check the weather forecast anytime, anywhere and seek assistance when needed. This way you can safely climb to the top of Mount Fuji and share the view with your friends.

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