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Kyoto Kibune Hirobun: Best Nagashi Somen/Flowing Bamboo Noodles in Summer

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Kyoto Kifune summer-limited spots

If you, like me, often travel to Japan in summer, and you are planning to come to Kyoto for sightseeing this time, I believe you must not miss the place of Guibune, and you will definitely fall in love with it from now on!

To be honest, coming to Guichuan in summer is really a very suitable tourist attraction in summer. In addition to being able to experience arranging a summer itinerary during the summer vacation like a local Japanese, the more important thing is that you can dine on the cool mats on the river, and enjoy high-end banquet dishes while enjoying the coolness. These are experiences that can only be had in Kyoto in summer.

Today’s article sharing will be mainly divided into several parts. First, I will introduce you the experience of Guichuan’s flowing water surface, and then it will be the recommendation of Guichuan’s Kawadoka dishes. There are also the characteristics of Guishen Shrine, the transportation mode connecting Kyoto and Guishen, and the whole day itinerary. If you have never been to the area of Kyoto Guibune, you must not miss the following sharing!

Direct transportation from Kansai Airport to Kyoto, HARUKA JR train

From Kansai Airport to Kyoto!
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Sightseeing itinerary in Kyoto Kifune

Also because the distance between Kyoto and your ship is not very far, basically it only takes about 1 hour to get there from Kyoto Station. Therefore, in addition to tourists who come to Kyoto from overseas for sightseeing, Guibune is also a favorite spot for many local Japanese people to visit in summer.

There are two kinds of itineraries to choose from on your ship, one is to stay in your ship for half a day, and the other is to stay in a hotel in your ship for one night. Basically, you can experience the flowing water surface of your ship, Enjoy the cool bed dishes. However, if you choose to stay in Guichuan for one night, you can stay atYour ship's luxury hotel, and more time to visit different scenic spots in the two areas of Guibune and Kurama!

Of course, if you choose to spend half a day on your ship, you can also return to Kyoto in the evening to continue shopping and enjoy different Kyoto delicacies. So which one to go between the two itineraries depends on whether you like the natural environment more or the city life in Kyoto more.

The departure time is recommended to depart from Kyoto Station at 08:00 in the morning. In addition to the need to queue up for Hirobun’s flowing surface experience, the more important thing is that Hirobun’s flowing surface experience usually ends at noon, and only the remaining part The restaurant is still open. Therefore, only when you set off in the morning can you fully experience all the special experiences and restaurant delicacies in the Guichuan area.

Summer limited running water surface experience! Hirobun flowing water noodles (ひろ文流しそうめん)

Running water noodles is the most popular activity for many Japanese in summer. Basically, every household sets up their own running water noodles in summer to enjoy the unique running water noodles. The situation is just like everyone's habit of going to the beach in summer, and they are all activities that must not be missed in summer.

And coming to Guichuan, a place with a natural and beautiful environment and cool river water, is of course the best place to experience Japanese-style flowing water. If you still don’t quite understand what kind of dish Liushuimen is, simply put the plain noodles in a small channel flowing with cold water, so that you can enjoy the coolest experience of flowing water noodles.

And the most popular restaurant in Guichuan where you can experience running water noodles will definitely be Hirobun flowing water noodles (ひろ文流しそうめん)! Because even on weekdays, you have to wait for 1 hour to be seated. If you come to Guichuan during holidays, it is not a special thing to wait for 3 hours.

Although the waiting time in line is very long, the experience of the whole running water surface is very worth trying!

Hirobun ひろ文 Summer limited water noodles sales information

Dates for running water noodles: May to mid-October every year
Open experience time: 11:00 am to 15:00 pm (no appointment service)
Experience fee: ¥1,700 yen (cash payment only)
Details: Hiro Bunryushi Vegetarian Noodles

Tips for participating in Hirobun ひろ文流水面

  • If it rains before 10 o'clock that day, the experience of running water surface may be cancelled.
  • If you want to budget more on the itinerary, you can refer to the official website of ひろ文 to check the waiting time of the day

Experience sharing of Hirobun flowing water noodles

When RakuRaku-chan went there for the first time, because the running water noodles could not be reserved, so I arrived at your ship around 10:00 in the morning.
Finally, you have to wait for about 2 hours before you can start the water surface experience~

Kyoto Kibune flowing water noodles HIROBUN
If it is the first time to visit Guichuan, the flowing water surface is a very worthwhile experience (Picture: ひろ文)

In fact, as mentioned on Hirobun's website, as long as you experience the water surface during popular days and holidays, the waiting time can basically be as long as 3 hours. Although I felt that the store was joking before I arrived at your boat, but after I actually arrived, I found out that I was right, and there were really many people waiting on the spot.

Fortunately, there were not too many people on that day, so there was no need to wait for 3 hours, but it took 2 hours to start.

so what…
Really have to be mentally prepared to wait a long time before departure...
Because the number of customers that the store can receive per hour is not too many...
And don't ask the clerk how long you have to wait...
Because the clerk doesn't know how long the wait will be...
Don't take it out on the clerk either...
The most important thing is not to walk away so as not to miss the called number...

To put it simply... the running water is reserved for those who are patient!

In addition, all the people waiting at the scene are Japanese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong people (but no Europeans). During the waiting period, you can use your free time to pay attention to the new and strange things around you.

Points to be aware of when experiencing Hirobun ひろ文流水面

  1. Before experiencing the flowing water, you need to pay first, and then you will be assigned to the designated seat
  2. Need to wait for the call number at the cool bed position in the store, do not run away
  3. Each group of guests will have a dedicated water channel, so be careful not to eat other people's plain noodles.
  4. There will be several white plain surfaces running out of the water channel, and the red surface at the end represents the completion of the flowing water surface experience

Sometimes the plain noodles on the water channel will run faster than expected, so you must be very focused on the moment when the plain noodles come out.
At the same time, it should be noted that if the plain noodles are not caught and let the plain noodles run away, the restaurant will not compensate you.

The following is the experience record of ひろ文流水面 experience taken by the Japanese

If you don’t know much about the process of experiencing the water surface, you can watch this video first.
Kyoto Summer Itinerary Kifune’s Kawadoko Noodle Cuisine
Summer limited water surface experience – Kibune Hirobun "ひろ文"

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Kyoto Summer Recommended Itinerary Selection

Kyoto Summer Itinerary Kifune’s Kawadoko Noodle Cuisine

Kawadoko Cuisine means to build a platform on the river to provide Japanese cuisine.
A local Japanese once said that when you think of Kawadoko, you will want to travel on the expensive ship. Every summer, you will have the urge to think of the expensive ship!

There are several Kawadoko restaurants in Guichuan that are worth visiting, and they are:

  1. ひろ文(Hirobun)
  2. Kibunejaya
  3. Kibunesou

Guichuan Chuandok Cuisine – ひろ文(hirobun)

Kyoto Summer Itinerary Your Ship's HIROBUN

ひろ文 is the innermost Kawadoko restaurant in Guichuan, and it is also the most popular restaurant choice in summer.
In addition to the running water noodles mentioned above, there are actually Kawadoko banquet dishes that you can try. But the key point is to make an appointment in advance, and because the Kifune area is considered to be a suburb of Kyoto, the store needs to prepare sufficient ingredients for the guests in advance. So don't go directly to ひろ文 and ask for Kawadoka banquet dishes without an appointment.

Basically the 99% opportunity was rejected.

The price of Kawadoko Kaiseki dishes is about ¥10,000-¥20,000, and different levels of packages will have different charges. But there is no need to worry about the meal experience here, which is basically the same as the meal in a general high-end hot spring hotel, so it is worth the money and a worthwhile attempt.

When enjoying Kawadoko cuisine, it is highly recommended to order a bottle of beer to drink. It is guaranteed that this bottle of beer will taste 10 times better than ordinary beer!
In addition, even if you eat on the river, you don’t have to worry about it being very hot. The main reason is that the river water keeps flowing underneath, and you may even feel a little cold when you actually eat.

Address: 〒601-1112 87 Kurama Kifune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-741-2147
Business hours: 11:30 – 19:00
Kawadoko limited business period: May 1st to September 25th
More details: ひろ文川 Bed Cuisine

Kyoto Summer Itinerary Kifune’s Kawadoko Noodle Cuisine

Guifu Kawadoko Cuisine – Guifu Tea House

Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kibune Tea House

The Kibune Tea House is just a little bit below the ひろ文, and there are Kawadoko dishes available just like the ひろ文.

However, one of the characteristics of the kawadoko cuisine of Kibune Chaya is that her kawadoko is not far from the water surface, so you can gently dip your feet in the water!

The Kibune Tea House is just a little bit below the ひろ文, and there are Kawadoko dishes available just like the ひろ文.
However, one of the characteristics of the kawadoko cuisine of Kibune Chaya is that her kawadoko is not far from the water surface, so you can gently dip your feet in the water!

Also because I forgot to make an appointment for any Kawadoko restaurant that day, so I went directly to Guibun. Almost all the Kawadoko restaurants in Guibun refused to receive us. Only Kibune Tea House was still willing to receive us. It can be said to be very lucky!

Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kibune Tea House

The price of Kibune Chaya Kawadoko cuisine is about ¥10,000-¥17,000 per person, and the content is similar to ひろ文. However, Kibune Tea House does not accept other means of support other than cash, so this needs to be paid special attention to.

Address: 69 Kurama-Kifune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-741-2148
Business hours: 11:30 – 19:00 (Irregular holidays)
Kawadoko limited period: May 1st to September 30th
detailed: Kibune Tea House Kawadoko Cuisine

Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kibune Tea House

Guichuan Sichuan Bed Cuisine – Guichuanzhuang

Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kifuneso

Guishenzhuang, like ひろ文 and Guishen Chaya, offer summer-limited Kawadoko dishes.

However, her characteristic is that in addition to Kawadoko cuisine, there is also a choice of Yukata + Kawadoko cuisine.
Reservation is required for simple dishes/yukata + Kawadoko dishes
More details: Kawadoka Cuisine / Walking in Yukata + Kawadoko Cuisine /Book a page directly

Address: 〒601-1112 50 Kurama Kisune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-741-2222
Business hours: 1000 – 1900 (Irregular holiday)

Kisunso Yukata walk-through x Kawadoko Cuisine Experience

Price: Simple kawadoko dishes are ¥10000 – ¥15500, yukata + kawadoko dishes are ¥15500 – ¥21000
Yukata can be worn when enjoying Kawadoko cuisine, sightseeing in Kifune, visiting Kifune Shrine, etc.

Meals at Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kifuneso
Qingliu Banquet Cuisine
Meals at Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kifuneso
鳢しゃぶ Banquet Cuisine
Meals at Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kifuneso
Stone Fire Banquet Cuisine
Meals at Kyoto Summer Kawadoko Cuisine Kifuneso
Cairi Banquet Cuisine

Unique experience of Kifune Shrine

In addition to experiencing Kawadoko cuisine and flowing water noodles when you come to Guishen, don't miss the sight of Guishen Shrine. Because you can see the natural scenery of the four seasons that are different from those in Kyoto at the Guishen Shrine. Definitely a great place to take commemorative photos!

Guichuan Shrine Water Divination Mikuji

One of the special features of Guishen Shrine is their water divination book, that is, fortune divination that will only show results when it encounters water. If you are interested in trying it, it is highly recommended to bring a camera to take a video here and record the entire process of the result.

The water divination book of Kibune Shrine
The water divination book of Guichuan Shrine, the result of divination will only appear when encountering water

Visiting time: 06:00 – 20:00 (closed at 18:00 from December 1st – April 30th)
Visit fee: free
Details: Guichuan Shrine – Guibumi Head Palace
Address: 〒601-1112 180 Kurama Kisune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-741-2016

The scenery of the four seasons at Kibune Shrine

In addition to the water divination worth a try at Guichuan Shrine, the scenery here is very charming. No matter which month of summer you come, you can take the most beautiful scenery photos. In addition, the Guishen Shrine in spring, autumn, and winter is very worth visiting, and it is definitely a scenic spot that can be visited again and again.

Business information of Kifune Shrine

Visiting time: 06:00 – 20:00 (closed at 18:00 from December 1st – April 30th)
Visit fee: free
Details: Guichuan Shrine – Guibumi Head Palace
Address: 〒601-1112 180 Kurama Kisune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel: 075-741-2016

How to get to your ship

Eizan Railway to Kibune Kurama, Kyoto
Take the Eizan Railway to see the red leaves in autumn

Although your ship is a little far from the center of Kyoto, it is also a suburban location in the Kyoto area. However, in fact, it is very convenient to start from Kyoto JR Station and downtown Kyoto. Basically, you can reach Guiben in about 1 hour by taking Kyoto bus or tram.

And the most recommended way of transportation to go to Guichuan is to takeEizan densha, mainly because the scenery on the way is very beautiful, it can definitely be said to be a little fake, a little unbelievable!

Especially in the autumn viewing of red leaves, take theEizan denshaIt can be said that it is a designated itinerary in the Kyoto area to set off to Guichuan. If you like to take pictures of scenery, you must not miss it!

There are several ways to get to your ship from the downtown area of Kyoto, namely, take the bus/Ruishan tram to your ship

The picture below shows the various ways to reach your boat

  • Method 1: Depart from Kyoto Station, take the Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line, transfer to Kyoto Bus No. 52, and then transfer to Kyoto Bus No. 33 to your boat
  • Method 2 and 3: both take the Eizan train to Kifune at Demachiyanagi, the difference is that method 3 is suitable for passengers who live far away from Kyoto Station

If you have a Kyoto bus one-day pass, it will be cheaper to take the Kyoto bus to Demachiyanagi Station.

Eizan Railway Route Map to Kibune Kurama, Kyoto
Picture: Guishen Shrine (click on the picture to enlarge)

One-day itinerary recommendation for Kyoto and Guibune

The itinerary to go to Guichuan for sightseeing can be arranged before the afternoon. It is recommended to start at 09:00 in the morning and end at 15:00 in the afternoon. It is about 6 hours including the experience time of running water noodles and Kawadoko cuisine.

First of all, depart from Kyoto Station at 09:00 in the morning, and arrive at your ship at about 10:00. After getting off the bus, go to ひろ文流水面 and line up. After eating the running water noodles, arrive at about 12 o'clock and then go to the pre-booked Chuanbo Cuisine restaurant to have a Chuanbo Cuisine lunch.

It is also because Kawadoko cuisine can generally be eaten for 2 hours very easily, so you need to start eating around 12:00 noon, so that you can leave for Guishen Shrine to visit at 15:00.

You can take the ride around 16:00Eizan TramReturning to Kyoto, stop at Demachiyanagi,KamogawaVisit and experience another kind of Kawadoko design in Kyoto, and at the same time, you can consider the choice of restaurant for dinner.

After dinner, wander around the shopping streets of Kyoto, and then return to the pre-bookedhotel room. Of course, if you have not decided which Kyoto hotel to stay in, you can also check it hereLatest Kyoto Hotel Deals.

Kyoto Kamogawa Japanese Terrace Cuisine
After visiting the expensive ship, you can also go to Kamogawa to continue to experience the cool bed cuisine

Photos and information: Tabelog / ひろ文 / Guishen Tea House / Guishenzhuang / Guishen Shrine / Eizan Railway

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