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Fujisan Onsen Ryokan 1-DAY Trip

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Inexpensive day-return hot spring option

After a whole night of climbing Mount Fuji, the most suitable thing is to find a comfortable hot spring hotel to rest, take a bath, and have a good lunch to replenish your mental and physical strength before continuing the journey. You can even consider not returning to Shinjuku immediately after descending the mountain, and continue the itinerary after visiting Oshino Hakkai near Lake Kawaguchi and shopping at Gotemba.

Mt. Fuji day return hot spring selection

Among the many hot spring hotels, you can choose the more popular onesRed Fuji no Yu.
Not only the nearby Yoshida route, but also open-air baths, indoor large baths, rock baths, etc. At the same time, set meals, rice, noodles, etc. are also available, with prices ranging from ¥600 to ¥1500.
After climbing Mount Fuji, it is actually good to go to the Sungui Hot Spring Hotel to rest and replenish your energy.
Time/Closed: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, closed every Tuesday (open in summer and festival days, no rest)
Bathing fee: ¥800/hour
There is a restaurant that provides simple set meals (Red Fuji no Yu big canteen menu)
In addition to hot springs, there are also facilities such as massage and rock baths (Additional charges are required)
Tel: 0555-20-2700

In addition to Red Fuji no Yu, there are other hot spring hotels around Lake Kawaguchi, and you can see Mount Fuji from your room in the morning.
tap: Recommended list of hotels with hot springs around Lake Kawaguchi

If you want to go down the mountain and walk to the surrounding areas of Mount Fuji for sightseeing, you can take a look at the scenic spot itinerary recommendations.
tap: Kawaguchiko Free Tour - Attraction Traffic, Itinerary Introduction Suggestions

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Kawaguchiko hot spring accommodation recommended! A hot spring hotel and private bath where you can see the reflection of Mt. Fuji from the room!

Sunset hot spring facility near Mount Fuji

In addition, there are different types of hot spring facilities near Mount Fuji and around various climbing routes.

Hot spring facilities around Mt. Fuji

  • 1. Red: Onsen facilities near the Yoshida Line
  • 2. Pink: Onsen facilities near the Fujinomiya Line
  • 3. Blue: Onsen facilities near the Gotemba Line
hot spring namelocationcostopening hoursregular holidayfeatures
ふじやま OnsenLake Kawaguchi IC 5 minutes1700 yen7-9,10-23-Japan's first pure Japanese room bathroom
Red Fuji soupYamanakako IC 3 minutes800 yen10-21- 
springFuji Yoshida IC 2 minutes800 yen10-23-With microbubble bath
lucky soupKawaguchiko IC 10 minutes1000 yen6-next 1- 
Yurari道の駅なるさわ1500 yen10-22-Contains 16 types of hot springs
いずみの汤West Lake900 yen10-22 The only natural hot spring in West Lake
Yoshinoike Hot SpringYoshiike Onsen-mae Station Sugu600 yen9-21:30  
Yetianfeng Lu TianshuiKawaguchiko IC15 minutes1000 yen10-22  
Fujigake Onsen Hana no YuFuji IC10 points1000 yen10-next 9-Large open-air bath
Tianmu's SoupSkyline along410 yen10-21MondayOne Look at Suruga Bay
Sushiri Onsen TenkeSubashiri IC 3 minutes1500 yen6-8:45,10-next 9-There is a women-only bath
Otainai Onsen Health CenterGotemba IC 20 minutes700 yen10-21TuesdayMount Fuji Lava Bath
Ono RoadSusono IC10 minutes800 yen10-20 Inside the villa facility
ヘルシーパーク SusonoSusono IC8 minutes520 yen10-21ThursdayMt. Fuji can be seen (depending on the weather)
Eight Views of Fuji の SoupGotemba IC 5 minutes1300 yen10-22 
Gotemba Kogen Toki no HabitatSusono IC car 10 minutes1000 yen~10:30-24 
ごてんば City Hot Spring HotelGotemba IC 5 minutes500 yen10-22MondayYou can watch the night view of Gotemba City

The prices indicated above are for 1 hour per adult on weekends and holidays in August.

Source: camp-outdoor.com

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