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Lake Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Boat "APPARE"

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The latest Kawaguchiko excursion boat options

If you have been sightseeing in Kawaguchiko before, you will definitely remember to take theExcursion boat Ensoleille, Mt. Fuji experience on Lake Kawaguchi.

However, after several years of changes and updates, maybe you will not be able to find the cruise ship Ensoleille the next time you come to Lake Kawaguchi for sightseeing. Because as early as 2020, the company operating the cruise ship Ensoleille, Fuji Five Lakes Kisen Co., Ltd. changed the cruise ship Ensoleille to the cruise ship Tenharu APPARE.

But there is no need to worry too much, because the experience and content obtained on the cruise ship Tianqing APPARE are actually similar to the original cruise ship Ensoleille. The biggest difference between the two is that the Ensoleille, a cruise ship designed in western style, has been changed to the Appare, which is full of ancient Japanese style, which makes it easier for the cruise ship to integrate with the environment of Mt. Fuji.

Kawaguchiko Excursion Boat Tenharu Appare
Tenharu-go APPARE, a cruise ship full of ancient Japanese style. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Information on Kawaguchiko Cruise Ship Tenharu Appare

Itinerary of the cruise ship Tenharu APPARE

Like the former cruise ship Ensoleille, the starting point and the ending point are both from Kawaguchiko, then pass the Kawaguchiko Bridge, drive to the middle of Kawaguchiko, circle around and return to the starting point. The whole tour boat experience takes about 20 minutes, basically you will have enough time to take pictures with Mount Fuji.

Kawaguchiko Excursion Boat Tenharu Appare Route Information
The cruise ship Tianqing Appare first departs from Kawaguchiko, passes through the Kawaguchiko Bridge, and finally returns to Kawaguchiko. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Charges for the cruise ship Tennyu APPARE

In recent years, the prices of tickets in different places in Japan have risen, and the charges of the cruise ship Tianqing APPARE are no exception. Now the standard charge for adult passengers is ¥1,000, which is a little higher than before. The price of a can of Coke.

However, if you purchase a package ticket that includes the Tenjoyama Park Cable Car and the Kawaguchiko Tour Bus at the same time, you can save about ¥200 by taking the cruise ship Tenharu APPARE. In the one-day tour of Mt. Fuji, there is enough time to take these three kinds of transportation at the same time. If you plan to visit Tianshangshan Park, buying a combined package is a good choice.

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Hours of operation of the cruise ship Tengqing Appare

One advantage of the cruise ship Tianqing APPARE is that it is open all year round and open all year round. Unlike sightseeing cruise ships in other places, they will suddenly rest for a month in summer and winter. Of course, it is unavoidable to occasionally stop driving for a day due to routine maintenance. It is recommended to check the latest operating information on the official website before departure.

As for the daily operating hours of the cruise ship Tianqing APPARE, the standard operating hours start at 09:00 in the morning and end at 16:30 in the afternoon. Departs every 30 minutes on average.

However, the operating hours in different seasons will be changed. For example, the operating hours in summer will end at 17:30, while the operating hours in winter will end earlier at 16:00, in order to adapt to the impact of the shortened sunshine hours in winter. Every passenger can get a chance to take a photo with Mt. Fuji while boarding the boat.

Inside view of the cruise ship Tenharu APPARE

Since the cruise ship was changed from Ensoleille to Tenharu APPARE, the design of the whole ship has become full of ancient Japanese style. The whole ship is like a warship from the Sengoku period in Japan, and you become a general preparing to conquer Mount Fuji. For example, the wooden interior, the ancient Japanese military flag, etc., all highlight the strong Japanese design.

Kawaguchiko Excursion Boat Tenharu Appare
Kawaguchiko Lake Tenharu APPARE, which is full of Japanese ancient design style. (Click to enlarge the picture)
New Lake Kawaguchi cruise ship Tenharu Appare

How to get to Kawaguchiko Excursion Boat Tenharu APPARE

To go to the boarding place of the Kawaguchiko cruise ship Tenharu APPARE, you only need to walk about 10 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station, and you can reach the ticket purchase and boarding place of the Kawaguchiko sightseeing boat Tenharu APPARE.

Except for the season when Mt. Fuji is open for climbing in July-August in summer, and the red leaf season in November, under normal circumstances, you basically don’t need to spend too much time queuing up to take the ride. So don't worry about the situation that you can't buy tickets after you arrive at the scene.

Where to stay near Kawaguchiko Cruise Ship Tenharu APPARE

If you are visiting Lake Kawaguchi for the first time, and you want to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji in the hotel room and enjoy the hot spring at the same time,Wind Terrace KUKUNA,Fujikawaguchiko Onsen New Century HotelBoth are some well-rated options. Although the room rate will be higher, you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi at the same time from the room, which is very suitable for the itinerary to celebrate the anniversary.

andXiufeng Pavilion Lake Moon,Mifujien HotelThese two hotels are located next to Lake Kawaguchi, but the average room rate will be relatively cheaper. It is suitable for travelers who have a small budget for accommodation but also want to experience hot spring hotels.

More information on the cruise ship Tianqing Appare: Fuji Five Lakes Kisen Co., Ltd.

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The Lake Kawaguchi sightseeing boat has been changed to a Japanese design. Would you consider taking it? Some people have said that to successfully capture the reflection of Mt. Fuji in Kawaguchiko, the only way is to book a hot spring hotel in Kawaguchiko and seize the only opportunity to take pictures in the morning. However, there are actually many different ways to experience Mt. Fuji, and choosing to take the Kawaguchiko cruise ship Tenharu APPARE is probably one of the cheaper and easier ways to capture the reflection of Mt. Fuji.

In addition, in addition to taking a tour boat to take pictures of the reflection of Mount Fuji in Lake Kawaguchi, there are actually many places worth visiting in Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and the Hakone area. So we put some attractions information, itinerary planning, accommodation discounts, ticket discounts intoFuji Hakone Tourism ClassificationHere, I hope you can get a new and different experience when you travel to Mt. Fuji and Hakone next time!

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