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Special Mt.Fuji 3776 Trail Part3

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

After a good night's rest at よもぎ汤/やまぼうし farmhouse, continue with route 3776 and go to Mount Fuji!

And before departure, pay attention to the following itineraryno convenience store, so prepare enough food and drinking water to start!
Departure point on the same day: よもぎ汤/やまぼうし Farmstay (Checkpoint No. 1)
Finishing point of the day: Omote Fuji Green Camp (Checkpoint No. 2)

second day itinerary

Today's itinerary is about 14.8km, and the focus is to start walking into the mountains and savor the natural environment. It is important to note that there are not many restroom restrooms here.

(walk in sequence)
Continuing on the first day, depart from よもぎ汤 or farmhouse やまぼうし, pass through Fujimoto Park and walk to

  • Oil mining site (Shinshinkai ふくしの里): During the previous war, local people believed that oil would be produced here, but they couldn't find a drop even when they dug to a depth of 400 meters.
  • ふじひのきパーク(Fuji Hinoki Park): It is a good place to heal the body and mind. It is located at an altitude of 950 meters. There are many natural plants and landscapes here, and all the fatigue caused by climbing is swept away!
Mt. Fuji 3776 route resting place, Fujinoki Park
Fuji Hinoki Park / Photo: Fujiニュース
  • Amaterasu Church: After arriving at the Amaterasu Church at an altitude of 1,000 meters, you can enter the vast Japanese garden managed by the Amaterasu Church. However, the garden is privately owned by Amaterasu, so remember to abide by the rules!
  • After walking past the Amaterasu Church and admiring the beautiful scenery of the courtyard, we set off to the end of the second day's itinerary: Omote Fuji Greinky Camp (Omote Fuji Green Camp)~~!!

A natural camp where you can look up at the night view of the starry sky - Omote Fuji Green Camp

At the 2nd station at a height of 1,200m on Mt. Fuji, it is the location of "Omote Fuji Green Camp", where you can stay overnight.

Address: 2745 Kurikura, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel: 0555-30-4580
Accommodation Fee: Cottage: From ¥9300 (1 night price per building) / Tent: ¥1500 From ¥1500 (1 night price per person) 
Featured recommendation: In addition to camping and camping experience, Omote Fuji Camp also has a BBQ grill~~ Barbecue supplies are available for rent and ingredients are available
Even camping supplies are available for rent
Easy camping/sleeping when you want to climb mountains

More details: PICA Resort

Omote Fuji Camp of climbing route 3776 of Mt. Fuji
Huts at Table Fuji Camp / Photo: PICA Table Fuji
Mt.Fuji 3776 course resting place, table Fuji Grill
BBQ set meal for 4 people ¥7500 / Photo: PICA Komofuji
Mt.Fuji 3776 course resting place, table Fuji Grill
Grilled BBQ Set ¥2600 / Photo: PICA Table Fuji

(Fuel, barbecue utensils, tableware, etc. may need to be purchased separately)
Summary: After walking about 14.8km the next day, it is time to enjoy the nature and eat at a height of 1200m!
Get a good night's sleep and prepare for the third day's itinerary!

material: Official website of Shizuoka 3776 ルート

Mount Fuji climbing route 3776: Chapter One Chapter two third chapter Chapter Four

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