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Mount Fuji Marathon: Course, Transport, Accommodations

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Is the Mt. Fuji Marathon worth it?

Mount Fuji has different meanings to different people. Some people choose to plan a day trip and visit the sights near Mount Fuji. Some people will also choose to spend a day climbing to the top of Mount Fuji in summer to enjoy the sunrise from the highest position in Japan.

And for you who like to run, there is actually one more activity related to Mount Fuji that you can consider.

For example, the Mount Fuji Marathon held in late November every autumn is a very popular event among local Japanese and overseas tourists, attracting many people to participate every year. Because the weather in November is neither very hot nor very cold, it is a very suitable season for running. And in the Mt. Fuji area in November is also the easiest time to appreciate the red leaves, so you can fulfill the wishes of participating in a marathon, admiring the red leaves, and admiring Mount Fuji in one go.

In addition, snow begins to appear on the top of Mt. Fuji in November, which is a very suitable time to enjoy Mt. Fuji slowly. As long as you stay in a hot spring hotel near Lake Kawaguchi after participating in the Mt. Fuji Marathon, you can get the best rest and enjoy the view of Mt.

Mount Fuji Marathon
As long as you participate in the Mount Fuji Marathon, you can enjoy the red leaves and Mount Fuji at the same time! (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Features of the Mount Fuji Marathon

This year's Mount Fuji Marathon, like in past years, is held in late November. It is also a very suitable season for appreciating red leaves. After participating in the Mt. Fuji Marathon, you can arrange a travel itinerary with the theme of red leaves in Tokyo.

This year's date is November 26, 2023 (Sunday), as long as you are in theOfficial website of Mt. Fuji MarathonRegister, then pay the required registration fee to participate.

This year's track selection, in addition to the most basic Full Marathon 42.195km track, there are also two options: Around KAWAGUCHIKO 29km and Charity Fun Run 11km running around Lake Kawaguchi. If you are not able to run the entire marathon, you can also consider participating in the Around KAWAGUCHIKO and Charity Fun Run.

In addition, the registration fee for this year's Mount Fuji Marathon is not particularly high, and there is also a Charity Fun Run category to choose from. Even if you just want to experience the marathon, but don't want to spend too much money, you still have the opportunity to participate in the Mt. Fuji Marathon experience.

Mount Fuji Marathon
During the Mt. Fuji Marathon, you can basically see Mt. Fuji from any position. (Click to enlarge the picture

Mt. Fuji Marathon Route Selection

There are 3 options for this year's Mt. Fuji Marathon track, namely the Full Marathon 42.195km track, the Around KAWAGUCHIKO 29km run around Lake Kawaguchi, and the Charity Fun Run 11km.

And these three tracks will have checkpoints at different locations, so don’t be disqualified because you are too focused on taking pictures with Mount Fuji, and you can’t reach the next checkpoint within the time limit.

Mount Fuji Marathon Full Marathon 42.195km

To put it simply, the Mount Fuji Marathon Full Marathon 42.195km is a track around the entire Lake Kawaguchi and West Lake. In addition to enjoying the scenery of Mount Fuji during the run, you will also pass by different scenic spots in the Lake Kawaguchi and West Lake areas. If you plan to go sightseeing around Lake Kawaguchi and West Lake after participating in the Mt. Fuji Marathon, it is also an opportunity to pre-plan your itinerary during the marathon.

Fuji Marathon Course 42km
Mount Fuji Marathon Full Marathon 42.195km track. (Click to enlarge the picture)

If you are all planning to participate in the Mt. Fuji Marathon, the following chart shows the height increase ratio of the entire track, the closing time of the halfway checkpoint, and the distance between different supply stations.

Mount Fuji Marathon Course Ascent
The location of the supply station and the closing time of the checkpoint on the Full Marathon 42.195km track of Mount Fuji. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Mt. Fuji Marathon Around KAWAGUCHIKO 29km

The Around KAWAGUCHIKO 29km track is a race around Lake Kawaguchiko. For those who have no way to run 42km, this track is also an opportunity to enjoy Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi while running.

Fuji Marathon Course 29km
Mount Fuji Marathon Around KAWAGUCHIKO 29km track. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Mount Fuji Marathon Charity Fun Run 11km

For those who want to simply experience what a Mount Fuji marathon is, participating in the Charity Fun Run 11km track will be the best choice. Because this Charity Fun Run 11km track is qualified to complete the event as long as it is completed within 3 hours. Compared with others who have to run more than 29km in 6 hours, there will be no difficulty in completing this track. Because as long as you walk 3km per hour, you can definitely complete it.

Fuji Marathon 11km
Mount Fuji Marathon Charity Fun Run 11km track. (Click to enlarge the picture)

It is worth noting that as long as you can successfully complete the event within the time limit, you can get a medal, and you can also receive commemorative clothing for this year's Mt. Fuji Marathon. However, the annual registration quota is very limited. If you can make a decision earlier, the chances of successful registration will be greatly increased.

Mt. Fuji Day Trip Attractions

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Transportation to Mt. Fuji Marathon

If you are starting from Tokyo, you can take the Fujikyu bus in Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station, and then walk from Kawaguchiko Station to the meeting point for the Mount Fuji Marathon.

Of course, you can also consider taking the JR train to Otsuki Station, and then transfer to the Fujikyu Line Fujikyu Line to Kawaguchiko Station, but this mode of transportation will take more time than taking the Fujikyu bus. Therefore, it is recommended to take the Fujikyu bus.

However, for those who do not plan to get up early to catch the Fujikyu bus, it would be a better choice to check in a hotel near Lake Kawaguchi early. This way it is possible to get up at 07:00 in the morning before walking slowly to the venue at Lake Kawaguchi for the Mount Fuji Marathon

In addition, for the method of walking to the Mt. Fuji Marathon venue from Kawaguchiko Station, you can refer to the following map route.

Accommodation options suitable for the Mt. Fuji Marathon

Where to stay at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo

If you don’t plan to visit Lake Kawaguchi, or stay in a hotel in Lake Kawaguchi, but just come to Lake Kawaguchi for participating in the Mt. It is most convenient to go to the Mt. Fuji Marathon venue.

such asOdakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower,Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku,Shinjuku JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom, these 3 hotels are within a 5-minute walk to the Shinjuku Fujikyu Bus Station, and there is absolutely no need to worry about being late for the bus to Kawaguchiko Station.

Accommodation options at Kawaguchiko Station

In addition to booking accommodation near Shinjuku Station, you can also consider booking some accommodation plans near Kawaguchiko Station, so that you can save a little more traffic time to Kawaguchiko Station in the morning, so that you can have more time to rest and prepare for the marathon of the day .

For example, near Kawaguchiko StationKawaguchiko Station Hotel,Kawaguchiko Plaza Inn, are some accommodation options that are close to Kawaguchiko Station and have good reviews. When you arrange to arrive at Kawaguchiko the day before, you can have a simple dinner at a restaurant near Kawaguchiko Station, then go to bed early and prepare for tomorrow's game.

Onsen hotel next to Lake Kawaguchi

Regardless of whether you plan to arrange a sightseeing itinerary for Lake Kawaguchi, the Ongo Hotel next to Lake Kawaguchi is very worthy of your consideration. Especially arrange to check in on the day when the game is over, you can slowly recover your physical strength, and you can also enjoy the hot spring while enjoying the beautiful view of Mount Fuji.

such asWind Terrace KUKUNA,Fujikawaguchiko Onsen New Century Hotel, These two are very popular hot spring hotels with good reviews. Although the room rates are a bit high, when you stay in a room with a view of Mount Fuji, you will feel that even if the room rate is slightly higher, it is actually very worthwhile.

Hot Spring at Mt.Fuji Kawaguchiko Hotel Fuji Ginkei
Only at the hot spring hotel next to Lake Kawaguchi, you can enjoy the hot springs while admiring Mount Fuji. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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I don’t know if it’s your first time to visit Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji area, or you have visited many times. It’s actually a very rare experience to experience Mt. Fuji in a marathon way. If you have time and ability If you participate, don't miss this opportunity.

In addition, the entire Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko area is a scenic spot worth visiting again and again. If you've never been this side, inMount Fuji Hakone Travel InformationOn this side, in addition to finding useful tourist information on Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, you can also consider planning a trip that includes Hakone. In this way, you can enjoy Mount Fuji from different angles, and you can also experience hot spring hotels in two different places in the same Tokyo travel itinerary!

In addition, if you arrange a sightseeing itinerary in Tokyo at the same time, your autumn travel itinerary this time will almost be very complete!

More pictures/information: Mt. Fuji Marathon Official Website

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