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Hakone Freepass: 3 Days Itinerary Planning & Latest Ticket Discount!

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

What kind of itinerary is the Hakone Freepass suitable for?

If it is your first time to arrange a Hakone travel itinerary, you may have a lot of questions about Hakone's transportation arrangements and transportation budget, such as "There are many different styles of Hakone Freepass, which one should I buy?", "My Is it worth buying a travel pass for the itinerary? Or is it cheaper to just pay for the transportation required?”

Like other attractions in the suburbs of Tokyo, Hakone is also a place where transportation costs are not cheap, but many people choose to go sightseeing every year. Therefore, different railway companies and local tourism bureaus will launch discounted transportation packages suitable for Hakone sightseeing trips, so that more tourists who come to Hakone from overseas for sightseeing will choose to arrange sightseeing trips in the Hakone area.

Will you go to spots other than Hakone?

Among the many preferential transportation packages, different transportation packages are designed according to different itinerary plans. For example, if you plan to visit Hakone, Lake Kawaguchi, and Mt. Fuji for 3 days at the same time,Fuji Hakone Day Passwill be the best for you. Or if you plan to visit the Shonan Coast, Kamakura, and Enoshima within a 3-day itinerary,Hakone Kamakura Freepasswould be a better choice.

Sightseeing itinerary focusing on the Hakone area

However, if you don’t have any special goals in your itinerary planning this time, it’s simply because you have never been to Hakone, so the main goal this time is just to experience the hot spring hotels in the Hakone area. As for whether you can visit different attractions in Hakone? If you have no specific requirements, maybeYou don't buy any of the discounted transportation packages, you can easily complete your Hakone itinerary.

But if you plan to visit different Hakone attractions, you must pay attention to the following methods of choosing a transportation package.

A transportation package suitable for a two-day, one-night Hakone itinerary

To put it simply, because the transportation costs in the Hakone area are relatively high, the price of the Hakone Freepass is relatively cheap, and there will be some discounts on admission tickets.

basically as long as you areTwo days and one night itinerary in HakoneIf you don't lock yourself in a room in a hot spring hotel, but go to different attractions by means of transportation in the Hakone area,Hakone Freepass (2 days) is a necessary transportation package before departure to Hakone. And on the first day, you can almost get back the whole ticket just by taking various transportation in Hakone once.Hakone Freepass (2 days) the cost of.

A transportation package suitable for a three-day, two-night Hakone itinerary

Maybe you will be curious, since it only takes two days and one night to visit the main attractions in the Hakone area, basically you can buy the Hakone Freepass (2 days). Why is there a Hakone Freepass (3 days)? What kind of itinerary is it designed for?

If you arrange the Hakone itinerary this time, you will refer toHakone three days and two nightsItinerary planning, such as taking different Hakone transportation to the scenic spots in different areas of Hakone, and at the same time, it will also consider a 3-day itinerary to go to Gotemba Outlet for shopping, and then go to some different art museums in the Hakone area.

So far, the Hakone Freepass (2 days) and the Hakone Freepass (3 days) are only about ¥500 apart. And this extra ¥500 yen is basically not enough to pay you for the one-way fare of the Hakone Tozan bus alone, but it will allow you to use the Hakone Free Pass for one more day. So if you will arrange a 3-day trip in the Hakone area, useHakone Freepass (3 days) It will be more favorable than any other transportation package.

just buy oneHakone Freepass, you can take unlimited rides on designated transportation in the Hakone area. (Click on the picture to see more)
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Transportation included in the Hakone Freepass

Generally speaking, the Hakone Freepass includes the main designated means of transportation in the Hakone area, as well as railway tickets departing to the Hakone area. If you are also departing from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, you only need to purchase the Hakone Travel Pass departing from Shinjuku Station to include the ticket departing from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. Then according to your itinerary plan, choose whether you need to purchase the 2-day version or the 3-day version of the Hakone Freepass.

When you arrive at Hakone Yumoto Station, you can start using the Hakone Freepass to take designated transportation in the Hakone area, including taking the Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone Tozan Bus, Hakone Pirate Sightseeing Boat, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Tozan Cable Car, etc. The means of transportation connecting different parts of Hakone allow you to enjoy the scenery of Lake Ashi, Mount Fuji, and Owakudani in the most convenient way. At the same time, it also allows you to go to the restaurant at Gora Station to eat, and to check in on time and already bookedHakone Onsen HotelsRoom.

If you are still calculating whether the Hakone Freepass is worth buying, you can first refer to the fares required by different means of transportation in Hakone, and then calculate the overall transportation expenses before deciding whether to buy the Hakone Freepass.

Take the general sightseeing itinerary starting from Hakone Yumoto Station as an example. If you want to go sightseeing around the entire Hakone area and do not purchase the Hakone Free Pass, you will need to spend ¥1200 to take the Hakone Pirate Sightseeing Boat, and it will cost ¥1500 Taking the Hakone Ropeway, plus the ticket fees for the Hakone Tozan Cable Car, the Hakone Tozan Railway, and the Hakone Tozan Bus, the overall transportation cost is about ¥5,000. If compared with the price of the Hakone Freepass (2 days), it is actuallyIt's just a difference of about ¥1000 yen.

In other words, as long as you plan to visit some Hakone art museums in the next day's itinerary, such asGlass Forest Museum,Sculpture Forest Museum, or to go shopping at Gotemba Outlet on the next day's itinerary, and need to take the main means of transportation in the Hakone area, the Hakone Freepass is a very practical discounted transportation package.

As for the 3-day Hakone sightseeing itinerary, as long as you take the Hakone Pirate Sightseeing Boat and the Hakone Ropeway several times, you will find that it is absolutely worthwhile to spend an extra ¥500 to buy the Hakone Tour Pass (3 days). A choice you will regret.

Hakone Tozan LineHakone Lake Ashinoko Pirate Cruise
Hakone Tozan Bus (designated section)Odakyu Hakone Expressway Bus (designated section)
Hakone Tozan RopewayTokai Bus Orange Shuttle (designated area)
Hakone RopewayHakone Tozan "Sightseeing Cruise Bus"
Transportation included in the Hakone Freepass
Hakone Freepass Transportation Package Benefits
The Hakone Freepass allows you to take most of the transportation in the Hakone area. (Image: ODAKYU, click to enlarge the image)
As long as you use the Hakone Free Pass, you can ignore Takasubaru's transportation fees and let you go to different Hakone attractions at will. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Where to buy the Hakone Freepass

Compared with the way of buying tickets in the past, it can be said that it is very convenient to buy a Hakone Freepass now. In addition to buying tickets on-site at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo with the staff of Odakyu Electric Railway, you can also buy tickets in advance through some booking websites before departure, and get additional ticket discounts.

For example, take Klook as an example, as long as you use their mobile app to book tickets for the first time, and through theirDiscount booking link, Generally, you will get an additional discount of 5% or more. Compared with the time-consuming queuing at the scene, and there is no way to buy tickets with discounts, as long as you have been able to decide on my itinerary every day, it is very worthwhile to use the discount to book the Hakone Freepass before departure.

Hakone Freepass 2 Days 3 Days Transportation Discount Package

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How to ride the Romancecar with the Hakone Freepass

Since the Hakone Freepass issued from Shinjuku Station is preset to take the ordinary train of Odakyu Electric Railway to Hakone Yumoto Station, there is a saying that the Hakone Freepass cannot be used to take the Odakyu Romance Express train.

However, when actually using the Hakone Freepass, as long as you pay the difference between the Odakyu Romance Express train and the ordinary train at the ticket center at Shinjuku Station, you can take the sightseeing train specially designed for the Hakone travel itinerary. In addition, if you also want to experience the observation seats at the front row of the Romance Express train, you can reserve all the special seats of the Romance Express train within the next 30 days, including the observation seats at the front row of the train, as long as you use the seat reservation system of Odakyu before departure.

To put it simply, if you have already planned to book a ticket on the Odakyu website before departure to Hakone Yumoto, you only need to buy the Hakone Freepass departing from Odawara, and you will not repeat the purchase of connecting Tokyo Shinjuku Station – Hakone Yumoto Tickets at the station. However, if you think it doesn't matter what kind of train you take to go to Hakone Yumoto Station, buy a train from Shinjuku Station.Hakone FreepassIt will be the simplest and most convenient.

However, one thing to note is that the number of front-view seats on the Romance Express train is very limited. Even if you can reserve seats for the next 30 days on the website, it is not easy to have vacant seats on weekends and holidays. So if you have already decided to take the Romance Express train on that day, you must seize the opportunity to buy tickets in advance.

Odakyu Express Romance Express romance_car_70000
Since the seats on the Romance Express train are very limited, it is highly recommended to reserve a seat before departure. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Use the Hakone Freepass to plan your travel itinerary

Also because there are many ways to experience Hakone, such as arrangingHakone day tripjourney,Hakone two days and one nightItinerary, or arrange to visit Hakone and surrounding attractions within the same day itinerary. Therefore, different people can have different itinerary combinations and need to take different means of transportation.

However, even if you plan to plan that kind of itinerary this time, as long as you can take the Hakone Pirate Sightseeing Boat, Hakone Ropeway, or other means of transportation in the Hakone area, the Hakone Free Pass is a very worth buying Transportation package. But if you just arrange a two-day and one-night itinerary, simply stay at a hot spring hotel in the Hakone-Yumoto area and return to Tokyo the next day, basically you only need to buy a round-trip ticket from Tokyo Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station.

Pictures, details: Odakyu Electric Railway website


Whether you are traveling to Hakone for the first time, or you have stayed in different hot spring hotels in the Hakone area for many times, Hakone is a place where you can constantly get new experiences. In addition to several newly opened hot spring hotels, there are also different scenery that appear in different seasons. It is absolutely not easy to fully experience this traditional hot spring area.

Therefore, we have collected the tourist information of the Hakone area and the tourist information of the Tokyo area inMt. Fuji - Hakone,as well asTokyo Travel InformationAmong them, you can have more comprehensive and practical information for your reference when planning a Tokyo travel itinerary, arranging a trip to experience a hot spring hotel, and setting off to enjoy the scenery of Mount Fuji, so that you can plan a unique Japan this time. Hot spring experience course!

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