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Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone: The Best Traditional Onsen Ryokan You MUST TRY!

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Features of Hoshino Resorts World Hakone

Although there are quite a few in different parts of HakoneSpa HotelAmong them, there are modern design hot spring hotels and relatively cheap Jiuquan hotels to choose from. But if you are planning an itinerary this time to celebrate important festivals, or to give your family the experience of staying in high-end hot springs, when arranging accommodation in Hakone, the hot spring hotels in Hoshino Group World Hakone can be said to be the best for you s Choice.

Because in the hot spring hotel in Hakone of Hoshino Group, you can quietly enjoy the two-day and one-night itinerary arranged on the weekend. For example, experience the semi-open-air hot springs, enjoy the one-park, two-food dinner and breakfast prepared by Hoshino Group Hakone for you, and you can also participate in activities held in the hot spring hotel at the same time. Basically, you don’t need to spend time preparing anything, you can get the most advanced accommodation experience in Hakone.

Hoshino Resorts Hakone can do this because every room can have exclusive views of rivers and mountains. In addition, there are not many rooms in the whole hot spring hotel, so the number of tourists staying at the same time is actually very limited, so that you can get the most dedicated service from the hot spring hotel staff, and at the same time, you will not encounter crowds of people in the hot spring bath Circumstances spoil the mood of a specially arranged vacation.

Compared with other hot spring hotels in Hakone Yumoto and Hakone Gora, the house prices in Hakone may be a bit higher in Hoshino Group. But as long as you experience their rooms and meals, you will feel that their service level is above other hot spring hotels. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hakone again, maybe you will also unconsciously book a room in Hakone at Hoshino Resorts World.

So if you also have the opportunity to arrangeTwo days and one night itineraryIf you are sightseeing in Hakone, Hoshino Group Kai Hakone should be in yourof Hakone propertiesChecklist selection!

Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Onsen
The most attractive part of Hoshino Resorts World Hakone must be their hot spring scenery in different seasons. (Click on the picture to see more)
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Because the number of rooms in Hoshino Resorts Hakone is not very large, you can slowly enjoy your vacation in a peaceful environment. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Access to Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone

If you plan to arrange a two-day and one-night itinerary for sightseeing in the Hakone area this time, you can choose to take the Odakyu Electric Railway train in the morning, departing from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Hakone Yumoto Station. When you arrive at the station, use the Hakone-Yumoto Stationluggage deliveryService, let the local staff send the suitcase to Hoshino Resorts World Hakone for you, so that you can save on moving your luggage in advance and go to Hoshino Resorts World Hakone first, so that you have more time to visit different attractions in the Hakone area.

In the afternoon, when you can check in at Hoshino Resorts World Hakone, you can take a taxi or Hakone bus from Hakone Yumoto Station to Hoshino Resorts World Hakone. The choice of transportation depends on how many people are traveling together and whether you need to drag your suitcase.

If you only have two people and you don’t need to drag your suitcase, you can take a bus or a taxi. You only need to walk a short distance after getting off the bus to reach Hoshino Group Kai Hakone.

However, if you are going with the elders and children at home this time, or if you need to drag your suitcase, you can take a taxi to the gate of Hoshino Group Kai Hakone. Compared with taking a bus, it is more convenient and safer.

The fare for taking a bus or a taxi is about ¥100 per person, or ¥1,000 for a one-way trip. So as long as you are going to Hoshino Group Kai Hakone together with more than 3 people, and you also need to take care of your luggage, taking a taxi will be the best transportation solution.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
As long as you take a taxi from Hakone Yumoto Station, you can reach the gate of Hoshino Group Kai Hakone. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Room at Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone

To say that one of the reasons why Hoshino Resorts World Hakone is worth trying to stay in is that the size of each room is not small, and you can also monopolize the river and mountain scenery outside.

For example, in terms of room area, if you think that 30 square meters of hotel rooms in the Tokyo area are enough, in fact, the area of most rooms in Hoshino Resorts Hakone is about 50 square meters. For example, the smallest room is 46 square meters, and the largest room can be more than 60 square meters. Basically, how to open the suitcase and stretch out in the room is absolutely no problem. In addition, if you are not used to enjoying hot springs in large public baths, you can also reserve a room with a private bath, which is also a good alternative.

Also because this is a high-end hot spring hotel, when you arrive in Hoshino Group Hakone, the hotel staff will give you a detailed introduction to every feature of the room, and will also carry your suitcase from the front desk to the room for you. These are unexpected considerate services before check-in.

And for you who plan to stay in a hot spring hotel for vacation, you don’t need to make any itinerary for the whole day in Hoshino Group Kai Hakone. You just need to enjoy the scenery in the room, enjoy the hot spring at any time, and then leave on time to the restaurant of the hot spring hotel Enjoying dinner and breakfast is the best itinerary for two days and one night.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Mountain view from the room in the morning. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone's standard double room. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone's room size is not too small, even if you want to accommodate 4 people at the same time, there is absolutely no problem. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Some rooms are equipped with private baths, which are suitable for those who are not used to large baths, or to experience the fun of hot springs with the family. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Meals at Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone

In addition to the size of the room, you can also experience the difference between Kai Hakone and ordinary hot spring hotels when dining.

For example, when staying in other hot spring hotels, you will often encounter some very lively buffet scenes that require queuing and can also make you full, but these scenes are basically completely impossible to find in Hoshino Resorts World Hakone. Instead, there are independent dining rooms one after another, allowing you to slowly enjoy the meal of the day with your family and friends.

Whether it is dinner or breakfast, there is basically no time limit for meals. So you will have enough time to take out your camera to take pictures, you can also taste different meals slowly, or ask the staff to recommend some Japanese wine for you. Basically, it is very common to spend about 2 hours enjoying their dinner.

Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet
At Kai Hakone's restaurants, you can dine quietly in a separate room. (Click to enlarge the picture)

And the whole dinner arrangement is similar to the usual standard Japanese cuisine. So you will see that the staff will serve first, pay first, then eight inches, soup, fried food, rice, and finally dessert. The ingredients used throughout the dinner are some of the simplest, most basic ingredients, so you will not encounter king crab. But Hoshino Resorts Hakone is used to redesigning all meals, and they always have a way for you to keep taking pictures with the food.

On the whole, the portion of dinner is enough to make you seventy percent full, and you can go to experience the hot spring immediately after a short rest, basically without any discomfort. In general, this is also one of the places that make people feel very considerate when Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone designs the menu.

As for the breakfast arrangement, although Hoshino Resorts Hakone does not provide an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast like ordinary hotels, it provides traditional Japanese breakfast like most other high-end hot spring hotels. That is, grilled fish, rice, pickles, some seemingly simple meals, but very suitable for enjoying in the morning. Compared with some hotels that provide fried food in the morning, the breakfast in Kai Hakone does not have a greasy feeling, which is very suitable for buying time to enjoy the hot spring after breakfast.

Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet Dinner
Dinner started with salmon jelly soup. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone always has a way for you to take pictures with the food. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet
Originally some very simple dishes, Hoshino Resorts Hakone will take great care to redesign them. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet Dinner
Even the simplest pot rice, they will have a way to let you get the best visual enjoyment. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Gourmet Dinner
Amazake and ginger dessert, after eating, you can go to the bath to enjoy the hot spring. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone accommodation in Hakone
Hoshino Group Kai Hakone's breakfast uses the simplest ingredients to prepare you for a new day's itinerary. (Click to enlarge the picture)
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Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone hot springs

Another reason why it is worth staying in Hoshino Group Kai Hakone is their semi-open-air hot spring with river and forest views. You can enjoy the hot spring and the outside scenery quietly, and unknowingly spend more than 10 minutes in the large public bath. half an hour.

Compared with the large public baths of other hot spring hotels, the large public baths in Kai Hakone usually have a very small flow of people, with an average of only 3 to 5 people. Even during the peak hours around dinner, there is basically never a sea of people in the bath. If you want to enjoy the hot spring without interruption, there is absolutely no problem.

In addition, perhaps because the housing prices in Kai-Hakone are relatively high, the tourists who generally stay have a certain financial ability and know how to abide by etiquette, so the hot spring experience in Kai-Hakone is different from the hot spring experience that other hot spring hotels get in large public baths will be much better.

The most important thing is that, in terms of semi-open-air hot springs, the area of Kai Hakone's hot springs is relatively large. Because common hot spring hotels only have indoor hot springs to choose from, even if they provide semi-open-air hot springs, many semi-open-air hot springs are very small. When you are using the semi-open-air hot spring, if other people walk in at the same time, the atmosphere will become a bit awkward.

To put it simply, as a high-end hot spring hotel, Hakone is very good in terms of hot springs. If you have enough time in your itinerary, Jie Hakone will also arrange to exchange the male and female hot springs when you have time, so that you can experience the different scenery of the two hot springs at the same time within two days and one night of staying in Kai Hakone.

Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Onsen
One of the semi-open-air hot springs in Hoshino Resorts Kai Hakone. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hoshino Resorts World Hakone Hakone Onsen
If you are lucky, you can experience another view of the hot spring by going to the large bath again in the morning. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Event Schedule at Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone

If you are staying in Kai Hakone for the first time, since there are a lot of people waiting for taxis at Hakone Yumoto Station at dusk, we highly recommend that you arrive at Kai Hakone on time at 15:00 in the afternoon. Then go through the formalities of registering and receiving the room, and make an appointment for the dinner time of the day and the breakfast time of the next day at the same time, so that you can have more time to enjoy the hot spring.

Generally speaking, dinner can be chosen to start at 17:30 or 19:30 in the evening, and breakfast can be chosen between 07:30 and 09:30 in the morning. Basically, there will be vacancies at any time, and you can choose the best time according to your dining habits.

However, if you really want to participate in the "local music" free experience event organized by the staff around 21:00 in the evening, you will not easily miss the opportunity to participate in the event if you choose to have dinner earlier. Of course, if your goal is to come to Hakone to eat, rest, and enjoy hot springs, there is basically no difference in which dinner time you choose.

For a hot spring hotel, the main activity in Kai Hakone is to enjoy hot springs and Hoshino Group's service experience at any time, so you will not find other special facilities in Kai Hakone. If you expect to be able to use the swimming pool and gym during your stay, you may be disappointed. But even if you don't have these special facilities, as long as you go to the large public bath a few times, you will find that time passes very quickly. In addition, there are some massage services, wine tasting experience, and handmade product experience that can be budgeted.

However, of course, after you stay in a room in Kaihakone, you will find that the most suitable activity arrangement in Kaihakone is actually not to arrange any activities. As long as you rest constantly, enjoy the hot springs, and eat meals on time, it is enough.

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Although inHakone accommodation listI have recommended accommodation options in different areas of Hakone. For those who plan to arrangeHakone travel itinerary, plan to visit differentHakone AttractionsIt will be most suitable for people. But for some people who just come to Hakone to experience hot springs and then return to Tokyo the next day, Hoshino Group Kai Hakone will be a more suitable accommodation plan. This is also to compare this article of Kai Hakone with other Hakone Reasons for separate accommodation listings.

No matter how you plan to arrange this travel itinerary, if you plan to visit Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Mount Fuji, Hakone, etc., we have also prepared different types of practical travel information for you. existTokyo Travel Information Category,Fuji Hakone Tourist Information CategoryAmong them, you can find the latest attraction recommendations, itinerary planning, accommodation discounts, and ticket discounts. If you are also planning to set off to these places, you must not miss these practical articles!

Pictures and information: Hoshino Resorts World Hakone

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