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OMO3 Sapporo & OMO5 Otaru by Hoshino Group》Hokkaido’s preferred tourist accommodation plan

by Ryu_C@RakuRakuJP

Choice of Hoshino Ryokans other than TOMAMU in Hokkaido

If you talk about Hoshino Hoshino, you will probably think of Hoshino Hoshino TOMAMU Resort in Hokkaido, a Hoshino Resort with high-end services, delicious food, and very high housing prices. Maybe you will choose Hoshino TOMAMU in order to see the sea of clouds and go skiing.
But I don’t know if you have ever thought that even if you leave Hoshino TOMAMU in Hokkaido and return to Sapporo, you can still experience the hotel services of Hoshino Group?

If you like to stay in hotels of Hoshino Group, you must not miss Hoshino Group recently added two hotels with the theme of "OMO" in Sapporo and Otaru - "OMO5 Otaru", And "OMO3 Susukino".

When Hoshino didn't have "OMO5 Otaru" and "OMO3 Susukino" in the past, when you came to Hoshino Hoshino TOMAMU Resort in Hokkaido, you had to stay in other business hotels, but now with the "OMO" series, you can take the whole itinerary without hesitation. The accommodation is arranged in Hoshino Group's room!

Although some people will say that these two "OMO"-themed Hoshino Hotels do not have the vast environment like Hoshino Hoshino TOMAMU Resort in Hokkaido, but as a hotel in the center of the city, it has many other hotels that cannot provide The characteristics of Hoshino allow you to experience Hoshino's hotel services at a relatively favorable price, and you can also use another way to visit the characteristics of different cities.

If your Hokkaido itinerary will go through Sapporo and Otaru in addition to going to Hoshino TOMAMU Resort, maybe you should consider changing the accommodation budget originally spent in business hotels to book "OMO5 Otaru" and "OMO3 Susukino" s room. Your Hokkaido vacation should be more fulfilling, and the entire Hokkaido travel itinerary will be better remembered!

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Features of the Hoshino "OMO" series

The Hoshino "OMO" series is a new hotel brand launched by the Hoshino Group in recent years. In addition to its own brand "Hoshinoya 贝西诺雅" that sells the most advanced services, "Jie" with the theme of hot springs, and "Kai" with the theme of resort hotels In addition to "RISONARE", there is also the "OMO" series, which is centered on popular sightseeing spots in the city and combined with sightseeing services.

The biggest feature of Hoshino "OMO" is that you can convert the accommodation originally arranged in a general business hotel into a special accommodation with "sightseeing guide service x new room design" under the same travel budget. If you used to choose cheap business hotels in order to save travel and accommodation expenses, perhaps starting from this trip to Hokkaido, you can arrange part of the accommodation on the side of the Hoshino "OMO" series, allowing you to get room accommodation for free precious travel experience.

Hoshino Resorts' new brand aiming at providing accommodation solutions suitable for tourists – "OMO"

The Hoshino "OMO" series is now divided into 4 levels, namely "OMO 1", "OMO 3", "OMO 5" and "OMO 7". The main differences between the different levels are:

  • "OMO 1": A simple accommodation plan, suitable for solo travel and backpackers. The biggest difference from other Guest Houses is that"OMO 1"Various activities and guided tours will be provided.
  • "OMO 3": The design of the hotel is mainly suitable for two people traveling together and small group travelers, and it will also be equipped with simple cafes and restaurants.
    If you usually don't have high requirements for the accommodation room, and you don't have breakfast and dinner in the hotel, and you just want to find a place to sleep,"OMO 3"It can be said to be a good alternative. Because you only need to pay the basic room rate for each day, in addition to providing room service, the hotel will also provide you with public resting space, food information near the hotel, and free tour guide services, which is very suitable for travelers with limited travel budgets.
  • "OMO 5": The overall service is similar to "OMO 3", but there are more tour guide services and activities that can be participated in.
    In addition, "OMO 5" level hotels will have restaurants with different themes. You can start the day's itinerary after having breakfast at the hotel, or enjoy a buffet dinner at the restaurant, without worrying about what you should eat that night. To put it simply, "OMO 5" is suitable for travelers who have a relatively large travel budget and want to get more unique travel experiences.
  • "OMO 7": The overall hotel design will be much more advanced than "OMO 5", basically similar to 4-star and 5-star hotels.
    In terms of overall hotel design, "OMO7" not only provides family rooms and large group rooms, but also provides a large bathhouse, an exclusive large-scale event rest space OMO Base, and a full range of hotel services. In addition,"OMO7"The size of the double rooms is much larger than that of general business hotels, so you no longer need to worry about the problem of placing suitcases.
Classification of Hoshino OMO Hotels
Even if it is "OMO" of different levels, it will provide free local sightseeing services that ordinary hotels do not have!

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Alternative accommodation options for Hokkaido travel itineraries

As I said at the beginning, if you like Hokkaido Hoshino TOMAMU, you will definitely hope to be able to stay in a Hoshino Group room throughout the Hokkaido trip. Because the hotel rooms under the Hoshino Group, in addition to providing accommodation services that ordinary hotels will have, will also provide different activities to participate in. For example, Hoshino TOMAMU in Hokkaido will have ranch experience in summer and exclusive snow outdoor activities in winter.

And "OMO5 Otaru" and "OMO3 Susukino" are no exception.

Hoshino Ryokan "OMO" with sightseeing guide service

For example, in "OMO5 Otaru", you can follow the "OMO Ranger" who is familiar with Otaru's tourist information to visit the Otaru Morning Market, and let the hotel staff introduce you to different attractions in Otaru. Or you can participate in the Otaru Canal Cruise exclusive to "OMO5 Otaru", and get a different perspective and experience during the Snow Festival held in Otaru.

If you take the accommodation plan in Otaru as an example, with the same budget, you can only stay in a small business hotel room next to it, and there is no local guide service. That is to say, when you arrive in Otaru and want to participate in the Otaru morning market and Otaru canal cruise, you not only need to spend time to judge which restaurant in the morning market is more reliable, but you also need to queue up for the Otaru canal cruise in advance to secure a seat. But as long as you arrange your accommodation at "OMO5 Otaru", you can pre-book all the itineraries in one go, and concentrate on enjoying the entire Hokkaido holiday itinerary.

The location of "OMO3 Susukino" happens to be in the most lively Susukino district in Sapporo, which is the area with the most restaurants and nightlife in Sapporo. When you travel abroad and go to an unfamiliar area for the first time, you often feel a little uneasy because you don’t know whether this restaurant will be delicious or whether that restaurant will deceive people, especially in some places with nightlife. Mainly, more complex areas.
But at "OMO3 Susukino", the hotel staff can introduce their pocket list to you, and accompany you to different izakayas and ramen shops, which can greatly reduce the risk of you getting a bad experience. Moreover, the fees for these tour guide services are very cheap. It is actually very worthwhile to spend a little money to buy tourist information and translation services that only locals will know.

A reliable accommodation option under a premium brand

To put it simply, if your stay in Hokkaido is not too long, and it takes a lot of time to plan different JR trains, transportation routes, and arrange scenic spot itineraries, then the accommodation plan in Sapporo and Otaru , Sightseeing itineraries can be completely handed over to the hotel staff of "OMO5 Otaru" and "OMO3 Susukino".
Although "OMO" is a new brand of Hoshino Group, as long as you have experienced the services of "HOSHINOYA", "Jie" and "RISONARE", you can basically be sure that the hotels under the "OMO" brand are The same will not let you down.

Features of "OMO5 Otaru" in Hokkaido

I believe that when arranging Hokkaido itinerary, many people are used to arranging accommodation in Sapporo, and then depart from Sapporo to nearby attractions every morning, and do not return to Sapporo until evening.

But as long as you check the driving distance between Sapporo and Otaru, as well as the local hotel prices in Otaru, you will find that the distance between Otaru and Sapporo is actually very close. Basically, you only need to take the JR train for about 32 minutes to 45 minutes. From Otaru to Sapporo. And in terms of housing prices, hotel prices in Otaru are generally a little cheaper than in Sapporo. Even if the JR train fare is calculated together, the total cost is actually the same, but there is one more visit to the Otaru Canal, the glass factory, and the Yoichi distillery. opportunity.

Exterior of Hotel OMO5 Otaru, Hokkaido
"OMO5 Otaru" is next to the antique Otaru Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Location of "OMO5 Otaru"

If your itinerary plan is to visit famous attractions such as the Otaru Canal, the glass factory "Kitichi Glass", LeTAO Cafe, etc., "OMO5 Otaru" should be a good choice.
because"OMO5 Otaru"The location is just near the Otaru Canal,It only takes 8 minutes to walk in a straight line from Otaru Station to "OMO5 Otaru"can be reached. andFrom "OMO5 Otaru", it is only a 10-minute walk to Otaru Canal and LeTAO Cafedistance. And there are many restaurants and convenience stores near "OMO5 Otaru". Even if you don't enjoy their breakfast and dinner in the hotel, there is no problem. There are different specialty restaurants around Otaru for you to try.

In addition, if you are planning to arrange a winter snow trip in Hokkaido, and you also want to stay in Otaru for one night, you will find that you have booked "OMO5 Otaru" near Otaru's main road "Central Street" after arriving at Otaru Station. "It is the best decision in arranging travel and accommodation.

That's because dragging a suitcase in the snow is an extremely painful thing. It's as difficult as pulling a suitcase on the beach, and you can't pull it no matter how you pull it. However, because the snow on the sidewalks near Chuo-dori is relatively thick, and the snow is often removed, you don’t need to pick up your heavy suitcases, and then walk very hard to the hotel in the snow. Instead, you can always pull the suitcase to the front desk of "OMO5 Otaru", and then check in easily.

"OMO5 Otaru" room

"OMO5 Otaru"The room designs are mainly for small group travelers, which are twin rooms, superior rooms, and three-bed rooms, suitable for 1-3 people staying at the same time. The room area is generally more than 25 square meters. Compared with the double room of 19 square meters in general business hotels, there is probably more space for two suitcases.

Another point is that the hotel rooms in Otaru are all based on the simplest accommodation plan (Domitory / Inn), such as the one in front of Otaru Station.ALPHABED INN, near "OMO5 Otaru"Dormy Inn,Hotel Nord OtaruWait, the room area of this type of hotel is very limited, and the area of many rooms is less than 20 square meters.

Even if it is able to provide something like"OMO5 Otaru"The room is the same size, and it is as close as Otaru Station. Usually, the price of those hotel rooms is generally much higher than that of "OMO5 Otaru". And in Otaru, those hotels are not managed by big brands like Hoshino Group, but some small and medium-sized companies that operate hotels and hotels. If you want to get the best guarantee in terms of service quality, it will be a little difficult. Especially if you are traveling to Hokkaido for the first time, if you want to get different kinds of support during the itinerary, it may be a bit difficult for those small and medium-sized hotel brands with few resources.

and check in"OMO5 Otaru"All travelers can book their free sightseeing tour service, and they can easily visit the main attractions of Otaru just by following the footsteps of the hotel staff. This is a service that other hotels will not provide.

Room at OMO5 in Otaru, Hokkaido
In the premium rooms of "OMO5 Otaru", each single bed is almost equal to the size of a double bed in a business hotel

"OMO5 Otaru" Services

Although the service of "OMO5 Otaru" is not as advanced as that of Hoshino TOMAMU in Hokkaido, nor does it have more than ten restaurants like Hoshino TOMAMU in Hokkaido, but because the service location of "OMO5 Otaru" is located in Otaru, a tourist hotspot, there is no need to eat, drink and have fun Too worried.

For example, just check in"OMO5 Otaru" room, you can follow the hotel staff "OMO Ranger" to visit the triangle morning market, experience the very famous seafood bowl in Otaru, and let them take you to the most reliable restaurant, without worrying about queuing, food quality, language barriers, etc.

Also, another selling point of "OMO5 Otaru" is that they can arrange exclusive Otaru canal boats for guests, so that they can enjoy the meals prepared by the hotel while experiencing the scenery of Otaru from another angle. Especially in winter, many people come to Otaru because of the snowy scenery. It is not easy to book a boat on the Otaru Canal during this period. Even if the sightseeing boat can carry up to 48 people every time it departs, it will often appear. full occupancy situation.

However, the exclusive canal boat on the "OMO5 Otaru" side can be easily reserved even during popular travel periods because only residents can make reservations.
Of course, the Otaru canal boat provided by "OMO5 Otaru" is not just a simple sightseeing itinerary, but will provide you with meals prepared from the hotel during the voyage, and will also prepare kotatsu (こたつ) for heating in winter. If it is on some special days, such as Christmas, New Year, and Otaru Snow Festival, it is a worthwhile travel experience!

"OMO5 Otaru" hotel facilities

In terms of hotel facilities,"OMO5 Otaru"Provides self-service laundry service, suitable for you who plan to arrange long-distance Hokkaido trips. In addition, there are restaurants, coffee shops, and free rest spaces. Even if you want to plan a follow-up trip, you don’t need to do it in a small room like other hotels.

Exclusive tour boat experience provided by OMO5 in Otaru, Hokkaido
"OMO5 Otaru"Exclusive "Otaru Canal Boat Sightseeing x Fine Dining Experience" for guests
Exclusive seafood bowl experience provided by OMO5 in Otaru, Hokkaido
Let OMO Ranger accompany you to go to the morning market in Otaru, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers, food quality, etc.

Details of "OMO5 Otaru"

Address: 1-6-31 Ironai, Otaru City, Hokkaido 047-0031
Phone: +81-50-3134-8096

Transportation: 8 minutes walk after arriving at Otaru JR Station
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 / 11:00

Check Prices and Discount Offer: Book OMO5 Otaru by Hoshino Resorts

Hokkaido discount ticket recommendation: JR Hokkaido Rail Pass,JR Pass All Japan Rail Pass

Features of "OMO3 Susukino" in Hokkaido

very attractive price

Although"OMO3 Susukino"It seems that the level of the restaurant is a little lower than that of "OMO5 Otaru", but the actual difference is that there is one less restaurant dedicated to the hotel.

But honestly,The location of "OMO3 Susukino" is just a 4-minute walk from Susukino Station, there are dozens of restaurants next to the hotel. I believe that even if "OMO3 Susukino" has an exclusive restaurant, you will definitely not eat it. Sometimes, a hotel's disadvantages can turn into advantages.

Also because "OMO3 Susukino" ranks lower in "OMO", the house price will be cheaper than "OMO5 Otaru". However, lower housing prices do not necessarily mean that there will be a gap in service quality and room design.
Instead it is because"OMO3 Susukino" is right in the center of Sapporo, passengers do not need the hotel to arrange too many activities to kill time, but they can go shopping at Tanukikoji, eat seafood at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, go shopping at the department store at Sapporo Station, and there is the annual Sapporo Snow Festival.

Basically, you will choose to arrange your accommodation in the center of Sapporo. Most of the time, you will leave early and return late, and your schedule will be more full than your work schedule. The purpose of the hotel is just to sleep, so"OMO3 Susukino"You can set the room rate relatively low, and then focus on providing some services you need for your trip in Hokkaido, so that you can spend the saved accommodation budget on JR tickets and dinner every night.

If you don’t have high requirements for the view of the room, but just hope to have a comfortable room and a place to provide self-service laundry service, before the appearance of "OMO3 Susukino", you can probably only stay at the relatively high price, and at Sapporo Station. orTokyu Stay Sapporo Odori,Hotel Nikko JR Tower Sapporo. But after the appearance of "OMO3 Susukino", you can save part of your accommodation budget, whether it is to buy JR tickets or participate in different types of local tour groups, your Hokkaido itinerary has increased a lot choose.

Get a perfect balance among transportation, housing prices, and room quality

In Sapporo city, there are a lot of hotel accommodation options at Sapporo Station, Susukino Station, and Odori Station, which is true. But as long as you pay attention carefully, there are actually not many hotels that can meet the conditions of "preferential room rate x comfortable room x convenient transportation" at the same time.

Because if you want to choose cheap housing prices, you can almost only choose dormitory, Dormitory and other rooms where you need to live with strangers, and the distance from the main station is very far.
If you want to live more comfortably, you can only choose some hotels mainly for business travelers. Although there are many business hotels near the main station, the prices of this type of hotels are relatively high, and there are many services such as professional laundry, beauty massage, etc. that are not needed, as if paying a part of the price Go to some services that will never be used.

Decided to arrange accommodation for the Sapporo itinerary"OMO3 Susukino"The reason can be simple, as long as you are based in Sapporo, go to different scenic spots in Sapporo every day, and plan to join local tour groups to different parts of Hokkaido.
Also, if you don't have high requirements for hotel facilities, and you don't plan to enjoy hot springs in hotels in Sapporo, you can basically get a small, old-style room at the price of a business hotel."OMO3 Susukino"Newly designed rooms, the hotel is located near the station of the main tourist attractions, and the room rate is a little lower than that of nearby business hotels.

"OMO3 Susukino" room

"OMO3 Susukino"The rooms are divided into three types, which are Superior Twin Room, Double Room, and Triple Room. Basically, the rooms of "OMO3 Susukino" are a little bigger than the nearby hotels with the same price. For example, the smallest double room has an area of 15.2 square meters, the superior twin room has an area of 21.1 square meters, and the triple room has an area of 30.4 square meters. Basically, there is no difficulty in opening the trunk completely.

Of course, some people think that the room size and room rate are actually similar to ordinary hotels, but as long as you consider the Hoshino Group brand and the exclusive sightseeing guide for "OMO3 Susukino" at the same time, there is no need to compare too much. many will know"OMO3 Susukino" is an accommodation plan for Sapporo sightseeing trip.
Because as long as you open some activity experience booking websites, such as kkday and Klook, you will know that arranging a local tour guide service is actually not cheap, and there may not be a suitable theme. However, in "OMO3 Susukino", except for some izakaya experiences that require additional fees, other general city guide services can be provided to residents for free reservations.

Room at OMO3 Hotel Susukino, Hokkaido
"OMO3 Susukino"Although the house price is relatively cheap, the room design and room size will never be sloppy

"OMO3 Susukino" hotel facilities and services

Like "OMO5 Otaru","OMO3 Susukino"As a hotel with tourists as its main customer base, many hotel facilities are designed to cater for travelers like you who come from afar.

For example, many people come to Sapporo, Hokkaido for the first time. As long as they come to Susukino, they will be easily frightened instantly, because for those who come to Susukino for the first time, the restaurants, izakaya, There are so many dishes to choose from, it is not easy to choose a few restaurants that suit you in a short period of time. It can be said that if you eat more meals, you will have one less chance to try other restaurants.

And "OMO3 Susukino" is thereforeFree guided tours with themes of Susukino gourmet and Susukino restaurants are held every dayservice. The hotel staff stationed in Sapporo will introduce you to which restaurant is worth trying, and then choose a restaurant that suits you best, so that you will not waste precious opportunities in the itinerary by walking into a restaurant you don’t like.

In addition, because many tourists who come to Hokkaido are used to arranging a long-distance trip, there is no need to worry about laundry in "OMO3 Susukino".

One more thing, although in"OMO3 Susukino"There are no restaurants here, and your breakfast and dinner can be settled in restaurants outside. However, if you suddenly want to eat something late at night, you can also buy food at the hotel's "OMO Food & Drink Station" at any time. Especially in winter in Hokkaido, it will be troublesome to go out to the convenience store late at night. The small coffee shop in the hotel can just provide breakfast, light food, alcoholic drinks and so on.

Exclusive guided tour experience provided by OMO3 Hotel Susukino, Hokkaido
In "OMO3 Susukino", we will introduce you to different specialty restaurants every day
Exclusive guided tour experience provided by OMO3 Hotel Susukino, Hokkaido
If you can’t think of what to eat tonight, it may be a good choice to leave it to OMO Ranger to decide
The public space of Hotel OMO3 Susukino, Hokkaido
At "OMO Food & Drink Station", you can basically buy a variety of food and drinks without going out

Details of "OMO3 Susukino"

Address: 6-14-1 Minamigojo West, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0805
Phone: +81-50-3134-8096

Transportation: 4 minutes walk from Exit 4 of Susukino Station
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 / 11:00

Check Prices and Discount Offer: Preorder OMO3 Susukino by Hoshino Resorts


I believe that everyone who travels to Hokkaido will always have a goal that they want to achieve. Whether you come in winter for different snow festivals and skiing challenges, or in summer for different flower seas, water experiences, and natural experiences, arranging Hokkaido itineraries and coping with sudden changes in traffic arrangements is already a very challenging task. thing. If you are considering the accommodation plan in urban areas, you can choose some hotels with sightseeing experience, I believe you can make the itinerary a lot easier.

Of course, if your Hokkaido itinerary is still being planned, you can checkHokkaido Travel Information ClassificationOn the other side, there may be some itinerary plans suitable for you, so that you can put them directly on your itinerary. To be honest, the most difficult thing in planning a Hokkaido itinerary is not to straighten out the direction of each itinerary, but to make a choice between many itineraries. I hope to share these two accommodation plans today"OMO5 Otaru","OMO3 Susukino"All can help you.

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