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Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora: An IHG Hotel with Private Onsen in Hakone

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Where to stay near Hakone Gora Station

If you are also traveling to Hakone for the first time, I believe that when you choose your accommodation in Hakone, you will find that there are actually many places in the entire Hakone area.Spa Hotelcan choose. For example, near Hakone Yumoto Station or Hakone Gora Station, there are basically more than a dozen hot spring hotels with different characteristics. It is basically not easy to randomly choose an accommodation suitable for two days and one night in Hakone.

However, sinceHotel Indigo Hakone GoraAfter the official opening in 2020, it will become easier to plan the accommodation plan for the Hakone itinerary.

To put it simply, if you have enough accommodation budget for this trip to Hakone, and you have certain requirements for the quality of hotel services, and you are not used to going to the public baths to enjoy hot springs, but want to enjoy private in the room In terms of hot springs, Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora should be a hot spring hotel that you will be satisfied with.

The gate of Hakone Onsen Hotel indigo gora
Located near Gora StationHotel Indigo Hakone Gora. (Click on the picture to see more)
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Features of Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora

If you want to talk about the reasons for the value booking of Hakone Gora Indigo Hotel, you can basically pay more attention to the location, facilities, and rooms.

Take the location of the Hakone Gora Indigo Hotel as an example. Since the Hakone Gora Indigo Hotel is next to the river, basically every room can have exclusive views of the river and mountains. In addition, if you are also departing from Hakone Yumoto Station, as long as you reserve the pick-up service at Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora before departure, you can take a free ride from Gora Station to the hotel, which is very convenient.

If you also plan to visit the main attractions of Hakone this time, and they all start from Hakone-Yumoto, when you arrive at Gora Station, you can go directly to the hotel instead of taking the time to go to Hakone-Yumoto Station , and then you can reach the hotel.

Appearance of Hakone Onsen Hotel indigo gora
Hotel Indigo Hakone GoraEvery room can have exclusive views of rivers and mountains. (Click on the picture to see more)
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Room at Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora

Compared with other traditional Hakone hot spring hotels, Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora is an accommodation solution that combines modern hotel design and private hot springs. At the same time, it is also a hotel that has just been completed and the facilities are not too old. So you will see modern hotel design styles in their rooms, and then match them with traditional Japanese private baths.

On the Hakone Gora Indigo Hotel side, there are several types of rooms to choose from. There are mainly rooms of 38 square meters, 49 square meters, or 77 square meters. Although some people will think that the room rate of the Hakone Gora Indigo Hotel is relatively high, but for a hotel room with a private bath, it is matched with the service standard of the IHG hotel group. if withHoshino Resorts World HakoneCompared with these high-end hot spring hotels, even if a double room costs about ¥50,000 per night, it is actually not a very high price.

For those who plan to come to Hakone for vacation and plan to stay in high-end hot springs, but do not like to enjoy hot springs in public baths, you can use a more favorable price at Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora. An opportunity for two to enjoy a private hot spring together.

Hakone Onsen Hotel indigo gora room
in every roomHotel Indigo Hakone GoraEach room can experience a private bath. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hakone Onsen Hotel indigo gora's private hot spring
While enjoying the private bath, you can also enjoy the scenery of the mountains and forests outside. (Click on the picture to see more)

In addition to the room design being different from other traditional hot spring hotels, Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora also has some equipment common in high-end hotels, such as swimming pools, gyms, bars, as well as foot baths, high-end Western-style dinners, or barbecue experiences, etc. Various activities can be booked.

If your impression of hot spring hotels is that there are no other activities except enjoying hot springs, Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora can break the stereotype of traditional hot spring hotels for you.

Hakone Onsen Hotel Indigo Gora's Gym
In addition to enjoying the private hot spring, you can also enjoy theHotel Indigo Hakone GoraUse the gym. (Click to enlarge the picture)
Hakone Onsen Hotel indigo gora swimming pool
If you are not used to being naked in public, you can also use the hotel's swimming pool. (Click to enlarge the picture)

Pictures and information: Hotel Indigo Gora

Book a room directly at Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora: Get Hotel Indigo Gora Booking Offers

Address: 924-1 Kiga, Hakone Town, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, 〒250-0402
Check-In/Check-Out: 15:00 / 11:00


There are so many choices of hot spring hotels in the entire Hakone area. It is basically impossible to choose the best hot spring hotel. Because there are different characteristics between different hot spring hotels, and at the same time to meet the needs of different people and different itineraries. So for some people who like to stay in modern hotel room design, but also want to experience hot springs,Hotel Indigo Hakone GoraIt should be the most suitable Hakone accommodation plan.

Of course, there are other different hot spring hotels to choose from throughout Hakone, and Hakone is also a very good tourist attraction. So we put all the practical travel articles in the Hakone area inFuji Hakone Tourist Information CategoryAmong them, you can experience hot spring hotels in different regions at one time, and also give you the opportunity to appreciate Mount Fuji up close.

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